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Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has taken the time to study Benjamin Netanyahus chart from an Ea perspective or if anyone is interested in doing so.

I feel such a strong sense of evil about this man. I always have. When he was last elected prime minister it gave me the chiils. When he was in power before, in the 90's I had such a strong sense of uneasyness about him.. When I look at him I see darkness. When he speaks, I hear lies.

This current murder of innocent civilians in Gaza is haunting me. The situation that these people are in are like animals in a cage that are indiscriminately being destroyed. If you search online you will find heartbreaking and horrifying photos of children blown apart. Every day he murders and blames someone else for it. He has blatently stated that he has no intention of creating peace ever. If I was Jewish I would be haunted and ashamed and horrified of this man as some sort of 'leader' of my country. To me all I see is a propagandist warmonger using false nationalistic phrases to justify murder. I just simply see a mass murderer hiding behind the throne of power he sits upon. I see an air of superiority with regard to Barack Obama based on race and white supremacy. He has no accountability for his actions. He can do whatever he wants, mock and insult Obama and Kerry and have zero consequences.  It is truly insane to me. It feels like he is of the same evil fabric as Cheney Bush, Rumsfeld and all the right wing warmongers of the world. We cannot live in a world where one race of humans is allowed to destroy another. I can't believe a leader of a people that was systematically slaughtered is doing the same to another group of people. I am terrified of the karma he is bringing upon his own country and of the world.

I was hoping someone could shed some EA light on this frightening soul and his true agenda.

His birth data according to astrotheme is October 21, 1949.  10:16 am ,Tel Aviv, Israel.

God Bless,

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Hi Sunyata,
Posting the war criminals birth chart in case others wish to comment. One symbol to focus on is his natal Lucifer in Aries in the 4th House which squares his natal Uranus in Cancer in the 7th.

God Bless, Rad

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Hi Rad and Sunyata,

I do not know much about Netanyahu personally as I don´t watch much T.V. but regarding potential symbols in his chart it seems that with Pluto/Mars New phase conjunction in the 9th house in Leo, that he can be extremely attached to his core life philosophy and belief system and therefore religion. With the new phase conjunction he may have the intense desire to push his beliefs no matter what opposes him. Being in Leo he can feel from the inside and assert himself as if though he was at the top of the pyramid of power and the supreme leader of the Israeli people, or others in general.

With the South node of the Moon in the Tenth in Libra conjunct the Moon, Neptune and Mercury and this stellium squaring Jupiter in the Second in Capricorn, this can reflect a Soul who is basically trying to please those in power and positions of authority that he associates with by being a "good boy". He may try to be liked and have a very poor sense of self worth on his own without the approval of others. It´s possible to have had a leadership and/or sacrificial role in the past with these symbols and in this life may be setting himself up for a fall from grace as a re-live situation, in order to humble the soul and ego from it´s false sense of grandeur and superiority.

With the North Node in the 4th in Aries, ruled by Mars in Leo in the Ninth he may feel the need to have to fight for his home, for his security, family and for his country. He can be doing this by pushing his beliefs and fighting for them with all he´s got. Lucifer in the Fourth house in Aries seems to be in this case, a distorted self righteousness relative to killing anyone for his and his fellow countrymen´s security needs.

What is interesting is that his Pluto Polarity Point, in Aquarius in the Third, points to him being objective about the way he expresses his beliefs and how he asserts his will according to those same beliefs and points to the need to take into consideration the view-points of others. To accept the opinions and views of others as being just as important as his own. With the Polarity point in the Third house and the North Node of the Moon in the Fourth house this also seems to correlate, in his case, to the need to learn to share and get along with siblings, colleagues and neighbours. All of these symbols are given even more strength and intensity with the Sun being in Libra in the Eleventh house. Showing that in the current life, his purpose is to express himself objectively and fairly for all those involved.

Transiting Saturn currently squaring his Pluto and then his Mars is what seems to be bringing all of these issues with the killing of children into the worlds awareness and will hopefully also correlate to a shift in policies in order to stop what is happening. The Saturn transit will correlate to him having to adjust the way he does what he is doing, in some critical and crucial ways, as he has already attracted too much attention to have this swept under the carpet.

Another very interesting transit is Uranus right on his North Node in Aries in the Fourth house. It can be an acceleration of his personal growth through a potential agenda of his and his elitist associates to conquer more land. These symbols may also correlate to this situation getting out of hand and blowing up in his face. What it correlates to on an EA level is the acceleration of his emotional evolution through developing objectivity.

That´s all I can look into at the moment, let´s hope that the Israeli/Jewish and Palestinian/Arab people around the world can all desire and commit to peace. It´s the only way I can think of peace occurring, if one or both sides simply stops fighting.

All the best
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