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Apr 25, 2019, 12:27 PM
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Author Topic: THE TRANSIT OF NEPTUNE BY JWG  (Read 1289 times)
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« on: Sep 02, 2018, 08:36 AM »

Hi All,

Below is the last chapter in JWG'S book on Neptune called Neptune: Whispers From Eternity. One of the main reasons we have decided to post this is because it focuses on the nature of beliefs, the reasons humans need to create beliefs, and the impact that beliefs have on humans as individuals, and how humans relate to each other because of those beliefs.

The focus within this is to contrast the nature of beliefs to direct knowledge, to know, versus the need to believe in anything. We all KNOW the sky is blue; we don't need to believe it.

Beyond this the transit of Neptune correlates to all the archetypes within Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th House. This last chapter discusses all those archetypes manifesting through the transit of Neptune in general, and the Neptune transit in Pisces specifically.


                                                 THE TRANSIT OF NEPTUNE

The bottom line in this transit is the ongoing evolutionary nature of the totality of all consciousness on Earth, and how this comes into the individual consciousness of the Soul. Each individual within the totality is affected in their own unique way relative to their total evolutionary conditions and, at the same time, experiencing what all other humans are experiencing in the world: the individual country where they live, and the specific groups of people in that country: whether it is Iraq, Rwanda, Ukraine, Samoa Island, etc.

All of these individual consciousnesses all add up to and correlate with the total amount of humans which creates the collective consciousness so that each individual Soul’s consciousness is then simultaneously evolving at every moment in time as a REACTION to the collective consciousness! In turn, each individual Soul consciousness that is evolving according to its own evolutionary condition then affects the collective at any moment in time that then correlates to the evolutionary nature of the human race itself.

All of the archetypes that we have talked about that correlate with Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th House are occurring and interacting at every moment in time for each individual as well as the totality of all humans: the collective consciousness. The planetary rulers of the North and South Nodes of Neptune, Uranus and the Sun, correlate to additional archetypes that, in total, correlates to individual and collective dynamics that SERVE TO DEFINE THE NATURE OF EACH MOMENT THAT THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE COLLECTIVE IS CREATING AND EXPERIENCING.

As you, at this very moment, are reading these words, you are experiencing the ‘world’ around you as it is: all the events going on in the world, your country, your region, your city, your group or tribe of like-minded Souls, and your own individual Soul reality within all of this.


With the transit of Neptune in Pisces the core issues for each individual, and thus the collective, correlate to that which is true, and that which is fiction where fiction is a function of projected beliefs that are only ‘real’ because they are ‘believed’ in. Remember the projection that occurs relative to Neptune manifests from its South Node being in Aquarius. Aquarius correlates with projection just as the Source Of All Things, Neptune, projected the manifest Creation in the first place. Thus, the individualized consciousness of each Soul as well as the collective of other Souls manifesting as groups of people of like-mind, whole races of humans, countries, regions within countries, all project beliefs that define the nature of individual and collective consciousness relative to the specific nature of whatever the beliefs are.

Pisces, the 12th House, and Neptune are part of the Mutable Cross that exists within it:

Gemini, Mercury, and the 3rd House
Virgo, Mercury, and the 6th House
Sagittarius, Jupiter, and the 9th House
Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th House

From the very beginning of time for the human species, the consciousness within it was aware, of course, of the massive sky at night that contains the whole of the universe with all the various stars and constellations within it. This natural awareness was coupled with the desire to understand the MEANING of this PROJECTED CREATION and the NATURAL LAWS that governed it. This then became the basis or cause of how human consciousness created natural knowledge of the phenomenal creation that it was part of, of how it thought, of how what it thought was communicated, of how progressive knowledge was analyzed and adjusted over time, and how all of this constituted what human consciousness was about. In essence, this was about acquiring KNOWLEDGE, natural knowledge, of the overall environment that contributed to the increasing understanding within the human being of what LIFE was and was not, and now natural knowledge was necessary in order for the survival of life to be sustained.    

There were no beliefs of a cosmological nature at all until around 7,000 B.C.E. This is when the human organism began a shift from nomadic ways of living into a progressive stationary way of living that started with the learning of agriculture, and raising animals. This is when human beings began to PROJECT what the CAUSE OF LIFE was/is. This progressive projection manifested as cosmologies full of various ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ that governed various aspects or dimensions of human reality. Natural knowledge, natural laws, began to become displaced by BELIEFS. The ‘spirits’ within all of Nature were now made into divine deities.  

As this progressed in time, these projections of ‘divine’ cosmologies among and within the consciousness of human begins in one group, area, territories, and races began to conflict with each other. This is when ‘religious’ wars began where religion became the first determinant of how the Neptunian consciousness of the Soul, Pluto, within it was conditioned by the very nature of the projected beliefs.

As a result, individuals and whole groups of humans everywhere can create a ‘reality’ that is defined by these projected beliefs whether those beliefs are actually true or not. Each individual can be influenced by the collective group consciousness in the form of behavioral contagion because, in the end, the human species is innately social in nature: like cows. Behavioral contagion specifically correlates with Aquarius, Uranus, and the 11th House.

The very nature of beliefs, whatever they are, conditions every other archetype within the totality of the consciousness of the Soul. Thus, beliefs condition what the Soul values and has meaning, of how it relates to other people, of how they form relationships to other individuals, Venus. Beliefs condition how the consciousness of the Soul thinks about life, of how it communicate what it thinks, of how it empirically puts together an intellectual framework that itself is a function of how life is ‘interpreted’: Mercury and Jupiter in combination. Beliefs condition what social groupings of people we form bonds and relationships with, Uranus, and conditions the very way we actualize and give purpose to our lives: Sun. Beliefs condition how humans understand the very nature of their own Souls. And so on.

When beliefs are then linked to various cosmologies, religions, they are then given the authority of GOD. Thus, when one group of people, or whole countries, have beliefs in God that differ from other beliefs in God, what God is and is not, what ethics and moralities that follow this, we then have conflicts between peoples, groups, and whole countries in which each feels threatened by the definitions of God that are different than their own.

Such conflicts create polarization between peoples, groups, and countries in which each feels that their definition and understanding of God is, of course, the RIGHT ONE. Thus, each person, group, or country then considers all others who do not agree in their definition of God to somehow be inferior, that they are ‘godless,’ that something is wrong with them.

All too often this then leads to conflicts and wars, terrorism, in which one person’s, group, or country’s God goes to war with another person’s, group, or country’s God. Insanely, this creates a situation where God is warring or fighting with itself as reflected in these differing definitions of God that are held by each person, group, or country. As a result, sadly, patriarchal history is full of religious wars that are fought on an endless basis in which many humans are crushed or destroyed in some way because of one group, person, or country needing to dominate another in order to feel that, in the end, their God has been the RIGHT GOD all along.

So we end up with unspeakable atrocities committed by human beings IN THE NAME OF GOD WHERE GOD IS USED AS A WEAPON to dominate and suppress any other person, group, or country whose definition of God differs from others. Genocides are created in this very way, and for this reason the most extreme forms of insanity, in the extreme OF THESE DELUSIONS.

So we can end up with a whole busload of people blown to smithereens, the detached arm of a little girl still holding her stuffy, the fingers still twitching, IN THE NAME OF GOD. We can end up with hundreds of girls being kidnapped from a school by a group who then proceeds to rape them all IN THE NAME OF GOD. We can end up with hijacked airplanes being flown into skyscrapers in which beyond the destruction of the buildings thousands die IN THE NAME OF GOD. We can end up with the political leaders in one country inventing lies that are presented as truths that are used to invade and destroy the sovereignty of another country IN THE NAME OF GOD. And so on.

Relative to the four natural states of evolution where the consensus state is roughly seventy percent of all humans, this then means that seventy percent of any population will desire to CONFORM with the consensus beliefs of whatever groups of people they find themselves in: countries, races, religions, and so on. As a result of this, we can then have the majority of peoples in various groups around our Earth who ‘believe’ in the projected ‘realities’ that they manifest whether they are actually true or not. Thus, whole populations and groups of people, Souls, can be living in an almost total state of delusion yet believe those delusions to be real. Such delusions are then reinforced within these various groups because such groups will rebel, Uranus/Aquarius, against any other group whose realities defined by their own projected beliefs differ from their own.

The sad fact is that human beings can literally make themselves believe anything. It is only limited by the power of imagination. All one has to do is open up any newspaper, visit the Internet, listen to television and the radio, tune into some random conversation going around oneself, etc., to know just how unhinged and ‘crazy’ human beings can make themselves relative to their beliefs. With Neptune transiting Pisces, this craziness of what people can make themselves believe accelerates and infuses the collective consciousness as a result. Since all human Souls are part of the collective consciousness, this can create a real feeling in Souls that remain grounded in that which is true versus not to feel like they themselves are going crazy. This can lead to a real sense of exasperation that affects the individual Soul consciousness to either try to do something about it and/or to desire to withdraw from the increasingly crazy world where white seems to be black, up seems to be down, and chaos seems to be just around the corner.  

Differing beliefs within the collective consciousness of various groups of humans creates a psychological insecurity that is perceived as threatening to their need to be consistent in their delusive beliefs. So we end up with all kinds of groups of people who then desire to self-segregate from other groups in order to feel secure where security is dependent on the need to be self-consistent. To be self-consistent each group self-segregates in such a way as to reinforce TOGETHER their delusive projected beliefs.

These binding archetypes in the consciousness of the Soul thus can cause groups of people conflicting with one another where the nature of the conflicts can be as small as they can be large and traumatic. Human history from the time of around 7,200 B.C.E, the South Node of Aquarius, forwards is testimony enough to this fact. The most extreme examples of this correlate with genocides of one group attempting to exterminate another group of peoples.

At the time of this writing, the transit of Uranus, the planetary ruler of the South Node of Neptune, is in Aries. All over our Earth we have large and small conflicts, wars, and one group attempting to dominate into submission, Neptune in Pisces, other groups of people who differ in their own projected beliefs. The underlying issue, again, is the nature of beliefs that define the nature of the consciousness whether that is an individual, or whole groups of people. The Sun rules the North Node of Neptune in Leo. Thus, this gives ‘purpose’ to that which is believed in; it gives a way to actualize that purpose where that purpose is defined by the nature of the beliefs themselves, and for the individual and the group to integrate, Sun, their whole lives around.  

With Pluto transiting in Capricorn as of this writing, we can now understand how all the different ‘strata’ or groups of each country’s societies interacts within themselves as defined by the nature of the projected beliefs existing in all the different strata of whatever societies of peoples in whatever countries: Capricorn. Within this, we see yet again the specter of nationalism in almost all lands and how nationalism is used as propaganda, beliefs, to justify the actions of the leaders of various countries who are creating conflicts with other countries, and their populations of people.

This then applies to all kinds of human issues such as immigration issues, economic issues, educations issues, one country trying to dominate or take over another country, and so on. The events that lead to World War II started with Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Cancer: the natural polarity to Capricorn. As these initial events in the early 1930’s led to the actual war as Uranus moved into Taurus, survival, and Pluto moved into Leo that led to the need to recreate the world after this war. And because of this war, it also led to the invention, Uranus/Aquarius of the atom bomb: Pluto. The ‘belief’ of the one who invented it, Oppenheimer, was that if he created such a weapon of massive destruction, that this would end all wars. Oppenheimer convinced himself, made himself believe, that GOD gave him this power to invent this atom bomb. Of course, his personal belief system came from India and focused on the God “Shiva”: the power of destruction and creation.

When the USA dropped the bombs on Japan, the transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct its North Node. It not only changed the world, but also propelled that country into becoming what it became. Whole groups of people, countries, suddenly, South Node of Neptune in Aquarius, became realigned because of this new power caused by the invention of this weapon. The effect within the collective consciousness of all humans was unalterably changed.

We all know this recent history. It included the evil of Hitler that led to the genocide of the Jews, Gypsies, and all who were considered as ‘undesirables.’ And, again, it was the function of beliefs that was the fuel of collective and individual Soul consciousness that created these events. In the 1820’s, the transit of Neptune, with Uranus, were both in Capricorn. Remember Uranus is the natural ruler of Neptune’s South Node in Aquarius. As an example of beliefs being used to justify one group of people, creating genocide on another group of people, this correlates with the ‘Monroe Doctrine’ and ‘Manifest Destiny’ that was used by the government of America to commit genocide upon its native population: the American Indians. Here again we see the specter of nationalism being used as the rationale as well as the artificial beliefs that the Caucasian people were far superior to brown-skinned American Indians.

That transit also correlated to the Industrial Revolution, which needed to occur for the human race because of the increasing amount of the human population that required a radical alteration of how humans organized themselves in order to meet the needs and demands of the increasing population of humans. A classic example of ‘need being the mother of invention.’ And what was then invented altered forever how the human race lived on this planet, and with one another. And, as an example of how history can repeat itself, when Neptune was in Pisces the last time in conjunction with Uranus in Aries, this correlated with the CRIMEAN WAR.  

So the underlying issue within this is whether that which is believed in actually true or not. Beliefs have many forms and types. From religious, cosmological, philosophical, political, economic, to human interactions of all kinds: family members, wives and husbands, lovers, friendships, employees and employers, to specific events where humans interact in some way. When beliefs that are projected into any of these humans’ dynamics that are not true, it will cause some kind of wounding to those who are the recipient of such projections. Those who have been wounded by such projected beliefs, in turn, can project back upon the source of their wounding with their own projected beliefs. This cycle can become un-ending. Within this is the fact that any Soul who projects beliefs of any kind that are not actually true is in reality wounding themselves. They wound themselves because they are believing in something that is not true. This type of wound is the wound of delayed evolution until the nature of the delusive belief(s) is pierced with the actual truth.

There always is an underlying truth to any given phenomenon. That underlying truth is not a function of beliefs because the truth does not require beliefs BECAUSE IT IS TRUE. When that which is actually true interfaces with delusive projected beliefs, that leads to a disillusionment that itself leads to a potential variety of reactions depending on the underlying and existing context of the individual Soul’s overall reality, specific types of groups of people, races of people, and whole countries.

The Neptune archetype of disillusionment is necessary to counteract any delusion or illusion so that an alignment with what is actually true can occur. When such a realignment takes place, this then allows for an acceleration in the evolutionary intentions for each Soul, and its consciousness. To the extent that any Soul continues to blind themselves to the actual truth, to hang on to their delusions and illusions at all costs, which means to sustain their delusive sense of security that is defined by the need to be self-consistent, such a Soul is essentially marking time relative to their own ongoing evolution. The sense of psychological security and the need to be self-consistent correlates to Cancer, which is part of the natural triad with Scorpio and Pisces.

The opportunity that the transit of Neptune provides for all Souls is to become aware of that which is delusional and illusionary in our lives versus what the actual truth is. To become aware of the truth of something, despite how bitter that may be, or how revelatory it can also be, is to allow the evolution of the consciousness of the Soul to proceed. The realization of what is true about something does not always mean this occurs through the experience of disillusionment. The truth of something can be realized relative to something that the Soul has been wondering about, pondering about, or attempting to know in various activities like astronomy, some mystical need defined by a question, the motives of another, the reasons for this or that, and so on. The need to know the truth in this way for those types of reasons is also a key to accelerating the evolution of the Soul’s consciousness.

If we remember that one of the core archetypes of Neptune is that which correlates with the need for meaning in our lives, including ultimate meaning, we can also see how it can correlate with meaninglessness. During the Neptune transit, this can correlate to a progressive inner sense of meaninglessness relative to something that had held real meaning, including ultimate meaning, up until the transit impacted on that. With the South Node of Neptune in Aquarius in mind, this starts with a progressive detachment that leads to dissolving of the prior meaning totally. As this occurs, the consciousness of the Soul can feel very adrift, out to sea, no land in site, floundering within a sense of meaninglessness that is not immediately replaced by anything.  

The temptation when this occurs is to replace, immediately, that which is dissolving into meaninglessness with something, anything, that will recreate a sense of meaning for that which has been lost. Temptation, as an archetype, correlates with Pluto, Scorpio, and the 8th House which is, again, part of the natural trinity or triad with Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th House, and Cancer, the Moon, and the 4th House. This then correlates with a time frame in which the Soul must be very careful in terms of what it is choosing to do, that which will recreate the sense of meaning that was lost. This is a natural time in which the Soul by way of the ‘inner whispers’ from the Source Of All Things is being asked to have an essential ‘faith’ that what the next steps are to recreate that sense of lost meaning will be revealed or present itself in its own time.

The problem and issue for most Souls is that the actual whispers from the Source Of All Things that correlate with those steps is initially ever so faint. The whispers initially are sporadic as well. This is exactly where the temptation of the Soul asserts itself where whatever the temptations are that offer some ‘quick fix’ from the sense of meaningless, the sense of despair, of sorrow even, are all too often set into motion by the opposite of the Source Of All Things. That which we call Evil, or the Devil. The reason that this can occur is the very existence of what we call Evil, Lucifer; the Devil is dependent on Souls doing anything other than desiring to know their true Source, to replace that which is lost with something that directly leads the way back HOME where home is the Source Of All Things.

So the quick fix manifesting as this temptation or that can seem so attractive, so ‘right,’ that whatever it is, is the actual answer to the Soul’s prayers or anguish. When any Soul makes choices to follow such quick fixes in the form of these types of temptations then, of course, the very thing that recreates the sense of meaning in order to replace the meaningless itself becomes a source of meaninglessness itself. Round and round the Soul will go until it realizes that it must be patient so that the original whispers that actually come from the Source Of All Things, whispers that actually reflect the individual consciousness of the Soul, its existing context, correlate with its own next evolutionary steps in some way, become ever louder, more frequent, and create a real sense of Soul meaning.
When the consciousness of the individual Soul responds in this way to that which has been dissolved into meaninglessness by making choices to act upon the whispers from the Source Of All Things, then this will lead to a true and real sense of meaning that will be sustained for some time, as well as allowing the Soul to actually evolve according to its own individual evolutionary journey. Beyond the immediacy of whatever the circumstances that have led to the opportunity within the Neptune transit is to reflect, to turn inwards, in such a way as to have a determined intent to reflect in hindsight upon the Soul’s entire life in order to become aware of any and all delusions, illusions, self-deceptions, being deceived by others, and deceiving others. Once identified, the next step is then to make the effort to understand the inner dynamics within the consciousness of the Soul that have been responsible for this. The self-knowledge that is thus gained and APPLIED allows the Soul to accelerate upon its own evolutionary path and trajectory.

This is why it is essential as Evolutionary Astrologers to understand the individual context of any Soul’s reality: where it has been, where it is now, and where it intends to go. The entire Evolutionary Paradigm that exists in all birth charts for all Souls is that which allows us to understand this. It is the exact individual context of the consciousness of the Soul. So when trying to understand the Neptune transit in our or our clients’ lives, it is essential to understand as deeply as possible the individual evolutionary journey for the Soul relative the Evolutionary Paradigm: the natal position of Pluto, its polarity point, the South Node of the Moon by its own house and sign, the location of its planetary ruler by its own house and sign, with aspects to all these points from other planets, the North Node of the Moon by its own house and sign, the location of its planetary ruler by its own house and sign, and all the aspects to these points from other planets.

Wherever the actual transit of Neptune in Pisces is, or whatever sign it can be in, relative to the house it is transiting must involve the understanding of the Evolutionary Paradigm. In addition, it is necessary to locate and understand the transits of the natural planetary rulers of Neptune’s South and North Nodes: Uranus, and the Sun. All the archetypes that correlate to Neptune, as detailed in this book, as well as Uranus and the Sun, are active at any moment in time as symbolized by the location of the houses and signs that they are transiting.

Neptune correlates to:

that which needs to be dissolved in order for Soul growth to occur;
the nature of our existing delusions/illusions that exist that need to be confronted with actual reality so that evolution of the Soul can proceed by way of replacing them with the actual truth;
where emotional and instability of the consciousness of the Soul can occur and for what reasons;
how to heal that emotional and instability of the Soul, if it is existing;
where we have been and are deceiving ourselves, and for what reasons;
and/or how we have allowed ourselves to be deceived and for what reasons;
where our Souls do not take responsibility for creating events and circumstances which leads to the feeling of being victimized;
where we can be victimizing others by way of making others scapegoats for that which we, in the end, are responsible for;
where the impact of the collective consciousness on our individual lives can be the most extreme leading to a feeling being out of control in our own lives;
where the Soul can actually influence the existing state of the collective consciousness by way of its own actualization of its unique Soul consciousness and its capacities;
AND WHERE THE WHISPERS FROM THE SOURCE OF ALL THINGS manifest within each individualized Soul consciousness that allows for a quickening of the evolutionary pace, if acted upon. Such whispers from eternity, God/ess, are the individualized messages that allow for an inner alignment of the individualized Soul consciousness WITH ITS SOURCE.

In conjunction with Neptune, the transiting Uranus (the planetary ruler of Neptune’s South Node) correlates with the archetype of FREEDOM FROM THE KNOWN. Wherever this transit is by house and sign location, aspects that it is making to other planets, correlates simultaneously with the past of the Soul that is interfacing in each moment, Neptune, that then allows for a freedom of that known past by way of liberating from it. Liberating from it means to become inwardly aware, attuned, to messages, whispers, from the Source Of All Things wherein the nature of those messages is to not only leave the past behind, the parts of the past that are no longer necessary, for the ongoing evolutionary growth of the Soul itself. These whispers, messages, reflect and symbolize a revolutionizing of that past that metamorphose into the Soul’s evolutionary future: to sustain the parts of the past, the inner dynamics that have caused it, that are still relevant to the Soul’s evolving future with the messages that allow that future to manifest.  

In combination with Neptune, these messages, whispers, directly correlate with the individual consciousness of the Soul: where it has been, where it is now, and where is going, as defined and symbolized by the EVOLUTIONARY PARADIGM itself.

As such, the nature of the whispers and messages are directly linked with that unique nature of any given Soul. Uranus correlates with an acceleration of the evolutionary intentions of any given Soul when the messages, whispers, from the Source Of All Things become ‘quickened’ by way of Uranus. So the originally faint and relatively distant messages that correlate with Neptune become ever more conscious within the consciousness of the Soul by way of this quickening. The once distant billboard is now becoming ever closer.

Sometimes the nature of these messages and whispers demands a complete break from the past: a total letting go in order to start anew. Other times these messages and whispers simply demand that we add on to some existing reality that is in place, a reality that is still serving the evolutionary intentions of the Soul. In either case, a quickening of the evolutionary pace will take place. Sometimes these messages and whispers will seem to be very radical to the individualized consciousness of the Soul as compared to what the existing reality is. It is not uncommon for Souls to resist these messages and whispers, to detach from them, to create the rationalization that, indeed, they are too radical, that would require, if acted upon, total upsetting of their existing reality. In other words, the Soul can make itself feel insecure and ungrounded, Neptune, if it actually considered taking action of these messages. A typical reaction of this type manifests as, “Well, this is crazy, this is delusional,” or “I will do this at some other time.”

In so doing, the Soul then creates a reality for itself that is essentially marking time in an evolutionary sense. The natural quickening of the messages of Neptune to Uranus manifests wherein the messages and whispers become progressively repeating within the individualized consciousness of the Soul. This is intentional from the point of view of the Creator Of All Things.

This is how God/ess attempts to get the ATTENTION OF THE SOUL ITSELF. These messages will now be a combination, a synthesis, of whatever the house and sign of the Neptune transit is taking place within, with the house and sign of the Uranus transit. Within this, the aspects that both planets are making to other natal planets, their own house and sign locations, will contribute to what the very nature is of these whispers and messages from eternity.  

Again, these messages and whispers will become progressively repetitious: like a knocking on the door. Relative to the temptations of Evil, of Lucifer or the Devil, these repeating and progressively repetitious messages and whispers will be interfered with. This interference will manifest “sudden” ideas that seem to come from nowhere that create a real sense of Soul excitement in terms of how tempting they can be. Yet these types of Lucifer-induced messages do not have the ongoing repetitious nature of the actual messages and whispers from God/ess. They come, and they go. If a given Soul chooses to act upon them, they are inevitably met with some kind of traumatic event that pops the balloons of delusion being influenced by Lucifer itself. The intent, from Lucifer’s point of view, is to keep the Soul ensnarled with delusions in such a way as to prevent the inner alignment of the Soul with its Maker by way of the whispers from eternity that the Maker is inducing in the individualized consciousness of the Soul.

There are, of course, times in the life of almost all Souls in which the very nature of the circumstances that it has created for itself ignites an inner feeling of hopelessness, of reaching a dead end with no way out, of desperation that can be so intense that they induce an inner feeling of hysteria, a sense of not being able to change or alter the circumstances themselves. At these times, many Souls inwardly or outwardly pray, or ask for some kind of divine or supernatural help from whatever the circumstances are that are causing this psychological state for the Soul. The Soul needs help, an intervention, to change that which can seem so hopeless and futile.

Many times, not always of course, if the Soul is sincere enough, and is not bound by some karmic determinant that requires that whatever the conditions are that are causing this inner psychology of the Soul, The Source Of All Things can in fact intervene to help change or create relief in some way from those conditions. When this happens, it seems to the Soul that some kind of miracle has taken place, that the answers to the prayers have been realized.

The North Node of Neptune in Leo, again, is ruled by the Sun. The Sun correlates to how we integrate the very purpose of our lives, of how we go about actualizing and integrating those purposes. Thus, the natal Sun in combination with the transiting Sun, both correlate to how the Soul is meant to integrate, actualize, and give purpose to the ongoing evolution of the Soul relative to all the archetypes of Neptune and Uranus that we have been discussing.

It should be clear, from the point of view of Evolutionary Astrology, that a total and complete understanding of the natal Evolutionary Paradigm serving as the foundation for the individualized consciousness of the Soul, needs to be understood. From that foundation, the Evolutionary Astrologer then understands how to understand and integrate the evolving, transiting, nature of this paradigm manifesting as the transits of Pluto, the North and South Nodes of the Moon, and the transits of their natural planetary rulers, but to now add to that foundation and context the understanding of the Neptune transit itself which includes the transits of the natural planetary rulers of its own North and South Nodes.


We are posting a link to a short documentary called Rajneesh: Down the Rabbit Hole because this perfectly examples on how beliefs, and the delusions that cause them, can and do manifest in human's lives: what humans can 'make' themselves believe. This one example perfectly illustrates, tragically, what humans have done to themselves and others because of the nature of delusive beliefs.

Click here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwx9nqknu-c


If after reading through this if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

God Bless, Rad

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Here is the chart of Rajneesh. His N.Node of Lucifer is at 2 Aquarius, and his S.Node is at 6 Virgo relative to a natal Lucifer at 26 Leo conjunct his Jupiter. Notice his S.Node of Lucifer is conjunct his Neptune, and his N.Node of Lucifer is conjunct his S.Node of Neptune. When you examine from an EA point of view his whole chart relative to his Lucifer placement you see a perfect example of how that which is evil can hide behind what we call God/ess: the Source Of All Things. And exactly how this evil hiding behind the Source Of All Things can then be used to deceive and hook all kinds of Soul's into 'believing' that that evil is indeed God/ess itself.

* rajneesh.JPG (169.15 KB, 1022x987 - viewed 137 times.)
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Hey Rad thanks for posting the Neptune info, Rajneesh chart and older lectures by JWG.  This will keep some of us busy for a while.....DDD   
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Here is how you can KNOW that which is true about the nature of Creation, and yourself. You do not need to BELIEVE anything. You can prove this for yourself.

God Bless, Rad


                                          HOW YOU CAN NATURALLY KNOW GOD

When the Creator Of All Things set in motion the Manifest Creation, included in that was for the consciousness to KNOW its origin, its MAKER. In essence, this is actually ‘hard wired’ into the Soul by its Maker.

This natural way is provable and requires no allegiance to any religion, group, or philosophy. It does require 100% DESIRE in any individualized Soul consciousness to KNOW its Maker, the Origin of itself.
This natural way is rooted in the Natural Law of cause and effect. It is rooted in the Natural Law of the breath. The inhaling and exhaling breath is analogous to the law of cause and effect: inhale, exhale. Yet there is also a natural interval between the inhaling and exhaling breath. It is this natural interval that then correlates to a transcendence of the law of cause and effect: the interval correlating to infinity.    

With the breath still, as Jesus and others said, one’s whole being becomes full of Light: “When Thine Eye Is Single.” And, indeed, it does. As the breath begins to shallow and suspend itself, the progressive perception of what has been called the 3rd eye begins. And that is perceived between the eyes, just above them in the forehead area. It is initially perceived as a circular outline that progresses into the perception of a circle. The outer circle is gold or yellow, the center of it is a deep blue, and in the middle there will be a five pointed White Star, or as the perception of a spinning galaxy of White, Blue and Gold that solidifies into a circle with the Gold on the outside of the circle, the blue in the middle, and then the White Star at its core.

In time, the Soul will remember, by BIRTH RIGHT, how to merge with the 3rd eye, the White Star. As this begins, progressive perceptions of what can be called true cosmic consciousness begins that allows for a state of SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS. The final progression of this leads to the perception of where the Manifest Creation meets the un-manifested Creation. In essence, perceiving the very nature of Creation itself: God/ess.

This is provable and requires no belief at all. It only requires DESIRE TO KNOW THE MAKER OF ONE’S SOUL.

To know this for yourself is very simple. First, it is important to sit in such a way that your spine is vertical from the pelvic area up. Then center your entire attention, focused, on the point just above your eyebrows within your consciousness, with your eyes closed. Then on your inhaling breath mentally affirm the number One. On your exhaling breath, mentally affirm the number Two. The key and secret here is one of CONCENTRATION. Keep concentrating on the One and Two linked with your inhale and exhale. Of course, in the beginning, the left side of your brain will go nuts with all kinds of thoughts that attempt to undermine this, to distract, to follow. This is why the concentration is the vital key upon the One and Two.

Over time, and with sustained practice, the breath will progressively begin to shallow. As it does, so certain inner experiences will begin. For example, there will be an inner perception that the external world seems to be going into some kind of earthquake situation. Yet, if you open your eyes, then the Earth will in fact still be still. What this perception correlates to is a natural shifting in the CENTER OF GRAVITY FOR YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. That shifting correlates with a shift from the egocentric center of your consciousness to your Soul itself. This also corresponds to a molecular shift in the density of your body cells. They become lighter, less dense.

In time, this will progress to the initial perception of the 3rd eye which starts with a spinning galaxy that is blue, white, and yellow. In time, as the breath becomes ever more shallow, concentrating ever more on the One Two, this will consolidate into the 3rd eye wherein that circle of yellow, blue light is integrated around the white star.

This is when the breath suspends itself because of the concentration upon the One and the Two. This is when the INTERVAL between breaths occurs. Again, the breath, inhale and exhale, correlates to the world of duality, of cause and effect, of thought/counter thought. When the breath becomes suspended, this natural interval between the inhaling and exhaling breaths is realized. The interval can be understood to be that which correlates with INFINITY: the natural interval between One and Two. The consciousness of the Soul is NOT DEPENDENT UPON THE PHYSICAL FORM THAT IT IS ENCASED WITHIN. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR, EVEN THOUGH THE EGO OF THE SOUL CAN FEAR ‘LOSING CONTROL’ AT THIS POINT.

This is when your Soul will remember, by birthright, how to penetrate or merge with the White Star. Everything that follows from there correlates to progressive perceptions of the Manifest Creation that will lead to the NATURAL LIMIT of the Soul’s consciousness that is encased in the human form. And that limit, again, is when the perception of the Manifested Creation interfaces with the UN-MANIFESTED CREATION. This perception is the perception of Creation itself: God/ess. As this takes place, the Soul is then in a state of RAPTURE, OF WONDERMENT. The various truths of the Natural Laws that are the very basis of the Manifest Creation will then be progressively realized and understood. It is a natural state of enlightenment.

Yet, because the consciousness of the Soul is still living within the encasement of the human form, thus the time/space reality of duality, it is that which creates a RETURN to a ‘normal’ state of consciousness. Rapture and wonderment are soon replaced with a sense of depression upon this return to normal consciousness. Yet, because of that which has been directly experienced through perception, leading to realization, the consciousness of the Soul has been evolved. And this evolution that has occurred because of these realized perceptions in a super-conscious state is APPLIED to not only the individualized consciousness of the Soul who has realized this, but also given, NATURALLY, to others in all kinds of ways depending on the specific nature, the individualized context, of each Soul.

In the beginning of this practice, it is really important, in fact necessary, for you to allow at least forty-five minutes to an hour for it. And to do this consistently at least once a day. Your natural evolutionary capacity will then be the determinant at what pace you go. But, by birthright, if you practice faithfully, Neptune, for as long as it takes, this natural process of how to know your Origins, your Maker, God, will in fact take place.


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thank you!Rad.
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Just piping up to say thank you for sharing.

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