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Title: Politics?
Post by: Stacie on Nov 07, 2018, 12:29 AM
I don’t mean to be disrespectful but what does God want from us right now? This US election is a complete disappointment. What else are we suppose to do? What is happening?

Title: Re: Politics?
Post by: Rad on Nov 07, 2018, 06:20 AM
Hi Stacie,

Keep actualizing the very nature of your own unique Soul signature; the individual fingerprint of any given Soul. All Soul's are connected via collective consciousness: the gaia of the Soul's. So by actualizing your own fingerprint this causes a vibration within the 'strings' that connect all Soul's via that gaia of the Souls. That vibration is then registered within all Souls. In this way you can help return all Soul's to the Natural Laws that were set in motion at the moment of the manifest Creation.

The underlying issue for the human species is one of survival: survival of the species. It will either extinct itself because of the progressive violations to those natural laws or it won't.

To me, looking at the election that just happened, is a good thing. The evil that is called Trump will be checked by the Democrats because of regaining the House. And that happened because of all the women who have run for office in record numbers: and won. Something like 100 or more women have just been elected into office. This is perfectly reflected in the Nodal Axis changing into Cancer/ Capricorn on the very day of the election. So, to me, this is a good thing that reflects the tremendous transition taking place in America relative to the ongoing demographic changes.

God Bless, Rad

Title: Re: Politics?
Post by: Stacie on Nov 07, 2018, 08:50 PM
Thank you Rad.

It’s true, the democratic win of the House is a very important victory.  I suppose I was being a bit of a princess for expecting more.  In my brain there have been so many blatent trangressions on the part of the Trump administration that I really did think a massive blue wave was coming. The House democrats will have a very heavy burden to carry over the next couple years because they will become more intensely targeted as scapegoats for everything the public doesn’t like. I hope they will be strong and resilient.

 The firing of Jeff Sessions (aka forced resignation) makes me feel an even greater fear for the judicial system.  The Mueller investigation I presume will be directly undermined next. And then we have Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, who believes that sitting president’s shouldn’t be investigated.  Trump wasn’t even discreet about getting Sessions out the moment the midterms were over.  Hopefully as some Washington people suggest, Muellar had the foresight to prepare for this possibility.

I have to say, I remember posting something on the message board (I think  the old one) years ago, where I wrote a short analysis about Trump and how his 5th house seemed to reflect a charismatic genius.  If anything, time has absolutely proven that point (i.e. his base), but when I wrote about it I didnt recognize him to contain quite the evil that we see him embodying today. I’m a little embarassed remembering that post.  What an epic  blindspot!  Anyhow, he seems alarmingly successful in laying the groundwork for a dictatorship to become reality.  Dictatorship seems like a dramatic thing to suggest, but when I look at where the bread crumbs are leading, it actually seems feasable that he could, and not just in a defacto sense.  Is his success part of the supernatural powers that come with contracts with evil?  I can’t find any other answer as to how he is getting away with so much. But yes, at least we now will have some kind of check on Trump’s agenda

God Bless 🙏

Title: Re: Politics?
Post by: Stacie on Nov 08, 2018, 03:31 PM
There is this impulse inside me that everything is so wrong in the world right now because of what I hear and see and experience.  Then there is that voice that says it’s better to expose actual reality than keep it swept under the rug, regardless of the discomfort of that exposure. I feel like all the disgraces, injustices, abuses of power, and things we don’t want to admit to ourselves, individually and/or collectively are being shown to us like a newly polished mirror. Trump’s presence is facilitating that. He is fostering a context where it’s all coming out. I don’t believe in the “it takes two to tango” myth...meaning I don’t think people are necessarily equally at fault when something goes wrong.. I guess it depends on the level you look at that, because in the end, yes we will all see our roles, and the mysterious interplay of karma that isn’t always known to our egos, so yes I embrace what JWG says about every soul being responsible for their life experience, but in the interplay of our lives, some people can have pure motives whiles others can have sinister. That to me, is not 50/50. I do see though from those with an advanced spiritual perspective, which we at some point we all will arrive to, that everything IS truly is 50/50. It will eventually not matter what role we play. All that will matter is forwarding God’dess’ intentions, and whether we play the roles where we hurt, or whether we play the roles where we climb, JUST WONT MATTER.

Title: Re: Politics?
Post by: Rad on Nov 09, 2018, 06:33 AM
Hi Stacie,

" Is his success part of the supernatural powers that come with contracts with evil?  I can’t find any other answer as to how he is getting away with so much. But yes, at least we now will have some kind of check on Trump’s agenda"



God Bless, Rad

Title: Re: Politics?
Post by: soleil on Nov 10, 2018, 09:52 PM
Hi Stacie,

I share your sentiments. The amount of evil and corruption Trump is getting away with is sickening. You're right, House Democrats are in for a rough ride, but hopefully they'll have the guts and the wherewithal to check the evil orange one.

It was a huge blue wave and it's still not over---recounts may yield more Senate seats and governorships. Plus, the Dems won control of 6 state houses, which will help with the gerrymandering issue, and 17 African-American women won judgeships in Texas.

Looking ahead, in 2020, Senate Repubs will have twice the amount of seats to defend as Dems (unlike the reverse this time), so we may also be able to win the Senate back in a couple of years.

As for missing how evil Trump is (back in the day, before he ran), so many of us did because no one took him seriously. He was, and still is, a moronic malignantly narcissistic buffoon, yet evil was able to be disguised within that mask. There were signs out there, though---like articles and books detailing how he kept a copy of Mein Kampf by his bed and how he had serious behavioral problems as a child, how he defrauded many people + had long-term association with organized crime, and had been accused of rape and sexual assault, etc.---but no one believed that 26% of the American people would vote for this evil clown. It's still hard to believe.

There must be an intense evolutionary soul growth lesson in here---at least, for 60% of us!

All the best,


Title: Re: Politics?
Post by: Stacie on Nov 11, 2018, 10:33 AM
Yes Soleil, agreed. Definitely some kind of evolutionary test or choice coming through this. Eeek. I hope we pass.