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Title: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Stacie on Jun 19, 2009, 09:44 PM
Hi All,

I’m at my wit’s end with an evolving dilemma/crises that I’ve been facing for quite some time concerning to my karma yoga.  Perhaps it will be a good exercise in identifying solutions for clients who come to us entangled in operative dynamics of stress.  Birth data:  11/21/1974; 7:16 pm; Inglewood CA.  1st stage spiritual.


Here is the context :  I have committed to two paths of karma yoga: work helping animals, and EA work.  For those who were around for the 2004 pluto school, I received some very direct counsel from Jeffrey about animal work being the intended lead point for my karma yoga.  At the time my conscious desire was utterly geared up to for actualizing EA work, thus what I experienced on that day was a combination of profound emotional shock relative to the necessity of putting the brakes on EA work for a time, in order to develop/establish animal work first, and an utterly intense emotional disappointment and resistance to that need.  

While very difficult, I summoned the humility and courage to embrace the direction I was given, and I initiated the animal work with little delay.  I've been working full-time now for over 3 years caring for captive birds, which I am deeply grateful to be able to do, and love doing.  My love for birds is more profound than ever before.  I have grown more aware of the capacities God gives me to recognize various subjective needs of the birds I work with, whether it be relative to illness, environmental stressors, or things that simply make their lives better in a captive circumstance.  This work however, is utterly stressful...the causes and reasons for that stress are not appropriate to go into on a public forum unfortunately.  I’ll simply say that the stress is primarily linked to sociological interface, and the fact that my autonomy to apply the creative capacities that I have, have become almost totally restricted.  Thus, while I’m aware of certain needs of certain birds at a given point in time, my ability to help resolve those needs in many cases cannot be carried though.  Naturally, this can be frustrating.  I do see the value in the specific role I am playing on behalf of the birds and organization through the balancing viewpoint I provide to an otherwise concrete consensus among the team of staff, but I won't lie and say that role has been easy or comfortable by any means.  I can definitely testify to the fact that it has provided an intensive context for working on my core areas of evolutionary growth and lessons therein.  

The crux of the problem is this:  1) I am exhausted: physically, emotionally, mentally, and ironically, spiritually (karma yoga is meant to deepen spirituality); and 2) My sense of creative purpose is in a state of suffocation.  

The exhaustion has intensified to a point where I feel that every other context in my life is being taken down with it.  One simple example that occurred a couple months ago was unexpectedly collapsing at home one night (total loss of consciousness for what I assume was a fairly brief period), which is something I had not experienced prior to that event.  My sense of cause is that it was the body’s reaction to accumulated stress. It was at that point in time that I took seriously the fact that my life has become imbalanced and dominated by stress.  

The exhaustion and sense of creative suffocation perplexes me because the effort I’ve made over the past 3 or 4 years, relative to carrying out my karma yoga of animal work, far exceeds any other effort I have made in this life, and the basis of that effort has been honor God’s will.  I currently find myself so depleted of energy and time, that my time off from work seems to accommodate little more than basic recovery.  

I had confided in Wolf on a couple occasions before he retired, and there was a point where he validated that it was ok to make EA a more primary focus at that time.  However, I chose to persevere in the specific challenges I was facing then, for two reasons:  1) because I didn’t want to let God down by pulling back on my commitment to the animal work that had been asked of me, and 2) because this would have occurred in a context of succumbing to socially-induced fear and feelings of absolute inferiority, because I had not yet recognized for myself the value and capacities I had to offer in the work.  I eventually got in touch with that recognition, and the fear that literally caused my arms and legs to tremble at all times (yes, it was that bad), did get resolved.  This created a natural renewal in my commitment to continue on with my work with the birds, and it has been my sincere intention to progressively integrate the EA work I am truly devoted to, so that both can be done simultaneously.

I have prayed for God to help me expand my capacities so I can maintain productive movement in both areas, but strangely, the exact opposite has capacities have seemed to declined.  

In an effort to work with what I have to work with, I’ve been attempting to use my lunch hours, weekends, and time after work to focus on EA, but as previously stated, my overall exhaustion prevents this time from being even remotely productive.  

A solution I tried pursuing was making a request of my employers to move me to a 4 day week from the standard 5 day week I’ve been working, but this was instantly shot down, and it was conveyed to me that no special concessions can be made for me relative to schedule, end of story.  I am now considering to make a request for going part-time, though realistically this is even less likely to be feasible for the organization, and making the request in itself involves risk, because there is a staff reduction coming down the pipes, and this could naturally draw attention to me as the best candidate to eliminate since I’m already expressing desire for a reduction in hours.  On one hand I'd rather make an empowered decision and quit and if that's my destiny is currently calling for.  On the other hand, I don't want to make a mistake and quit if it's not God's will that I quit.  I’ve looked for part-time work through other organizations as well, but nothing is available.  Frankly, it really all comes down to God’s will.  In utter honesty my clarity about what’s God’s will IS at this point has become compromised in the imbalanced reality that I have gotten myself enmeshed in.  How to correct that imbalance is now the question.  

My sense of what is sourcing the imbalance is the combination of stress from my work environment (which again I can’t disclose details), the frustration of lacking creative autonomy in my job, and the fact that the job affording me no creative autonomy is also restricting my ability to actualize what has always been my paramount conscious desire: to fully actualize EA work.  Based on the profound efforts I’ve made over these recent years in the spirit of honoring God’s will first, I am confused about why I can’t find a way to balance both areas of my karma yoga, and why this has become so unmanageable and wearing on my spirit.  

My two thoughts on this is that it may be God's way of indicating that I have it’s blessing to fully pursue the EA work I’ve been longing to pursue; or it may be that I’m manifesting circumstances which reflect an absolute unconscious defiance to embracing the animal work at the level intended, in which case the restrictions relative to EA would reflect an enforced blockage until I make the necessary realignment of my personal will with God’s will.  Due to the original resistance I had toward embracing the animal work as lead point in my karma yoga,  I have a magnified caution in place about the potential of delusion influencing my judgment, which I absolutely do not want to allow.  Thus, I am opening this up to objective feedback if anyone has such feedback to give.  Thanks All :-)

God Bless,

Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: ari moshe on Jun 20, 2009, 12:23 AM
Hi Stacie and all,

I'm interested in hearing more about the astrological basis for jwg's advice to work with animals at that time as opposed to ea.

Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: PamS on Jun 20, 2009, 09:14 AM
Hi Stacie,

I just saw your message and actually have been thinking of you these past few weeks.  I am sending you my best during this time of deep transition for you.  I'm going to sit with your chart and see what I come up with.  What I can say from my own experience, is that when I was working with my students who were sever developmental disabilities and many other complex difficulties there was a point that I was totally exhausted.  I actually got very ill from exhaustion.  The work has been and is part of my karma yoga, so it was quite a quandary why something I was drawn to - simultaneously drained me.  I first off do think of the deeply complex duality of Neptune, which has complex way of working in the soul.  That is all i have to say right now as I just felt compelled to respond to your openness!  Big hug and you will get through all this!



Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Lia on Jun 20, 2009, 09:38 AM
Hi Stacie and All,

Well, first I'd like to say: it seems to me there may be a little misunderstanding here;  I've got the DVDs and to me it seems, JWG didn't say NOT to do EA...he said the WAY to sort out Stacie's life at that time in 2004, was to find a meaningful work that CONNECTS the SOUL BACK TO NATURE (6th house sag. n.node) in an essential way which then will 1) IMPROVE the connection to not only nature but the natural intuitive faculties the soul has put aside/ ignored/denied/made wrong in the past (6th house cusp is sag) AND at the same time the soul is UTTERLY CONFUSED about ...i.e. what one's intuition is actually saying is not clear it is totally confused....the reasons are of course within the whole chart....but the point here is that JWG didn't say not to do EA and do only animal work....he said : all else the soul needs will come from there onward.....meaning the ppp. being actualised in some ways (aries in 10th as the ppp. point) will lead to the next step and the next step and so on....the 6th house is about process...the many layers traumatic confusion (trauma is signified by the 9th cusp being aq! so the very intuitive faculty has been traumatised in the past then that trauma is RESULTING in the confusion signified by the pisces planets in the 9th...jupiter itself ruling the 6th (what and how you need to improve) and moon, the subjective self image has been totally confused...again RELATIVE to what the soul perceives (9th house) is true about it....

There is a huge trauma to the heart (uranus in 5th) and to the soul (in scorpio) which of course is the ruler of your 9th house....the result is the pisces planets in the 9th...i.e. confusion about what is true and what's not true what you intuite  i.e. what is the voice of my intuition actually, and of course the moon, who I am how do I see many imagery can appear real...for a period of time...of course your natal pluto placement shows the importance of this self image problem and the ways how it was sorted in he past....

One of the thing I'd like to highlight at this point of time relative to the transit of neptune, jupiter AND chiron for you it s falling onto the cusp of your 9th...very close to natal moon of course:-)...
The liberation from the trauma (uranus in the 5th in scorpio) hits your 9th cusp...of course this affects your whole 9th house....jupiter wherein...which rules your n.node and venus, neptune...

What JWG said is true and was a good advice at the time...but NOW it is YOU who need to figure out the rest for yourself: when jupiter is in the 9th believe me no matter who says what it is THE SOUL itself who needs to unravel the personal truth of itself....and that can happen only if you STOP (and please forgive me if this causes any disillusionment it wasn't meant to cause that but it may)
2) USING YOUR MERCURY FACULTIES TO DEFINE WHAT COULD BE TRUE i.e. trying to understand in a linear way what is the solution.

Then I would suggest DOING the following:
GET YOURSELF ENOUGH COURAGE based on your own experiences to date, i.e. YOU CAN create and independent life style and do an independent work totally on your own EVEN if the whole environment (gemini) is against your actual motivations and how you would like to actualise those motivations....Courage: aries, ppp!!

At the first round somebody's advice (libra) got you started. Now at the second round USE what you gain from that and eventually LISTEN to your own intuition and make an attempt to do what your intuition ACTUALLY telling you....NO REGARDS HOW CONFUSED IT MAY FEEL. ..

The traumas (uranus) that affected your soul's self actualisation attempts are the real reasons why the intuitive faculty got first shocked then confused at the first place...I would suggest to eventually respond to the trauma and the stress as you REALLY FEEL ABOUT IT...stop denying how you feel (venus in 6th!) stop trying to be 'nice' at all cost (libra pluto RULED by that venus!)

There is a lot of things you didn't say, held it back= scorp. mercury in 5th BECAUSE 5th house cusp is didn't mean to hurt others and tried to give according to what they said they need and how they need it....I can put this in a way that your entrapment is via the intercepted is within the libra cusp 5th house....that's why the only way to break free from this entrapment (uranus is on the very beginning of the entrapment by way of being on 0 scorpio, all the planets in scorp. in the 5th are AFTER that uranus...being affected after the trauma...however this also signifies the fact that the soul is starting a new phase, a new chapter with those planets....your underlying libra pluto that rules those planets wanting to give what others needs, wanting to be just and this is RULED by venus in 6th conj. neptune!!

Can you see the incredible paradox here? Your 4th starts with virgo...there is a lack that you emotionally feel and that is ruled by the same mercury that rules your s.node....your soul's limitation is revolving around these issues....what your heart (5h house) would want and what you perceive as the way of actualising yourself includes make your soul DEPENDENT on others and their feedback and that's how you made sense via your gemini s.node in the past....your need of positive feedback from others (5th libra cusp) simply entrapped the very ways your soul is trying to actualise what it wants....lucifer is opp. in the 11th in taurus....opp. to your mars AND mercury.

In short (as I see it) evil is trying to block your effort to utilise your own inner resources (it is ruled by venus in the 6th in sag! your natural abilities has been judged as wrong or unimportant) and of course all this is in the manifestation of the nature of the traumas as how the aq. nature 9th house and the 5th house (trauma to the heart and the intention to the soul) has been played out....i.e. aries is the cusp....which is of course the sign for the ppp....
I personally would suggest to stop listening to anyone and listen TO YOURSELF...
Then make an effort (venus on n.node conj. neptune) from the depth of yourself to utilise your inner resources no MATTER how others relate to it and now matter what they may say...JUST DO IT...inwardly do it and DO NOT EXPECT any feedback from anyone...detach yourself FROM THE FEEDBACK INSTEAD OF DETACHING YOURSELF FROM YOUR HEART DESIRES.  

Your actualisation of the n.node comes through a crisis...a crisis that WILL LEAD YOU to the truth....

As funny as it may sound, if you feel that this work brought back the chiron symbolised wound necessarily so; have a look at your chart, it is opposite to uranus; any time you tried any way to actualise what you individually felt was right it resulted in the wound, (chiron in 10th) and the trauma to the heart (uranus in 5th) and of course this configuration is a t-square locked in by saturn in the 1st in cancer....the very structure of your consciousness is emotionally based and you deeply feel all the feedbacks, all the right or wrong judgments you receive....

The t-square can be approached from the appex: embrace the polarity, which is 7th house capr. saturn polarity point: whether other's like it or not you can create your own judgment WITH APPLIED RESPONSIBILITY of course. Instead of giving the authority to others and trying to 'win' the positive feedback from them, and so then applying that feedback back to yourself in order to define your own self image and trying to figure out this way what is wrong and right (all this is based on how you FEEL how you can make emotional sense) you can for a moment LET GO OF THAT EMOTIONAL SENSE  and say: well, fine whatever OTHERS THINK this is how I inwardly REALLY FEEL and that's what I will act upon...god/ess will help you and will show you the will simply OCCUR...not necessarily on the conscious level at first! First we need to be okay with the whatever judgment that others may either throw at us or we feel/imagine that they do....if we come to term with that (which is one of the most difficult with pluto in libra or 7th house, or 7th house or libra s.node for everything was defined in the past THROUGH them) so once we able to let that go, don't ask for their advice, opinion, views etc. and WE DO NOT TRY TO PLEASE THEM either consciously or unconsciously (so we aren't trying to have any positive feedback at all from others that's very important for that's the very key!) only then the true and temporarily lost aires (or 1st house) courage can come back and take us into action.....again, for you this will be a step by step process (6th house n.node) you will recover who you essentially are (venus in sag in 6th) will embrace step by step your confusion and why the confusion happened (neptune conj. venus) and how all that affected of course your self image (moon/4th house is always connected to the second house/venus issues) I don't know if this makes sense to you but what I am trying to suggest is to ACT out of mars in the 5th in scorpio and have the courage to DO SO...look at your pluto the motivational factor behind that mars: it is a deeply feeling soul who DOES CARE about others....IT IS ACTUALLY WENT TOO FAR for caring about others and it is time now to BALANCE the imbalance....

DO what your heart desires......stop being entrapped by thinking about it (ruler of s.node is mercury! = not allowing yourself to do a lot of things for the end conclusion resulting from your mental processes and OVERALL BELIEFS=12th house all together result in total confusion...of if I say that do that it won't be liked by rules your 4th house cusp where pluto is!...I will be wrong (virgo) instead of that whole mental drama/confusion in a simple way just STOP doing it and ACT instead....for .example work more on the lamb observation! Do EA and find a way ON YOUR OWN utilising your own capacities (remember venus the ruler of taurus in the 11th is conj. to your n.node! evil is trying to cause TRAUMAS trying to make you believe (sag) that it is wrong for you to utilise your is acting against (opposition) to the ppp. ruling planet mars...and yet this is your ppp.. ruler....your intuition of course NEEDS to be improved for it has been in the past judged wrong and resulted in a belief (sag) that your essence (venus) is somehow wrong (6th house)....of course all this goes back to the trauma of the heart and soul (uranus) that is the ruler of your natal 9th.....It's not wrong it's just needs IMPROVEMENT and step by step sorting our what is true and what is ILLUSION (neptune)..

Obviously jupiter ITSELF is part of the skipped steps....which is the key for this whole the soul at the first place got confused (pisces jup. in 9th) about the truth, ad how it judged it's own intuition wrong as a result....which confused of course the self image (moon in 9th in pisces) and of course the real issue the beginning of all this points to the other side of the skipped steps: Lilith and Pandora in the 3rd in virgo....the resolution node for jup and moon is the n.node in sag...while for lilith and pandora it is the s.node!

Something needs to be culminated about the far past how the soul came across and then how it reacted to the upside down patriarchal world relative to the soul's own history....that's what needs to be culminated by culminating gemini on the 12th...and of course the s.node you made sense was based on the belief (jupiter) of inferiority of the female as it was taught and how the soul wanted to improve and serve relative to that belief....and how it resulted in a totally messed up self image and trying to please others....and trying to hide it's own soul's creative self actualisation within the intention of giving what others needs.....for it believed it can not be done otherwise .....that's why so many things were not said actually (scorp. mercury isn't always about what one says it is also about what HASN'T BEEN SAID AND THE REASONS WHY.  Those reasons of course in your case are within the 4th libra pluto: self image relative to others and giving them in order to receive what one needs....yet those needs of course have been wounded and then the soul tried to give more and more putting one's own intuition and sense of truth as well as sense of one's essential humanity (venus) down and believing (neptune) in a confused way that this somehow is noble (5th house has a lot to do with what we believe is noble) and trying to give one's soul away in order to be loved an embraced by others.....relative to of course what the soul thought was true at any time......

(cont. in the next post)

Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Lia on Jun 20, 2009, 10:11 AM
Like it sounds to me you are trying to fulfil the aspects of the work demands (virgo 6th house) that you feel have little to do with what you really desire to do.....Well if that's the case I'd suggest to either place an ad. in the paper (jup) with your credentials and ask if anyone could offer a job for you....or look around in the existing adds to see if there is anything that will suit YOUR NEEDS instead of you suiting others' needs....
And just remember: IT IS OKAY that you have mars as the ruler of the ppp! It's okay to ask for what YOU WANT it is okay to WANT what YOU WANT.  It is okay to be confused, it is okay to NOT KNOW what the heck is the truth exactly.....for with n.node conj. venus and neptune it will OCCUR by is a PROCESS it won't happen is a great beginning to work with animals to strengthen you connection to nature and to our essential being (venus) it goes into confusion (neptune) but it will come out of that if you stop listening to OTHERS and listen to YOURSELF instead.

In my view, it will come via trials and errors,  until the process will lead you where you need to be ....but the final jigsaws (6th house) you yourself need to find out for one can ever give it to you...simply because it is YOUR OWN intuition that needs it is not about how you listen to others it is about HOW YOU LISTEN TO YOURSELF. (venus in 6th!) Yes in the midst of a CRISIS (i.e. why not right now? Why not during this very transit by neptune/jupiter/chiron, the very skipped step symbolism transiting RIGHT at the point where the problem begun at the first place...just about HOW AND WHY have you alienated yourself from your own inner sense of truth your own inner intuitive faculty.....back to uranus, the fundamental trauma to the heart and thought hat to the that trauma was fundamentally FEEDBACK based (5th house) and what will happen if you embrace teh POLARITY into uranus? Well it will of course land in the 11th in can liberate the ability to be once again SELF RELIANT which was of course the very problem at the first place....traumas occurred by your attempts to actualise yourself according to your own individual sense (aires cusp) and of course that was based on utilising your inherent resources.....ruled by venus in back there...back to venus, which of course leads to n.node.....which of course leads to the outer side of venus, libra, your natal pluto and 5th cusp....via STOPPING you (lucifer in taurus) creating traumas each times you were trying to be self reliant the soul was forced to be dependent....isn't that the typical way what happened to women in the patriarchy?

Are we surprised that Lilith is the skipped step to begin with and opposite that's how the beliefs got confused, the sense of guilt and the need to serve others have been intermingled and confused...resulting in a totally confused sense of self image with an inherent feeling of being somehow inferior (venus in 6th is sag)...translates to: how I NATURALLY AM (sag) there is something wrong with I better improve that...according to what others say I 'should be dong'....

There is a need for everything and we learn from everything so that's okay.....
But (at least to me) RIGHT NOW is the time for you to SHED the past limitations relative to the feedback of others (libra) identify yourself according to yourself (pluto in 4th= give yourself as much emotional support and nurturing as you can!) gain the COURAGE to go with what you have, it's okay it's good enough even if it is not perfect, and within the framework of your current reality GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT.

The simplest thing that you do FOR YOURSELF and not for somebody else is a step forward....Listening to the slightest, quietest intuitive sense as your OWN INNER guidance is a step forward....DON'T WORRY if that doesn't bring all the results! After the fact analyse the process, see it for yourself WITHIN what may be the reason you may misunderstood something from within, what you may need to understand on it step by step....little by little....
It will come will be clearer and clearer as you take the steps...the steps that YOU DEFINE yourself for yourself...not what somebody else tells you.

It will lead you to the heart of the confusion in your soul, and from there it will lead you to the sorting out steps....the truths will occur to you in big junks so to speak, sometimes unconnected but eventually all will fall in I see it , your intuition is actually very developed BUT it has been utterly confused and so many times judged you thought it was useless and the improvements in your case (having jup in the 9th in pisces and then ruling neptune in the 6th) is all about a 6th house process of analysing and sorting out things...what and why I thought was true, why did I think it wasn't and why exactly did I conclude this meaning or that meaning....

I.e. how you interpreted (jup) Wolf's advice as NOT to do EA...he didn't say do animal work INSTEAD of EA....he (as I understood it) said START with animal work to sort yourself out, be alone, stop the dependency on others that you are serving and giving up on your soul's desires out of confusion....connect back to nature including your own real nature that you yourself judged in the past as somehow not good enough etc. ...and then everything will fall in shape by time....

Yet appears you understood this as there is some block for you not to do EA...Can you see the underlying confusion in here?
You are a very good EA astrologer takes time and process as everything but just think about it in simple 6th house sorting out ways: well, would you be invited to be on the council if you would NOT have the abiltiy and you would NOT have the blessings of JWG in this direction??  ;D

Can you see that point...?? kind of this is what I mean by sorting out...sorting out the final MEANING of what something means (to you) how you interpret it relative to the patterns that are inbuilt in your consciousness (gemini 12th; culminate the LINEAR processes how you mind worked in the past believing that was the whole truth...while the truth is in your 9th house planets...that's how you can embrace it is via your intuitive faculty how god/ess 'speaks' to you (it is pisces how god directly speaks to us...this for you also includes the work function so the crisis you experience is actually the very way god/ess 'speaks' to you......the confusion you experience has a real important message...which can lead you out of the confuison arriving to a new start, aries, ppp. according to you)..for that just learn to LISTEN (venus) differently to your intuition.......improve the way of how you LISTEN to it,  that will improve/correct the very meaning of what you 'hear'....

I hope all this make sense?
(Sorry if I am a bit all over the place the neptune/jup/chiron transit affects me too in fundamental ways...for me happens to hit the ppp....and of course that 's in my my communication is a bit neptunian to say the least:-) but I hope some comprehandable sense of the truth (jup) can come thru....??  ???....let me know.... :)

In any case,  I wish you find your own soluiton from within and I send you much love and blessings for all that,


Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Steve on Jun 20, 2009, 01:27 PM
Hi Stacie

I agree with all that Lia just wrote (said much better than I could have said it), and about your mis-interpreting some of what Wolf said 5 years ago.  Indeed you yourself said that in later talks with him he'd told you it was good for you to do EA work along with animal work.

Scorpio (which you have enough of!) is so prone to either/or, black or white thinking.  So you got it burned into your brain that it was animal work OR EA, and even when the person whose suggestions initiated you looking at it that way told you it didn't have to be that way, you decided you'd made this commitment to the animal work and couldn't do EA - in other words, you locked yourself into the original interpretation of the advice, even when you were told this was no longer necessary, by the person whose advice caused you to look at it that way in the 1st place.

The proof of it is how burned out you feel.  I'm not saying when one is aligned to one's true nature that everything comes easy.  But when you are burned out and exhausted to the point you describe, often enough this comes from being somewhat off track, without realizing it, in this case relative to your beliefs about what you are supposed to be doing.

You can do both EA and animal work - they are not mutually exclusive.  I understand you feel too burned out from the animal work to have the energy to put into EA, but part of that is due to the way you have approached the animal work, getting so emotionally involved in the situation and its demands and challenges.  That work IS NOT WHO YOU ARE, IT'S JUST SOMETHING YOU ARE DOING. 

In the biggest picture, God doesn't care whether you do animal work or EA or fry potatoes - learning the necessary lessons is all that matters.  Those things are just vehicles through which the learning can occur.  You have a lot of choice in how you express the underlying impulses/desires that are within you.  No one here will ever tell you that you must feel miserable for years for the sake of fulfilling some duty you feel you have taken on. If you need a break from it, go do something else for a while (fry potatoes?) - you can go back to animal work if you still feel so called, when you have regained a clear heart and head.  That is taking care of yourself, so you are available TO give!

I agree that you are an excellent and insightful EA astrologer - this also is a gift, and you would not have these skills/abilities, and the interest in EA that you do, if you were not intended to use it to help others.  You don't need your name in lights in the astro world, or an international clientele with the phone ringing off the hook, to "do EA".  Those intended to benefit from the messages you will have for them will find their way to you - you can start just by saying "yes" and stop saying "i would but its not right".  Just say, as far as EA,  "if i am intended to help people through EA, when such people appear in my life I vow to help them as best I can".  Its no more complicated or stressful than that.  It doesn't matter whether its ten people a week or two people a year. 

This takes the decision out of your hands and places it in higher hands.  If people show up, that is proof it is right for you to help them with EA - if no one appears, that speaks for itself.  Its no more complex than that.  Also, having people show up for EA does not imply ANYTHING about whether you are supposed to do animal work.  They are not mutually exclusive.

Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Deva on Jun 21, 2009, 09:13 AM
Hi Stacie-wanted to give some feedback as well. In addition to what has been stated above by Steve and Lia, I would also say that even if you are encountering the difficulties at work that you are facing the birds are still benifeting from your presence. In other words, just by the fact that you are there with them in the way that you are the birds are impacted in a very healing way. Even if you can't be open about what you are doing at your work you still have the power to impact the animals in the ways that you are being dircted to do. Stay centered in that reality within yourself when you are there (I know how difficult this can be and want to validate your efforts).
God Bless

Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Kristin on Jun 21, 2009, 02:25 PM
Hi Stacie..hello all..

 Personally I think you have paid your dues there. I do agree with Deva about your simple presence being enough for the birds..that this truly adds onto them. If you can go in with that  knowing in your Soul and it can change the way you integrate this work experience, wonderful. If not, I honestly see this as a BIG sign to prepare to move on. A door will open Stacie. Just because you once looked and found nothing does not mean tomorrow something could not open up. The reason nothing was open is because you are conflicted, concerned that maybe it is not what god wants. God wants you to not allow yourself to be abused and walked all over., it is squelching your spirit. You have put 3 hard years in and if you are losing your self (SN in Libra in the 4th) in this unhealthy environment, you won't be of any use to the birds or anyone else if you stay there for long. If you could surrender to their policies and just BE THERE FOR THE BIRDS and this allows an energy shift for you, it may free up time and energy for EA. If not, prepare for transition cuz personally I see it comin'!

What may help is looking into the future for ideal openings.

Most of what I see in terms of opportunity starts with the coming eclipses July 21 and Aug 5 and it progresses into 2010/2011

I know what you need right now is encouragement and yes clarity of course and often looking ahead at some big picture trends helps to live in the moment with more energy and meaning. No doubt this Mars/Venus conjunction in Taurus opp your Merc and Mars is unearthing all of the pain, angst and anger at your current situation. The ruler of your PPP in your 10th house of career, is Mars, is making things painfully obvious, impossible to deny the need to look FORWARD. Also reflects your need for FREEDOM, far from what you feel there. I feel your TOTAL exhaustion in your post. You need a vacation woman. You need serious downtime, and I know if that were granted, the root of who you are would surface again and all of your natural capacities would follow.The reduction in apparent capacity is simply due to utter exhaustion. That Mars opposition in water and earth is like throwing water or dirt on your fire..your inner soul flame.

I am encouraged by some of the longer term trends however,starting with tr Pluto in the 6th (karma yoga, house of service and animals) is rx now so you are recovering some steps, reflecting about your reality (Pluto in cap) your future and best next steps..this Pluto is sextiling your natal MOON,THE RULER OF YOUR CHART, that moon in Pisces in the 9th,teacher, healer of nature, natural law. This sextile has been in operation since early 08 but often it takes the 3rd DIRECT pass before the full benefit is felt and found. Pluto also sextiles your Uranus (astrology,innovation)) in the 5th..and this Uranus is in Scorpio which is ruled by that Pluto. To me this is a symbol of a liberation of the Soul, the creative capacities returning. Pluto will make one more forward moving sextile in September to Uranus and October and November, tr Pluto sextiles your Natal Moon  - the final pass..and a time when I see you really deepening into EA, especially as a result of your preparing for and speaking at the conference in Oct. as well as proximity to like minded Souls.
By the way, Pluto moves direct on September 11 2009..hmm..

In my experience people with strong lunar influences are more sensitive to the energies of the eclipses and also therefore more able to make sweeping change in the life. There are many well known examples. This includes anyone with planets in Cancer or a strong 4th house. You have a Cancer rising and Pluto in the 4th so I find you very susceptible to evolving influences and see this as an opportunity to really change your circumstances.

The New Moon eclipse on July 21 has the Sun/Moon at 29 deg Cancer,conjunct the tr SN. This trines your 5th house Sun as well as tr Uranus in your 10th house of career!!!!!!! Tr Saturn, the ruler of tr Pluto in Cap in your sextiling your Mars ( heck it is already making that sextile) Something from the past, is coming forward, with your Sun making a trine to the tr Sun/Moon/SN eclispe beginning, utilizing an old art...that eclipse activating the 1st house.
I also see you moving.. I recommend pulling up the eclipse chart for July 21. Tr Mars will be conjunct your SN squaring your Moon and opposing your Venus (how your earn), the ruler of your 4th house Pluto. Your home feels like it will be effected with this eclipse and a move is possible or a decision to migrate and do that gypsy thing that is inherent to your nature with that strong 9th house and planets in Sag. I would recommend cleaning house ie getting rid of all unnecessary things now, stay light to be ready in case a quick move/ opportunity comes. Something may force you to leave ie downsizing there if you don't do it first. Tr Venus ( ruler of your 4th house Pluto) is also squaring tr Saturn.
To make things even more obvious. Your Progressed Moon at the time of the eclipse will be 3 Gemini.This is squaring your natal Moon and opp your Venus, the ruler of your 4th house Pluto. Tr Saturn also sextiles your natal Saturn in Cancer..home.laying down new roots elsewhere...Lots of repeating themes here Stacie.

Is your superior at work a woman? This lunar influence can also be about confronting her, stress in relationships as that Moon also opp your natal Venus, but there are clear signs of movement.
By the way, your progressed Moon is 1 Gemini right now in your 12th and this is squaring your natal Moon hence the emotional strife and confusion.

The 2 week window in between eclipses is a very potent energetic time..some say the veil thins and your requests,prayers are heard with greater volume and urgency. All I know is in my experience MAJOR life changes happen, all across the board. Themes that feel good and themes that don't. It all depends on the karma and relative resistance.The full moon eclipse that follows two weeks later on April 5 has Venus, the ruler of your 4th house Pluto smack dab on your ascendant. A possibility for a lighter heart and and feel good home.Relief found in the inner and outer home. If nothing else a time when you can make amends in taxing relationships when people meet half way.
Jupiter, the planet that rulers your Venus, the ruler of your Pluto in the 4th and Jupiter, the ruler of your NN in the 6th will conjunct your natal Moon, the ruler of your chart, in Jan 2010. I see this as its own new 12 yr cycle starting in your teaching, healing work. By end of April 2010, that Jupiter will enter your 10th house of career. This is when I see it all opening up for you ( if you allow it). A wonderful time for expansion of your natural work. (Example, Deva's book came out when Jupiter was in her 10th)..
In May, Uranus and Jupiter in your 10th will be trining your Sun AT THE SAME TIME.

So this eclipse is going to shift some inner and outer tides in your life, making room for that water to make it back to the sea. The transits will speak for themselves.

You are a beautiful Daemon Soul and an exceptional  EA astrologer Stacie. I personally feel the dual career thing is going to culminate into one in the next few years. You do have a SN in Gemini, Jupiter sq those nodes. You are living that reality now..the duality, too much on the plate. Your resolution node is in the NN in Sag. This animal piece had to be healed first in you before you could share through experience about the truth and power of the daemon soul, the 6th house. You had to live it first and remember your own NATURE and connection before you could be ready to teach the depth of this archetype. Jupiter, your nature, is sq the nodes. Your nature needed to recovered before you could teach. Once this is in place, it all flows from there.

Don't think for a moment the animals will not benefit if one day you solely do EA. You will be HELPING animals through your teachings, re-educating souls about the natural Daemon archetype, a root archetype designed by God, one that has become grossly distorted. Helping heal the relationships humans have with animals will have a direct energetic healing effect on the animals themselves. Either way, they win.

Keep walking Stacie,one foot in front of the other. Soul Change is coming, BIG time.


Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Stacie on Jun 21, 2009, 02:35 PM
Hi Stacie and all,

I'm interested in hearing more about the astrological basis for jwg's advice to work with animals at that time as opposed to ea.
Hi Ari,

Great question to ask.  The basis for the animal work being the lead point in karma yoga is reflected in the issues symbolized in the moon/jupiter skipped steps, and the fact of the 6th house/sagittarius north node being the resolution point for those skipped steps.   
One of the core meanings in the moon/jupiter symbols is that conscious identification with the soul’s actual nature has been displaced, compensated for, and hidden from, and thus fundamentally compromised as a result. 

Every soul has an inherent structure that defines its intrinsic individuality.  In our universe there are 7 primary soul structures, which is reflected in the 7 primary chakras.  One of these 7 soul structures correlates to what we know in EA as the daemon archetype.  A short definition of that archetype is human consciousness which has fused with the totality of nature. The totality of nature correlates with the mutable archetypes of gemini, virgo, sagittarius, and pisces.  The daemon archetype itself specifically correlates with sagittarius/9th house, and also with the symbol chiron as reflected in its symbolism, the centaur: half man/half horse...human fusing with nature. 

When we correlate the 6th house archetype with the evolutionary condition of 1st stage spiritual, one primary correlation will be karma yoga.  Karma yoga is a relevant form of work that is undertaken in service of and on behalf of God/dess.  When we connect the nature of the skipped steps equaling a core misalignment of conscious identity, and the artificial/undermining personal beliefs this has created, it becomes clear that the intended karma yoga will have a direct relevancy to the soul’s core identity, i.e., the work is intended to be a function of who the soul naturally is, and thus the recovery of the skipped steps occurs through the progressive conscious reconnection and remembrance of the soul’s true nature, which will simultaneously set in motion a realignment back to the soul's inherent understanding of natural laws.  The vehicle of the work provides the direct, relevant context for that remembrance. 

With sagittarius located on the 6th house cusp, this becomes specific to recovering a conscious identification of the soul’s core nature: daemon..and then applying that identification in devotional service on behalf of the totality of nature.  6th house also has a direct correlation to animals, and healing.  This is why the animal work has served as the lead point, because for evolution to proceed the skipped steps have had to be recovered.  As the ego remembers its actual deeper identity, beyond the immediacy of this physical/sociological world, i.e. it’s timeless immutable linkage to the totality of nature, evolution proceeds, and the creative purpose(s) intended for the life, which includes EA work, can then begin to be actualized.

Does this answer your question Ari?


Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Stacie on Jun 21, 2009, 02:48 PM

The listening you have just demonstrated is impeccable.  GOD BLESS YOU for the work you've done to develop that capacity. 

The information you've shared here is resonating in a major way, so thank you for that.

God Bless


Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Stacie on Jun 21, 2009, 02:52 PM
Hi Stacie,

I just saw your message and actually have been thinking of you these past few weeks.  I am sending you my best during this time of deep transition for you.  I'm going to sit with your chart and see what I come up with.  What I can say from my own experience, is that when I was working with my students who were sever developmental disabilities and many other complex difficulties there was a point that I was totally exhausted.  I actually got very ill from exhaustion.  The work has been and is part of my karma yoga, so it was quite a quandary why something I was drawn to - simultaneously drained me.  I first off do think of the deeply complex duality of Neptune, which has complex way of working in the soul.  That is all i have to say right now as I just felt compelled to respond to your openness!  Big hug and you will get through all this!



Hi Pam, thanks for all this..big hug back to you..



Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Stacie on Jun 21, 2009, 03:12 PM
Hi Lia and Steve,

One thing I want to clarify is that I have NO DOUBT about my role in actualizing EA work.  I once did in the past, but that was cleared up a while ago.  My orientation to my karma yoga of animal work and EA work is not "either/or", but "both/and".  I WANT to do both.  I LOVE working with the birds, there will be a void if it becomes necessary to move on.  The frustration which has come to a head is that I ALSO have an overwhelming desire to do more now with my EA work, and I simply haven't been able to get anywhere with my time constraints and overall exhaustion.  Those planets in my 5th are going out of their minds with the circumstantial restrictions that have been preventing any real movement in ANY area of life in the recent several months...that's the source of distress I attempted to convey in my original post.  I'd like to comment  more on some of the ideas expressed in your posts, but have to get back to work for the moment.  I'll be back...


Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Stacie on Jun 21, 2009, 03:26 PM
Thank you for that Deva  :)  The simple affirmation of another's true understanding of the nature of the challenges which can come with the turf of this work is encouraging in itself, and helps negate some of the emotional burden.  Appreciate your words, dear friend...


Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Stacie on Jul 03, 2009, 12:14 PM
Hello Lia  :)  I'm finally getting back to you.

Hi Stacie and All,
Well, first I'd like to say: it seems to me there may be a little misunderstanding here;  I've got the DVDs and to me it seems, JWG didn't say NOT to do EA..........

I'm unclear where this idea is coming from..?  I made no mention of such a concern, and it’s not an actual concern that I have...nor is it relevant to the actual issue I described.......whoopsie?  ;)  

My sense Lia as I’ve read through your words, is that some of your interpretation is coming through a lens of the past.  The past of course is always relevant from the point of view of the dynamics that are ever-impacting on and conditioning the nature of the present, but I would suggest to you that intensive work in the areas you’ve mentioned has been actively underway over the recent 4 or 5 years.  When we make the conscious choice to work directly on ourselves and our preexisting dynamics in this way, those dynamics WILL begin to progressively shift. This is why observation and correlation is so important, so that we can speak to the current status of reality that's operating/in place.  

If you were to make an observation of my actual life, what you would observe is that my life at this point in time, is a fundamentally solitary existence and primarily independent in nature.  When I’m not working, I spend my time alone. When at work, my social role is 'group of 1'.  I don’t have active casual or intimate relationships in place..haven’t for 5 years.  I rarely discuss my personal reality with other people, and my emotional processing occurs with virtually no external involvement.  I conduct my life as an essential loner.  The things that I act upon, as a general m.o, occur by self-direction. I decline social invitations far more frequently than I accept them.  There’s more that could be said along these lines, but perhaps you get the idea.  

The point I wanted to make is that given the actual context just described, some of the things you have suggested are not possible because the external relationships allowing for those patterns to operate are not even in place.  

The crises I opened up for feedback via this forum is one I’ve been privately addressing for a substantial period of time..not overnight..and have addressed primarily through my own independent, self-directed, and sustained efforts.  The issue simply came to ahead in ways that made it appropriate to reach out from my existing self-contained reality in order to stimulate new movement...libra/aries...venus/mars...  

The act of reaching out on an occasional basis, when directed by instinct, does not automatically imply the kind of dependency you suggest.  Inviting the feedback and understanding of others does not automatically mean one is then going to indiscriminately take that content into oneself, or subvert one’s own truth to adopt someone else’s.  It also does not mean that one in not already actively involved in their own truth-seeking work.  Sometimes it's simply natural and beneficial to utilize social interaction, as this provides a context of dynamic objectification relative to internal content.  And sometimes we do indeed learn new things that are helpful to our journey, spark new insights, renew awarenesses, etc when we listen to the understandings/perspectives of another.  To me the suggestion of not to listen to anyone else and only myself doesn't seem right, as this would establish yet another extremity, when the actual goal is striking a balance.  

In terms of what I posted originally, I have indeed put forth questions that are ultimately mine and mine alone to answer.  One can ask such questions and not compromise an existing effort to penetrate and resolve those answers directly...both can occur, and they can be mutually supportive.  

This is where I was coming from in terms of intentions and orientation when I opened this topic up for feedback.  Didn't have a preconceived expectation or attachment for any particular outcome, and there was no intention of avoiding or delegating my own inner work.  The intention was simply to generate necessary stimulus that would allow for new movement.  

I want to say I absolutely know where you come from Lia, and I appreciate you my friend.  

Much Love to you,


Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Stacie on Jul 03, 2009, 07:35 PM
Hey Kristin,

Wanted to pass on some validation re: your forecasting work.  Last week a window of opportunity presented itself to discuss with my boss the idea about going part-time.  She was unpredictably receptive...unpredictably receptive. The next day I sat down with her and our department head, and after some brief discussion, everyone was in agreement to make this a tentative plan.....WOOT WOOT!!......

I sent you a silent smoochie through hyperspace when my boss declared the approx. date for when this can happen..."after labor day", she said... Labor Day = Sept 7th.  That means if the plan goes accordingly I will be going part time during one the periods you emphasized (i.e. sept 11)...pluto going direct.

Womans' got skiiiiillllllls....... ;)

Anyway, thought you might find that tidbit interesting.  

Thank you again for making that effort to identify those trends for me.  Turned out to be quite helpful indeed.  It's also neat that I had the information in my head when my boss identified the date...was it's own little validation of a quiet unassuming orchestration helping me move the critical piece into place.  

ahhh...relief on the horizon.  thank you Spirit.

God Bless,

Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: MARK on Jul 03, 2009, 09:41 PM
Hi Stacie and all,glad you appear to have some resolution and relief from your stress.don't know if this will help any but the company  i work for has done some downsizing as of the last several months with the economy and we have been cut back to 4 day work weeks for the forseeable future and while the decrease in money has been stressful it has given me some time that i have been able to make myself work on my EA studies. So i've tried to use this negative as a positive as much as i think in my situation maybe it was a way to force me to prioritize what was important to me and give me time to work on what i needed to so hopefully in your situation it will give you a chance to further your EA studies and a chance to rest a little as well.

Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Kristin on Jul 04, 2009, 04:33 PM
Greetings Stacie,

WONDERFUL..thanks so much for sharing your relief with us. I know I am breathing easier for you. Thank you spirit indeed.
We are approaching a triple eclipse, the first is Tuesday, July 7 in Cap..and it trines Saturn. I have been finding this eclipse to be showing early events and to be very potent for people - extreme swings in both directions, favorable and radical, but in your case favorable..WOOT WOOT!
Remember as I shared in my earlier email that because of your Cancer rising, ruler the Moon, you are highly sensitive to energy during eclipse time and it is a time where you have great influence to direct the wave of change, as you are now doing.
For you the Full Moon eclipse in Cap falls in your house of relationships, in this case work relationships because it is in Cap....and it will trine Saturn in the 3rd..negotiating.
Your superior at work is a woman, look how tr Saturn is now sextling your natal Saturn in Cancer
(woman) in the first, new beginnings. A new agreement or contract. Part time may find you sooner than Sept..I see this as being offered up and it being your choice whether to jump now or Sept...that would not surprise me at all. Between now and Aug 5 more relief of some kind is on its way...when we take steps to support what is best for our Soul, the universe does respond in kind, especially when they are steps that require great courage.

A step in the right direction and just the tip of the iceberg Stace ;)

Goddess Bless!

Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Stacie on Jul 05, 2009, 02:57 PM
Hi Mark,

Thanks for chiming in.  Good for you in tapping your circumstances to deepen/increase your EA studies!

I am very excited for the extra time I'll soon have to put more focus into EA.  This is an ideal outcome.

Kristin, thanks for sharing that additional info...


Title: Re: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises
Post by: Lia on Jul 19, 2009, 08:31 PM
Hi Stacie,

I couldn't respond to your post earlier as I have to attend other things and couldn't come around for a while.......have limited time now but wanted to say: I'm REALLY glad that solution IS appearing on your really is a relief to hear that...

Funny how sometimes the simple act of ASKING for what we want (with no regards of any previous thoughts/worries about how what we want may not be possible etc.) can actually open the doors and bring results....(especially with aries/1st house ppp. or n.node...)  

The other thing I wanted to mention is perhaps rather a question: are you sure Stacie that god needed you to suffer/ exhaust yourself in order to 'align your will with god's will', i.e to do the animal work? Are you sure this is not some remaining beliefs that may have been manifesting via circumstantial reality in your life?
"..or it may be that I’m manifesting circumstances which reflect an absolute unconscious defiance to embracing the animal work at the level intended, in which case the restrictions relative to EA would reflect an enforced blockage until I make the necessary realignment..."

For what was most striking in your original post is an unconscious belief behind it which if I put it in words would sound something like:
"In order for me to do god's will I must suffer and sacrifice..."
Neptune in 6th conj. venus...they are there far longer than n.node is.....and venus rules pluto.....

Of COURSE you have made tremendous changes in your life from the time you engaged with EA....of course I understand that ...yet, you see, becoming aware of and recovering from masochism along with improvement so the 6th house stuff is but a doesn't and couldn't happen all at is like pilling an onion...once we are done with one layer the next deeper layer can appear....
Like the underlying belief that I "hear" behind your words in your original post is to me a sign of that  deeper layer........

This is not because you (or any of us with that kind of pattern) didn't work on yourself! It is just because this IS the nature of this is usually so deeply ingrained when there are planets in the 6th that we are simply unable to notice all the layers and how we manifest things accordingly in different ways  in our lives EVEN when we made tremendous changes!....when I was around your age I too thought I have done tremendous work on myself and perhaps I did, but I thought it was all done or at least close to it....while the reality is that I have shed the first layer only,  just to discover the layers below the 'pilling of the onion' and the real improvement which includes finding out the ACTUAL REALITY of those 6th house planets  and what's really BEHIND  them within our consciousness, to become aware of the DEPTH of these patterns and the fundamental affects of these beliefs on our lives in many directions - well it is not something that can or even meant to happen all at is a PROCESS....a continuous transitionary process.... in reality it is not a few years work it is minimum a life time but usually not one but a few life times work.....

So please never think that I doubt the work you’ve done on yourself....right the contrary if you haven’t started I would not see much point to tell you what I did....for then it would meet with and almost absolute rejection and denial ...because I know you did start and done everything you could I felt it was worthwhile to tell you how I see it.....

N.node is an area which always have been in our chart...and consciousness...BUT we have not pout emphasis on it so it was not really conscious because we developed the opposite point consciously...and that’s why it could feel like a totally foreign area...for it was working without us being much aware of it it was overridden by a different focus....So for you as you have 6th planets these planets were pretty much operating kind of a way that you were unaware of....especially because neptune is there and conj. venus, the actual underlying unconscious beliefs that are actually directly affecting the soul (venus being the ruler of pluto) have been there for a long time...n.node now puts the emphasis there and the skipped steps show the fact that it hasn’t been resolved....the soul was stuck.....why? Because the issue is to find out the actual reality...but it is in conflict with the belief that underlies the whole value system you lived by....and that’s really difficult to sort out because it is like soaked into, ingrained deeply into your consciousness....

Stacie I can not say anything else just what I said: at the end you wouldn’t have a sag .n.node and aries ppp=. if god wouldn’t want you to learn how to set yourself free from the previous binding beliefs why would god allow that configuration..??

If you were suppose to listening to others why would you have sag. n.node in the 6th in the house of improvement? If you were not suppose to have your own individual desires and was not suppose to try and go for it why would you have aries ppp?

What I saw is the unconscious association (aq.) with the trauma and suffering when you try to do what god asks you to ....this manifested even via the new way of life via animal work what I am suggesting is not to remove the animal work just remove the association that is based on the unconscious above....

That’s how I see it Stacie and I may have too much aq. in my way of communicating what I see having aq. 3rd cusp, + aq. venus in 2nd ...I have the tendency to give what one’s soul needs and many times give it too quick or too early......chiron also aq. conj. my venus.:-)....
So it may have been too radical and perhaps too early for your 4th libra pluto....I keep forgetting that I have to be more careful with 4th pluto people for the emotions are at peak and everything has to be slower...for me I put aside my emotional stuff for long but that will hit back (no wonder I have n.node of mars in aries in one day soon  I too will have to go through the process of putting my emotions into the absolute focus)...anyhow, just know that what I said came from love with an intention to help you to empower yourself, in a way that you may realise that god doesn’t need you to sacrifice more, rather it appears from your chart that it wants you to become aware and understand your 6th house stuff, so the truth about both your actual reality and the reasons for it and what god really wants from you ....awareness is the key always, for as long as we are not aware that something is operating in us there is very little chance that we can change it......

For example, I can envision you to do animal work in a way that you are happy, fulfilled and you are appreciated for what can you bring into it.....and would have the time for your life and other interests....that would reflect an inprovement of the underlying beliefs and if that so that would manifest accordingly.....I truly hope you can get there!

Again, God/ess bless the coming change in your life!

Love and blessings,