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Mar 23, 2019, 01:26 AM
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 on: Mar 22, 2019, 09:09 PM 
Started by Joecity - Last post by Sunya
Hi rad!

This can be apply also in the same way to the nodes?

Or because the nodes go retrograde is to be applied at the beginning of the house instead of the end of the house?

 on: Mar 22, 2019, 01:51 PM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Linda
YouTube to watch . . .

Cathy Gorla Lindsey - SPRING EQUINOX MARCH 20, 2019


Tags: Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology

Recorded at EA Zoom Meetings! March 21, 2019

 on: Mar 22, 2019, 01:49 PM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Linda
YouTube to watch . . .



Conscious relationship begins with my relationship with myself, and extends out to partner, family and friends. Conscious relationship can be a powerful mirror to accelerate growth by reflecting back to me some of my unseen, disowned parts, emotions and tendencies.

Unconscious relationship is me acting out my repetitive wounds and patterns by assigning blame for what I am feeling to another whose words or actions have caused uncomfortable, unwanted feelings to arise in me. Conscious relationship grows as I begin seeing I am the source of everything that I feel. From a conscious perspective, things that upset me actually appear in my life to help me become aware of and care for parts of myself that I'm not ok with.

Astrologically, we did heart centered chart interpretation with volunteers who have or desire conscious relationship. This includes reviewing issues that have been challenging in former relationships. Growth is learning to appreciate that relationship challenges have actually been healing steps along the way towards conscious relationship.

Tags: Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology

Contact: Steve Wolfson steve@stevewolfson.com http://stevewolfson.com

Recorded for EA Zoom Meetings! March 21 2019

 on: Mar 22, 2019, 09:31 AM 
Started by Rad - Last post by Chocolate Astrologer
Hola RAD,
I see this culmination as the transmutation of karma into dharma, as Dane Rudhyar calls the "transpersonal way, in which a human being can transform karma into dharma if he or she is able to fulfill the purpose with which Humanity invested him or her at birth." (Rudhyar, p131.)

Jupiter conjuncts it's own south node every 12 years, and Saturn conjuncts its own south node every 29 years, the moon well it conjuncts its own south node every month, and Pluto as we all know, only conjuncts its own south node every 248 years. And now we have the culmination of these south nodes in a conjunction at 22 Capricorn. What does that mean? (says my 28 Gemini Sun Mind,) And why 22 Capricorn. Yes, the structures are all crumbling down around us. What was once security is now dust, blowing in the wind.

I look to Dane Rudhyar as my guide in the sky and his numerous works as my road maps. When I don't understand something, I read the sabian symbol. And the sabain symbol for 23 Capricorn is, "A soldier receiving two awards for Bravery in Combat." And the keynote, rather poignant says: "The reward offered for the fulfillment of individual responsibility ."  (Hmm, now my intuition says, we're onto something).

Rewards come after culminations, right? Saturn is the archetype of responsibility, boundaries, time and space, limits. Jupiter is the archetype of expansion, abundance, my personal truths. And Pluto is the archetype of the evolution of the Soul, and Pluto in Capricorn, exemplified in these souls being born now, is evolving on a transpersonal level through the individual which Rudhyar refers to as the transpersonal way.

I state here in Rudhyar's own words, " In it's application to human psychology and the future possibility of humanity's development, the concept of holarchy inevitability leads to the realization that a state of more-than-individual (or 'transindividual') existence is not only a possibility, but the only unglamorous, realistic and practical way to give meaning and direction to the present-day struggle of individuals and nations toward what many people, often naively, call the New Age."
"The possibility of a really 'new' Age can be seen in the interrelated cycles of planetary and cosmic motions, if properly interpreted, but cycles do not determine what will happen. They only evoke the possibility of the happenings and IF it happens, something of its basic character. Man alone can decide what actually and concretely will happen- at least at Man's own level of existence."
"Humanity is only a part of vaster wholes- the planet, the solar system, our galaxy- and these wholes hierarchically set the cosmic and planetary stages; test, on the stage of the Earth's biosphere Man is a crucially important performer. Humanity no doubt has a role to perform, at least broadly defined by its place within these vaster wholes. The 'score' is not of Man's own making, but the performance is nevertheless his, for better or for worse; and every truly individualized human being is a responsible aspect of Humanity-as-a-whole. The whole acts not only in the individual, but through the individual. The whole realizes itself in and through the acts, feelings and thoughts of its individualized participants who have become open to its descents of power. As this occurs, the transindividual state of existence is reached. "
"The way to such a state is what I call the transpersonal path. In no basic sense is it different from what esoteric traditions have spoken of as the Path of Initiation: yet this hoary and haloed word, Initiation, can be seen in a new light once the human being who is to tread the path leading to it has actually emerged from the chrysalis-state of bondage to the particular culture that has formed his or her mind and conditioned his or her feeling-responses and behavioral habits." (Rudhyar, 1980, p.xv-xvi).

Every culmination leads to a new beginning. And although April 12, 2019 is just a date that I chose not so much to glorify or make that date important, instead to reference in emphermis, as this this a process in time and cannot be pin-pointed to a moment but to a cycle. Its not so much that this date is so important, as is this time is so valuable, as it asks each individual who's Soul is "ready, willing and able" to seize this crisis of repolarization of energy or refocusing of consciousness or sense of identity on an individual basis and a personal expression. Which I see exemplified by the Moon conjunct its own north node at 22 cancer.

Rudhyar says it better than I could ever paraphrase, "When I refer to a transpersonal individual, I am not speaking of a transindividual being, but only of an individual person who has definitely taken steps on the path of radical and total transformation. The transpersonal way refers to this path which symbolizes a long and arduous process that can take a great variety of forms, yet which has a definite, nearly universal structure- just as the embryonic development of a future human being, within the mothers womb, takes place according to a series of clearly marked phases. This process of rebirth is difficult and often requires intense phases of catharsis because of the inertia of the biological past and the socio-cultural and individual karma that must be overcome." (Rudhyar, 1980, p. 112)

The Astrology of Transformation Dane Rudhyar, 1980.

 on: Mar 22, 2019, 07:05 AM 
Started by Joecity - Last post by Drvm614K
Is this the same for angles? And while we're on the subject is there a such thing as an oblique retrograde angle?

 on: Mar 22, 2019, 06:40 AM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Helena
Thanks Rad,

 on: Mar 22, 2019, 05:45 AM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Rad
Hi Helena,


God Bless, Rad

 on: Mar 22, 2019, 05:27 AM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Helena
Hi Rad,

And would it be that soul’s tend to pick up this traits from the past lives that are being brought/dynamics in the current life?

Thank you,

 on: Mar 22, 2019, 04:57 AM 
Started by Rad - Last post by Darja
This is your Secretary Of State America ...... look at what it has come to..

Pompeo suggests Trump was put on Earth to save the Jews: ‘As a Christian, I believe it’s possible’

Bob Brigham
22 Mar 2019 at 19:30 ET                   

Secretary of State Mike 'just one more hamburger' Pompeo offered alarming views during an exclusive interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN News).

CBN News asked if President Donald Trump could be like a 2,500 year-old character in the Old Testament.

“Could it be, that President Trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time like this just like Queen Esther, to help save the Jewish people from an Iranian menace?” CBN News asked.

“As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible,” Pompeo replied.

“I am confident that the Lord is at work here,” he added.


‘My head is exploding’: CNN analyst bewildered as Trump abruptly overturns six decades of policy to help out Netanyahu

Raw Story

CNN global affairs analyst Aaron David Miller said on Thursday that his head was “exploding” over President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory. Trump, he said, was trying to “intercede” in Israeli elections on behalf of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which he said was motivated by domestic politics.

“I was part of the very small group of individuals that tried to facilitate at the request of Israeli prime ministers Rabin, Peres, and Barak an effort to negotiate with Bashar Assad’s father Hafez, and we came pretty close to actually concluding a deal which by Israel would have surrendered the Heights in exchange for normalized relation with Syria,” he said. “I’ve been around negotiations most of my professional life.”

“My head is exploding,” Miller said of the announcement. “The president of the United States in less than 280 characters presumably, I didn’t count them, basically overturns six decades of American policy.”

“And the reason? The logic? The rationale, the justification?” he continued. “To directly and willfully intercede in an Israeli election campaign, very close with the prime minister now under preliminary indictment, for the first time in his career facing a credible challenger.”

“This was an effort, and I would argue gratuitous to essentially do everything President Trump can to make sure that Benjamin Netanyahu becomes the next prime minister of Israel,” Miller went, on, admitting that the U.S. has “played favorites with respect to Israeli prime ministers” in the past.

“But re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu is not a compelling national interest of the United States,” he said. “I know why the president chose to do this. It’s pure and unadulterated domestic politics.”


The Trump family has dangerously blurred the lines between foreign lobbying and espionage: Ex-FBI agent

Raw Story

Former FBI special agent Clint Watts told MSNBC on Thursday that it almost didn’t really matter if sex spa owner Cindy Yang’s interactions with President Donald Trump amounted to espionage or lobbying — the real issue is that everyone, including foreign countries, sees the president and his family as “open for influence.”

“In this case, Ms. Yang, you can’t tell what’s influence, you can’t tell what’s espionage, you can’t tell what is just good political donations,” Watts said. Lobbying, he added, was traditionally a “very formalized” process. “But in this case, we just see open doors and access.”

“We’ve even seen reports of foreign countries saying ‘we should go at Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, they are open for influence, let’s try and nudge up to them,'” Watts continued. “Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a spy. It’s a great way to advance your interest for a very low cost, and the doors seem to be wide open on this White House.”

That radical departure from established norms was the reason so many of Trump’s associates were running afoul of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), Watts said.

“I think that’s why you’re seeing from the Mueller investigation this reoccurring theme of going after the FARA act, and are we going to enforce it or not,” he said, adding that the “focus on Ms. Yang” was a dead end, and offering advice for Congress.

“I know that is a sensational story, but I think a better question Congress can be asking when it comes to counterintelligence is just go to the intelligence community and ask one simple question,” Watts said. “‘How many times since the Trump Administration started have we seen espionage targets that we believe are trying to penetrate the U.S. government show up at the White House, or Mar-a-Lago, with Trump campaign people.’ You don’t need to be specific on those but it will tell you the severity of the problem.”


Top Intel Dem warns the administration is ‘laying groundwork to withhold’ Mueller’s evidence — and blame Comey as an excuse

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet
22 Mar 2019 at 22:08 ET                   

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has been at the forefront of Democratic and Congressional oversight of President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and the ongoing special counsel investigation. And Thursday evening, he published an op-ed in USA Today warning that the Trump administration appears to be planning to withhold key parts of Robert Mueller’s final report from the American people.

“Last week, the House voted 420-0 to make special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings and report public,” he wrote. “With narrow redactions for classified information, we expect the public release not only of Barr’s report regarding Mueller’s activities but also of Mueller’s complete report to the attorney general.”

He noted that Attorney General William Barr, who under regulation has discretion about which parts, if any, of a final report he releases. Any substantial exercise of this authority, Schiff argued, is “completely unacceptable.”

He continued:

    The Justice Department and the intelligence community are obligated to share with the intelligence committees any counterintelligence findings and information related to the president or those in his orbit, including evidence collected by the special counsel’s office or ancillary investigations by the FBI. If the president or anyone around him has been compromised by a hostile foreign power — whether criminal or not — that compromise must be exposed to protect the country.

    Nevertheless, there are troubling suggestions that the attorney general may resist. In recent public remarks, the outgoing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein cast doubt on the need for transparency. Last week, two anonymous sources described as senior department officials told ABC News that if Justice chose to withhold information from Mueller’s investigation, doing so would be consistent with past practices.

On Twitter, he said that DOJ is “laying the groundwork to withhold evidence from the American people” which “would pose a great danger to our country.”

When Democrats were in the minority of the House in 2017 and 2018, Schiff consistently pointed out that Republican efforts to obtain information about the Hillary Clinton email investigation from the department seemed to stretch accepted precedent — precedent that now means that Congress is entitled to extensive disclosures about the Mueller probe.

But in his op-ed, he said that the Justice Department plans to “blame” its disclosures in the Clinton email case on former FBI Director James Comey and the fact that he initially broke protocol by discussing his conclusions in that case openly and before Congress. Schiff pointed out that this is a ridiculous double standard, particularly when the subject of the Mueller probe is much more crucial to the integrity of the U.S. government and the security of the country. Schiff could also have noted, though he didn’t, that the “Comey factor” could also apply in this case, since he openly discussed the ongoing investigation, first in Congress and since then as a private citizen.

“Finally, the Justice Department’s policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted makes the need for transparency even more compelling,” Schiff concluded. “If the department holds that the president cannot be indicted, but at the same time withholds evidence of his wrongdoing from Congress and the public — that is a recipe for impunity.”


BUSTED: Jared Kushner has been using WhatsApp and his personal email to conduct White House business

Raw Story

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner has been using the encrypted messaging service WhatsApp and his own personal email account to conduct official White House business, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has revealed.

Politico reports that Cummings first learned about Kushner’s use of the app last December, when Kushner attorney Abbe Lowell informed him and former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-NC) about it. Lowell said that Kushner’s use of WhatsApp for official government business was perfectly legal and added that “Kushner takes screenshots of his messages and forwards them to his White House email in order to comply with records preservation laws.”

Cummings is now demanding that the White House hand over documents related to Kushner’s use of the app, which he has reportedly used to communicate with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The congressman may issue subpoenas forcing the White House to comply if it doesn’t hand over the Kushner-related documents by April 4th.

Lowell also told Cummings that first daughter Ivanka Trump has been conducting official business through her personal email account and has not been forwarding all messages that she receives on it to her official White House account, which Cummings suggested was “a violation of the Presidential Records Act.”


‘Naive’ Kushner destroyed by CNN analyst for using an app ‘you download for free’ to share secret government business

Raw Story

On Thursday, CNN analyst Susan Hennessey railed against Senior White House aide and President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, after it was revealed that he used his personal WhatsApp account to conduct government business.

“Is there a national security concern if Jared Kushner communicates with foreign leaders over WhatsApp?” CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked.

“Of course. WhatsApp is not a secure communication channel,” Hennessey said. “The United States government spends millions of dollars every single year, some of the finest mathematicians in the entire world focused on providing secure communications for government officials. Jared Kushner has decided he wants to use an app you can download for free on your phone.”

She added, “The bigger security concern here isn’t just what foreign intelligence services might be looking at, certainly they’re all trying to get these messages. But the communications he is having. The U.S. Government is all on the same team.”

“They have to communicate with one another. The military has to talk to the State Department, and they have to talk to the Pentagon. They need to be able to be on the same page,” she explained.

“Kushner is freelancing, and that puts our government at a disadvantage. Now we have foreign adversaries in some cases who know more about U.S. policy than we do,” she said.

“It raises the question about whether or not Jared Kushner might be taken advantage of. We have seen foreign intelligence services reportedly think he is ripe for manipulation. He is naive and inexperienced, has a high level of access and complex business relationships. This is the perfect storm of a grave national security threat,” she said.


Jared and Ivanka are not moderates — these vacuous looters epitomize the corrupt Trump presidency

Heather Digby Parton, Salon - COMMENTARY
22 Mar 2019 at 09:28 ET                   

In the new book “Kushner, Inc.” by Vicky Ward, Jared and Ivanka — people so famous everyone refers to them by their first names — are revealed as exactly what one would expect: spoiled, arrogant, narcissistic, corrupt and recklessly overconfident. As tempting as it is to mock them, it would be a mistake. These two vacuous socialites are a perfect reflection of the inept celebrity president who sits in the White House where all three wield unimaginable power over the lives of every person on this planet.

For Donald Trump to bring his daughter and son-in-law into the White House at all is inappropriate. Everyone knows that nepotism is a poison in any organization but it becomes truly noxious in one as chaotic as the Trump administration. You can’t fire your own relatives if they screw up, and the hierarchy is always skewed by their special access to the top. It’s possible that a mature, seasoned, intelligent leader could handle such a situation with some finesse. Needless to say, President Trump is not that.

I think most people believed early on when he brought the two into the administration that it was more a security blanket than anything serious. He didn’t really understand how the government or the presidency worked and it was understandable that he would want some people around him to confide in and help him get his bearings. Nobody, however, expected that he would defy all logic and actually task them with anything important but he did. Apparently, they both were perfectly happy to take the ball and run the world with it, despite having virtually no experience doing anything but working in their family businesses and running from one disaster after another.

According to Ward, these two callow scions have no doubts about their abilities. She writes of Ivanka that “her father’s reign in Washington, D.C., is, she believes, the beginning of a great American dynasty.” Ivanka herself apparently told former White House economic adviser Gary Cohn that she expected to be president someday. (As I recall, it was reported at one time that she and Jared had chattered among friends about which one would be president first.) Did I mention they are arrogant?

Ward makes it clear that the image of “Javanka” being moderating influences in the administration is nothing more than hype. We’ve known from the beginning that the two are quite adept at playing the media but it appears that in reality they don’t just fail to moderate Donald Trump, they don’t believe they have to. Perhaps the most widely shared anecdote in the book happened after the president’s ghastly remarks about the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. Her response to Cohn’s concerns was to say, “My dad’s not a racist; he didn’t mean any of it. That’s not what he said.”

Considering the president’s utter lack of concern over the international white nationalist movement that has inspired a number of horrific mass killings, including the shocking massacre last week in New Zealand, it’s pretty clear that Ivanka either doesn’t know her father or just doesn’t care. Either way, any sense that she’s “the empathetic one” can be put to rest.

As for Jared, he’s been given the portfolio for world peace. He seems to believe that he is preternaturally capable despite never having done much of anything aside from running a vanity newspaper and nearly running his family’s real estate empire into the ground. Much like his father-in-law, he does appear to be willing to go to any length to wriggle out of a jam. Being at the right hand of the president of the United States has offered him plenty of opportunities.

Even while serving in the White House, Kushner had no compunction about meeting with Chinese bankers and representatives for the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar to secure a loan for a white elephant building that was about to bankrupt his family business. The book describes former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson telling Kushner that his advice to the president to endorse Saudi Arabia’s aggressive diplomatic and strategic campaign against Qatar, an important American ally, “had endangered the US.” There is no evidence that Kushner cared. He got his loan.

It’s hardly surprising that every U.S. intelligence agency strongly urged that Kushner not be given a security clearance. According to the book, Tillerson had heard “chatter” between Kushner and his buddy, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, belittling Tillerson. Whatever Jared has been up to, the intelligence community probably knows about it. None of that mattered. The president overruled his intelligence chiefs and gave both Jared and Ivanka the top security clearances they shouldn’t have.

What comes through most clearly in the book is that these people do not understand the way the law or national security work. From barging into confidential meetings with attorneys to using their own email addresses — after pillorying Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing — to treating anyone and everyone with total disdain and disrespect, they wander through the White House at will, wrecking centuries of protocol and wreaking chaos, serving themselves above all. They’re not actually helping the president do the right thing, not that they would know how to. They don’t know what the right thing is. Neither do they care.

But like Donald Trump, his daughter and son-in-law seem to have a feral survival skill. Nearly everyone with any qualifications has butted heads with the two of them, and even the president apparently tried to figure out a way to get them to quit. But they have hung in there and outlasted virtually everyone else in Trump’s inner orbit.

These two people are recklessly messing with the world as if it’s just another con game, in which they’ll take their profits before moving on to the next chapter of their spoiled, mindless lives. It’s not at all obvious that the mess they are making will be fixable.


Rosenstein’s confidential letter to Senate Republicans offers road map for the remainder of the Mueller probe: report

Raw Story

A letter sent from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to Senate Republicans last June may provide a road map for the remainder of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

ABC News reported that the letter, which had not yet been publicized until Thursday, quotes now-Attorney General Bill Barr, who previously appointed three special counsels when he was attorney general under President George H.W. Bush.

In the letter, Rosenstein argued that the Justice Department cannot and should not include in a special counsel report “disparaging or incriminating information about anybody who has not been charged with a crime.”

“Punishing wrongdoers through judicial proceedings is only one part of the Department’s mission,” the deputy AG wrote. “We also have a duty to prevent the disclosure of information that would unfairly tarnish people who are not charged with crimes.”

“In fact, disclosing uncharged allegations against American citizens without a law-enforcement need is considered to be a violation of a prosecutor’s trust,” Rosenstein added.

Sources close to the Mueller investigation told ABC that they believe no more indictments will come down from the special counsel’s office before his investigation is over.


Trump’s own economists now agree: The GOP tax cuts are a failure

Igor Derysh, Salon
22 Mar 2019 at 22:43 ET     

President Trump’s hand-picked Federal Reserve chairman and White House economic advisers admitted this week that the Republican tax cuts are failing to deliver the economic growth the president promised.

Trump repeatedly claimed that the Republicans’ $1.5 trillion tax cut primarily aimed at corporations and the rich would pay for itself with annual economic growth above 3 percent. Trump went as far as to claiming the cuts might lead to a GDP growth of 6 percent.

Trump’s White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) released an analysis in 2017 showing that slashing corporate taxes by 15 percent would lead to GDP growth of 3 to 5 percent.

On Tuesday, the CEA released a revised report showing that the economic gains will fall far short of their initial forecast.

According to the CEA, growth is projected to slow to 2.5 percent by 2022 and then decline to 2 percent by 2026. Even that estimate is rosy, according to most economists, the Washington Post reports, who expect projected growth to fall to 2 percent well before 2026.

The CEA numbers are more optimistic than those of independent economists because the White House must assume that all of Trump’s policy proposals will be implemented, the New York Times reports, including his improbable call to make individual tax cuts permanent, an infrastructure package Trump has stopped mentioning, and a rollback of regulations that states themselves would have to implement, which is not under the control of the federal government.

The CEA estimate predicts a strong 3.2 percent growth in 2019, but that number was contradicted by Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell on Wednesday.

Powell said in a news conference that GDP growth is slower than expected and the Fed now projects 2.1 percent growth in 2019, well below the White House estimate, and just 1.9 percent growth in 2020.

Powell said that consumer spending and business investment “suggest that growth is slowing somewhat more than expected.” As a result, the Fed is not expected to raise interest rates at all this year over concerns about the slowed growth.

Kevin Hassett, Trump’s top economic adviser, told the Post that the analysis was wrong because the administration was able to achieve 3.1 percent growth over the last year.

“Everyone said we wouldn’t get 3.1 percent,” Hassett said. “We’re relying on the same analysis because nothing has come up which suggests to us it’s not going to happen.”

 on: Mar 22, 2019, 04:30 AM 
Started by Rad - Last post by Darja

EU shows united front on Brexit, loss of confidence in May

New Europe

BRUSSELS  — European Union leaders took back control of the Brexit process from British Prime Minister Theresa May, saying Friday they believe the risks were too great and that action was needed to protect the smooth running of the world's biggest trading bloc.

May's mantra since the Brexit referendum in 2016 has always been about "taking back control" of U.K. affairs from the EU. But leaders from the bloc showed at a Brussels summit that they too have a big say in how Brexit ends up, as the political tussle resumes in the British Parliament over how to proceed.

In a move that underlined their loss of confidence in May as she battles for her political survival, the leaders set two deadlines for Britain to leave or to take an entirely new path in considering its EU future.

At marathon late night talks in Brussels, they rejected May's request to extend the Brexit deadline from March 29 — just one week away — until June 30. Instead, the leaders agreed to extend the date until May 22, on the eve of EU elections, if she can persuade the British parliament to endorse the Brexit deal. Failing that, May would have until April 12 to choose a new path.

"British politicians are incapable of implementing what the people asked them," French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters. "This crisis is British. In no way must we (the EU) become stuck in this situation, so that is why we have given two deadlines. We are organized."

The aim of the EU move is to ensure that Britain doesn't take part in the May 23-26 elections if it is leaving. Candidates for the Europe-wide polls, being held amid deep concern that mainstream parties could lose seats to anti-immigrant groups and populists, must be enrolled by April 12.

"The U.K. government will still have a choice of a deal, no-deal, a long extension or revoking Article 50. The 12th of April is a key date," said EU Council President Donald Tusk, who chaired the summit.

The leaders seized hold of the Brexit process when May — after repeated questioning — proved unwilling, or perhaps unable, to tell them what she planned to do next week if she fails yet again to convince a skeptical British Parliament to endorse the deal, EU officials said.

"We have to move forward. Our citizens, our companies have to be able to understand what the choice of the British Parliament is. We hope that it will be a rational choice, that it will be a choice to maintain close economic and security links with the European Union," Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said Friday.

"We are now waiting for the British to say clearly to the European Union what they want for the future," he told reporters. The legally-binding Brexit agreement May sealed with her EU partners last November has been twice rejected by British legislators, once by a historic margin, and she has already angered the legislators by suggesting they are responsible the impasse.

"If Parliament does not agree a deal next week, the EU Council will extend Article 50 until 12 April," May said, referring to the EU treaty article governing Brexit. "At this point we would either leave with no deal, or put forward an alternative plan."

May also moved to heal the wounds caused by her televised speech to the public Wednesday evening — which some legislators slammed as "toxic" and a "low blow," saying that she had "expressed my frustration. I know that MPs are frustrated too. They have difficult jobs to do."

"I hope we can all agree, we are now at the moment of decision," May said. The Brexit battle now shifts back to Britain's Parliament. Pro-EU lawmakers said the bloc's decision showed that May needed to change course and consider alternatives to her rejected deal. They plan an attempt next week to force a change of direction by setting out a series of votes in Parliament on alternatives, including a plan to keep close economic ties with the EU.

"We need to open up this process because we have rejected her deal, we've rejected no-deal, the EU has decided to give us a little more time and we've really got to get on with it," said Labour Party lawmaker Hilary Benn, who chairs the House of Commons Brexit committee.

"This won't work if the prime minister is not prepared to move an inch," he said. "I'm afraid that's the story of the last two and three-quarter years."

Raf Casert and Jill Lawless in Brussels, and Danica Kirka in London, contributed to this report.

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