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  • Deva Green – new EA book

    By SchoolOfEA | January 6, 2009

    Deva Green’s new EA book released March 1st

    We are pleased to announce the release of Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto and Your Karmic Mission, the first book by Deva Green, Jeffrey Wolf Green’s daughter.

    Deva Green EA book cover

    From the publisher’s book description:

    What is Pluto’s role in the evolution of your soul? How can Evolutionary Astrology help you discover your life purpose? As the indicator of transformation and the starting point for understanding all factors in the natal chart, Pluto is one of the most important planets to focus on in chart analysis.

    Inspired by the bestselling Pluto by the author’s father, Jeffrey Wolf Green—renowned astrologer and founder of Evolutionary Astrology—this groundbreaking book takes that original work to new heights and makes the study of Evolutionary Astrology clear and practical for modern-day use. This inspiring book teaches you the key essentials of chart interpretation by focusing on Pluto and the locations of your north and south nodes, combining to reveal your soul’s evolutionary stage. With Evolutionary Astrology, you can figure out the steps you need to take in order to grow—and ultimately discover your soul’s karmic mission.

    Purchase the new Wessex edition on Amazon.com

    Purchase the original Llewellyn edition on Amazon.com

    (excerpt from the book – follow Amazon link (above) for additional excerpts)


    The purpose of this book is to synthesize and apply the main principles of evolutionary astrology described in the book Pluto Volume 1: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul. In this spirit, the intention of this book is to aid and facilitate the study and integration of the material in the Pluto volume 1 book.

    The Soul correlates with Pluto in the natal birth chart, and this is why it is critical to deeply and thoroughly understand the meaning of Pluto when practicing this type of astrology. Pluto, or the Soul, then becomes the starting point and bottom line upon which all other factors in the birth chart are interpreted, and given meaning.

    The polarity point of Pluto by house and sign reflect the person’s next evolutionary steps for this life. The polarity point of Pluto correlates to the evolutionary cause, or intentions, of the life itself.

    The main principles of evolutionary astrology will be described and then applied using real life case studies. This is to be done through specific, in depth illustrations of each central principle that are described in each chapter. This handbook is structured to operate as a “how to book,” so to speak, from A-Z in the context of demonstrating how to apply the principles of E.A.

    The illustrations in this book are also meant to help the individual accurately analyze a birth chart in full detail, and gain a deep understanding of the core principles of E.A. In this way the individual will have a very solid foundation of these core principles.

    The challenge when learning evolutionary astrology is to synthesize all the various principles and astrological correlations that we learn. For example, we have the planet Venus in a specific house and sign, and this planet may be making aspects to other planets.

    How do we begin to correctly interpret this isolated factor in the birth chart? What steps do we take to correctly interpret any symbol in the birth chart? We will describe the procedure to synthesize all the various factors in a birth chart in this handbook. This process culminates in the ability to fully and precisely interpret any natal birth chart. In order to develop the ability to interpret a birth chart we must break down all the main principles of evolutionary astrology in a linear, step by step process.

    To give a generalized picture of the contents of this book we will discuss and analyze the meaning of Pluto, its polarity point, the 4 main evolutionary conditions of the Soul, how to determine the main evolutionary/ karmic dynamic in the birth chart, the archetypes (signs) of the natural zodiac, and apply the planetary method of chart interpretation.

    Another critical factor evolutionary speaking that will be included in this book is the 4 main ways the Soul affects its evolution. Within this, we will describe how our own choices and responses to our evolutionary growth needs will be the causative factor in the types of life experiences we have. Again, we will break down each principle in a succinct yet thorough explanation of each principle, and then apply them in full illustrations. Thus, this handbook serves to create a comprehensive understanding and integration of the main principles of evolutionary astrology.