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Title: Quintile
Post by: ari moshe on Dec 14, 2010, 06:01 PM
Hello all, I've been reflecting on the quintile, and I wanted to check my understanding.

It seems that the qunitiles and bi-quintiles all correspond to the necessity for the soul to creatively actualize its purpose in a way that further refines and defines the soul's purpose. It seems to be highly creative and inspired to begin with.

It's kind of in its own family- its 360/5, the 5th harmonic, which is not of the same geometry as the angular family (oppositions, squares, semi squares, sesquiquads) or the trine family (sextiles, trines). The only other aspect I'm aware of that has a geometry that is unique until itself is the septile (360/7). So I'm trying to get a sense of the challenges that arise with this aspect.

I understand that with the trines and sextiles, the general meaning is an 'awareness of the purpose' however innate within those aspects is the possibility to resist development and not try very hard. It doesn't seem that the same psychology applies for the quintile. Is it accurate to say that the intent is to "jump into the flow" of the creative inspiration? That the sparks may be there, there may be some sort of inspiration, and that inspiration can be actualized only as deeply as the soul will allow it.

Here's what I currently got. 2 examples:
The qunitile in the crescent phase, which is yin and also relatively new implies that the entirety of what has lead the soul to where it is now needs to be furthered internalized to the point that it can pave the road for a new level of actualization that will begin in the crescent square. The analogy that comes to mind is the painter that is developing their skills for the first time- by the crescent phase qunitle a unique style, or way of creatively actualizing through painting has emerged. This new style will then be the essence that is carried forth in the next phase. During this phase the creative purpose can develop as best as it can if the soul becomes highly internalized such that it can retreat within it's creativity and fully flow with its inspiration.

Whereas the bi-quntile that occurs within the full phase will naturally imply a creative actualization of one's purpose by way of becoming aware of what others have produced created, built etc, and using that knowledge or information in one's own way that allows whatever was previously developed by others to develop in a new way. This is a yang phase that forces social participation and contrast with other souls. Therefore it's natural for further individuation to occur by way of becoming aware of and then integrating the creative work of other people. In this case the painter has already worked on itself, developed itself immensely during the gibbous phase. The soul is now able to offer new contributions by way of associating with (full phase) other artists, styles, approaches, geniuses, ideas etc that have come before itself. During this phase the creative purpose can find optimum development if the soul applies itself to develop it's own contribution by become intimately familiar with the feedback, knowledge, information it is getting from others, and to "re-invent" this material gained from others in a way that is completely individualized.

Thank you very much your guidance and support.
Ari Moshe

Title: Re: Quintile
Post by: Rad on Dec 15, 2010, 10:10 AM
Hi Ari,

 Excellent, just excellent. To me your understanding of these aspects, and the phases they take place within, are simply right on.

God Bless, Rad