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Started by Linda - Last post by Linda

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Started by Linda - Last post by Linda
Hi Shawn,

Thank you so much for sharing your story here in such great detail! It really helps others to learn about placing "ultimate meaning" on something or someone, and then why it gets dissolved.

Skywalker has explained the WHY? of it.  

Neptune (unconditional love) is the higher octave of Venus (conditional love). The energy of Neptune is formless - it knows no boundaries. It can represent the most beautiful and most painful of human EMOTIONS. It can be illusion or illumination.

Word Origin: from Latin "illūsiō" - deceit
- a false appearance or deceptive impression of reality
- a false or misleading perception or belief; delusion
- (psychology) a perception that is not true to reality, having been altered subjectively in some way in the mind of the perceiver.  

- the act of illuminating or the state of being illuminated
- a source of light
- spiritual or intellectual enlightenment; insight or understanding
- the act of making understood; clarification

Now that you are relatively at ease with Neptune, higher manifestations are coming forth!

The following correlates to your Venus in Aquarius (objectivity) in the 8th house square to your Moon (the ego or self-image - be aware of the "illusion" that the ego is not "ultimately" what you are).

From EA Glossary:

Projections, delusions, expectations

Unless any reality is ‘objectively’ understood for what it is, whatever that reality is, then the Soul will project what they think that reality is into any situation that is not objectively understood. Projecting onto someone else what we think they need can be associated with Libra because Libra is naturally linked to Aquarius and Gemini through its own natural triad. (Rad)

Astrologically speaking, Aquarius is the archetype that correlates with projections (from our own unconscious). These projections can be based on past traumas (ie this reminds me of my ex-partner, old friend, parents, etc.) which are then cast onto the person who you are involved with now. These projections can also be based on the person’s own unconscious inner dynamics/structure that are then cast onto others. In other words, the person projects what is inside themselves onto others. Aquarius correlates to the individuated unconscious and also to the dynamic of trauma. The projections that can surface within this archetype can be linked with the need to objectify and hopefully release what is stored/unresolved within the unconscious. [The situation you are describing] also sounds like dynamics that are linked with unconscious expectations that get projected upon others within relationships.

Astrologically speaking, expectations are linked with the archetype of Libra. Libra correlates with the nature of our expectations within relationships and our ability (or inability) to reach a balanced state of giving and receiving within relationships. Libra correlates with extremities, and the need to reach a state of balance relative to such extremities. Delusion/fantasy correlates with the archetype of Pisces. Pisces symbolizes the need for ultimate meaning, and to bring to closure an entire cycle of evolution in order to prepare for a new cycle which begins in the Aries archetype. When ultimate meaning is ‘projected’ externally within a relationship it is all too easy to fall into fantasies and delusions (infatuation) about the other person regardless of how much actual contact there has been.

The core point within this is that these types of projections and delusions are based on a need for ultimate meaning/fulfillment within life which we try to find in a variety of external sources. (There is a natural inconjunction between the Libra/Pisces archetypes which reflects the crisis of disillusionment that so many of us have experienced because of this dynamic in which our expectations/need for ultimate meaning are not met.) Pisces also correlates to the need to meet the need for ultimate meaning through creating a relationship with the Divine. Pluto Vol. 2 goes into a wonderful in-depth description of the connection between the Taurus, Libra, and Pisces archetypes and how these archetypes correlate with the need in all of us to progressively internalize (Taurus) our need for ultimate meaning through union with Spirit/the Divine (Pisces) and to reach a state of balance within our relationships (Libra). (Deva)

 on: Nov 27, 2014, 01:26 PM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Jen
Hi Linda, Upasika and all, Thank you once again! What an amazing learning experience this is. I look forward to the year ahead with great enthusiasm.

 on: Nov 27, 2014, 10:24 AM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Shawn Rollins
Thanks Skywalker.  I DO feel like it's been a pattern.  I remember growing up and always just wanting to find the 'one'.  It was always in the back of my head.  I realize we all need to grow and evolve, but my perspective was such that I always desired to grow together WITH someone.  What's the fun in 'growing' all alone?  Know what I mean?  You and me against the world...!

I always wanted the relationship showcased in "What Dreams May Come"...THAT extreme connection.

Anyway...maybe that's why I came in with Venus in Aq in the 8th squared to my moon....trying to bring in some detachment of sorts.  These 2 conflicting energies have always been a challenge for me. One brings intense attachment and the other detachment. 

Funny thing, I finally feel clear enough to revisit my EA studies.  And when I say finally...I right this moment...after 1.5 years of serious depression. All these EA light bulbs are lighting up for me.  I seriously feel like this closure has lifted the world off my shoulders. I feel lighter, I feel joy..I feel like I'm coming back from the dead.

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Started by Rad - Last post by Rad

‘Exotic’ orcas visit inland waters in unprecedented numbers

A boom in seal and sea lion populations may be luring killer whales that normally prowl offshore and far to the south of Washington and British Columbia.

By Sandi Doughton

Killer whales from a mysterious population rarely seen in the Pacific Northwest have been venturing into the inland waters of Washington and British Columbia in apparently unprecedented numbers this fall.

Most of the sightings have come from around British Columbia’s Vancouver Island and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, said Ken Balcomb, of the Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island.

Sometimes called exotic or outer-coastal orcas, the visitors belong to a subgroup that normally prowls the edge of the continental shelf off California, though individuals can range as far north as Alaska. They’re part of the larger West Coast population of so-called transient orcas that feed on marine mammals.

The exotics have not been spotted in Puget Sound, where the resident orcas are mainly salmon-eaters.

Since September, Mark Malleson of Victoria-based Prince of Whales Whale Watching, has spotted groups of outer-coastal killer whales five times — more than he’s ever seen in his 18 years in the business.

No one really understands what’s drawing the animals in, said Brad Hanson, a wildlife biologist for the Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle. “Frankly, we don’t know a lot about the movement of these whales on the outer coast.”

An increase in the population of transient orcas could be driving the shift, but so could a boom in the seals and sea lions the whales prey upon, Hanson added.

Malleson, who also conducts whale surveys for the Canadian government, knows most of the region’s resident orcas by sight — and is even familiar with several of the transients who regularly cruise through the region.

So he quickly recognized the strangers. “They have a little bit of a different look to them,” Malleson said. “They’re just a little fatter and sassier.” The outer-coastal killer whales are also more wary of boats than Puget Sound orcas, tend to dive for much longer periods and fall silent before attacking their prey.

Malleson was able to identify several individuals using a photo database.

In early November, he watched one group of three converge on a seal in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. “They don’t waste time,” he said. “Bam! And then they divide it up and share it.”

The exotic orcas don’t pose any danger to resident killer whales, nor do the groups interbreed, Balcomb said.

While transient whales are thriving off the coast, Puget Sound’s resident orcas continue to dwindle. This year’s census of 78 animals is the lowest in 30 years, Balcomb said. The birth of a baby this summer was widely celebrated, but the calf perished within a few weeks.

 on: Nov 27, 2014, 08:47 AM 
Started by Steve - Last post by Rad
Obama using Clean Air Act to craft bold environmental legacy

The Supreme Court could still overturn much of President Obama’s environmental legacy, although the justices have upheld the regulations in three significant cases.

The New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Obama could leave office with the most aggressive, far-reaching environmental legacy of any previous occupant of the White House. Yet it is possible that not a single major environmental law will have passed during his two terms in office.

Instead, Obama has turned to the vast reach of the Clean Air Act of 1970, which some legal experts call the most powerful environmental law in the world.

Faced with a Congress that has shut down his attempts to push through an environmental agenda, Obama is using the authority of the act passed at the birth of the environmental movement to issue landmark regulations on air pollution, from soot to smog, to mercury and planet-warming carbon dioxide.

The Supreme Court could overturn much of Obama’s environmental legacy, although the justices have upheld the regulations in three significant cases. More challenges are expected, the most recent of which was taken up by the court Tuesday.

The act, however, was designed by lawmakers in a Democrat-controlled Congress to give the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which was created at the same time, great flexibility in its interpretation of the law.

“It’s the granddaddy of public-health and environmental legislation,” said Paul Billings, a vice president of the American Lung Association. “It empowers the EPA and states to be bold and creative.”

Gina McCarthy, the EPA administrator, credits the act for the authority that Obama claims in setting environmental policy. “The administration is relying very heavily on this tool that Congress provided us 44 years ago,” she said.

Taken together, the Clean Air Act regulations issued under Obama have led to America’s first national policy for combating global warming and a fundamental reshaping of major sectors of the economy, specifically auto manufacturing and electric utilities. The rules could ultimately shut down existing coal-fired power plants, freeze construction of new coal plants and end demand for the nation’s most polluting fuel.

Republicans and the coal industry have attacked the new rules as a “war on coal.”

Obama’s most recent regulation, proposed Wednesday, would curb factory and coal-plant emissions of ozone, a smog-causing pollutant linked to asthma, heart disease and premature death. That regulation is the latest of six intended to rein in emissions of hazardous pollutants from factory and power-plant smokestacks, including soot, mercury, sulfur and nitrogen oxide.

The most consequential regulations are those that cut emissions of carbon dioxide, dispersed from automobile tailpipes and coal plants and which contributes to global warming.

More rules are coming: By the end of the year, the EPA is expected to announce plans to regulate the emission of methane at natural-gas production facilities.

Republicans and industry leaders have attacked the rules as “job-killing” regulations. Among the fiercest critics is Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who is expected to take over as Senate majority leader in the next Congress and whose home state is a major producer of coal. McConnell has vowed to block or delay the administration’s regulations.

Although the EPA regulations are the target of Republican ire, in 1970 the Clean Air Act passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, clearing the Senate with a vote of 73-0. President Nixon, a Republican, signed the bill into law.

Another Republican president, George H.W. Bush, approved a 1990 update to the Clean Air Act, which strengthened the EPA’s authority to issue regulations. McConnell was among the 89 senators who voted for passage. “I had to choose between cleaner air and the status quo,” he said at the time. “I chose cleaner air.”

The 1990 update of the Clean Air Act also included requirements that the EPA issue, and periodically update, regulations on pollutants such as ozone and mercury. Some of Obama’s new regulations are the result of that requirement.

Obama, however, is the first president to use the law to fight global warming. After failing to push a new climate-change law through Congress aimed at curbing greenhouse-gas pollution, the president went back to the Clean Air Act.

 on: Nov 27, 2014, 08:39 AM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Skywalker
Hi Shawn Rollins,

What you describe sounds like a Pluto transit and it seems you have transiting Pluto right on the cusp of the Seventh House. Not going into personal chart analysis but just in order to exemplify how it seems to be a Pluto transit and a "Neptunian projection of Ultimate Meaning" that then becomes a source of stagnation if continued, disillusionment after disillusionment, in which Pluto, the Soul, will then desire to evolve beyond the limitations caused by these dynamics.

 With your South Node, Moon and Neptune all in your Fifth House in Scorpio, in Balsamic phase to one another, it can indicate a closing of a long period of projecting these types of ultimate projections upon intimate others, who become a symbol of evolution, pleasure and ultimately give a sense of purpose and meaning to life. With Pluto entering the Seventh House and Uranus squaring Pluto, it can correlate with an inner need to liberate from outmoded, conditioned relationship patterns, in order to evolve, as you may have reached an evolutionary limit, Pluto, relative to how you deal with relationships and the ultimate importance you give to them.

That is what it seems like to me.

All the best

 on: Nov 27, 2014, 08:02 AM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Shawn Rollins
I'm going through a Neptunian type of experience now.  Figure I'll share it here.  First off, for me, Neptune sees what it wants to see..despite reality. I have been in the fog of a very painful disillusionment for over a year now...until this past weekend when I got closure...and subsequent fog lift.

I have Neptune in Scorpio (22) near my South Node (29) in the 5th, also with a Scorpio Moon (9) squared to Venus in Aq (7) in the 8th.  For the exact moment of closure, the Sun was at 29 Scorpio, the Moon was at 22 Scorpio, Mercury was at 20 Scorpio. Venus was sextile my Venus and Mars was sextile my Sun/Saturn/Chiron. Also, Venus was on her Neptune at 6 Sag.

In my life I have always placed great value...if not ULTIMATE value on finding that one person who's meant to be THE ONE.  I would always try to turn every girl I had a relationship with into my soulmate. Everything and everyone else took a backseat to my relationships. True love is the ultimate meaning right?? It is why we're here right? (This was always my viewpoint).

Well, this time around, the girl I fell for was the one who said that we were soulmates and that she always knew it from childhood.  (She was the sister of my best friend growing up...and she always had a crush on me.)  Anyway...I believed her, of course, I mean come on!  And for awhile she was everything I had ever wanted...EVER.  It was perfect and a dream come true. 

Then her Neptune kicked in and took us into a weird place.  I won't go too far into the details. Just that she had permanent trust issues with men and that ended the relationship.  I felt totally victimized and I am a trustworthy person, but I was treated as though I wasn't..and ultimately was left for it.   
During the entire relationship, transiting Neptune was conj. her sun and she also has Neptune square mercury.  She has a skipped step where my Venus is EXACTLY on her North Node...(I really felt like I was supposed to help her with that skipped step...but I never figured out what that was)  I know EA somewhat...but not enough yet to figure that out. 

I've been in extreme emotional breakdown mode for over a year now, if you can believe that. (But then again...if you look my chart, it will be easy to believe...cuz I'm all water.)  LOL  The breakdowns were
so frequent and so freakin intense, you'd swear like my whole family died or something. That's how much this hurt...and that NOT an exaggeration.  My tears were freakin' hot...literally.  I would 'release' for so long that my stomach always hurt..from the silent screaming.  (Crying w/o making a sound)

Now that I take a step back with some clarity, this entire situation was the perfect setup for Neptune disillusionment.  I got what I always wanted...and put ultimate meaning behind this union...and was truly happier than I have EVER been..and it was taken from me...because...I guess Neptune doesn't like it when you put a another human as the center of your universe.  And that seems kinda messed up... I mean...I was sooooooo happy.

Here's some info, just for information's sake.  Obviously I'm not looking for a reading...Just sharing.

Me: 3/10/66 12:26 PM Rochester, NY
Her: 2/19/72 5:31 PM Sodus Point, NY
Engagement: 4/29/2012 2PM Canandaigua, NY
Closure: 11/21/14 5:08 PM Charlotte,NY - (Rochester is close enough)

Oh I almost forgot, her Saturn on my North Node and my Venus is on her North node.  Who got the better deal there right?Huh?? HAHA

 on: Nov 27, 2014, 05:13 AM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Linda
Hi All,

For me, I can think of two things that would be helpful with my understanding of Evolutionary States and this process.

1) A clearer idea of what behaviors and choices would not be made within a certain state/ sub-state i.e. throw a little oil in the water to see how they divide. (Relying on the more experienced folks here.)

2) From the volunteers, some clear WHY's as to their perceived Evolutionary State i.e. quick run down of examples of real events, circumstances, choices. Evidence vs. conjecture.

Maybe, for the other six we could get the bio/ intake at the same time, and then get into pinning down the state/sub-state?

God bless,

Hello Katherine,


I love your suggestions ~ we will add them to the Volunteer threads.



Note:  All suggestions from EA members regarding how to determine Evolutionary Stage will be added to the upcoming Volunteer threads.  Thank you!

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