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Post by: Rad on Mar 30, 2009, 12:12 PM
Several of you have been asking about the three sub-stages relative to each of the four natural evolutionary stages of the Soul's development. This information is actually posted on the main EA website under the tag of the Essence Of Evolutionary Astrology. So I am going to copy and paste that here for those that are needing this information.  I will post it for each stage because of the word limits on this board. Rad


(1) the ‘Dimly Evolved’ state. Roughly three to four percent of all Souls are in what I have previously called the ‘dimly evolved’ state. This means one of two things. Either Souls that are evolving into human consciousness from other forms of life such as animals and plants. Or Souls that are ‘de-evolving’ backwards into this condition due to ‘karmic’ causes.

(2) the ‘Consensus’ state. Souls that have evolved into what can be called the ‘consensus’ state of evolution, which comprises roughly seventy percent of all Souls on the planet at this time.

(3) the ‘Individuated’ state of evolution, where individuated is used in the Jungian sense of the word. This comprises roughly twenty percent of all Souls and

(4) the ‘Spiritual’ state of evolution that comprises roughly four to six percent of all Soul’s on the planet.

It is extremely important to understand no astrologer can determine which evolutionary condition exists for any Soul by simply looking at the birth chart alone. The astrologer must observe and interact with the client in order for this determination to be made.

A good way to do this in a counseling situation where a client has come to the astrologer is to simply ask the client why there are there, and what questions do they have. Generally, the very nature of the questions that the client has will clue the astrologer as to what evolutionary condition exists for that client. For example, if one client asks ‘when can I expect enlightenment’, and another asks ‘when will I have my new BMW”, there clearly is an observed difference reflecting the level of evolutionary progression of the Soul.

(1) The Dimly Evolved State: Souls that are evolving into human consciousness from other forms of life, typically animal and plant (animals and plants essentially have the same ‘emotional’ and ‘nervous’ systems as humans) are characterized by a very limited sense of self-awareness. This self-awareness is typically limited to the time and space that they personally occupy. When one looks into such Souls eyes they typically express a ‘density’ within the pupils, like a film effect within the pupils. These Souls are typically very joyous; very, very innocent; and can bring great love to those who are close to them. Modern terminology that reflects these types of Souls are words like critinism, very low i.q.’s, mongoloidism, metal retardation, and the like.

The root desire within this evolutionary stage or state is the desire to be ‘normal’, where normal means to be like most other people: the consensus state.

Conversely, it can occur, due to ‘karmic’ causes, that Souls can be de-evolved; which means that such Souls are forced back into this state. This then becomes very problematic for such Souls, because they had previously evolved beyond this stage. Thus, such Soul now experience great and humiliating ‘limitations’ because of the de-evolution. As a result, these Souls are very, very angry, and some can go about creating great disturbances for other people. These souls can also be ‘classified’ through the modern terminology as above. But the great difference is that when one looks into the pupil of these Souls’ eyes, one will notice a great while light manifesting from the pupil: piercing like. And within that light one will inwardly experience the intense anger within such a Soul.

5) The Consensus State

Astrologically speaking, this state correlates to Saturn, because of the underlying desire to conform to the consensus of any society, culture, tribe or country. Thus such Souls entire orientation to reality, including their values, the sense of meaning for life, moralities, customs, norms, taboos, what is right and wrong, and so on, are simply an extension of the prevailing consensus of whatever society they are born into.

In essence ‘reality’ for such Souls is merely an extension of the external conditioning that any consensus group of people provides. They can not step out of the box, so to speak. For example if a scientist claims that ‘astrology is bogus’, then all those within the consensus state will have the same opinion.

Within the consensus state, like all the other states, there are three subdivisions that we must account for, where each subdivision reflects the ongoing evolution of a Soul through the entire evolutionary state, which then leads to the next evolutionary state with its three subdivisions, until the final ‘liberation’ of a Soul occurs, relative to exhaustion of all separating desires, ultimately reflected in the third subdivision of the Spiritual State of evolution.

The way that evolution occurs through each state is by exhausting all the desires that are intrinsic to the nature of that evolutionary state or condition.

Within the consensus state, the root desire that propels the evolution of the Soul forward, from the first subdivision through the third, is characterized by the desire to ‘get ahead’; to get ahead of the ’system’, which of course means the consensus society that they belong to.

a) Souls within the first subdivision of the consensus state are characterized by a limited sense of self-awareness, essentially limited to the time and space that they occupy; a limited awareness of the dynamics of the community that they inhabit; an even more limited awareness of the dynamics of the country that they live within. And yet they are incredibly self-righteous relative to the values, moralities, consensus religion of the existing society of birth, how life is ‘interpreted’ according to those beliefs, the judgments issued because of those beliefs, and so on.

There simply is no ability to separate themselves from any of this. It is as if they are like social automatons. An apt analogy for these Souls is the worker bees in a bee hive. Typically, they are in the lowest social strata of the society of birth.

b) As evolution proceeds for these Souls, relative to the desire to ‘get ahead’, it will lead them into the second subdivision of the consensus state, because that root desire means that they will want more from society than simply remaining in its lower strata. These Souls of course perceive from the point of view of the lower strata that there are others who have more than they have.

This perception is more or less limited to others having more possessions of a grander nature than they have, social positions within society that they do not have, thus more social ‘freedom’ than they have, and so on. Yet that limited perception fuels the root desire to get ahead and have more. In order for this desire to be realized they must learn ever more how society and its dynamics work. It requires an expansion of their personal awareness for this learning to take place. It is the very fact of the evolutionary necessity to expand their awareness that propels the evolution of the Soul into the second consensus state subdivision.

There it becomes necessary for the Soul to learn ever more about the nature of society, to use the social system to its own evolutionary advantage - to get ahead. The ‘reality’ for such Souls is still totally defined by the consensus of society: its values, moralities, religions, judgments, right and wrongs, and so on. Yet by desiring to get ahead, the Soul must expand its personal awareness of the nature of the dynamics of how the society it is a part of is put together: its rules, regulations, what is required for this or that ambition to be actualized, and so on.

The Soul thus becomes ever more aware of ‘others’, of the community that it is part of, and the country that it lives within. This expanding awareness also includes the beginning of becoming aware of other countries and the differences in values, moralities, religions, and so on, as reflected in other countries and societies. Thus personal awareness - self-awareness - expands, because of the heightened awareness of ‘others’ relative to the Soul’s desire to get ahead. This evolutionary stage correlates to the ‘middle strata’ within the social order of any given society.

c) As the Soul evolves through this state it increasingly becomes aware of the upper strata of society, of those that are in positions of power and leadership, of those that have great material abundance, and, as result, the desire to get ahead fuels the ongoing evolution of the Soul into the third subdivision within the consensus state.

For the Soul to evolve into the third subdivision within the consensus state, an ever increasing awareness of how society ‘works’ in total is demanded. Because of this, personal awareness expands through evolutionary necessity, in order for the Soul’s desires (defined by ambitions to get ahead) to be realized.

The Soul’s personal awareness has now expanded to the point that it is now very aware of the totality of the community and society that it belongs to, and of the country that it lives within. This also includes a progressive awareness of other countries, other cultures, and of the relativity of moralities, values, religions, and so on, as reflected in other countries and cultures.

Even though this awareness progressively expands, it does not mean the Soul in this third subdivision considers other countries, values, beliefs, and religions equal to its own society and country of birth. In fact, within this third subdivision, the self-righteousness born out of conformity (the underlying hallmark of the consensus state in total) is sustained: we are right, and they are wrong. In total the consensus state correlates to what is called ‘nationalism’.

In this final subdivision within the consensus state the Soul desires to be ‘on top’ of society; to have positions of social importance and relative power, prestige, and material abundance - the politicians, CEO’s of corporations, important positions in the business world, mainstream religious leaders, and so on. As a result, these Souls constitute the ‘upper strata’ of society.

As the Soul evolves through this last subdivision it will finally exhaust all the desires that are inherent within the consensus state. As a result, the meaning to life itself will be progressively be lost as those desires no longer hold any meaning. At the very end of the journey through this state the Soul will finally ask the question ‘there must be more to life than this’.

This very question implies an awakening alienation from the consensus, from ‘normal’ life as defined by the consensus. It is this awakening alienation from normalcy as defined by the consensus of any society that now triggers the beginning of a new desire that will propel the Soul into the Individuated Evolutionary State: the desire to liberate from all external conditioning that has previously defined the Soul’s sense of reality in general, and its sense of personal identity, or individuality, specifically.

Post by: Rad on Mar 30, 2009, 12:16 PM
6) The Individuated State

Astrologically speaking, the individuated state correlates to Uranus, because the Soul now desires to liberate or rebel against the consensus state from which it is now evolving away from. Instead of the Soul being defined by the consensus to shape its sense of reality in general, and its personal identity specifically, the Soul now desires to discover who and what it is, independent of such conditioning.

Earlier is was stated that if a Soul were in the consensus state and the scientist said ‘astrology is bogus’, this would then be the automatic belief of those Souls who are within the consensus state. If that same scientist said this to a Soul within the individuated state, the response would be something like ‘no thank you, I will think for myself’.

Souls in this evolutionary state inwardly feel ‘different’: different than the majority of the society and country of birth. Because of the desire to liberate from the consensus, the awareness of Souls in this state progressively expands to include ever larger wholes, or frames of reference.

This expansion of awareness begins because the Soul no longer can identify with the consensus of the society of birth. As a result the Soul now feels a progressive detachment from society: like standing on the outside and looking in. This then allows the Soul to ‘objectify’ itself, relative to personal awareness and self-perception. Rebelling against consensus beliefs, values, moralities, what constitutes ‘meaning’ for life itself, and so on, the Soul now begins to question the assumptions that most people hold dear to their heart that correlate to what ‘reality’ is and is not.

As a result, this Soul now begins to ‘experiment’, by investigating other ways of looking at and understanding the nature of life itself. This is a reflection of the independent thinking that characterizes this evolutionary state. And it is through this independent thinking and investigating all kinds of different ways of understanding life, including ideas, beliefs, and philosophies from other lands and cultures, that allows for an ever-increasing expansion of their consciousness, and thus, their sense of personal awareness. As a result of this such Souls no longer feel at ‘home’ in their own land, in their country of birth.

a) In the first subdivision of the individuated state, the Soul will typically try to ‘compensate’ for this inner feeling of being different, of not belonging to the consensus, and the inner sense of alienation, by trying to appear normal. This compensation then causes the Soul to structure their outer reality much as Souls do in the consensus state: normal kinds of work, normal kinds of friends, normal appearance, and so on.

Yet inwardly they feel and know that they can no longer personally identify with that compensatory reality that they attempt to sustain. This compensation manifests in this subdivision because, after all, the consensus is where the Soul has just been. Thus it constitutes a sense of security, relative to the inner feeling of being detached and different. We must remember that for most people, the sense of security in life is a function of constancy, self-consistency. And self-consistency is a function of the past. As a result, the compensation manifests as a reaction to this increasingly new feeling of being different, of not belonging anymore to the consensus. This feeling creates a sense of insecurity in this first subdivision because is it brand new. The Soul has not been here before. Yet this act of compensation creates a very real state of ‘living a lie’.

Even as this compensatory behavior occurs, the Soul will nonetheless be questioning everything, deep within themselves, in the privacy of their inner life. Typically they will read all kinds of books that contain ideas that go way beyond the ‘norm’ as it is defined by the consensus. Many, depending on cultural possibilities, will take classes or workshops that have these themes or intentions. Some will seek out ‘alternative’ environments to find and bond with others of like mind - others who feel as they do.

This compensatory behavior will progressively give way, involute, as the Soul evolves further in this subdivision. The Soul will progressively distance itself from the consensus and begin to form relationships with other alienated Souls just like itself. Because of the necessity of work or a job, most of these Souls will either do any kind of work just to get by, without identifying with such work in any way, or they will actualize a work that is individualistic and symbolic of their own individuality.

b) In the second subdivision of the individuated state, the underlying archetype of Uranus as it correlates to rebellion is at its highest. This rebellion is so extreme that the Soul has now ‘thrown off’ almost any idea or philosophy that has come before, at any level of reality. Such Souls end up in a kind of existential void, and typically hang out with other such alienated Souls, which has the effect of reinforcing the total state of rebellion from all of reality other than the reality they have now defined through the existential void.

These Souls will exhibit a deep fear of integrating into society in any kind of way, for the fear suggests to them that if they do, that somehow that very same society or reality will absorb their hard won (at least to them) individuality, which is defined through the act of rebellion, in this stage.

As a result, these Souls typically hang out in the avant garde of society, hurling critical atom bombs at society, so as to reinforce their sense of personal righteousness, defined by their alienation from the consensus. Because of the natural law of evolution (which is always preceded by an involution), these people at some point will realize that their fear of integrating into reality, into society, is just that: a fear only. Once this is realized, they then begin to make the effort to integrate back into society, but with their individuality intact. Once this is realized, the Soul will then evolve into the third subdivision.

c) In the third subdivision of the individuated state, the Soul will then begin to manifest within society or reality as a truly unique and gifted person, from the viewpoint of the consensus.

This means that such Souls will have in some way a unique gift, or capacity, to help the consensus itself evolve, through integrating that capacity or gift within the consensus. Yet these people will not inwardly feel identified with the consensus: they stand inwardly very distant from it. The consciousness of these Souls has progressively expanded through the individuated state in such a way that they are aware of the entire world and the relativity of beliefs, values, moralities, and so on. As a result they will feel within themselves to be ‘world citizens’ much more than being a singular citizen of the country of birth.

The inner pondering of the very nature of existence, the nature of Creation, the nature of who they ‘really’ are, essentially defines the nature of their consciousness. Progressively, these people begin to really open up their consciousness to the universal, the cosmos, to God/ess. Not the God/ess defined through consensus religions, but the real or natural God/ess. A perfect example in recent history of such a soul is Albert Einstein. Another would be Howard Hughes.

Post by: Rad on Mar 30, 2009, 12:19 PM
7) The Spiritual State

Astrologically speaking, this evolutionary state correlates to Neptune, because now the root desire becomes to consciously KNOW, not just believe in, but to know and unite with the Source Of All Things: the universal, God/ess. Because of this root desire, the consciousness now progressively expands into the universal, the cosmos, in such a way that the very nature of the interior consciousness within the Soul becomes conscious of the living universe within: the wave within the ocean, and the ocean within the wave.

Progressively, in this spiritual state of evolution, the very center of gravity within the Soul’s consciousness shifts from the subjective ego to the Soul itself. Once the center of gravity shifts to the Soul, then in the context of any given life the Soul is then able to simultaneously experience its specific individuality as reflected in the ego, while at the same time experiencing, being centered in, the Soul - the ocean that is aware of the waves that it manifests.

The Soul contains within itself all the prior life memories from every life it has ever lived. And the Soul has its own ‘identity’, or ego. This identity or ‘ego’ is not the same as the ego that the Soul creates in any given life on places like Earth. The ego of the Soul is one’s ‘eternal’ identity.

An easy way for any of us to understand this occurs when we dream. Obviously when we dream we are not identified with our subjective ego. After all we are ‘asleep’. The subjective ego has temporarily ‘dissolved’ back into the Soul when we sleep. So the question becomes ‘who and what is doing the dreaming’ ? Obviously it can only be the Soul, with its own ego that thus allows the Soul to know itself as a Soul that is eternal.

Another way to validate the same thing occurs when we sometimes wake up from sleeping and can not immediately ‘remember’ who we are: the current subjective ego, the “I”, of this life. It takes some effort to actually remember the subjective I when this occurs. So, again, the question becomes ‘who and what must make the effort to remember the subjective “I” of the current life ? Obviously it can only be our Soul.

So, again, as evolution proceeds in this spiritual state, there is a progressive shift in the center of gravity within the Soul’s consciousness. When this shift firmly takes hold then the Soul, in any given life, is simultaneously experiencing its eternal ’self’ or ego, while at the same time experiencing the subjective ego, and the individuality attendant to it, that it has created for its own ongoing evolutionary reasons and intentions.

This is very similar to when we stand at the beach when the Sun goes down and at that moment when the Sun is equally half above and below the horizon. In this state of consciousness, the Soul is aware from within itself of all the prior lives that it has lived, and at the same time aware of the specific life, ego, that it is currently living.

Progressively, as evolution proceeds in the spiritual state of evolution, the Soul also becomes consciously aware of the Source Of All Things. This occurs as the consciousness of the Soul becomes truly universal: the inner experience of the entire universe within one’s own consciousness. This state of ‘cosmic consciousness’ allows one to actually experience the very point of the manifested Creation itself: the interface between the unmanifested and the manifested. As this occurs, the Soul then also becomes aware of all the natural laws that govern and correlate to the very nature of Creation itself.

In the most advanced states of evolution, the Soul, now being completely identified with these natural laws of Creation, is then able to harmonize with those laws in such a way as to use those laws at will in conjunction with the Will Of All Things: that which is the very origin of those natural laws.

a) In the first subdivision in the Spiritual State, the Soul progressively becomes aware of just how ’small’ it is, because of the increasing universal dimensions that are occurring within its consciousness. This is vastly different than being the center of one’s own universe, as reflected in the consensus state for example. Of itself, this has a naturally humbling effect on the Soul, and thus the current subjective ego, Moon, that it has created. It is exactly this naturally humbling archetype that progressively allows the center of gravity to shift within the Soul’s consciousness from the subjective ego to the Soul itself, and ultimately to a conscious union with the Source Of All Things.

As a result, the Soul desires to progressively commit itself to the desire to reunite with the Source. As this occurs, the Soul will progressively commit itself to devotional types of spiritual practice in this subdivision. Within this, the Soul desires to commit itself to various forms of work that all correlate to being of service to the larger whole, of service to others in some way.

Many will naturally want to orient to various forms of the healing arts or to start ‘centers’ in which the healing arts in some way are the focus. The core issue here is that the Soul desires to do a work on behalf of the Source Of All Things, and to use the work as a vehicle through which The Source can be inwardly experienced because of the nature of the work. In the East this is called Karma Yoga.

In this first subdivision, the Soul becomes progressively aware of all that it needs to improve upon within itself. A heightened state of awareness occurs that makes the Soul aware of all its imperfections and, as a result, the Soul can now become highly self-critical. Even though this is natural, it also creates a potential danger or trap to the Soul in that this heightened state of critical self-awareness can cause the Soul to not feel ‘good enough’ or ‘ready’ to do the task, or work, that it is being inwardly directed to do.

This then sets in motion all kinds of excuse making, always manifesting as perfectly rational arguments, of why the Soul will not do what it should do when it should do it. The way out of this trap is to realize that the path to ‘perfection’ occurs by taking one step at a time.

As evolution progresses through this first subdivision, the Soul will increasingly have direct perception of the ’single eye’, or the third eye, which is inherent to consciousness. As a result, this perception allows the Soul to merge with that single eye in such a way that various types and states of cosmic consciousness will occur, which will lead into the second subdivision within the spiritual state.

b) the second subdivision of the Spiritual state: As the Soul evolves into this subdivision it has already had various kinds of inner cosmic or universal kinds of experiences within its consciousness. Yet in this state the final shift in the center of gravity within consciousness from the subjective ego to the Soul itself has yet to occur. In this state the shift manifests more like a rubber band, wherein the gravity point keeps going back and forth from the subjective ego to the Soul.

The problem that this generates is that the progressive inner experiences within consciousness of the universal, the cosmic, of the Source fuels the subjective ego in such a way that the Soul feels more evolved than it actually is. This can then set in motion in varying degrees of intensity ’spiritual delusions of grandeur’ from an egocentric and Soul point of view. When this occurs, such Souls will then feel that they have a spiritual ‘mission’ to fulfill on behalf of others, of the world itself.

It is important to remember in trying to understand this subdivision that as the Soul gets ever closer to the Source, The Light, that whatever egocentric impurities remain within the Soul must be purged. As a result, as the Soul draws closer to re-uniting with its own Origin, these impurities will manifest thru the current life subjective ego that the Soul’s own ego contains.

These impurities can be many things, depending on the specific nature of each Soul, but all Souls in this subdivision will share one common impurity: the ‘ego’ of the Soul that is still identifying itself as somehow ’separate’ from that which has created it. This ongoing delusion is thus reflected in the subjective ego that the Soul creates.

This common impurity will then then be exhibited in specific psychological behaviors that essentially boil down to such Souls pointing the way to themselves as the vehicle of ’salvation’, or to know God/ess; while at the same time, pretending that they are not. In other words, they are extremely good salespeople that peddle God/ess as the hook, in order to have themselves revered as the way to actually know God/ess.

There is always a hidden or secret egocentric agenda within these Souls, that is masked by the overlay of whatever spiritual or religious teaching they are representing. Examples of this, in recent modern history, would be Bagawan Rajneesh (Osho), Claire Prophet, ZZ Knight (Ramtha), Da Free John, Rasputin, and the like.

As the Soul evolves through this subdivision, it finally realizes the nature of this root impurity. As a result, it experiences a ‘natural’ guilt. This guilt is then used by the Soul to create its own downfall, in order to ‘atone’ for that guilt. The downfall can occur in many different ways, depending on the specific nature of the circumstantial life that the Soul has generated. This downfall, caused by guilt and the need to atone for that guilt, thus serves as the final evolutionary development that allows the Soul to evolve into the third subdivision within the spiritual state.

c) the third subdivision within the Spiritual state: In the final subdivision within the spiritual state the Soul is now finally and firmly identified with that which has created it: The Source Of All Things. The center of gravity within consciousness has finally centered within the Soul, not on the subjective ego created by the Soul.

At this point in the evolution of the Soul, all subsequent evolution through this final subdivision will be focused on the elimination of any separating desires that the Soul still has. Because of this final shift within consciousness to the Soul itself, the Soul is inwardly attuned to the Source Of All Things in such a way that it perceives itself as but a singular manifestation of the Source. Simultaneously, the Soul perceives all others, all of Creation, as manifestations of that Source.

Thus the Soul’s inner and outer responses to life itself, how life is understood and interpreted, how it comes to understand the nature of the life it is currently living, how it understands the purpose for the current life, and how it comes to make decisions relative to the life being lived, are all based on this inner attunement and alignment with that which has Created it.

As evolution begins in this final subdivision the Soul inwardly feels and knows that it is here to serve The Source in some way. It knows that it can not just live for itself. It knows that it has some kind of work to do on behalf of the Source. The consciousness of the Soul at this point is entirely structured to give to others, and to give purely without any ulterior agenda or motive involved. The nature of the work will always involve the theme of teaching or healing in some way.

Because the Soul is now consciously identified with the Source, the very nature of the Souls own vibration radiates in such a way that many others are drawn to it like a magnet. Many other Souls are drawn magnetically to these Souls, because they also reflect and radiate a fundamental wisdom of life, of a deep compassion at the ‘human condition’. This occurs because, after all, these Souls have traveled a very long evolutionary journey, which has taken them through almost every kind of life experience imaginable.

Such Souls are naturally very unassuming, naturally humble, and have no desire whatsoever for any kind of acclaim to their ego. Quite the opposite: they shy away from such things and always remind anyone who tries to give them acclaim of any kind for that which they do, that all things come from God, or the Source. They only point the way ‘Home’, and never to themselves.

Conversely, these Souls can also attract to themselves others who project onto them all manner of judgments, projection of motives, intentions, of ‘who they really are’, and wholesale persecution. The reason this occurs is because the very nature of these Souls is fundamentally pure, and full of the inner Light of the Source. As a result, their own inner light has the effect of ‘exposing’ the impurities in others, of the actual reality of others, versus the persona created by others; of others actual intentions and motives for anything. Accordingly, those who do this kind of projection and so on feel threatened by these types of Souls, for they know they themselves are fundamentally dishonest, and that they are invested in having others believe in the persona they are creating to hide their actual reality/agendas. Feeling threatened thus causes these types of people to manifest this type of behavior (projections) with these Souls.

In the beginning of this third subdivision, the nature of the work that the Soul does, the number of people it is destined to help in some way through the vehicle of teaching or healing, is relatively small and limited to the immediate area of community in which they live. Progressively this evolves from a limited application to increasingly larger circles, in which the nature of the work on behalf of the Source increases.

In the end this increasing circle will include the entire world. And at the very end of evolution in this subdivision, the Soul will be remembered by countless others long after the physical life of the Soul is over - the nature of their life, and the teachings they represented. Examples of these types of Souls are ‘individuals’ like Jesus, Yogananda, Lao-Tzu, Buddha, Mohammed, Saint Teresa, and so on.

It is important to remember, again, that these are the natural evolutionary conditions that reflect the current reality of all peoples on Earth. For those who wish to use evolutionary astrology, it is essential that you make the necessary observations of any given person to determine their evolutionary state, and to then orient yourself to their natal chart accordingly. Again, one size does not fit all.

Post by: Linda on Mar 30, 2009, 06:11 PM
Does the above have copyright restrictions?

Can I use the above information - relative to my own understanding - and written briefly in my own words - to describe how souls evolve from one stage to the next - and to describe the actual states and stages?   

Can I use this information in my astrological work? 

Your quote:  It is extremely important to understand no astrologer can determine which evolutionary condition exists for any Soul by simply looking at the birth chart alone. The astrologer must observe and interact with the client in order for this determination to be made.

I suspect some people will try to correlate this process to planets, aspects and any over-emphasis in their charts to Saturn - Uranus - and Neptune. 

Obviously the process of evolution originates with the Divine.

Teachers such as Jeff Green, EA and others have made this information accessible to the public, to students and practising astrologers.

Post by: Rad on Mar 31, 2009, 09:38 AM
Hi Linda,
  This information is in fact copyrighted. Of course you are free to use this information in your own work because that is the intention of Evolutionary Astrology in the first place. You may also reference this information in your own written work as long as you specify it's origins. Rad

Post by: adina on Mar 31, 2009, 10:21 AM
I'm sure Rad meant to include that the copyright belongs to Wolf (Jeffrey), who had posted this on the former EA message board as well.  It was part of the first chapter of his intended Pluto III volume. Anyway, thanks for reposting it here, Rad! 

Post by: ari moshe on Mar 31, 2009, 01:35 PM
thanks for posting that rad that was very helpful.

Post by: Linda on Apr 02, 2009, 04:47 PM

Thank you for this information.  It will be fascinating to learn more and apply these 4 evolutionary stages and their 3 sub-stages in our practice of astrology using the EA paradigm.

Q.  Could it be possible to evolve from one stage to the other rather quickly in one lifetime? 

For example:  a girl born into a Catholic family, disconnects from the religion in early adolescence, starts searching in her 20's, thinks for herself after the Saturn Return, deeply questions and aligns herself with alternative environments and spiritual practice in her 30's and 40's, and by her 50's has a true experience of merging with the Universal Oneness, and consciously aligns herself from that point on.

Q.  A friend recently put it to me:  what about a businessman practising Zen;  or a scientist finding the Divine in his work?

I would probably place the Zen businessman somewhere in the 3rd evolutionary stage.  But as you say, one would ascertain the stage/sub-stage by necessarily interacting with the client and asking questions.

This is fascinating!  Thank you.

Post by: Rad on Apr 03, 2009, 11:14 AM
HI Linda,
 Those are really great questions that you brought up. The answer to all such observations about people is always to be seen in each person's inner orientation to external reality. It is the inner orientation, how life is integrated because of, that is most important to ascertain in establishing where any given Soul is relative to it's evolutionary condition. The young girl that you described, her process, to me reflects a Soul from birth who had already evolved into at least the 1st Stage spiritual. So too with the example of the businessmen who was actually a Zen person within himself. Another example along the same lines was the man who became the leader of SRF after Yoganandas passing. In his external life he was in fact a tycoon who was involved, as I recall, in the railroad industry of that time. Yet his inner orientation to 'reality' was one of God and God only. Thus, when he first met Yogananda he almost immediately remembered all his former lives that he dedicated to God. He attained the highest levels of cosmic consciousness in his current life due to his relationship with Yogananda.
  In any life that we come into we are all exposed to whatever the conditions of 'reality' are as defined by one's parents, and, as we get older, the society of birth itself. And most Souls do not have past life recall at all which is a purposeful design by God. So of course this then allows and promotes being conditioned by the nature of our parents reality and, as we get older, the conditioning of the current society of our birth. And for most Souls this then means 'wearing the clothes' of that conditioning. For those Souls who are only evolved somewhere within the  consensus stage this presents no problem at all. There whole sense of personal identity is utterly bound up and defined by the conditions of their birth, parents, and the society of birth.
  For Souls that have naturally evolved beyond the Consensus State the conditioning patterns reflected by the parents reality , and the society of birth are progressively rebelled against unless those parents are themselves rebels against the Consensus. Even then the Soul in this condition will still desire to question everything and desire to design a life that looks who they actually are as individuals.
 And so too for Souls who have naturally evolved into the Spiritual state. They will desire to find their own unique way spiritually speaking.
 As the Soul naturally evolves into the Spiritual State , progressively , the memories from other lifetimes do begin to occur in such a way as the Soul can actually know and understand the thread that connects all the lives, and the reasons for them.
  There can be a vast array or reasons why any Soul could be in this state and yet still find themselves as a 'businessman' as in your example. And that, indeed, is the beauty of Evolutionary Astrology for those who have the gift of truly understanding it: it's totality. For those that do then the reasons for any condition or situation in anyone's life can understood and explained to anyone who is desiring to know the 'why' of their life in every way.

Post by: Sajani on Apr 04, 2009, 08:45 AM

Thanks so much for that excellent and extensive explanation of the difference between appearance and reality, so to speak. This explains much of the differences that I've observed over the years, and also why in some cases it takes extensive exchanges with a client to actually determine the stage, especially in these times of New Age "jargon."

I know over the years many got confused about people being able to move from one stage to another within one lifetime because of the observed behavior of people such as those in the examples gave, so this is a great explanation, then, that ties into what Jeffrey taught about it not being possible to skip stages, or move from 1st individuated to 1st spritiual within one lifetime, for example. (Other than those who are on the cusp of one stage and moving to the next one in the current life).  Thanks again!