Members of the School of Evolutionary Astrology Council

Deva Green’s father, Jeffrey Wolf Green, founded Evolutionary Astrology. Deva is continuing on with this work. She offers readings.

Kristin is a practicing Evolutionary Astrologer and offers personal readings. She provides a weekly Astrological Forecast for the Beach Reporter in Southern California, which is also posted on her web site. Kristin is listened to worldwide on her weekly EA radio show, Guiding Stars on the web – Wednesday 10am-11am Pacific. Archives of prior shows are also available. Tune in to hear interviews with other EA astrologers.

Stacie found EA when her life was in profound metamorphic change. It became the primary tool that enabled her to cooperate with an intense evolutionary transition she otherwise wouldn’t have found the courage to embrace. Through whole-heartedly applying EA principles, she acquired firsthand proof of the truth and accuracy intrinsic to EA. As an evolutionary astrologer, her intention is to help others attain their own direct proof and growth. Stacie is also a full-time aviculturist devoted to enriching the lives of captive birds. She offers readings.

Patricia’s work combines past life regression therapy and EA. Understanding the psychology of the Soul and facilitating its healing is central to it. Her book Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy will be published in 2009. The book demonstrates EA’s unique paradigm by correlating clients’ past life stories to their natal charts. She is Chief U.S. Trainer for Dr. Roger Woolger’s Deep Memory Process Institute, and teaches internationally with him. She leads workshops in Shamanic Healing, Past Life Therapy and Astrology, and maintains a private practice.

Gonzalo is a practicing Evolutionary Astrologer. He also works with several techniques at body level, such as acupuncture and phytotherapy. He is working on bringing the EA School in Chile, where he lives.

Rose’s first book, Insights into Evolutionary Astrology was published in 2010. It features chapters by eight top evolutionary astrologers. Rose has written for numerous publications and lectured at conferences in Canada and the US. Her website features in-depth monthly forecasts. Her weekly forecast can be found at Rose is available for private consultations.

  • Adina Mather

Adina was a long-time Evolutionary Astrologer who contributed much to EA- including an EA book she edited and serving on the EA Council. She passed from her life as Adina on July 12, 2012. She continues serving on the EA Council from her current life station.

In her words, “Adina is was an evolutionary astrologer in the process of editing EA materials that will help students expand their skills in evolutionary astrology. Adina’s blog, Blue Lotus Letters, elucidated the teachings of EA and its inherent spiritual principles through the personal examples of a soul as it evolves, reflects and prepares for the next few lifetimes to come.”