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Title: Ways of learning
Post by: Rick on Feb 08, 2010, 03:17 PM
Hi guys,
I have a question about methods of learning and going about trying to take all of the components and putting them together into a personal story within a chart.  I have had some helpful feedback from Deva, but need some ideas.  I am also wondering if some of my transits will help me with this.
My main problem is weaving the archetypes into a flowing story.  If someone asks me a specific question, I can usually pull it out of the chart and spaek to them regarding that particualr topic.  However, when I am trying to write out the entire chart I get stuck.  I fell like I have a tremendous understanding of the archetypes etc.  I have even made myself comprehensive lists of each archetype within planet/sign/ house etc and filled notebooks with notes and charts and all that.  But, when I sit down to a chart with the intention of going thru the Pluto method of interpretation it is like I go blank.  I can put a couple of archetypes together, but then it get all jumbled.
Here are a couple key points from my chart.  I have SN in Gemini, and NN inn Sag............I feel like i am lacking the intuition to put it all together.  I have the facts down, but cant intuit a personalized story for the chart.  I am trying to use the method Jeffery suggests which is writing a paragraph for each piece, but it ends up being disjointed, and then the aspects really just screw me up.  I understand how the components tie together, such as Polarity point being your intentions, NN is how you actualize those intentions, and planetary ruler shows even more in depth how the NN is carried out and the aspects all personalize it even more. Why cant I translate the archetypes into that?
Secondly, everyone has Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, with Neptune not far off.  Well this is all in my 3rd house with Neptune almost there. Will that affect or possibly help the way I learn? 
Any ides on approach or things to do to get in touch with my intuition?
thanks for your time

Title: Re: Ways of learning
Post by: Rad on Feb 11, 2010, 11:59 AM
Hi Rick,

 I would appear that you are getting lost in 'parts' of the Soul's story instead seeing the whole story at once: inductive to deductive logic. The transits in Pisces in your 3rd are trying to get your Soul to do just that.

  I would suggest too that you join our group for the practice charts thread. This may be very helpful for you.


Title: Re: Ways of learning
Post by: Stacie on Feb 11, 2010, 02:56 PM
Hi Rick,

In addition to what Rad said here are a couple of things I would suggest.  First, are you combining both the house method and the method of planetary interpretation?  If you’re not already doing both, that is something I would incorporate.  From each method you will have specific information about all of the relevant points in the chart.  What you then want to do is examine all the information you’ve gathered through those methods, looking specifically for REPEATING THEMES.  It is through focusing on the repeating themes in any chart that the story reflected in that chart will begin to reveal itself.  It is here that the transition from deductive logic to inductive understanding will occur.  The more regularly you put this exercise into practice, the more quickly this shift will occur until it eventually becomes automatic.  It is not a development you want to rush.  It is important to allow this happen in its own natural time, because your deductive efforts will serve as your long term foundation.  Once the inductive orientation becomes relatively automatic, the foundation established through the deductive development will make a real difference in the accuracy of the inductive information that comes to you in terms of the big picture you will see.   Think of it this way.  Inductive knowledge is as easy to misinterpret as it is to mix up facts and data.  If you get your facts solid in the beginning, the information that will be supplied to your intuition from that point on will be grounded and will have solid integrity, which of course will minimize errors in grasping the chart in total.  The other thing to do is be aware of any expectations you may have toward your own process.  True EA work is guided by Spirit.  If your intent is to understand the soul as deeply as you can such that you can offer the messages they are ready and needing to hear, those messages will be made known to you from within.  This is a timeless phenomenon.  The understanding you are meant to have with any given chart will come to you at the moment it is needed, and that is something that is best embraced by trust in the inner teacher.  I totally agree with Rad that that the practice thread is likely to be of great benefit to you. 


Title: Re: Ways of learning
Post by: Rick on Feb 12, 2010, 09:57 AM
Thankyou Stacie,
That makes me feel better. I think I am rushing it, expecting it to just magically click.  I know this is what i am meant to do.  I have been practicing on family charts etc and been able to pull some really good stuff out, I will continue to practice and know i am on the right path in the right time.  I will check out the practice charts as well, and try to jump in there.  Thanks for the feedback!
Thanks to Rad as well.