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Title: Second State Spiritual
Post by: Rose Marcus on Apr 09, 2010, 07:03 PM
Greetings all,
I was asked to write the following and thought to share it here...blessings to all, Rose

Crisis as a Vehicle for Growth:

The evolutionary path back to the source is one of exhausting all separating desires. It is the same for both guru and devotee. Even though a soul advances to guru status, that soul can have separating desires that prevent true merging with the source. It must be remembered that even a guru is in the process of evolving.

As a soul draws closer to the light, the more magnified the remaining impurities and ego attachments become. For some souls who have reached this advanced state of merging, spiritual euphoria can translate into spiritual delusions of grandeur. A guru evolving at this midpoint in the spiritual journey can be one who’s teachings attract many, but who’s private life conflicts and contradicts, rather than reflects, their teachings. While the devotee can experience great disillusionment through the guru, it is imperative for the devotee to separate the individual from their teachings, and to continue to extract and validate the truth of the teachings for self. The guru is but a channel, vehicle or vessel, but they themselves are not the message. It is for the devotee to cup the teachings with the action of their own hands in order to quench spiritual thirst.

The guru’s life is intertwined with those they serve, but the projections and expectations placed on the guru by the devotee are typically ones that are based in the conditionings of consciousness that have been groomed to ascribe to a hierarchal understanding of life and creation. It must be remembered that devotee and guru alike are equally divine creations and equal contributors/creators to the divine/master plan.

All that is created is necessary to evolution. Our understanding of perfection has been largely manufactured by the conditionings of consciousness over time. In fact, God is an evolving force, and as such is also imperfect. The imperfect guru is a reflection of God seeking to expand its own divine consciousness. The guru that experiences the crisis of magnified personal exposure has reached a critical turning point and it is one that must be confronted in order for evolution to proceed. The guru’s fall from grace, and the devotee’s crisis of faith are both necessary to their individualized evolutionary growth.  Both have chosen to create in this manner in order to realign consciousness and to accelerate the evolutionary pace.

The devotee that experiences disillusionment in the guru is learning another lesson in disengaging from personifying god in the human experience. Disillusionment, as painful as it is, and the loss of innocence that accompanies disillusionment, will ultimately serve as a catalyst to realign the devotee with the truth that is God. The guru’s fall from grace and the devotee’s crisis of disillusionment serves to cut the spiritual umbilical cord of co-dependency that is created between guru and devotee. It is a necessary severing in order to clear the pathway to unification with universal source/god.
Light reveals shadow; shadow no longer exists when one stands bathed in the true center of light.

Both guru and devotee are learning necessary lessons of discernment and detachment from the phenomenal realm of illusion, which includes the need to purge the philosophy of (spiritual) masochism – in other words, the acceptance of pain, punishment, and suffering, as the prelude to enlightenment.

Choosing to live in crisis consciousness – in other words, utilizing crisis as a vehicle for growth – can serve to create an accelerated pathway to God, but it is but one of the roads to travel.

Title: Re: Second State Spiritual
Post by: ari moshe on Apr 09, 2010, 07:28 PM
Inspiring. Thank you for sharing that Rose.

Title: Re: Second State Spiritual
Post by: Dhyana on Apr 11, 2010, 03:54 PM
Would you elaborate more on the part where you said "accelerated pathway" --

..that is echoing for me???

Thank you

Title: Re: Second State Spiritual
Post by: Dhyana on Apr 11, 2010, 04:15 PM
..and Rose,  Wth the dynamic of Virgo/Pisces u speak of, could one, who is on an earnest authentic spiritual course, have unconsciously created a sick body because somewhere they bought into the idea of this and took it out on the body?  I ask this bc I am sensing that is what I have done. (Pluto in Virgo H7, Moon & Jupiter Rx in H6 Leo,Saturn in Pisces H1, Aquarius Ascendant) If you would like to check my chart my birth data is Dec. 2 1966 12 10 PM  Buffalo NY

Thanks Rose -- i began to tear as i wrote this and i am not even sure how to say why?


Title: Re: Second State Spiritual
Post by: Louie on Apr 11, 2010, 07:01 PM

     You have had Neptune rumbling around your Ascendant over the last year.......the Ascendant would represent your physical body and Neptune on or around this degree could definitely manifest as some sort of physical debilitation or at the very least maybe an energy drain. Having Neptune transit the first house would definitely bring the spiritual side to the fore in a very personal manner. I still would be interested in what Rose has to say in response to your original question though ;)


Title: Re: Second State Spiritual
Post by: Louie on Apr 11, 2010, 07:15 PM

     You also have Saturn rolling over your Mars which could also be a source of energy drain. Transiting Mars is also conjunct natal moon which rules your 6th house. Seems to be a lot of potential health related activity as far as the transits go. I hope you didnt mind me looking but throwing birth date info out there with me is like throwing a dog a bone! I hope you feel better soon..........


Title: Re: Second State Spiritual
Post by: Dhyana on Apr 11, 2010, 11:28 PM
Your so funny!  Of course I dont mind-- I need as much support right now as I can get. I actually laughed right out loud when I read that "like giving a dog a bone" (bc i know just what u mean LOL). In fact, I'm still chuckling a little right now as I am typing.

 So yea! ---Please, keep going! -- if you can tell me anymore, I would be so grateful because this illness thing has been with me since I was a child -- When Pluto moved into Sag around 1994, everything got worse physically ( yet the most profound time of awakening --so I am very grateful for the illness too)! And then on and off --and now, whoa! I don't know what is going on!

I have a lot of issues with my head and cognitive issues too. I have also had head injuries, one of the most serious, when I was around 20 maybe, and I fell down a flight of stairs, broke my 3 front teeth --had major trauma from that in more than the teeth.. Over the years my jaw, face and neck have really sufferred and now it has creeped into my back and towards the pectoral muscles.  I also have chronic bronchitis. COPD beginiing stages, and --Well, the list goes on...
Sometimes I wonder if I am on my way out? My children are young, so I don't feel I am quite ready yet though. -- this wouldnt be the first time I felt I was dying and then didnt.    Hmmm?
Saturn is moving in and out of my 8th in Libra (being with mortality), then back to Virgo in the 7th, if I am accurate with my transits.  And Uranus is shaking things up too.

Well, thanks Louie...


Title: Re: Second State Spiritual
Post by: Dhyana on Apr 11, 2010, 11:29 PM
And I too hope to hear from Rose.

Love, Love, Love,

Title: Re: Second State Spiritual
Post by: Rose Marcus on Apr 13, 2010, 10:07 AM
Hi Dhyana,

Accelerated evolution occurs when energy reaches a critical Mass or peak momentum, which for many is more readily facilitated through the crisis or the cataclysmic experience. Anytime you have an intensification of experience, you are in state of accelerated evolution.

One of the key dilemmas of those in a spiritual state is to reconcile with the past patriarchal conditioning which has promoted the concept of flesh as antagonistic to spirit,
so, yes, of course the subjective consciousness could literalize this by creating body vulnerability and dis-ease. (Ascendant in Aquarius can be a signature for body trauma memories brought forward and you have had recent activating transits over this Ascendant.) That my writing about the devotee/guru relationship struck an emotional cord for you in the way you described alludes to a ready recall (first house Chiron; Saturn/Uranus opp) of unresolved grief and trauma based past life experiences of projected beliefs and aspirations, and reflected in your intake of messages, teachings, teachers and experiences of the past that have proved undermining, manipulating, and betraying. These dark histories have likely denied you cherished opportunity and caused significant disappointment, shock, and loss (Pisces/Virgo oppositions.) Note your south node in Scorpio in the 9th, relative to Pluto in the socially indoctrinated 7th house. Note Venus, ruler of the north node, in Sag in the 10th. You are in the process of expanding your awareness, transforming your past conceptual intakes/understandings, shifting the fixity of the nodal content, and reconciling with self and your relationships ( to self, to others, to god) and healing those past life traumas, etc. This work is all consuming, Chiron in Pisces is stationing retrograde, suggesting a full immersion program is what you have instinctively chosen as a way to bring your consciousness to the present and to transcend yourself/your past. Your work is to work within your limits but to push past your own limitations, to create effectiveness as you can, how you can, and to stay the course/stay true to heart. (Keep letting go, keep opening up. Transform the statement of “no way out” to ”always a way out when one seeks through god”.) Through transit activation, your 7/1 houses/Virgo/Pisces oppositions will ignite extreme cycles of challenge, these are your breakthrough opportunity moments (Sat/Uranus opposition.)

Title: Re: Second State Spiritual
Post by: Dhyana on Apr 18, 2010, 11:53 PM
Thank you very much Rose for following up with my question. I would have responded sooner but I wanted to take my time in responding to you, so I was waiting for a slot of time which was longer than usual so that I may take great care in my responding. As things have been going though, looks like I am not going to get that lengthy slot of time I was hoping for, at least not this week (lol).

So I decided to at least let you know how much I appreciate your responding-- and also, a warm heart and truly appreciative "THANK YOU, DEAR ROSE!"

I am still reflecting on your very enlightening  and supportive words to me, and I hope to post in regards to them, sooner rather than later.

I will write more soon...

Lovingly and in Gratitude,

Title: Re: Second State Spiritual
Post by: Dhyana on Apr 26, 2010, 01:21 AM

Hello Again,  thank you from my heart for your response.

 These last couple weeks have been so intensely liberating, and YOU are a big part of that, as are all these wonderful souls here on this board and in this life.

I thought I was going to write you a different kind of response here -- but what I sense now is that what I shared below in this link, can tell you much more about the impact of your sharing, and those others I mentioned.

FUNNY,  my body feels better than it has in a while.

So in that, here is the link.


Love, Dhyana,91.msg2697.html#new