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Title: Mars and Venus Placement in Comp
Post by: inyo on May 12, 2009, 04:34 PM
Is it right to read the chapters in Pluto II for Mars and Venus placements and apply those themes to a composite chart with that placement? For instance how would Mars in Cap manifest differently in a composite chart than it would in an individuals chart?

Title: Re: Mars and Venus Placement in Comp
Post by: ari moshe on May 12, 2009, 11:50 PM
i would like to give it a shot at what intuitively makes sense to me.

for a natal chart- venus in libra correlates to a soul that has established an inner relationship to itself by discovering who it is and who it is not through the reflection of other. this brings on all the lessons in self acceptance and finding true balance that libra is all about.
in a composite chart, venus in libra seems to correlate to a relationship in which that process of comparison and contrast and finding mutual acceptance and support for whoever each person is, has been the way in which their soul's have initiated intimacy.

but that is of course very general and out of context. venus in libra has no meaning w/out the rest of it. we'd have to look at the synastry, how composite venus relates to their natal charts, and -- "WHY does the composite chart have venus in libra."-- to answer that I imagine we'd have look at the nodes rulers pluto, pp and aspects to understand the bottom line reason for the relationship in the first place.

i think we can interpret a composite chart, just like a natal chart as all past dynamics that have lead to this current "incarnation" what has come before, and thus the potential.

I look forward to some feedback on that! thanks for that question

Title: Re: Mars and Venus Placement in Comp
Post by: Deva on May 13, 2009, 08:26 AM
Hi, thanks for posting this questions and your input Ari. The composite chart reflects the two people as a single unite, or a combined person. In other words, the composite chart reflects the core evolutionary lessons that two people have desires to work on togther as a couple, or unite (for example, in the composite chart the couple may have Venus sqaure Pluto.) Synastry charts reflect the dynamics that exsit between two people as seperate beings, or between the two people as individuals (for example, person a might have Venus square person B's Mars. In this case person A will always manifest the Venus role, and person B will manifest the Mars role). Ari is right to point out you cannot interpret the composite chart without first understanding each person's natal chart, and the synastry charts.   So, yes, you could apply the core meaning of mars and venus in the natal chart in the composite as long as you adjust that meaning to reflect that it symbolizes the couples mutual desires (Mars)/relationship patterns (Venus) as a single unite so to speak. Hope this helps.

Title: Re: Mars and Venus Placement in Comp
Post by: Rad on May 13, 2009, 12:11 PM
 To follow through with what Deva is saying , relative to the Mars/Venus square in a synastry chart where the one with the Venus is always the Venus person, and the other is always the Mars person, in composite if we see that Mars / Venus square then both can be the Mars/Venus depending on circumstances.
 And, as she said, it is imperative to understand each individuals birth chart and evolutionary background in total in order to understand the individual placements of all of their planets and the planetary nodes. When that understanding is in place then one can make a accurate analysis of why any couple would have whatever planets in whatever signs and houses. So even though they may have a combined Mars in Capricorn, and the archetypes as spelled out in Wolf's Pluto Two are what they are and they do apply to the COUPLE, it is essential to understand WHY the couple has chosen to have that Mars in Capricorn and every other planet/ house placement in their composite chart.
 And we must remember too that , in the example of Mars in Capricorn, that it will also be in a house that then conditions the manifestation of that Mars in Capricorn as does the aspects that it is making to other planets. And, of course, the specific evolutionary condition/ stage of the couple also qualifies and conditions the specific manifestation of it.


Title: Re: Mars and Venus Placement in Comp
Post by: inyo on May 13, 2009, 08:19 PM
Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. I need a reading I think. A long one.