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Author Topic: The Transiting Lunar Nodes  (Read 7841 times)
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Hi Linda, thank you for your input which does resonate with-in me. One Step just One Step and then Another and Another and yet Another  Smiley

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This may help from Tom Kenyon... here's an excerpt:

"What may surprise you is that some of these challenges will arise in close friendships and intimate relationships. You may find that seemingly insignificant external events can set off tsunamis of emotional responses. There are two primary reasons for this phenomenon. The first has to do with the destabilization of your nervous system making it more prone to losing its center. And the second level has to do with the process of catalytic evolution that you are undergoing as a human being at this point in time.

What we mean by this is what has been hidden is being revealed. The deepest catacombs of your subconscious are being turned over like a plow cutting through a field. This is essentially a very disturbing state to deal with especially for those of you who think of yourselves as spiritual beings. If you are of the opinion that being a spiritual being requires that you always be in a state of bliss and happiness then you will find this purification process deeply disturbing, but it is—quite frankly—required for individual evolution and liberation from the restrictions imposed by your religions and confining histories. It is also necessary for humanity, as a whole, to face and transform its own shadow material (i.e., unresolved emotional issues and destructive belief patterns) if humankind is to survive . . . " *

Remember also, that Chiron in Pisces can be incredibly PAINFUL . . . in our process of disillusionment . . . but within that lies the medicine!

Hope the above helps,


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Hi The Otherside,

"I do not know if it's appropriate to ask here or not but it would be interesting to me to find out how this energy between the current north node in Virgo south node in Pisces square to Saturn in sag is playing out in other peoples lives?  I am specifically asking here because I'm trying to understand this configuration in more detail from an EA point of view."

Currently Jupiter in Virgo is squaring Saturn in Sagittarius and this correlates with testing and defining our beliefs and cosmologies, possibly thru a "crisis in consciousness". This process will be different for everyone, depending on how aligned those beliefs are with actual reality. Relative to the nodal axis in Pisces/Virgo, we are discerning what is true and what is not true and letting go of old beliefs, cosmologies, out dated ideals and illusions, so we can move forward in our intended direction and heal, purify, improve etc. We are moving away from a tendency to delude and victimize ourselves and, as Linda said, need to go STEP by STEP in our healing process of self improvement. The Natal chart will reflect the area we need to consistently develop by looking at which house the transiting North Node is located in.

All the best
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Thank you Skywalker and Linda for your wonderful input.

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As the world has now learned, sadly and shockingly, Donald Trump will now be the Republican nominee for president of America.

I am posting the natal charts of Trump, America, the synastry chart of Trump and America, and the transits chart for when this became known on May 4th. I am posting this in this thread because of the obvious correlations to the transiting Nodal Axis in Pisces/ Virgo.

This became known on May 4th in America. Examine these charts for yourselves to see all the stunning correlations. Above all else examine the fact that Trump has his natal Lucifer conjunct his Venus and Saturn in the 12th. This then conjuncts the Americas Mercury retrograde in the 3rd, and is opposed it's natal Pluto in the 9th. His natal Venus/Saturn/ Lucifer conjunction ignites the natal Mercury retro in Americas chart which then refers to the it's natal Moon in Aquarius in the 10th. This Moon is then conjunct the Americas Lucifer and Pallas which is Trumps natal Ceres, and all of this conjuncts Americas SOUTH NODE OF NEPTUNE.

Within all of this is the role that the Corporate Media, Mercury retro in Cancer in the 3rd ruled by that Aquarius Moon in the 10th conjunct Lucifer, Trumps Saturn/Venus/Lucifer conjunction on that Mercury and opposed as is that Mercury to it's natal Pluto in Capricorn in the 9th, has had in making this happen. For those who live in that country they know it has been 24/7 in terms of the wallpaper effect on their coverage of this Evil. Within that corporate self interest stands their need to make ever larger profits by way of the advertising dollar by doing this. It has been, if nothing else, quite a spectacle to cover. Thus, the means to the end trap door: they make more profits, the end, by way of the means, covering this Evil. But, of course, they will deny all responsibility in so doing: transiting Nodes in Virgo/ Pisces with the Neptune transit in Pisces itself.

The transiting Lucifer on this date is exactly conjunct Trump's natal Mars at 26 Leo in his first, and in Americas 4th House.

The world is witnessing the a manifestation of Evil in the form of Trump, a Soul who had made it's 'Faustian Deal' long before this life. And those that follow this Evil in the form of Trump are impervious to actual reality: they need to 'believe' in absolute delusions at all costs in order to follow this Evil. This evil thus manifest as the archetypal DEMAGOGUE that, sadly, patriarchal reality is full of through time. This archetype appeals to those that are fundamentally stupid, those that can not accept the responsibility of their own lives, who need to feel victimized by 'something', and, thus, need to find scapegoats to blame so they can then vent and attack those scapegoats in order to feel some kind of power within a consciousness that feels powerless.

Sieg heil in all it's forms becomes the result.

God Bless, Rad

* trump.JPG (160.07 KB, 1068x1011 - viewed 31 times.)

* usa.JPG (166.77 KB, 1015x1011 - viewed 23 times.)

* transits.JPG (165.96 KB, 1080x1008 - viewed 19 times.)

* synastry chump with usa chart.JPG (158.61 KB, 1052x1011 - viewed 25 times.)
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