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Author Topic: Miscellaneous Q&A on Spirituality, the Soul, Spirit,Ego and More  (Read 4222 times)
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Hi All,

The final section of the old JWG message board that Adina Mather extracted and put together for us is about all kinds of various subjects and topics that many will find very interesting. Please feel free to ask any questions you many have. God Bless, Rad


                                              Miscellaneous Q&A on Spirituality, the Soul, Spirit,Ego and More

(Q): In one of our classes you told us that the particular souls called daemon souls came originally from Sirius. I have also learned that the Dogon people of Africa (Mali) have a cosmological system that centers around Sirius as their home. They say that is where they came from originally, and when one of the tribe dies, they have rituals that prepare them to go back to Sirius. They also have an astrological system of some kind. Supposedly, the earliest evidence of man is from Africa, so I wonder if there is a link between human kind and Sirius that the Dogon might be a key for?

(A): Yes, and these are the very same people who long ago painted pictures in their caves of space people coming to them that were from Sirius. The same for the Egyptians. So, yes, a certain percentage of humans on earth is directly linked to this dog star, as the Native American Indians would call it.

                                                                      Sirius and the Origins of Man

(Q1): I was not quite clear with my questions about Sirius. Did earliest man seed or originate from another home or star system? I know you said certain groups of men originated from Sirius. Did earliest man originate from there or another star system? How did man first come about on this planet? How did souls incarnate here in the beginning? Also, how did the souls from Sirius plant themselves here, and what distinctive intelligence did/do they have? I know they are nature souls, and when I look at Sirius, I feel a wild, natural intelligence--very highly evolved, like fresh running water and with an intuitive process the speed and accuracy of a laser beam or light.

(A): In my view, the origin of life on earth emanates from Mars. Long ago when its own destruction began relative to progressive violations to natural law certain microbes landed on this planet from Mars, thus seeding the planet. The Sirius folks came here via spacecraft that are documented in many ways via much earlier times on this planet, such as paintings in caves, etc. Egypt is another example.

(Q2): I am fascinated by your theory that living beings arrived on earth ages ago from Sirius. Isn't Sirius a hot, fiery star like our Sun, which cannot support life? Would you please explain this?

(A): What the astronomers call Sirius, and what we can see from our skies at night, is not specifically the same Sirius that I refer to, nor is it the one of  the ancient Egyptians, whose entire cosmological understanding of and orientation to anything spiritual revolved around it. Like our Sun has planetary bodies moving around it, so too does Sirius; maybe you can take it from there.

                                                                                  Chakra Sounds

(Q): In one of your lectures, you mentioned that there are different sounds that emanate from each chakra. What are the sounds?

(A): The root chakra is the sound of a bumble bee or crickets; the sacral is a flute; the navel is a harp; the heart is like a big church bell; the throat is like gale force winds or a conch shell; and the medulla/Ajna is ohm.

                                                                        Specific Chakra Sound

(Q): Lately when I’ve been doing Laya Yoga, the predominant sound I hear is a constant rumbling, like a somewhat nearby avalanche. Do you know what this sound is? I also hear it at other times, like in my ear when I’m talking on the phone.

I have been re-reading Autobiography of a Yogi, and in it Yogananda states that when his guru appeared before him in the flesh and then dematerialized, there was a rumbling, earthquake sound, which he said was the sound of atoms breaking up. You also said that during intense meditation one can hear an earthquake. What I am hearing is not at all that loud, but it’s a distinct vibrational sound that I am experiencing. Do you know what it is? Or is it just some quirk in my electrical system?

(A): This is the sound of the root chakra; and by the way, one does not hear the earthquake; one has an inner experience of the external world shaking like an earthquake. It is not, of course. This perception actually reflects the changing of the density of the molecular mass of the body.

(Q2): So, in Laya Yoga, is the sound of rumbling drums or hundreds of beating wings another way of describing the bumble bee sound? If not, what is that sound? And regarding the conch shell sound, is it the sound you hear when holding a shell to your ear or the sound of blowing a conch shell?

(A): Yes, the sound of the rumbling drums or beating wings is a variation of the bumble bee sound; and the conch sound is the one you hear when holding it to your ear.

                                                                          Third Chakra Planets

(Q): What planet(s) correlates to the third chakra? 

(A): The third, or navel, chakra correlates to Pluto and Mars: the will, others’ will, one’s own will, and God's will.

                                                                       Chakras & Fear

(Q): You have taught that Mars rules the naval chakra along with Pluto. Somewhere I learned that fear (as in the fight or flight survival instinct) is held in the root chakra. Mars symbolizes fear, doesn’t it?  Pluto is also assigned to the root chakra in your teachings. In which chakra would you say fear is stored; or which chakra is blocked because of fear?

What I need cleared up is if someone comes into this life needing to work out specific fears--such as that they died last time with and during intense fear--and is working on the issue this life, which chakra would be blocked, and how does one release it?

Is it the circumstances that determine which chakra is blocked, or is it typically one specific chakra? And can we assign one or another of the planets such as Mars or Pluto, to bringing in fears to be worked out, if accentuated in the person's birth chart?

(A): Both Mars and Pluto correlate to the dynamic of fears. In the question you’re asking about the intense fear of death, this would correlate to the root chakra; thus, there would be a relative blocking from the root chakra thru the navel chakra. And, yes, these planets would be emphasized within the natal chart.
All fears manifest from the Soul, thus the root chakra is the first cause in terms of the impact of these fears within the other chakras, consciousness. For example, one could have Pluto square Venus. The fear would emanate from the root chakra yet specifically manifest within the heart chakra, with this fear being a fear of loss, betrayal or abandonment, and the trust issues therein that affect the emotional body and how the person not only relates inwardly to itself, but to others. If Pluto were opposed to Mercury in a gibbous phase this would typically correlate to a soul who had deep fears emanating from the root chakra but manifesting in the throat chakra as a fear of persecution relative to its own ideas and the communication of those ideas, etc., etc. The way to release these things--fears of any kind--is first to determine why the individual needed to create the life circumstances that are responsible for such fears and then to confront the fears by doing what the fear is about.

                                                                          Male Souls/Female Souls

(Q): In Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Vol. II there is a reference to the soul being non-sex based and evolving by being both male and female in different lifetimes. I believe this would differ from the Jewish mystical perspective. The idea is that God's first thought is Adam Kadmon, the primordial man. Each of us represents a spark of this idea. Each of us is unique in our place on the body. Each place is unique with either a masculine tone or feminine tone to its function. At the end of times God will make a new world in which the resurrection of the dead will occur, and each of our souls will have its true body. Each of us will either be male or female in our true form. Hence our identity--body and soul--is male or female.

(A): It is stated in the book that our souls are equally male and female, as is that which is called God. God is the origin of all things, obviously, thus the origin of male and female. Thus each of our souls is simultaneously male and female. That which you site is simply another version of patriarchal thinking--man first.

                                                                             Meditation & Astrology

(Q): Is meditation in any way related to astrology? I am trying to regularly make quiet time and try and clear my thoughts: to attempt to stop thoughts with the idea that the self will eventually emerge and produce a metamorphosis. Since I know you have a background in meditation I'll ask if you have anything to add or suggest. Previously I meditated by prayer, which produced good results but does not seem appropriate for me at this stage of the game.

(A): Prayer is utterly relevant for all of us in any life situation, no matter what. Of course astrology and meditation can go together and work wonders. All the astrology that I have learned has come thru either meditation states or through dreams.

                                                                            Seven Paths to God

(Q): In a few of your lectures you have mentioned that there are seven different spiritual paths, or ways to know God. Would a chart indicate the most natural path of an aspirant? 

(A:) Yes. The most natural way for any person to naturally spiritualize their life can be seen through the natal placement of Neptune, its aspects, the location of the sign Pisces, the sign on the twelfth house cusp, the location of its planetary ruler, and the aspects made to that ruler.

                                                                        Seven Occult Laws

(Q): In one of your lectures you mentioned the seven occult laws/principles that underlie the structure of the universe. Could you explain what they are?

(A):  I was talking about the seven universes, and the seven chakras, or the seven churches or candles that Christ talks of, and those seven things are natural laws.

                                                                           Venus, A Renegade Planet?

(Q): Speaking Wind, an American Indian elder who died very recently, was a guest on the Art Bell show (Dec. 9, 1998), a nighttime radio show, and he was speaking of the earth changes we are undergoing and will continue to undergo between now and 2012. He spoke lovingly and eloquently as a compassionate elder. One thing he related was the long ago event of when what is now Venus came crashing into our system. He said it tore out the atmosphere of Mars (it rotates opposite) out of which some inhabitants escaped to earth (our ancestors). Any thoughts?  The Indian legend says they called Venus the planet that stole our love, and that this event has caused us on a radical scale to try and reenact some type of event (catastrophic) to regain lost paradise.
(A): Venus came from Jupiter relative to a major impact upon it. This was realized by Immanuel Valikovsky.

                                                                           Matriarchal Myth

(Q): Isn't the Native American myth of the White Buffalo Calf Woman a representation of a matriarchal spirituality that encompasses a spiritual being who had a sexual nature also? Do you know if this is a relatively recent myth? And are there any astrological correlations that would speak of the White Buffalo Calf Woman?

(A): Yes to your first question. No, there are no astrological myths for this vision/prophesy. Native Americans never employed the use of astrology, not in any personal sense. The myth/prophesy originally manifested thru the Hopi nation sometime within the 18th century.

                                                       Natural Celibate State vs. Repressed Sexuality

(Q): You said in one of your lectures that two percent of the people who are celibate were in a natural celibate state and the rest are repressed. Is there a way to determine who is who? Will someone in a natural celibate state become sexually active in a future lifetime? Is it ever a soul-imposed condition so that other issues can be worked on more intensively? Does it represent the balancing of the male and female within? Is there a certain evolutionary condition it corresponds to? Are there any specific chart indicators for this state?

(A):  The one who is naturally celibate will reflect a soul who is in absolute alignment with God/Goddess in such a way that their inner reality is reflected perfectly in their outer reality. The one who is repressed creates a dynamic of emotional/sexual distortion on an inner reality basis, which is then reflected in their outer reality in such a way that the inner and outer are not in alignment. A classic example of this point is the Christian priest who is busted for sexually violating a young boy. One who has evolved to a state of natural celibacy will not go backwards in that way; no such a condition is ever imposed for whatever reasons. Yes, at this level of evolution the inner male and female are perfectly balanced. The evolutionary level is at the top rung of the spiritual state of evolution. No there are no chart indicators; one has to do the traditional astrology thing of observation and correlation.

to be continued
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 continuing ...                                                 

                                                  Follow-up on Natural Celibacy

(Q): I have a question about a chart of a person who has lived a celibate life and has felt no urge to do otherwise. It seemed like the natural thing to do, although very strange to others. There are some aspects that would seem to support that this celibacy is a natural state, although others that would indicate there was also a lot of emotional baggage to overcome this lifetime. If the natural celibate state is at the top rung of the spiritual state, could all of the baggage exist as well, and might it then distort the sexual function so that what seems so natural is not natural at all?

I am going to list some aspects and placements along with quotes from your book that may seem to support a natural celibate state and am asking if you see these as supportive of this possibility. Mars retrograde in the fifth house in Libra (“…reflects a soul that desires to unite the inner male and female.”) Pluto: The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships, Vol. II. Mars retrograde ("The inverted energy of Mars heats up the energy field of the individual. For those in the consensus up through the second stage spiritual, this will manifest as frequent desire.") This desire is not present. Fifth house is the integration principle; creative self-actualization.

Mars is also conjunct the south node in Libra in the fifth, and Neptune retrograde in Libra in the sixth. Mars is in a disseminating trine to Venus in Aquarius in the tenth, and Uranus retrograde is in Cancer in the second, trine the Sun in Pisces in the tenth. Pluto retrograde is in Leo in the fourth (Pluto in the fourth "…can achieve total and equal integration of the masculine and feminine components.") Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Vol. I. Also in Pluto I, "This creative purpose is no longer a matter of discovery; it is inherent and complete.” On the other hand, there are many emotional and psychological issues throughout the life with the following aspects:  The moon squares Pluto, Mercury, and Venus, as well as the Ascendant and Descendant, and Uranus squares the north and south nodes, reflecting skipped steps. Can a state of natural celibacy exist within all of this?

(A): A person in a state of natural celibacy does not have unresolved emotional baggage to deal with; thus, what seems so natural is not natural at all. It is a pretense and compensation for the emotional/ sexual traumas in other lifetimes. This is the signature of Uranus squaring the nodes. It is because of the unresolved trauma around emotional/ sexual issues that are deeply repressed because of the nature of the kind of events that occurred to induce the trauma--this repression manifesting thru Uranus squaring the nodes; Mars, Pluto squaring the moon; the Venus in Aquarius, etc. The trine between Venus and Mars generates the appearance of celibacy being easy to do, but that itself is a compensation for the unresolved/ repressed trauma.

The Uranus in the second house retrograde function causes a dehydration of the sexual energy, which itself is caused by the splitting or fracturing of the soul, detached thru trauma because of the nature of the events. The detachment is a survival instinct (second house) that causes a disconnect relative to the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The meaning of the skipped steps is to recover that fragmentation so that the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies can become reunited and integrated, but all of this would demand that the person be willing to look into the causes of the original trauma--what actually occurred and why. Without such a desire the Mars/ Venus trine makes it easy to avoid the lesson, other than if the soul creates in this life circumstances that will still have the effect of various kinds of emotional/ psychological traumas because the intent of the soul is in fact to deal with this unresolved baggage. That is why it is created in the first place. (Clue: past lifetimes in ancient Rome and Greece/ Dionysus cults, group orgies, with the original trauma leading to some other lives of sexual enslavement and another in which enforced gangbang type sex occurred).

(Q): Could you recommend a good book on Tantra? Is there a book that might be useful in starting a healing and spiritual partnership that outlines some of the techniques you've described in avoiding sex in the beginning and engaging in periods of sustained eye contact? I could use an instruction manual if there is such a thing.

(A): I’m reluctant to recommend any existing book on Tantra because they are all manifested from a patriarchal point of view, which then, of course, totally distorts what can be called natural Tantra, which is fundamentally different than what is peddled in those books. The only one that may be of some use is written by John Mumford and is called Ecstasy Through Tantra, which is something about Tantra and ecstasy, complete with rituals and other related information.

                                                                   Daemon Soul

(Q1): In a reading I had last year I was told me that I am a daemon soul and that my healing will come from remembering to talk with the animals and nature. I've been pretty high on this most of the time since, but also I am discouraged by the conditions on this planet. I want to know why the daemon souls came here in the first place from Sirius/Hoova, and I would like to know if we are going to be able to heal this place.

(A): Daemon souls are on this Earth to help--each in his/her own way--the planet restore itself relative to living in harmony with the totality of natural law, and specifically the world of animals and plants. The origin of such souls is from Sirius or the dog star. One can only do so much. In time it will occur.

(Q2): What would be some of the markers for identifying the possibility of a daemon Soul? Would Sirius in aspect to the Sun or a personal planet be an indicator? Would Pluto in the ninth house, or the south node of Pluto in the ninth, or Jupiter or the south node of Jupiter in the eighth, or an emphasis in Sagittarius (and/or perhaps Virgo or Pisces) give an indication? And would it then also be linked to one's evolutionary condition? 

(A): Daemon Souls are typically highly alienated from normal human life as defined by the consensus of a society, alienated from any belief or religion that is not rooted in natural law, alienated from most other people other than natural ones, and more specifically, other daemon souls, and feel totally at home in nature; in fact, it is their home. And they have a funny kind of alienation or unfamiliarity with modern things like TV’s, washing machines, and the like. This does not mean they cannot learn to appreciate them.

They feel an alienation from city life and cities in general and have a total inner identification with nature in general and the world of plants and animals specifically and find it easier to be in relationship with the world of nature--animals and plants--than with humans. Daemon souls typically never feel at home on this planet other than those times in which they totally connect to nature in the great outdoors. One of the more amazing things about daemon souls is that when they are around animals the natural defense mechanism within the animal is disarmed. They have the intrinsic capacity to commune with animals of all types in a natural kind of psychic language. Daemon souls are typically highly balanced between their natural male and female and are typically naturally introverted types--shy and unassuming.

Yes, to the various signatures you asked about. It is not a function of evolutionary condition; it is a function of the nature of the soul itself, from its origins.

(Q3): What planets, signs and aspects in the natal chart indicate the possibility that the native is a daemon Soul? Do the nodes of Uranus enter the equation?

(A): The whole archetype of the daemon soul is symbolized by the signs Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini and the sixth, twelfth, ninth, and third houses, respectively. But let's remember that astrology is a natural science rooted in observation and correlation. Thus, even though those archetypes may be emphasized in a chart, it does not automatically correlate to a daemon soul; one must observe the individual’s life. The characteristics of a daemon soul are listed above. Look at those characteristics. If a client has those characteristics and the above archetypes are implicated, then dollars to donuts you have a daemon soul on your hands.

(Q4): Why are daemon souls here than at the first place? Just to help?

(A): It depends on the Age/Sub-Age/cultures thru time. In general, such souls have the knowledge of Nature thru inner knowing/communion, manifesting externally in terms of how they conduct themselves within nature/animals/plants and communicate that knowing to others, to sustain the balance.

(Q4): Was it a free will choice? And if it was, can it be changed?   

(A):  No, it is just the soul type or signature from its inception/creation.

(Q4): What was fundamentally different on Sirius?

(A): An extremely evolved consciousness relative to the general consciousness manifested as human.

(Q5): When the moon’s nodes move into Sagittarius and Gemini, does this support the daemon soul remembering its home and purpose or further its ability to communicate and connect this in a healing way socially?

(A): Yes.

(Q5): When the daemon soul finds balance and alignment, does this mean bringing consciousness of nature in a healing way to others, and does this mean the healing of the patriarchal damage to the Virgo/ Pisces polarity and archetypes?

(A): Yes.

(Q5): Do the masochism/sadism in those archetypes connect with the experience of the daemon soul of coming to harm under manmade religions and patriarchy? That is, would we find a lot of the daemon souls among those murdered and tortured by those who wanted to override the matriarchal religions of the earth?
(A): Yes.

(Q5): And if so, does this mean daemon souls tried hard to fit in and then lost their true identity, or at least some of them? Did they lose their self-respect via church tortures?

(A): Yes, some did. When the survival instinct is ignited it can result in behaviors that one would never suspect they could do.

                                                  More on Daemon Souls

(Q1): Does the term daemon soul refer to a state of soul evolution through which everyone passes, or is it a specific kind of soul identity inherent from the time of initial separation from the source?

(A): It is a special kind of soul; its own identity. Not all souls are daemon. All souls at some point, though, do enter the stage of deconditioning from all that is not natural, in accordance with natural laws.

(Q1): I was wondering about the name, or word, daemon (Soul). Do you know its correlation to the word demon? Most people and books seem to interpret them as the same. They are seemingly completely different energies. Could you clear this up?

(A): The word demon is a perversion of the word daemon, with the perversion of the word coming from Christianity. Daemon is a Latin word which means what I explained above. Because it contains the linkage to the world of animals, thus flesh, the Christians used the depiction of animals in the most negative ways linked with evil or Satan, thus the word demon.

(Q2): Is the daemon soul archetype linked to the original archetype of the sacred prostitute as expressed in natural law? One aspect of the Sagittarian archetype you had said was that of a natural sexual healer. Is it possible that many of these daemon souls had their origins on this planet as natural sacred prostitutes/sexual healers in the last matriarchal/Aquarian age? If one has a predominant Sagittarian archetype in their chart, does the placement of the south node (e.g., in Aquarius/eleventh house or in Sagittarius/ninth house) indicate when they arrived on earth? Is one of the primary ways the daemon soul got seeded on earth through the sacred prostitute? You had also said that daemon souls were here to teach. Does that teaching include sexual/natural law healing? How does the daemon soul in the role of sexual healer apply to our times and the emerging Aquarian age? How can this archetype be applied in a practical, hands on sense?

(A): No, the daemon soul has nothing to do with sacred prostitution. Sacred prostitution was not created by women; it was created by men beginning around 5500 BCE. This role was created because of the progressive suppression by the patriarchal paradigm--itself beginning around 6500 BCE--of the natural law wherein the older women of a community would sexually initiate the puberty age boys. As this natural law got progressively suppressed (again, anything that is natural that gets suppressed for whatever reasons becomes the basis of distortion and rage), men began to miss something that they could not logically identify. As a result, this gave rise to the sacred prostitute idea that came from men. The original purpose of the sacred prostitute, as conceived by men, was for her to serve the function of somehow being able to dissolve or absolve the sins or negative karma of the men. But this simply reflects the men's missing of the natural law of initiation of the puberty age boys by the older women of the community.

                                                       About Demons

(Q): What exactly are demons? What is their purpose, if any? Where do they come from? Are they the same as daemons? Can we access the demons in our chart through the Lucifer asteroid? Or am I way off?

(A): Demons are energy spirits manifesting from evil and are not daemons. The definition of a daemon soul, coming from the original Latin dictionary reads something like, 'a human soul that has fused itself with the totality of nature, especially the world of animals and plants,’(because the nervous and emotional systems of plants and animals are identical to the human ), and when this fusion takes place such a soul becomes a messenger of God/Goddess. And, yes, one's personal demons can be seen thru the location of natal Lucifer.

to be continued ..........
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Hi Rad,

This is all so so helpful.  Thank you Adina for transcribing all of this.

My question has to do with daemon souls who have pathological masochistic signatures.

                                                                   Daemon Soul

(Q5): When the daemon soul finds balance and alignment, does this mean bringing consciousness of nature in a healing way to others, and does this mean the healing of the patriarchal damage to the Virgo/ Pisces polarity and archetypes?

(A): Yes.

(Q5): Do the masochism/sadism in those archetypes connect with the experience of the daemon soul of coming to harm under manmade religions and patriarchy? That is, would we find a lot of the daemon souls among those murdered and tortured by those who wanted to override the matriarchal religions of the earth?
(A): Yes.

(Q5): And if so, does this mean daemon souls tried hard to fit in and then lost their true identity, or at least some of them? Did they lose their self-respect via church tortures?

(A): Yes, some did. When the survival instinct is ignited it can result in behaviors that one would never suspect they could do.

Does this have to do with souls that have pathological amounts of guilt-masochism, who are also daemon souls?

Thank you and God Bless,
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Hi Wendy,


God Bless, Rad
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continuing ...........
                                                                  Agni ritual

(Q): I have a question about the ancient Indian Agni ritual as discussed in the Evolutionary Astrology Correspondence Course. Would it be safe to assume that a Soul's ultimate return to its Source would be expedited if one performs the ritual in the present life so as to sever an impending future-life sexual relationship with another who is known in this life to be highly promiscuous and indiscriminate in terms of the sexual partners selected? Also, if one is performing the Agni ritual, how often should the practice be performed? Or does one simply focus and complete the process in one sitting?

(A): You continue to project the images and the thought until there is nothing left to project. At that point you have then severed the karmic umbilical cord that has kept you connected to the person. Also, don't be surprised if the imagery from this life of that partner changes at some point to imagery that may appear demonic. If so, just keep projecting those images, too. Additionally, it is very important to get rid of all objects or possessions that you have received from that person. Get rid of them by burning them, burying them in the earth, or tossing them in the water, the ocean or a river.

                                   Oppressing/Lost Soul
(Q): I have a question about oppression or overshadowing by a lost soul. This particular lost soul says that the one it is overshadowing had ruined its life. Of course this was in a prior lifetime, so it as attached to the person’s auric field and quite stubbornly refuses to leave as it states it has a right to be there to pay back this person’s unpaid Karmic debt! It really torments the person in question, though she bears it like a true saint. She has asked it to leave and has really paid whatever karmic debt this soul thinks it is owed. So what can be done? What dynamics are really going on here? The oppressing soul has got to go. Isn't this God's decision on Karmic debt and how it is worked out? How many times can someone or something apologize? Some good advice from you is always appreciated. I know you understand exactly what I'm talking about.

(A): The oppressor soul reflects the typical crap of modern times in that to justify to itself why it is doing what it is doing it must feel victimized first and then the rationale that follows. This is crap, of course, but the effects to your friend speak for themselves. The thing to do is the Agni Ritual, which I wrote about in the post above, so you can read there what to do. This will be the way for your friend to get free of the vampire.

                                 Alice Bailey/Rays

(Q): On your website you stated (in reference to your daughter) that it is possible to see the seven rays ala Alice Bailey. In class last year you said in general that rays and all that was crap. So my questions are:
What are the seven rays ala Alice Bailey, and what purpose do they serve? 2. Are there masters associated with these rays, or is this a bunch of hooey? . If one has the ability to see the rays, how and under what circumstances do they manifest? This would clear up some confusion relative to class and my experience.

(A): The essence of the system is a patriarchal system of hierarchies and all that stuff, with each ray correlating to specific archetypal qualities or dynamics, with the inner/outer reflected in the interface between the vibrational nature of creation from the Source and the chakra system of each person (inner/outer). To me, there is no use for such an astrology. None. I mean, what if you are having real problems in your relationship and you go see one of these types of astrologers, and you find out you are on a yellow ray and your partner is on a red ray. Okay, whoopee. Now what?

                                            Death & Dying

(Q): I have read Autobiography of a Yogi many times. I really want to die the way Master Yogananda did. What steps could I take to ensure that when it’s time for me to pass on I can leave my body consciously like he did? It was so magnificent. I have worked with the dying for a long time, and most people fight so hard to hang on to this meager existence, and even when they’re clinically dead, their body hangs on for awhile. It’s gruesome and horrible. To be able to consciously leave your body at death is the greatest thing I could ever imagine to walk out of this suffering realm of tears and pain! Well, it is my greatest ambition. What can I do to achieve this state?

(A): The real secret in having a conscious transition, for any of us, is to simply desire to know God throughout our life, and at the moment of passing to hold mental thoughts with intention to return back to God/Goddess. It is that simple. In terms of passing like Yogananda, well that is a bit different in that he had inner notice before the actual passing. For some at the higher levels of evolution this can also occur. By the sheer fact that you are doing the work that you are doing, one of the most worthy on our planet, God will ensure that you have the type of passing that you desire.


(Q): On numerous occasions you have come into my dreams, sometimes with important information for me (thank you), but mostly I seem to be in a class with you where we  meet with other students in very informal settings. A couple of weeks ago you came into one of my dreams. I'll skip the details. Basically, you told me that you would be at the meeting with me on Tuesday evening, May 30th. Upon awakening I could not fathom what meeting I might be attending on Tuesday evening. Well, that particular evening several of my family members met in the ICU ward of our local hospital to be with my grandmother as she died. Although she was elderly, her death was unexpected.

What exactly is happening when you come into my or others’ dreams? Is it truly you, and are we meeting on the astral plane? Or is it some intuitive side of ourselves that creates you? I suspect the former. Out of all the hundreds of people you work with, it is always quite unexpected and very humbling to awaken in the morning with guidance and insight from you. Again, please except my heartfelt thanks!

(A): Well, the fact is that God/Goddess has me working with people in their dream states all the time. Typically, four or five people every night have these dreams with me in them. This has gone on ever since I can remember; even in other lifetimes. And, yes, it is really me that lands in the dreams. God/Goddess simply uses the astral form of me to do so. And, yes, in most cases these meetings take place within the astral realm. Each of the folks who has these dreams has been linked to me in different ways over many centuries. This is also why I, myself, rarely dream, but rather have absolute--what is called zero--sleep instead of dreaming. This is also why I am so chronically tired all the time.

                       Re-Awakening From Death

(Q): In the case of a person who had died but reawakened under odd and supernatural circumstances, would you use the person’s original natal chart or construct a chart starting from the date and time the person reawakened--or came back to life? It’s a strange story, but I have evidence to make me believe it really happened. Also, how would this person’s karma be affected from having died but then not being allowed to remain dead? The person who experienced this is afraid for his soul after this experience. He thinks that his soul is gone, and he is just a body awake, but he doesn’t know for what reason. Could this possibly have something to do with a contract with evil? He has a Virgo Sun in the eleventh house and Pluto in Leo in the tenth house, if that’s helpful.

(A): No, it has nothing to do with contracts with evil. Was this guy pronounced clinically dead? Did he have the near death experience, i.e., the famous moving thru the tube, light on the other end? Or was he just blank until he woke up? These are critical details. His soul is still very much within him. He’s not just a body hanging out. The real thing here would be to understand why he created this experience for himself.

(Q): He was clinically dead. He can recall his heart stopping and than an explosion of wind flew out of his heart, chest and mouth. Before that, someone called his name, and that’s when he flew out. He floated over his body with this other man or spirit. The spirit seemed very solid and real. Then he seemed to evaporate. Many hours later he just woke up in his body. But he had lost a ton of weight and his body was very stiff. For several years after this he had vivid dreams of flying and visiting places all over the world. His emotions were always raw, and he was generally always on the verge of losing control and having fits of rage, which is totally out of character for this man. He is generally a quiet and very gentle person. Why is experiencing blankness or having gone thru a tunnel critical? He is relieved to know that he hasn't made a contract with evil. Why did he create this for himself? Would we look to his past lives for the answer to this? He surely can't imagine what brought all this on.

(A): Well, I would need to know his whole chart to make a specific answer, but this is not the place for that. In general, from what you have shared, this means to me that God/Goddess wishes for this man to expand his horizons via awareness and consciousness, to totally open up to the universal. This would be the reason for the appearance of the spirit body, and also why he is spontaneously experiencing leaving his body thru astral travel. The stiff body is typical to this because when the soul flies out like that the breathing essentially stops for that duration. This in turn creates the effect of rigor mortis that you mentioned. Perhaps a key for this man is to understand this intent, and once he accepts it, to find some very quiet place in nature and ask for God to give him a vision for what Goddess wishes to do thru him. That would appear to be the next step.


(Q): I’ve struggled with understanding the soul of Jesus for a long time. Your statement in Pluto I that he was totally deluded and intoxicated by his own ego and considered himself God totally blew me away (for a long time). Could you elaborate on the nature of his delusion? He fought evil in the desert; what happened after that? What subsequent lives would have resulted from one such as his? What relationship does he bear with all the karma accumulated by Christians over the past 2000 years? As he is/was clearly in the third level of the spiritual state, how did he serve God/Goddess?

(A): Well, that certainly is news to me. I don't remember writing those words about Jesus. He did many things in the dessert, including battling with evil so as to know it, but this is the time in which he mainly was infused with the vision for the life of Jesus--his role, what was meant to be played out through God's will. The soul of Jesus has not and will not reincarnate in human form ever again relative to that soul being called Jesus in the time of that life.

Jesus created no personal karma relative to what Christians have done with his teachings. People created their own individual karma over the centuries through free choice or free will in how they understood and responded to his teachings. When Jesus taught, for example, that one's duty was to turn away and walk on when another(s) did not wish to listen or hear what one has to say or teach, how can he create karma when that very teaching is violated thru the free will choice of others, like all the various sects within Christianity, including the fundamentalists who try to convince and convert others to their teachings? Or when a certain pope of the 12th century had a working brothel within the Vatican? Is Jesus to be held responsible for that? And all the rest of the ugly history of the Roman Catholic Church, and also the protestant movement created by Martin Luther and all the violence that led to? And so on. Jesus serves the Goddess thru the agency of the divine or angel Mary, his mother.

                                      The Return of Christ

(Q): Are there any upcoming planetary configurations that might indicate the predicted return of Christ to earth?

(A): No. The return of Christ is and will be an internal phenomenon for those who desire to know him.

                                          The Astral Realm

(Q): Lately I've been aware of the presence of different energies around me, and some of them have not been so benevolent. My question is why would all of a sudden they be here? And is it possible that alien intelligences are able to operate on the astral realm and thus remain undetected? I know my questions may seem way out there, but this is relatively knew awareness for me, and I am trying to figure out what it is that I am actually experiencing; some of it seems so real and yet not. I am trying to sort out if it is really a separate entity or just a part of my own consciousness. This was happening around four or five months ago when I was spending a lot of time in meditation and going way out there. Since that time I stopped meditating.

(A): No, it is not possible for alien intelligences to exist in the astral plane. It would seem to me that your effort to meditate activated your pineal gland, thus stimulating the secretion of melatonin into your consciousness, which then began to dissolve the natural Saturnian boundary that separates the conscious and unconscious. This creates a hypersensitive state that then can be very receptive to the astral plane. Remember that astral plane is full of every kind of soul you can imagine--no different than on earth. So it would appear that you are picking up on, or tuning into, various conversations that are existing there. This is very similar to what happens when folks play with the Ouija board.

to be continued ........
ari moshe
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Hi Rad, it was mentioned above a recommendation from JWG in regards to sustained eye contact for a period of time in relationship b4 sexual intimacy.
...techniques you've described in avoiding sex in the beginning and engaging in periods of sustained eye contact?

And you have also spoken of this in regards to a chart I recently posted in the thread on aspects and phases.

Is this because sexual desire itself emanates from an entirely unconscious place (separating desires) and thus acting upon those desires naturally creates karma between the two souls involved relative to the nature of the unconscious separating desire being acted upon?

If so, I imagine this is not just about sex itself but any kind of physical connecting that emanates from sexual desire (ie not exclusive to penetration)?

Also, is the point of this practice to support the establishment of a strong trust and soul connection first, and then to allow time to tell if a spiritual commitment through sexuality is appropriate for that couple?
Thank you,
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Hi Rad,

This is all so so helpful.  Thank you Adina for transcribing all of this.

My question has to do with daemon souls who have pathological masochistic signatures.

                                                                   Daemon Soul

(Q5): When the daemon soul finds balance and alignment, does this mean bringing consciousness of nature in a healing way to others, and does this mean the healing of the patriarchal damage to the Virgo/ Pisces polarity and archetypes?

(A): Yes.

(Q5): Do the masochism/sadism in those archetypes connect with the experience of the daemon soul of coming to harm under manmade religions and patriarchy? That is, would we find a lot of the daemon souls among those murdered and tortured by those who wanted to override the matriarchal religions of the earth?
(A): Yes.

(Q5): And if so, does this mean daemon souls tried hard to fit in and then lost their true identity, or at least some of them? Did they lose their self-respect via church tortures?

(A): Yes, some did. When the survival instinct is ignited it can result in behaviors that one would never suspect they could do.

Does this have to do with souls that have pathological amounts of guilt-masochism, who are also daemon souls?

Thank you and God Bless,

Hi Rad,

Thanks for answering all my questions.  I am now wondering if we can start a thread to study charts with masochism/daemon soul signatures?  It's possible the thread of famous people has already done this.  I have the time and support now to go more in-depth and this subject is to inspiring to me.

Thank you,
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Hi Ari,

Hi Rad, it was mentioned above a recommendation from JWG in regards to sustained eye contact for a period of time in relationship b4 sexual intimacy.
...techniques you've described in avoiding sex in the beginning and engaging in periods of sustained eye contact?

And you have also spoken of this in regards to a chart I recently posted in the thread on aspects and phases.

Is this because sexual desire itself emanates from an entirely unconscious place (separating desires) and thus acting upon those desires naturally creates karma between the two souls involved relative to the nature of the unconscious separating desire being acted upon?


Sex desire is not specifically a function of separating desires because the sexual instinct within all humans is necessary in order for the species to be sustained. The Soul's orientation to that natural sexual instinct is what needs to be examined in your question. Whatever that orientation is may or may not be unconscious depending on the evolutionary condition or station of any given Soul, and the capacity of any given Soul to be self reflective so as to consciously know the what their orientation is, the reasons why, for any given sexual desire. Once any two Souls act upon their sexual desires for one another then, yes, a karma is established for them.


If so, I imagine this is not just about sex itself but any kind of physical connecting that emanates from sexual desire (ie not exclusive to penetration)?


Once any two Souls made a choice to be in a relationship of some kind a karmic and evolutionary trail begins.


Also, is the point of this practice to support the establishment of a strong trust and soul connection first, and then to allow time to tell if a spiritual commitment through sexuality is appropriate for that couple?


The point in that practice is for the Soul's of one another to 'see' into the Soul of one another first in order to eliminate any misunderstandings between one another, and thus to establish Soul knowing/ trust first. The act of sexual intimacy is then one of Soul intimacy as much as it is body intimacy because the bottom line is the desire for Soul intimacy where the body is simply a vehicle for that in a sexual way. This would be true for any two Souls independent of their evolutionary station. A 'spiritual' commitment can be made by any two Souls to one another at any level of evolution.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Wendy,

If you wish to start such a thread please feel free to do so.

God Bless, Rad
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 continuing ..........                                             

                                                          Incarnation: Soul & Body

(Q1): At what point does the soul enter the body? Is it possible for it to take some time?

(A): The soul incarnates at the moment of conception. Some souls then fly in and out until birth, others stay firmly within, and others come back at the moment of birth.

(Q2): I noticed that on your web site you have a picture of a woman holding an infant in her lap, and there is a silvery shadow over the baby’s head. You say that it is the spirit entering the baby through the crown chakra. So if our spirit enters our body after we are born, would it be highly possible and very likely that a highly evolved soul could hang around and wait for the particular birth of a child in order to enter the world back in a body? It only seems reasonable to me. But then can’t our souls make our new bodies so that we would not need to return here as a baby again but could enter as a fully mature adult? It seems that we would only return here in the form of a baby if we have lessons to learn or karma to work out. I think that if the essence of the soul is love for the good of self and mankind, then there is nothing wrong with this. Is this right or not?

(A): No, the soul enters at conception. From there, the soul typically comes in and out of the body, even doing so at times after the actual birth. Even the greatest of the great are born in a normal way.

(Q3): At what point does the soul enter the body to begin another human incarnation? I imagine it differs for each individual. Is there a particular time in the human life, applicable to all humans, at which the soul must house itself with the body for the human life to continue?

(A): All souls come into the body at the moment of conception itself; then, depending on the nature of the soul, it can either remain in the body or move in and out of it at varying intervals until the birth moment, at which time the soul is within the body. Even after the birth some souls still fly in and out for awhile—mostly during the first year--and not very often after that.


(Q): In the photo of your son where the spirit is entering his body, is that his spirit or soul? Also, when I had my reading with you, you said regarding spirits and such, "If you could see all the things in this room, you would be shocked." Are the spirits that you see floating around typically white like in the photo of your son? Are different spirits different colors? Are bad spirits dark? Also, what other things are typically floating around the room?

(A): Yes, it is his spirit in combination with the energy of God. The level of evolution determines how one sees various spirit energies and the colors of them--everything from vibrant colors to various shades of grey, white, black. Evil energy or spirits are always very dark.

                                    Gospel of Barnabas

(Q): I recently found a book called The Gospel of Barnabas. I had never seen this book before, nor had I seen it referenced anywhere. The introduction of the book discusses about how this gospel was accepted as a Canonical Gospel in the Churches of Alexandria until 325 A.D, and it also refers to the Council of Nicaea, among other things. Then it discusses how the Pope secured a copy for his private library and how another copy was found on Barnabas' remains in 478 A.D. and from then until now it has been housed in the Hofbibliothek (The Austrian National Library) in Vienna. It is mostly Jesus' teachings and communications with his disciples, but these teachings are not candy coated at all, and some are very intense. It begins with The Annunciation of Mary and continues through about 200 pages of Jesus and his disciples, and ends with a weird twist of the persecution of Jesus in which Jesus is said to have changed the appearance of Judas into the likeness of himself, and that Judas suffered some of Jesus' persecution because everyone sees Jesus, and they hear this person denying that he is Jesus, but he says instead that he is Judas, which apparently he is. I know you've read a great deal of mystical literature. Have you ever come across this one? It seems to me that these might be actual teachings just from the feelings I got from reading it.

(A): Well, first I have not read a lot of spiritual books, or for that matter many books at all--not even astrology--maybe ten at most, and none from cover to cover. So no, I have never heard of this book. It is also difficult for me to accept that there ever was such a gospel. Beyond that I do know that Judas was not changed into the appearance of Jesus; this did not happen. Judas did carry a heavy karma for many, many centuries after the specific life of Judas. Even as of the last century he incarnated as a monk in India, and he was still struggling with the issue of material gain--possessions and money.

                                              Between Lives

(Q): In some of his readings Edgar Cayce talked about how after death the soul makes sojourns to other planets to spend time learning and/or incorporating the energies of the particular planet into the experience of the soul in a way that evolves the soul in relation to that particular planet and its specific energies. Is it your sense that this is true? And if so, does that mean that a soul can work on its evolution between lives and not just from life to life? And if the answer is yes, then can some karma actually be totally resolved after or between lives on earth?

(A): No, souls do not go to different planets in this solar system. It is possible to eliminate some karma in between lives; it depends on what it is.

                                             Body/Earth Tremors

(Q): I was reading some recent posts about folks’ experiences with earth/body tremor synchronicity and was wondering if there was any relationship between that and kundalini?

(A): Yes.

(Q): I was wondering if the flushing out of negative karma from the earth is accomplished by similar bursts of cleansing/harmonizing energy like kundalini?

(A): Yes.

(Q): Also, does that force within the earth creates waves whose pulsations/frequency resonate with one's own sensitized inner environment, either from birth imprinting or transits, and thus those folks feel these pulses being generated by the earth?

(A): Yes.

(Q): And if such things are true, might those folks who experience these traumas discover some remedial insights by deeply exploring their own emotional/sexual/soul state (water archetypes) as it impacts their physical bodies (earth archetypes) as these traumas occur? Does some synchronistic resonance exist within the earth phenoma that reflects a similar human condition attempting harmonization? It would be interesting to do synastry between one's natal chart and the event chart itself to see if any correlations of karmic/evolutionary synchronicity can be observed.

(A):  Yes, that should be done.

                                    Alternate Realities

(Q): After reading the above message about strange body phenomena, I thought of something Philip Sedgwick mentioned in his latest issue of the Galactic Times which might also have some bearing on her experiences as well as sensitivity to others. It reads as follows: "Astrophysicists announced last week that they have been able to ascertain the previously illusive perimeter of black holes. The Event Horizon, as it has been dubbed, is the place where space and time cease. Beyond the black hole lives an alternate reality parallel dimension and who knows what else. Simple science confirmed through the observation of matter and energy in space that the portal to alternate levels of reality exist. This is an astounding discovery so early in this new millennium."

Given that scientists have finally observed this phenomenon physically it would seem to correlate to the ability to discern a different vibrational frequency rate by human consciousness. Would that correlate with transiting Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, with Saturn in Gemini serving as a tuning fork for discerning this phenomenon, etc.?

In accordance with the synchronicity of the holographic universe, I can't help but suspect folks will actually begin to experience, or already are experiencing, physical initiation into whatever specific band of alternate realities this phenomenon correlates to, and symptoms of this could manifest perhaps as subtle vibrational shifts within consciousness that jolt one, even if just for a nanosecond. I wonder if manifestations such as explained in the previous post result from this increased vibrational sensitivity in combination with a synergistic confluence of specific planetary energies--in her case Pluto with Neptune-- Neptune being the higher octave of Venus, which correlates to the psychology of hearing, and then Neptune, which correlates to vibration beyond human sound levels.

Lately I have been experiencing subtle shifts (like a switch flipping) that add another layer or dimension momentarily to my consciousness. It’s hard to explain other than that. It makes me think of the stuff new age folks have written about: that we are approaching a time of expanded consciousness - from 3-D to 4-D. I can understand that because the shift appears to add another element seemingly born from a more integrated emotional body like that cosmic seed birthed at the balsamic conjunction or at passage from the twelfth to the first house cusps that transfigure rebirth. I am just curious if any other folks are experiencing similar things. Also, for those doing counseling, if this stuff is true, some clients out there might really get jolted if they've got some key planetary vibrational confluences occurring on top of this as well, like in the case above. Does any of what I’m saying/asking have a basis in reality?

(A): The black holes do correlate to portals into other universes. There are seven of these portals, like the seven chakras or the seven candles or churches that Jesus spoke about. Three of these universes are time/space based, three are non-time/space based, and one is transitional between the two. I would not use the term alternate realities though; I would use the term other realities.

Yes, given that we are now at a critical point in planetary evolution, the five hundred year point before the next Age, there is a progressive culmination of the existing nature of collective consciousness--how it has evolved to date and why--and within that culmination and expansion of the collective consciousness, the individual consciousness is occurring. Generally, with Pluto in Sagittarius and Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, it means that there is a progressive shift into the right brain (which is non-linear, conceptual or abstract based) from the left brain (which is utterly linear); and the Neptune/ Uranus transits in Aquarius simply correlate to the evolution of dendrites within the brain that correlate to that shift. The evolution of the brain is relative to the fact that humans have evolved to the point of using only about ten percent of its total capacity.

All this must be understood and referenced to actual reality--the existing nature of human evolution on this planet—thus, the four natural evolutionary states. This kind of evolution is occurring within those natural states, yet it is experienced by each person according to his/her current level of evolution. For example, as these transits are taking place, most of the folks on the planet today who are in the consensus state only experience a strange sort of absentmindedness in which they think their short-term memory (left brain) is suddenly failing them. That is the subtle effect of the shift for these people, but it is the shift to the right brain that is causing this.

For those in the individuated state, the symptoms of this expansion of consciousness are experienced more as an inner feeling of accelerating forward, like going suddenly from thirty miles an hour to eighty--the sudden acceleration creating a blur effect in terms of one's immediate reality, and thus a detaching from that reality. It is in the detachment that the consciousness is expanding, yet it is primarily on a subconscious level. For these folks a psychological feeling of existential angst or a free floating displaced anxiety or panic can occur. These symptoms can occur because the expansion of consciousness that is taking place primarily on a subconscious level threatens the existing nature of one's current reality and demands a sudden or radical change of that current reality.

Those in the spiritual state of evolution are much more consciously aware of the new thought forms/ perceptions/ images that are manifesting within themselves--apparently of their own volition. The nature of these thought forms/ perceptions/ images correlate to the larger truth--the natural truths and laws of the entire nature of the Creation.

So in terms of this fourth dimension stuff (presumably the holographic consciousness), which literally means perceiving time and space as existing simultaneously (like living in all the centuries consciously at the same time), it will occur to a very limited number of folks depending on their degree of evolution.

                               Karma with Countries

(Q): How do past lives spent in various countries/cultures play a role in current lives? Can you have actual Karma with certain places on the physical earth?

(A): Yes, one can have a personal karma with a country or area, for example, Hitler. If you knew how he incarnated after being Hitler and where that incarnation took place you would know for sure the answer is yes to this question. (Clue: He incarnated quickly after the life of being Hitler right next to the main concentration camp in Poland, and how he was born--the physical condition of his body--is the proof of this truth.

(Q): Relocation charts and astro-cartography would help pinpoint these areas, but is there another way?

(A): Yes, there is another way, but it is not yet published. This is based on a project that I have been working on for over twenty years called "Journey's Thru Time". In essence it combines Cosmo biology, the 90 degree dial, the Astrological Ages and Subages, and the use of geodetic equivalents developed by Johndro. I have been trying to perfect this system, which is why I have not published anything on it yet.

(Q): I understand why you would be born into one culture, country, etc. If you are drawn to different countries, is this a reflection of the possible futures you have there, or the past you've had there, or both? 

(A): It can be both.

to be continued.........
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Body/earth tremors

(Q):  .......Does some synchronistic resonance exist within the earth phenomena that reflects a similar human condition attempting harmonization? It would be interesting to do synastry between one's natal chart and the event chart itself to see if any correlations of karmic/evolutionary synchronicity can be observed.

(A):  Yes, that should be done.

Hi Rad,

In contrast to the "earth" phenomena quoted above, I drew up an event chart for the massive Solar Flare that took place on 16th April 2012 (see chart attached).  

How do we interpret the Solar Flare phenomena in terms of Earth and the individuals upon the Earth?  

Thanks for this interesting and helpful thread.


* Solar Flare, massive CME, 16 April 2012, 17.45 UTC.gif (72.76 KB, 561x827 - viewed 201 times.)
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Hi Linda,

"How do we interpret the Solar Flare phenomena in terms of Earth and the individuals upon the Earth? "


The effects of such things is of course a collective event for all humans on the Earth, as well as all other forms of life. To 'interpret' such phenomena means to understand the causes of the phenomena itself. Such phenomenal events must been seen and understood within the whole of all of other phenomenal events taking place at any given time. For example, right now, the Sun is getting brighter, there is a warming taking place on all the planets, not just earth. Within the Earth the very core of it undergoing a radical shift that is causing the protective magnetic sphere for our Earth to break down in various places that thus allows increased radiation to enter into it. Some scientists are projecting that this protective magnetic sphere could be completely gone within a very short amount of time: years. The Earth has been manifesting very strange sounds since around 2011 all over the Earth. All  planets, including the Earth, are being tilted on their axis's in various degrees. The rotation of the Earth is beginning to slow. And so on. So to interpret such phenomena is to understand the causes. To understand the causes is thus to know to effects for everything on our Earth.


God Bless, Rad
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continuing ........                                         

                                          God/Universe as perfection or evolving force

(Q1): I’m grappling with a kind of duality concerning God/Goddess (or the universe) and hope you can offer some insight. While the concept of God as an ever-evolving (and thus imperfect) being makes a lot of sense, I have considered that God and the universe itself--God's creation--to be a wise and compassionate entity: as in the phrase "God is good". Yet if an absolute (perfect) cannot be applied to God, can any absolute (such as wise) be applied to the universe itself, if it is created by God?  Is the universe itself not evolving toward a state of wisdom, as God itself evolves toward perfection?

(A): Just because God/Goddess is not perfect does not mean that God is not wise or compassionate. And yes, all is evolving towards perfection, whatever that may be. To me, when all is perfect there is no need for the Creation in the first place, but that could be my own imperfect understanding.
(Q2): Since the Universe/Source is an ever evolving force and, therefore, never perfect, are we helping this force evolve by working with our karmic/evolutionary intentions?

(A): Yes, the extent that we consciously embrace our evolutionary lessons and understand and fulfill our karma--whatever it may be--does in fact help the Source evolve, only because we come from that Source.

(Q2): And why did Goddess/Source ever need to project itself into manifested creation?

(A): There is a natural limitation to all forms within the Creation, including the limitation of human consciousness. This means it can only know so much relative to the outer reaches of that limitation. For example, anyone reading this message can experience just what I mean by asking the question: Who created God/Goddess? That's when the limitation of human consciousness is reached. As a result, the question you are asking here is not answerable from the point of view of this natural human limitation.

(Q3): I’m just re-listening to your tape, Virgo and the Archetype of Self-Improvement, in which you state, “God itself is evolving, and therefore, it has its own methodologies (Virgo) linked with self-improvement.” Could we then relate one of these methodologies, i.e., one way that God itself is effecting its own self-improvement, to what you said recently about the terrorism on Sept. 11 (2001): “To me this latest insanity is but an extension of what has already been occurring for a very long time. To me it is the Natural God’s way of progressively creating ever increasing, shocking, and cataclysmic events whose intention is to wake us up, to find our way back to the Natural God”?

(A): If we remember that God is the origin of free choice, which is the causative factor in choosing, in the end, God or Evil, then the answer is yes, because of the choices people make that lead in the very opposite direction of God/Goddess.

                                                     Ascended Master

(Q): What is an ascended master?

(A): This is a patriarchal term which means a soul who has fully realized god and whose consciousness is a reflection of that full realization as expressed thru the ego of the ascended master.

                                 Karma in Current Life

(Q): Is the karma that one is working through within the current life a direct result of the most recent previous life, or could it be something from, say, 10 lifetimes ago? Is the good and bad karma immediate, or does it spread itself out?   

(A): The karma being lived out in a specific life can be as immediate as the most recent prior life or as distant as thousands of centuries ago, with all combinations in between. This is called prarabdha karma from a Hindu/Sanskrit point of view, which means in any given life we are not drawing upon all previous lives, only the ones that directly correlate to the current life evolutionary and karmic purpose.

                                                   Sexual Karma

(Q1): I am still trying to grasp the ramifications of eighth house issues, and specifically, what it really means that one takes on another's karma through the exchange of sexual fluids. When one takes on another's karma, and the other has experienced severe trauma, does one automatically experience something like post-traumatic stress too?     

(A): To some degree, yes.

(Q1): In the case of rape, does the victim take on the rapist's issues?

(A):  Yes, the underlying psychology of the rapist is osmosed, thus affecting the overall psychology of the one who is raped.

(Q1): In the case of one-night stands, does one take on the karma of the other person even though they don’t see each other again?
(A): Yes, and not just the karma but the entire history of that person, their underlying soul issues.

(Q2):  This may sound obtuse, but why is this so?

(A): Because every person carries their entire karmic and evolutionary history in their sexual fluids.

(Q1):  Does one take on more karma the more partners he/she is involved with? Do they get more confused, too? How do we sort through all of this karma? The responsibility is overwhelming.

(A): Yes, the more partners one has the more karma one absorbs, and this can create real confusion and conflicting emotional states. Is this me, or is this something I have taken in? The problem is that most folks would not have the capacity to discern the difference.

(Q1): Finally, can one also take on another's karma just by being in their presence (the company we keep) if there is an intensity of feeling but no sexual union?

(A): No.
                                     Karma Exchange

(Q1): In the correspondence course, when you are discussing the Scorpio archetype, you give an excellent example of the process of sexual exchange of karma (the woman who osmosed the karma of a former male prostitute and then got violated by his friend). But then what happened? How did she integrate that new karma? I understand the lesson of having this experience is one of discrimination, but was it a one time occurrence, or was this the beginning of opening the door to a whole series of emotional and physical shocks for her? What happened to her? How did she resolve this experience and integrate that karma?

(A): She resolved it first by understanding her inner dynamics that created these experiences in the first place and then resolved to change those dynamics. And, of course, she used the Agni ritual. Until she had done all that, though, the intake lead to progressively more difficult scenarios with many men.

(Q1): So even if we take on the karma of others, the root is still those core inner dynamics that have attracted the karma of others in the first place, and our first step is to resolve to change those dynamics, then actually discover our own personal process to succeed in changing those dynamics. Does all that have a domino effect on all that has been osmosed from others?

(A): The karma osmossed from each partner must be cut individually via the Agni ritual.

(Q2): Would condoms do anything to prevent the exchange of Karma and personal history?  If it is the actual exchange of fluids that transmits karma, couldn't condoms block this exchange, assuming no other physical/oral exchanges take place? Or does the karma transmit regardless?

(A): Condoms cannot block the intake of sexual fluids. Subtle amounts get exchanged anyway, and beyond that all fluids in the body contain this issue of memory--one's entire karmic and evolutionary background. So when we are sexual with someone we are exchanging fluids even through things like sweat and kissing, and so on.

(Q3):  In relation to the exchange of karma through kissing, but without sexual intercourse, how much karma is exchanged?

(A): It is total.

(Q3): If the couple in question had a composite Mars-Venus balsamic conjunction in the twelfth house, with Mars at 29 degrees Capricorn, and one partner's Sun and Venus is conjunct the composite Ascendant in the 12th house, and that person's Uranus falls in the composite eighth house, can this be the final time these two souls would meet? The partner with the planets in the composite eighth and twelfth houses ended the relationship before intercourse could occur.
(A): Yes, but they will meet again either as friends and/or mentors for one another.   

                                Karma From The Holocaust

(Q): I'm currently reading a book on IBM's role in the Holocaust, which brings me to ask about the collective karma of those involved. What is the general karmic fate of the men and women who carried out Hitler's orders or went along with the Third Reich?
(A): There is no general karma. The only karma would be to those who actually knew of Hitler's intent. The karma for those who did know in some way correlates to 'the end justifies the means', gross, sadistic, evil, misuse of power, the karma of deception and manipulation, the karma created thru a consciousness that feels it is superior to others, and so on.

(Q): Is there a general karmic fate for those who worked for corporations (like IBM) who helped to carry out Hitler's regime?

(A): Again, only for those who actually knew of Hitler's intent. To my knowledge only a few within the corporate super structure did know.

(Q): What was the evolutionary purpose of the millions of Jews who were killed? Were they as martyrs to warn the world of what Evil can accomplish if left unchecked?

(A): Yes.

(Q): I am one-quarter German by heritage. My paternal grandfather and his parents, partially of Jewish decent, fled to America before Hitler could target them specifically.  How would such lineage figure into my karmic/cosmic mission, if at all? (Note: I am a reformed masochist, with your help!).

(A): That, in fact, is the intent--to purge the masochism.

                                           Aura pictures

(Q): In the aura pictures one can have taken, or if one reads auras, why would a deep purple aura manifest around a person who, thru observation, is heavily influenced by evil? (The person is also in an individuated stage of evolution). Is it possible that this could be evil itself tricking the person into thinking they're something that they're not? And thru extension, if the person shows the picture to others, it's meant to trick others into thinking that the person is very spiritual, with the intent being to gain power over others?

(A):  If there has not been an actual contract made with evil, then I would say that this correlates to the struggle between God and evil for this person's soul because the purple correlates to the sacral chakra, thus sexuality. It is thru the emotional/sexual body that evil's influence primarily occurs; thus the struggle for the soul also occurs through that chakra first, then the navel.

                                             Galactic Center

(Q): In class you touched upon the galactic center, which is located in Sagittarius. Do you use it in all your readings? And where can I find good information on it?

(A): First, the center of the galaxy correlates to the center of gravity for the galaxy, like a root of a plant that contains the blueprint for the plant itself. The actual center is at twenty six degrees of Sagittarius. Thus, in essence, one simply needs to know the total archetype, relative to the natural laws of the Creator, that the archetype of Sagittarius correlates to in order to understand the root or blueprint of this galaxy in terms of its original design.

It is because of this original design that the human being has a natural awareness that the Earth is connected to something much larger than just the Earth itself--that something being the Source or Creator Itself. It is this natural awareness, and the need to know what that Source or Creator is, that is the causative factor within consciousness that sets in motion the evolution of consciousness itself in its effort to know the totality of the Creation.

Within this awareness, focused now upon its immediate environment, Earth, is the need to know the natural laws that correlate to the time and space reality we call Earth or Gaia and how the Creation manifests itself via the natural laws that correlate to Earth. As a result, all peoples have lived by and through these natural laws. In so doing the human was in a state of balance with the total Creation upon Earth, living in harmony with its environment.

Of course as time proceeded relative to the ongoing evolution upon this Earth a progressive violation to these natural laws began, with 6500 BCE being the beginning point of this progressive violation--the beginning of what we call the patriarchal times. Within this was the rise of various religions that served as vehicles of how we interpret what appears to be the phenomenal nature of the Creation. How any of us interprets the apparent phenomenal nature of the Creation correlates to the archetype of Sagittarius. Until 6500 BCE the interpretation of the phenomenal nature of the Creation was simply through the natural laws set in motion by the Creator in the first place. To know these laws and to consciously unite with them led to actual knowledge through actual experience, not through mere belief.

As the patriarchal transition began there was a progressive shift away from the direct knowing born of experience to beliefs that progressively became sophisticated abstract and conceptual systems born of the mind that projected such conceptions/abstractions upon the phenomenal nature of the Creation. Among those projections/ beliefs was the delusive thought that the human being was superior to Nature and that Nature was in place to serve the human being, to be dominated for the human's purposes.

The result of that thought projection and belief speaks for itself in today's world. Complicating this thought/ delusion/ belief was also the great shift in natural consciousness, which is defined by the natural principles of giving, sharing, and inclusion, to man made principles of self-interest and exclusion. This shift correlated to the 6500 BCE point. In combination this led to the raping of the Earth for human purposes, which most any person that is capable of breathing and blinking is now aware of.

This collective awareness of the destruction of our Earth was set in motion in 1988 with the last great conjunction of Saturn with Uranus at exactly twenty eight degrees of Sagittarius. These conjunctions set the tone socially for the next 48 years--the reality to be experienced by all of us. So now, of course, the news is full on an almost daily basis of various Earth events or phenomena that correlate to the fact that the human being is sadly at severe odds with the very environment that it is dependent upon for its own survival. For example, over one hundred species of life become extinct on a daily basis now thru human activities.

The bottom line is that the choices that are made during this current cycle of Saturn and Uranus will determine the long range fate of the human species as it correlates to Nature's rebellion (Uranus) against the human organism. From the point of view of Uranus, (detached) we could pretend that we are out in space observing earth, our eyes acting like a microscope that perceives the human organism relative to Earth as cancer cells upon and within it. Just as the human being has an immune system, so too does Gaia or Earth. Thus, Gaia or Earth, like the immune system in the human being, is attempting to isolate the human in its efforts to sustain the integrity of the rest of the natural Creation upon this Earth. This isolation occurs thru Earth events, which include the progressive contagion (Uranus) of disease that can affect all humans everywhere. From the point of view of Gaia, or Earth, this is a necessary culling in order for the whole organism of Earth to survive.

Paradoxically (Uranus), it is now thru the distorted structure of current consciousness that is defined thru the idea of exclusion and self-interest that is now serving as the motivation to make new choices that honor the totality of the Earth: Nature. And the need to survive is the root of this motivation. Thus, through circumstantial necessity the human being is being forced to change, and this change requires the human being to re-honor the Earth itself: the totality of Natural Laws.

In terms of individual chart work, simply locate where that 26 degrees of Sagittarius occurs by house. It is exactly there, that center of gravity, that any of us can understand-- truly understand--the nature of natural laws. By focusing there, the house in which the 26 degree symbol occurs, one can understand the natural laws of the archetype. Then, like a line of dominos, by focusing there, one can understand all the other natural laws that correlate to the totality of nature on Earth.

(Q): Thanks so much...that was really, really helpful! One more question on this point: Is it too general to state that people with planets on this point (or in aspect to it) natally are forces, or souls, incarnated to revive the ways of natural law? I believe you said at one time that this indicates souls from the Dog Star (daemon souls). 

(A): When there is a planet, lunar node or planetary node in direct contact with that point (not in aspect to it, in direct contact with it), then such a soul will be or is a soul whose inner structure is defined by the daemon archetype, the Dog Star. But remember the evolutionary condition is imperative in understanding who is who because of the centuries of patriarchal conditioning. For example, even though a soul may, in fact, be defined inwardly by the daemon archetype, if that soul is in, say, the second or third stage consensus state, it would be possible for the person to have bought into western religions (Sagittarius), and thus reflect the stupid religious doctrine that nature is here to serve the human. For such a soul, of course, there will be a progressive deconditioning over the future evolutionary cycles in order to uncover its original root. For those who have already evolved beyond the consensus, then this original root will progressively define the structural nature of the person's consciousness.

to be continued ....
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                                                         Entity Attachments

(Q): When someone incarnates on Earth with entities attached to them, can this in anyway show in a natal chart? Maybe through the eighth house, Pluto, and/or Venus?

(A): Yes, this is typically a Scorpio or Pisces phenomenon--Pluto, eighth house, Neptune, twelfth house, respectively.

                                            Soul versus Ego

(Q): I have been confused for a long time over the difference between the Soul and the ego. I am trying to experience my Soul as separate from my ego so I can discern the difference between them. I thought of the Soul as divine positive energy and the ego as the part of me that experienced fear and resistance. In the Pluto School tapes you speak of the soul being afraid and having resistance to evolution. How do you define and experience the difference between the two?

(Answer from another student, M.) I read your posting with interest. If I can help I'd like to point out something else that Jeffrey said. If you remember, Pluto referred to the dualistic nature of the soul: the need to merge with the source vs. the desire to separate from that same source. The moon represents the conscious ego (or lens of the projector as Jeffrey put it), through which the soul projects its desire nature. If you look at it this way, you can see how much of what passes for astrological thought (i.e., the moon representing the feelings and such), doesn't explain the whole process of the ego. Usually Saturn is given the distinction of ego. However, if we consider what Jeffrey teaches about Saturn, then Saturn represents the structure of the ego, or the aperture that contains the lens/ego, but not the lens itself. Having said this, I believe we must begin to unravel what has been patriarchal conditioning about the make-up of the soul/ego. The conditioning would have us believe that the soul is the higher manifestation of human existence, and in part that may be true. Here, once again, is the patriarchal teaching of separation viz., the soul as separate from the ego, mind, emotions, etc. How can this be? If we begin to understand the soul as just part of the manifestation of incarnation/creation, the driving force behind our actions, feelings, thoughts, our very reason for existence, then we begin to act responsibly, with forethought and reasoned response (the antithesis to the Lucifer point). Do not separate yourself into all these parts, elevating some at the expense of others. You are one, your soul is already doing what it wants and desires. Consider these desires and reason as to why this and not that Love yourself and the reason you incarnated and live.

(A): M. has expressed it very, very well. The ego reflects what is happening within the soul in total; there is no separation. If you wish to consciously experience your soul--being conscious within it--versus being centered in your ego only, then you must change the gravity point (Saturn) within your own consciousness. This assumes an active desire to know and embrace that which creates us: God. The progressive union with God occurs thru such a desire. This progressive union is that which changes the gravity point within your consciousness.

(Q2): In a Reiki class last night, the teacher said that a certain symbol can help you transcend your karmic patterns and learn your lessons without pain and that it helps you to put your soul and spirit before your mind and emotions, which is important since the mind and emotions are of the ego. The soul and spirit in the lead will make the learning come with grace. He suggested a specific 12 to 20 minute daily meditation for this.
Another evolutionary student emailed me today saying that this was backwards as it is the soul that is damaged, and putting it first would be wrong. That the mind is how the healing will take place. Could you please comment? I would have been inclined to think that the ego is more problematic, and the soul directs the lessons of evolution to create the opportunity for the healing of the ego.

My Reiki teacher also said that the fourth dimension is being eaten away, and there will be a merging of the third and fifth dimension, which is like the throat and solar plexus chakras meeting in the heart. The fourth dimension holds the illusions, mysticism and the dreams of history, which is a structured time we have functioned under for
,000 to 17,000 years. Before that, he said, time was fluid and after that, it will be like the wind. We have four years before this occurs, and this is why the push is on to clear the karma.

To me, the impressive line up of Pluto, Chiron, and Mars in Sagittarius would seem to be saying the soul, dynamic action, and the teacher/healer are all pushing for these perceptual shifts to bring us back to truth and even beyond what we conceive of as Natural Law (not beyond that law, but our concept of it).

(A): Pardon me for saying this, but what your Reiki teacher is expressing is simply not true. Once again, as M. pointed out, you see the patriarchal separation in all these words about soul, mind, spirit, and so on. There is no separation of these things; they are all part of our soul, all part of what has created us: God. To be free of our karmic patterns is a very simple thing: to desire to know God, to unify with God, and to give to others unconditionally, yet with proper discrimination. Like the woman whom Jesus healed of all her karmic problems--the woman who was very sick--and Jesus simply looked into her and, based on what he saw within her, said "Woman, your faith has healed you," and instantly she was healed.

                                    Hopi Prophesy

(Q): I read somewhere of a Hopi prophesy that talks about a great age of purification. I was wondering if we are in that age now, and if so, for how long? What astrological transits would one look for that indicate a great age of purification?

(A): Yes, we are in that age now. The underlying correlation is that we are at the end time of the Pisces Age relative to the Virgo subage, with Pluto transiting thru Sagittarius and currently conjunct the collective south node of Uranus, and approaching the galactic center at 26 Sagittarius. Uranus and Neptune are in Aquarius, with Neptune being on its own south node now, and both of them will move into Pisces in the next few years.

                                                 Spirit -Soul

(Q1): What is a good definition for spirit? There is a great deal of metaphysical/esoteric literature, and I feel that some of them spread some don’t correctly represent the concepts of spirit and soul, and the astral plane, and frequently seem to mix up one concept with the other. I already have a correct definition for the soul from your book, and a definition for the astral plane from Yogananda. I also have my understanding of spirit, but I would like to know if it’s correct. 

(A): Spirit is a manifestation of the Soul; it is not separate from it. For example, if I inwardly experience the manifestation of Yogananda, that is his spirit coming into me relative to his soul, which projects his spirit.

(Q2): Many astrologers state that Moon is soul and Sun is the spirit, but if I remember correctly, in class you stated that Pluto represented the soul, and the Moon is spirit, right? 

(A): Yes, in the sense that when the soul (Pluto) projects itself--relative to its own ego or identity--then that is the moon.

                                           Great Galactic Cycle

(Q): I have a few questions relating to the expansion and contraction of the Great Galactic cycle. Would The Holy Science by Sri Yuktsewar be a good resource to provide more insight? 

(A): Yes.

(Q): You stated that Atlantis was at its developmental height around 23,000 BCE during the last Aquarian Age. How would this correspond to the contractive peak of the Great Galactic cycle, which was around 25,000 BCE? How can a civilization be at its height close to the dark peak of this cycle?

(A): No, I stated that Atlantis peaked around 12,500 BCE, which was at the height of the great expansion cycle of collective consciousness on Earth.

(Q): Do the peaks of this cycle always correspond to a Pisces/Virgo age, with the contractive peak in a Pisces Age and the expansive peak in a Virgo Age? Does the Great Galactic cycle correspond to the precession of the Equinoxes, is it related to the wobbling of the Earth's axis?

(A): The procession of the equinoxes and over great lengths of time the various signs that correspond to the great contraction and expansion themselves change. They are not fixed.

(Q): I gather that the decline into the most recent contraction correlates with the manifestation of the patriarchy. How may these expansions and contractions have looked and manifested before the couple of hundred millennia of human history preceding the recent past?

(A): Simply read history itself and the evolution of the human species therein.

(Q): Was there a theme to each of these cycles, such as the patriarchy and the suppression/ severance of Natural Laws? How were humans influenced by evil then? I am looking for some way to visualize these previous cycles, especially because I am falling prey to the notion that before the patriarchy things were much better rather than viewing what has occurred as evolutionary necessity.

(A): These questions require that you read history.

                                     Soul Age

(Q): When you refer to the age of a Soul, does this mean that not all Souls were created at the same time?   

(A): Yes, that is right.

(Q): Did not all Souls come into existence simultaneously when the Source projected itself into the manifested Creation?   

(A): No, the Creation is an ongoing thing.

(Q): Do some Souls all of a sudden incarnate on Earth for the first time, but had many life times on other planets or manifest in other places?

(A): Yes.

(Q): Would those be considered new or young Souls?     

(A): It depends on the nature of their own evolution.

                               Second Stage Spiritual

(Q1): In the correspondence school tapes you use a number of well known fallen spiritual leaders as examples of the second stage spiritual.

Surely, there must be a more positive and less dramatic way for a person to remove spiritual glamour from their life without negatively impacting so many other people in the process. (I realize there are no victims, and that those hurt in that process are all volunteers. Still, it's a cataclysmic event). First, do you agree with that? If you do, could you give a description and maybe some examples of what a more positive way of dealing with this stage looks like?

(A): The main thing in the second stage spiritual is the ego over identifying with the degree of God/Goddess realization that it has. As a result there are many forms of manifestation that this can take, not all being people like Rajneesh or Claire Prophet, for example. Another example of this stage of evolution could be the raging mystic who moves from town to town, from street to street, venting his God realization upon all, whether anybody wants to listen or not. It can be the exorcist priest who, in the context of his duty, does not recognize his own limits and, as a result, gets killed by an evil spirit in the process of doing an exorcism, and so on. In all cases the relative downfall is to purge this misidentification within the ego.

                               Merging of Ego with the Soul

(Q): Would you elaborate on the meaning of merging the ego with the soul as described when Pluto aspects Mars? Does it have to do with opening to the inner voice, the large "S" Soul (Pluto), vs. repeating previous compulsive desires, or does it mean that choices made are more karmic, that they have a more direct link to the generation of karma, both positive and negative? Are those with this aspect slower to learn, sort of living a karma of complacency, or just impatient, wanting to do a lot of work on themselves. 

(A): This begins to occur as the Soul evolves ever more toward its ultimate goal of union with God/Goddess. Thus, evolution itself is the cause and it means progressively to change the very center of gravity within consciousness from the ego as a separate entity independent of the soul--i.e. the person inwardly identifying itself as separate from everything else in the environment--to centering itself, the ego, within the soul itself. This is simultaneous to the soul becoming ever more consciously aware of its own source: God/Goddess. When the soul and the ego are merged, the inner experience is dual in nature. It is like standing on the beach at sundown with the sun half above and half below the horizon. In the very same way, such a person has a dual experience of him or her self. On the one hand, they do know and participate in their current individuality,  i.e. the life they are currently living. On the other hand, they are consciously aware of their timeless self or soul, so it is like living in time--past, present, future--yet at the same time living in their own timelessness, or time as simultaneous, with the veils of past life removed. The individual can also be aware of future times, for the collective, and/or the individual, both on a personal level as well as for others. In the spiritual stages of evolution when you see the Mars/Pluto aspect, this signals such an evolutionary intention in such a soul.


(Q): In the correspondence school videos you discuss kundalini as a force that evolves consciousness. You also mentioned that the awakening of kundalini causes any manner of physical symptoms. Are there any more common that you can describe?

(A): No, the ones I have given are complete.

(Q): How is the best way to harness this energy?   

(A): To mentally focus all of your energy within the third eye. This will help draw it up the middle of the spine (sushumna) into the brain, or consciousness.

(Q): What is it for specifically?   

(A): It is an actual physiological substance or chemical that is secreted from the kundalini gland located at the base of the spine.

to be continued ..
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continuing ........

                                                 Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening

(Q): If a person has a spontaneous kundalini awakening, can they never have another one, or are they going to always be having them? And what happens to the person’s soul after such an experience?

(A): When kundalini is initially ignited it stays ignited. There is no turning it on and off; however, it can be metered out at different rates at different times. The soul progressively remembers and becomes consciously unified with its source—God/Goddess—when kundalini is fully awakened. A good reference about kundalini is Gopi Krishna’s book, Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man, as well as another of his books, The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius.

                                  Melatonin and Consciousness

(Q): I woke up from a nap today in a space where I knew what you mean when you say that melatonin dissolves the boundary between the egocentric consciousness and God. It raised a few questions. I've noticed I often tend to fall asleep with a light turned on. Even though my eyes are closed while I'm sleeping, does having a light on in the room affect the amount of melatonin produced?

(A): Yes.

(Q): I often either stay up most of the night or else get up in the middle of the night to write or to reflect. This is not insomnia. I find it much easier to access my true nature and feelings in the middle of the night. Is this related to melatonin production, even though I'm awake?

(A): Yes, because the melatonin was secreted while you were sleeping. Upon waking-- especially when it is still dark out--there is a carry over affect of this melatonin.

(Q): If it is related to melatonin, does being awake at night cause less melatonin to be produced than if I were asleep?

(A): Relatively, yes, but also remember that this hormone and protein is also relatively secreted even while awake, which is especially so for all souls who are inherently creative by nature, inventive by nature, who are deeply inspired by nature, and so on. This is the actual physiology of those things.

(Q): Is there a long term detrimental effect if this is a regular pattern?

(A): No, because souls who are inherently creative by nature don't sleep the socially conditioned way, which says we must have eight hours of sleep per night. In reality the brain only needs four to five hours of sleep per night (at most) to totally renew. In fact, a recent study suggests that folks who sleep less than eight hours—say, four to six hours--actually live longer than those who sleep more than this. What this reflects is that the strength of the underlying life force within such folks is very, very strong, and this tends to correlate to the creative, artistic, and inspired types among us. I also only sleep, at most, four to five hours a night.

(Q): Also, is melatonin production affected by sunlight? In other words, if I nap during the day, is melatonin produced, since my eyes are closed, or does the fact that it’s not night time limit melatonin production even though I'm sleeping in a dark room?

(A): It is still secreted but not in the amounts produced while sleeping or dozing at night. For example, during the daytime when we find ourselves spaced out, this is an example of melatonin being produced even during the day.

                Melatonin and spiritualizing process

(Q): I'm a little confused about the function of the hormone melatonin in the body.  You mentioned in one of your lectures that light therapy suppresses the secretion of melatonin and, consequently, can be used to treat depression. Does an increased level of melatonin cause depression?

(A): Yes, it can, and it can also be the causative factor in what is called manic depression.
(Q): You also mentioned that melatonin acts to dissolve the boundaries separating the subjective egocentric consciousness from soul consciousness. In essence, melatonin acts as a spiritualizing process. How does melatonin connect with depression and act as a spiritualizing agent at the same time?

(A): When one consciously begins the journey to truly spiritualize melatonin increases within the brain/consciousness in order to dissolve the apparent boundary between the current ego and the soul. As this occurs the soul becomes increasingly aware, conscious of, the Source of All Things, experiencing an actual inner cosmic consciousness in varying degrees of realization of the ultimate, the absolute. As a result of this, when the consciousness snaps back to so-called normal reality--life on earth with all that that means and implies--the contrast that one's consciousness experiences causes (for many) a transiting state of depression, where the depression is caused by the inner knowledge that one must complete whatever the current life is about, the gravity of time and space, mortality, the baggage of the body, the baggage of the totality of what the life is about.

(Q): Also, is it correct to say that if you are not tuned into this spiritualizing process the melatonin can in some people become misdirected and become a causal factor in psychic disturbances?

(A): Yes, it can be a causative factor in all kinds of neuroses and psychoses.

(Q): As one moves into the spiritual state, would it be of great importance (because of this snap back you mentioned) to not only be very aware of this effect of melatonin on the conscious being, but also be able to manage the melatonin so as to not get unbalanced?

(A): Melatonin is naturally regulated by the entire brain. When one is supplementing with melatonin then, yes, one must be careful.   


(Q1): Do you know why people who manifest the stigmata do so, (at least in the accounts I've read about), in the palms of the hands, rather than the wrists, which is where the Romans drove the nails for crucifixion? And was Jesus crucified on a Tau cross rather than a Latin cross? And, if so, then is the Catholic Church behind the reason why the symbol now used is the Latin cross?

(A): This is because people, over the centuries, began to believe that Jesus had nails put through his palms instead of the wrists. Remember the incredible power that belief has over people, like these so-called martyrs of God who go into the discos in Israel and blow themselves up because of their belief that they are indeed martyrs, and as such, they will enter heaven receive the reward of being a martyr, i.e. 72 young virgins for their own pleasure. It is this belief that drives them to do what they do. Jesus was, in fact, not crucified on any kind of cross; he was crucified on a pole.

(Q2): You seem to know a lot about Jesus and a lot about what really happened to him. Can you suggest where one can find the same esoteric information you have received?

(A): It comes from within. Ever since I was a child I have had the capacity to remember prior lives for myself and others. One of those lives was at the time of Jesus, thus the memories in which I had proximity to him. Let's put it that way.

(Q3): Is the stigmata real, or is it an aberration of the subconscious manifesting as the entire belief system of the particular person who experiences this sort of thing? For example, the person’s love for Christ is so great that he/she wants to experience the same pain that Christ must have experienced. Or is it a manifestation of extreme egotism to presume that you can be like Christ in all aspects, even experiencing the crucifixion?

(A): In the documented cases throughout history they are real.                                                                   

                                                 Crossing Over
(Q1): Have you seen the TV show “Crossing Over” with John Edwards? He goes into the audience and starts to do readings for audience members about people close to them who have passed on. Is he actually reading the people that have passed on, or his he reading the memories of the audience members?

(A): What he does is to unify with the consciousness of those in the audience, and by unifying his consciousness with theirs he then is able to access the astral plane through them, and then he reports what he sees.

(Q2): Sylvia Browne does the same thing. She and her Spirit Guides see the other side. She has written about some folk she calls Dark Spirits who turn away from God, and in her view these spirits can be helped by prayer and encouragement that unconditional love is available. The operative concept is choice.

I have seen John Edwards but cannot stay present because the pace is too overwhelming for me. He seems to be doing the same thing Sylvia Browne does--reading higher vibratory rates than most of us can see. Browne's work is very God-centered and loving. She details a list of life themes and patterns and says we all have a pattern and there are evolutionary themes to that. Her idea is that we are doing what we are doing as a way for God-Essence-Om to experience. And also she sees the Mother Goddess, who she calls Azna, as the representative of God on Earth. According to her, God/Om/Essence has a hard time staying manifest, which makes sense to me, but what do you think?

(A): All such people essentially operate in the same way, whoever they are. In the case of Browne, she does this but does not have the level of capacity of Edwards, thus she makes errors at times, or says something just to say it without actual contact.

(Q3): In relation to this, I would like know what your opinion on mediumship is. There are people who take classes (sometimes for years) in order to learn mediumship and connect to spirits of the dead. Should this be something people seek to do, or is it natural in that spirit would seek you, rather than you deliberately opening up to this sort of thing?
Do spirits of the dead seek to communicate with us here on the earth plane in order to pass messages on to loved ones etc?  Or can this be the work of darker forces? If so, how can you tell the difference? 

(A): The simple, yet profound, answer is this: to seek God first, and God only. Once this inner relationship and conscious contact is made then, as Jesus said, all that you need and are to become will be given to you. To seek out such things as mediumship training without making that contact first is a fundamental error. The consciousness and emotional body must be inwardly prepared first to be able to positively and correctly integrate the higher vibration that occurs thru astral contact, which is like trying to put five thousand watts into a five watt bulb. Without that preparation the consciousness of the medium is no different that the Ouija board. For example one day I saw a group of teenagers messing with a Ouija board, and they got this message and that message and so on, and they were all thrilled by this. I stopped and asked one of the people this: “Ask it if it is lying to you,” and the answer came back, “Yes, we are.” The same thing happens for those who have not made the inner preparation first with God.

(Q3): Do spirits of the dead seek to communicate with us here on the earth plane in order to pass messages on to loved ones etc?"   

(A): Yes, but it can also be that someone on earth wishes to communicate with the dead.   

(Q3): Or can this be the work of darker forces? If so, how can you tell the difference?

(A): See above. Without the preparation, one cannot.

to be continued ..........
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