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Title: Moon's dreams journal and Pluto in the 12th
Post by: Sunya on Oct 13, 2019, 01:20 AM
Hi everyone,

Reading about transits, progressions and solar returns with pluto in the 12th... Jeffrey recommended to keep a dreams journal and link it to the moon's 28days cycle.

I will be happy to read any insight or recommendations on how to observe and correlate all the full moons cycle with the natal chart+transits and with the solar return chart.

With love

Title: Re: Moon's dreams journal and Pluto in the 12th
Post by: Júlia on Oct 22, 2019, 10:16 PM
High five, Iñaki. Hahaha :D I also would like to know more about this dream journal Jeff mentioned. My pluto just entered 12th house on my last solar return.

Title: Re: Moon's dreams journal and Pluto in the 12th
Post by: Helena on Oct 23, 2019, 03:05 AM
Hi Iñaki and Julia,

I have been meaning to share my experience with it (don't know if that will help with what are looking for) and also comment on Kassandra's post, very interesting subject!, but with little time to post. I'll try to catch up...
Anyways, i have been journaling with the moon for some years now and in my experience is a very insightful way to engage with the world around us but mostly to dive in ourselves, really. I started coincidently on an aries new moon and can assure not on purpose  ;D and the habit simply stayed.
What i started to do is literally draw my own moon notebook on a blank space (i think the possibilities are endless and every person interested in doing it should test for themselves how to do it, what matters, etc., the moon is very personal stuff...). In my case, at any new moon i reserve a space to register the themes the new moon brings in my chart, so in the example of an aries new moon it would also bring the archetypes of the houses it touches and any planets there or aspects to other planets. Usually new moons are very deep moments where, if we stand still things surface or start to surface, so i usually take into account what's going on, dreams/messages/ideas/projects/etc. and then come back 4 weeks later to acknowledge what really took place.
Relative to dreams i, usually write down dreams as they happen and group them all at the end of the moon cycle. The last part that i do is reserve a space for the next full moon on the same sign, coming in around 6 months. I come back to review everything at that moment too. What i can tell you, is that with time everything develops with a very interesting consistency. So, for instance, in the full moon even if i don't remember what happened, things will touch those subjects, either very directly or finishing, developing, maturing the things started at the new moon. Even dreams can be very prophetic to only see it made sense with time and sometimes with years relative to those archetypes and themes. It all creates a coherent body of spiritual guidance if you wish.
What i learned is that it can help me trust more my intuition for instance and if we let go and engage the process, some beautiful magical times also happen, it's a great way to trust in the overall Intelligence of Source and detach a little of things like control in our lives. We do run some things but it's also important to learn that first we belong in a much vaster 'network' run by a higher law... And that we sometimes know stuff or are guided to know and tend to doubt it, or do not develop the necessary strength to trust that first, and the Moon has a funny way to let us know our truths over time.
Other great thing i also learned comes with respecting time and the changing of seasons. There is a time for everything and engaging with it doesn't mean we should live in a rush or let it all to God/dess to 'solve'. If by nature we are very anxious to have everything done it will slow us down, or if we tend to be on the procrastination side it will show us the importance to act in appropriate time and that time is finite in human form. Other thing is that subjects we didn't solve before, usually surface at the same time of the year/moon.
For women specifically, it's a very powerful tool because usually women's menstrual cycles, also times where the door naturally opens to our most deep inner selves, usually sync with the moon, new or full. Women in menopause are said to have the door opened all the time, so their ancient place in tribes where to be the one's of spiritual guides for the community.

Well, just some thoughts, hope it is useful  :-)

Title: Re: Moon's dreams journal and Pluto in the 12th
Post by: Júlia on Oct 23, 2019, 09:52 PM
Wow, thanks for the detailed answer, Helena. I found particularly interesting the idea you had about co-relating the sign of the current new moon to the houses/planets in your personal astral chart that are connected to that archetype. It sounds like an insightful method. I will try to follow your tips and then, in the case of perceiving that your method is working, I will return to share my updates.

I also found it very interesting what you mentioned about feeling that, in your opinion, the subjects we didn't solve sometimes surface at the same time of the year/moon. I coincidentally have been perceiving a bit of this happening within myself as well, though in my case I perceive more the thing of things returning in the same parts of the years and not so much the moon influence.

By the way, not a long time ago I read an interpretation that the four seasons could influence us, with its own energies, and... even though I was well aware that it was just an interpretation, I found it so incredibly wonderful at that time. In a way it was as if I felt a sense of connection, meaning that maybe the sense I had that things were coming at the surface at certain times was just the natural flow of things. :) Here is a link about it: Some people interpret that even the day has the energies of the four seasons of the year. So the morning, for example, would carry the energies of the spring, the afternoon would carry the energies of the summer, the late afternoon/early hours of the evening would represents the fall, and the late night, the winter.

Title: Re: Moon's dreams journal and Pluto in the 12th
Post by: Helena on Oct 24, 2019, 02:27 AM
Hi Julia,

Really nice link you sent. I do agree with that. Changing of seasons correlates with the 4 quadrants in the chart and the cardinal grand cross. Turning points as natural flow is a really good thing to have present and integrate in our lives  :-)
I should probably have added in the context of Iñaki's initial question, Pisces/12th, that my natal sun/mercury is in pisces in the 6th and pluto is progressed in my 12th house. Since uranus ruling my 6th house usually disrupts any natural consistent habits i may have, journaling is a very good grounding practice. I believe journaling would be a 3rd/gemini, virgo/6th (?) also due to the 6th correlating with routine, ritual, habit and self-improvement. And about dreams it will bring all the mutable grand cross of pisces and sagittarius/intuition.
Another conclusion i draw with time from my journaling practice relative to the 6th house is bringing a peaceful approach to life, like you say flowing and sense of connection specially relative to make peace and live with acceptance, seeing life as a learning experience instead of beating ourselves for every perceived need of improvement, we also have our time and life is just life we can enjoy ;-)
Relative to guidance and intuition, registering something from the depths of our unconscious or intuitive knowing in the context of the moon also grounds and gives 'body' and reality to something more out there.

Title: Re: Moon's dreams journal and Pluto in the 12th
Post by: Sunya on Oct 24, 2019, 07:26 PM
Thanks for sharing Helena and Julia.

I was just reading about traditional Chinese medicine the same thing you comment on the seasons. There is some natural wisdom from the forests that is being lost wherever capitalism touch. It disappeared in the west and you can see also how is disappearing also in the east. Shall we like vesta keep the flame of wisdom alive!!!

About the moon jornals i will share my experience with the method.

1. Start with the new moon in the context of your natal, like a spoiler of what is going to happen.
2. Every day write your dreams and correlate it to one of the 28 aspects ea talks about. 28 days 28 aspects.
3. Correlate also which house and sign is the moon visiting of your natal chart, and the aspects, planets and so. Make a transit chart for every dream. If you find that every time that the moon visit an specific house the same, or related dream repeated.... Oh my goodness you have find gold!!!
4. Correlate it also with the dream you got when the moon was in the opposite site.

Some tips about remembering dreams:
1.before sleeping make a determination to remember the dream.
2. When you wake up in the bed. Wait 5 minutes. Don't take the phone don't go to the toilet. Keep the last image of your dream, and ask yourself, what was before that, and before before that, and before before before that's. See how far can you move. And then wake up and write it. If you don't do that probably you will forget most of the dreams and only some dreams that make strong emotional impact will remain in memory. But doing this you will remember all the dreams every time more and more.
3. Reading something about lucid dreams will help.

Some insights I got.

1 you don't need Netflix!  Every dream is like a chapter of a prime show, and every new moon cycle like a season of the show. You will see repeated, topics, characters, locations, evolving Dynamics, when you start to connect dots from one dream to another, you start to see the full show.
2. I find that with this work of making the unconscious conscious, and bringing the mindfulness of the aspects, cycles that born and die, some of the dreams I was stuck into many many months, finally vanished, and it seems they didn't come back. Is very helpful to keep mindfulness and remember you every day the process that finish in let go by correlating to the 28aspects cycle, it seems conscious and unconscious start work together.
3. For this I ask for help!!!

It seems to me that if every newmoon cycle (sun moon cycle and aspects) is a season of the show. All this seasons must be integrated in the full show of the year. The solar return chart (natal and transit sun cycle) in the same way.  But I don't know how to put in one chart, the natal, the solar, and the transits!!
 I'm considering that maybe te way is to make a sinastry of natal and solar, and then draw every day the aspects into it. But wow is like tooo many dimensions, complicate in a way, because we will have now a moon traveling into two houses (natal and solar) making aspects to 3 different Saturn's (the natal, the solar and the transit one)
So I decide it to do it maybe later, after being skillfull with the natal dimension add the solar dimension.

But anyway I would like to ask Rad, Kristin, Deva or other teacher if this technique of making sinastry of natal and solar and then draw the transits it's technically right.

With love

Title: Re: Moon's dreams journal and Pluto in the 12th
Post by: Helena on Oct 25, 2019, 02:31 AM
Hi Iñaki,

Really interesting, didn't knew about the correlation between number of aspects and moon cycle being the same. Makes all sense.
Yes, maybe Rad or someone can clarify what you ask.
For me they are all related to the same baseline of the natal chart and themes. At some point it's about intuitively connecting all the dots together and for that the moon is of great help, as well as dreams. They will point to where we should intuitively look for and like a detective then look at maps and charts, because we will have a focus point. I tendo to have a messier 'method' for journaling ;-) where journaling is just a place of grouping things in a way that could start to make sense as a whole because we tend to forget, but for instance i only pay attention to dreams that somehow 'catch' my attention, those sometimes even force us to awake so that we remember, we just know. And not only dreams, daily life, nature, all have funny ways to deliver some messages worth taking notice to the overall cycle. Maybe, if we see new moons and full moons carrying special transitional energies from pisces to aries and full moons to libra/aries coming from that pisces/virgo. Transitions are felt as special points in time where we're asked to dare letting go and plant the seeds which then could lead to less crisis and more balance. But as humans transitions are not exactly easy, moons come call our attention.

Anyways just some thoughts and really nice to know this interesting facts,

Title: Re: Moon's dreams journal and Pluto in the 12th
Post by: Rad on Oct 25, 2019, 05:33 AM
Hi Sunya,

"But anyway I would like to ask Rad, Kristin, Deva or other teacher if this technique of making sinastry of natal and solar and then draw the transits it's technically right.


Technically it seems way to complicated to me. But that is just my opinion. If you find is useful, or has some potential, then just keep working with it on your own. To me the more technically useful tool would be the transits to the natal relative to the dream cycle.

God Bless, Rad

Title: Re: Moon's dreams journal and Pluto in the 12th
Post by: Sunya on Oct 25, 2019, 06:17 AM
Thank you Rad and Helena!