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Started by Linda - Last post by cat777
Congratulations! New Baby Girl!!  Welcome to the World :-)

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Started by Linda - Last post by Jen
Hello Linda, Skywalker and everyone, Yes that would be amazing. Thank you! I will think about what questions I have and post tomorrow.


I would like to share my experience of the birth of our baby girl and the New Moon in Aquarius.

On the night of the 19th January as I went to bed, I felt the changes in my body and knew that baby was coming soon. Although maybe not quite as soon as she did  Smiley  The feeling I had soon turned into full labour and only a couple of hours later baby was born. It was an absolutely beautiful experience and completely as I wished it to be..down to the smallest details.

It´s funny because I was expecting some opposition of some kind due to the Pluto oppose Mars transit. I had very specific requests about a natural experience and as little as possible medical interference. I have heard numerous stories of women having to fight for their right to refuse certain medical interventions so was mentally prepared for this.

When we arrived at the hospital we were greeted by the midwife who had assisted the birth of my other daughter. I know that she has the same beliefs as myself and trusts in Mother Nature and mothers intuition. So I didn’t have to say anything, she just did exactly what I wished, without me having to say a word. Baby was born only 20 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. Only my husband, the midwife and myself in the delivery room. A beautiful calm atmosphere. No needles, drugs or anything. I was able to take hold of baby myself and lift her up to my chest as she was born. We stayed for a few hours then went home. There was not a thing I would change about it. It was perfect. Baby is perfect and I feel that our family is complete.

The next day on the New Moon, it dawned on me that everything that is to be the groundwork of my life has been manifested. That the foundation for the life that I wish to live is in place and now it is a matter of nurturing and growing it. It has all been manifested quickly and consciously within the past 3 years. I really feel that I  (and my family as a whole) have entered the next chapter. It is so exciting and unreal to be living your dream, I have to keep pinching myself. I don´t mean that it´s easy but so soul fulfilling and rich.

I will send baby´s birth details to Linda Wink

Much love

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Linda, thanks for posting the synastry chart.

Wow, check out the stelliums. Eleanor had five planets plus the NN in the 8th and Lia has 5 plus the NN in the 1st.  Eleanor had Neptune in the mix while Lila has Saturn instead. Eleanor had Mars and Lia has Chiron in its place. I know Eleanor' s life had war as one of its themes. They were always fighting over the crown back in her day. If Lila Was Eleanor, did these family fights create her soul's deepest wound as symbolized by Chiron?

Lia, the only way you will ever know is to do a past life regression. I'd love to be a fly on the wall, looking at your chart, as your tale spills forth :-)


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Hi Eos,

Thank you for your sharings in such great detail to which I will reply soon.

You and all our volunteers are doing incredibly well and are keeping your end of the bargain.

An invitation is going out to EA members and anyone else reading to join us in this rewarding experience.

Jump in ~ all welcome!



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Hello Kelly,

Questions from Kelly

Thanks for your amazing questions coming straight from the Soul!

I'll be looking to answering some of them soon.  

I'd like to invite others who are reading to join in and help in answering your questions in earnest.



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Hi Lila,

Regarding your Chiron conjunct the North Node, it indicates that the Chiron archetype has been developed prior to this life just as any planet conjunct the North Node indicates. It also indicates that in the current life the Chiron archetype will need to continue to be developed in order for you to keep on evolving in the intended direction as symbolized by the North Node and the Pluto Polarity Point. Relative to becoming a therapist... it doesn´t necessarily mean exactly that but it could mean that you will need to continue the healing process of facing any wounding carried on from the past relative to your own inner need for personal freedom and independence. Maybe you would like to be connected to healing in your own new way, that reflects your individuality and freedom, as symbolized by the Aries stellium in your chart with Chiron there.

Regarding the second Saturn return, I would live in the present moment and not focus too much on the future which depends on the present. I would simply work on whatever projects I am dedicated to and try my best because the learning experiences generally come thru the processes we need to experience. With Chiron and the Aries stellium you may very well need to learn patience in order to complete whatever is initiated, to actually go thru the process till completion.

Hi Skywalker,

Chiron conj North Node, both in Aries

Thanks so much for joining in, Skywalker!   Cheesy

I think Lila is aiming her bow and arrow into the future in preparation for her distinctive calling.  Worry about the future could be regarded as unnatural or distorted (although we all do it!).

I was reading an interesting interpretation of Chiron recently:  Chiron is "the stories we tell ourselves."  I pondered on Chiron's potential rulers, the mutable cross, especially Virgo/Mercury and Sagittarius/Jupiter.  If one is 'thinking' about and 'believing' in a distorted patriarchal 'story' or reality (no matter how innocent it may seem) this could be creating a wounded reality with a painful thorn in the side.  The actual wound does not have a hold over us unless we BELIEVE in the story.  

The process of Chiron is homeopathic:  to inflict constant extreme wounding to make the Soul pay attention to the Chirotic issue which originated in past lives, so that it can be healed.  Sagittarius beliefs are extremely powerful because they create our reality, and Virgo unnatural guilt can stop a Soul from living a natural life.  

Lila's Question: I have another 7 years before my second Saturn return and as much as i would like to think otherwise i sometimes wonder if it wont take until my 2nd Saturn return to realize the projects and dreams i am so focused on manifesting (that is such a long time for someone with so many planets in Aries!) How do you council someone dealing with this dynamic. Especially if you meet the person young and they have years and years ahead of them (i'm closer in age to it now but still).

Lila's Chiron in Aries conj North Node is ruled by Mars in Sagittarius:  beliefs - and a desire to fulfill a distinctive future calling.  There is a constant wounding and healing taking place.  I like how Rose Marcus describes Chiron:


In brief, Pluto correlates to the big picture evolution, Chiron correlates to a specific and key piece of the evolutionary puzzle, so to speak. Within the Chiron signature are found intensified memory imprints. These memory imprints, which are centralized around a core theme as is indicated by the chart details, correlate to standout memories/experiences. These memory pools are formed from our peak experiences, in other words, our critical thresholds and turning points, and as such they are ones that hold a particularly “enlivened” energy charge. (Think of the frictional quincunx aspect – ignites intensified awareness, requires concentrated focus.) Chiron references our greatest wounding experiences (experienced from all angles, wounder, wounded one) and our greatest potential for healing of those wounds, which ultimately serves to transform the conceptualizations of separateness consciousness, and facilitates more holistic (holographic/simultaneous) integration and healing. (Rose)

Chiron conjunct North Node

When Chiron is conjunct the North Node it facilitates the evolutionary forward by creating an added alertness to the content of the North Node and thus provides ready access to the tool kit/content found there. It is a sensitized point, an alert point, a consciousness raising or “raised consciousness” signature. It can be thought of as a skeleton key, one that unlocks many doors. In Chiron’s case, it facilitates a key learning, a specific experiential thread. Through saturation, the repetition or chronic process, Chiron puts intensified concentration and intensified evolutionary pressure on this chart signature. In a sense, Chiron/North Node (or South Node for that matter) holds a particularly magnetized energy charge. Because of this intensified or magnetized activation, one is drawn there. As such it is a signature that serves to accelerate growth and evolution. Chiron cultivates the North Node growth potential in a way that may be viewed as fate or destiny at play. This occurs because of the exceptional experience or talents that ignite a sense of déjà vu, the out of the ordinary or beyond one’s control experiences that irrevocably alter one’s life, or the experiences replayed with such frequency that the individual feels somewhat trapped or doomed to meet up with the learning over and over. Those with Chiron on the North Node can more readily find/access natural talents and resources that serve their own evolution or that can be used in a healing capacity/in healing service for others. These individuals may more readily find a calling in life, may feel that a path of service has been cut out for them (born to do this). Chiron experiences tend to be a mix of both healing and wounding. (Rose)

I'm sure the above will help speed Lila along in her incredible forward momentum!



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Synastry Chart - Lila and Eleanor of Aquitaine

You were right, Cat:  Lila's synastry with Eleanor of Aquitaine is very interesting!

To check for a past life connection, look at aspects between the karmic/evolutionary axes:

-  Lila's Pluto conj Eleanor's North Node

-  Lila's Pluto polarity point conj Eleanor's South Node

-  Lila's South Node conj Eleanor's North Node

-  Lila's North Node conj Eleanor's South Node

-  Lila's Ruler of South Node, Venus, conj Eleanor's Pluto

-  Lila's Ruler of North Node, Mars, conj Eleanor's Chiron

-  Lila's South Node conj Eleanor's Ruler of South Node, Neptune

-  Lila's Pluto conj Eleanor's Ruler of North Node, Mercury

Synastry – past life dynamics

In synastry charts, the location by house and sign of the planetary rulers of the South and North Nodes in one another’s charts correlates with additional and specific past life dynamics (the South Node by house and sign, plus its planetary ruler by house and sign) that we may have shared with another that constitutes subconscious memory associations conditioning our response or reaction to that person, and the North Node by its house and sign location, plus its planetary ruler by house and sign location, that reflect how the next evolutionary step in this life is to be accomplished. The key aspects and dynamics to look for that will give a complete and total analysis involve the South Node, South Node ruler, North Node, North Node ruler, and Pluto. These are described in more detail on page 18, Pluto Vol. 2. (JWG)

Past life connection with historical figures

[Example: A Soul’s birth chart with similarities to Joan of Arc] Using the birth charts alone to determine if someone was so and so in another life simply can’t happen. How many other Souls on this planet will have that same, or very similar, birth chart? It is not UNCOMMON for a given Soul to relate to some historical figure in which their Soul has been, or is, the same or similar. (Rad)

It would require special abilities to be able to see a same Soul scenario.

They could be the same Soul or similar.  Interesting to ponder.   Grin



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Propaganda Aside, Keiko's Rescue Was NOT A Failure


One of the abiding problems that the people organizing to end the captivity of killer whales face is the reality that our mainstream national media -- being mostly corporate entities themselves -- are eager to lap up the falsehood-laden propaganda put out by the marine parks. Even the supposedly non-corporate "independent" media lap it right up.

The marine-park industry's favorite retort whenever anyone wants to talk about returning wild-born captive orcas to their homes -- as many people are now doing about Lolita -- is to claim that the effort to return Keiko, the star of 'Free Willy', to the wild, only resulted in his death.

In fact, you can see Robert Rose, the curator of the Miami Seaquarium and the man responsible for the continued incarceration of Lolita, repeatedly making that claim to gullible TV reporters who were reporting on last week's "Miracle March for Lolita" in Miami:

And sure enough, when PBS reporters covered the story, the same sort of retort was brought up repeatedly by the marine-park defenders -- and yet no one from the anti-captivity side was given any airtime to explain that this was fundamentally false, a gross distortion of the Keiko story.

Instead, what we got was the marine park industry's side ONLY:

    ROBERT ROSE: I mean, she’s gonna die, without question. They are going to take her out there and do exactly the same thing they did to Keiko which is to kill him.

    HARI SREENIVASAN: Keiko was the iconic killer whale that starred in the movie “Free Willy”.

    Keiko was released into the waters off Norway in 2002 but died alone a year later of pneumonia.

    ROBERT ROSE: Unfortunately this didn’t have the Hollywood happy ending where Free Willy jumped over the wall and lives happily ever after.

And then, when viewers protested, the PBS ombudsman's office issued the following lame response:

    It is also true Keiko, the iconic killer whale that starred in the movie “Free Willy,” also had time to acclimate to the wild. A year after Keiko was fully released into the wild, Keiko died. We understand there is a passionate debate around Keiko’s death and whether she was properly prepared for returning to the wild or if she died simply of natural causes. In the future PBS NewsHour may have the opportunity to do an in-depth story about this important debate.

This is aggravating. PBS and its spokesperson betray their hapless ignorance in small ways and big.

Small: The spokeswoman here refers to Keiko as a "she."

Big: If the marine-park industry had had its way, Keiko never would have been moved out of Reino Aventura and almost certainly would have died there by 1996, perhaps 1997 at the latest. Period.

If you go back to 1994 and '95, when the "Free Keiko" campaign was just getting underway, it had been made painfully clear by the entire marine-park industry that Keiko was not going to be leaving Reino Aventura, the tiny, cramped Mexico City pool where he had been held since 1985, anytime soon. None of the other parks wanted him because of his papiloma-virus infection and his rapidly declining health. And they actively sabotaged an agreement between activists and Reino Aventura to place him in a seapen in Iceland.

Instead, the campaign successfully built a new pool for him in Oregon, bought him from Reino Aventura, and moved him there in January 1996. He was moved a little more than a year after that to the Iceland seapen.

And he wound up living a good life up until late 2003. So the campaign to free Keiko bought him more than seven more years of life.

And they were pretty damned good years, especially for a large male captive orca whose previous life had mainly been stuck inside tiny concrete pools. His pool in Oregon was the nicest orca pool in the world, and he regained his health there, losing the papiloma virus and gaining large amounts of weight. His Icelandic seapen was even better; he grew healthy and strong there, and relearned how to hunt on his own quite efficiently.

Keiko was functionally free beginning in the summer of 1999, allowed to roam at will out of his seapen, but returning voluntarily until that day in August 2002 when he hooked up with a pod of wild orcas and never came back, showing up in Norway instead and reestablishing contact with humans.

The Keiko experiment was not a failure except in reaching a final goal that the industry had a direct hand in ensuring was never reached -- namely, a positive identification of his familial pod so he could be reunited with them. What we learned from Keiko is that such identification is vital to a complete reintegration.

But in every other regard, this was a successful reintroduction to the wild. He learned to feed himself. He was independent. He clearly appeared to be healthy and happy, right up until just before he died. And the lung infection he died from may well have been contracted in captivity anyway.

I quote Paul Spong on this subject in my forthcoming book, Of Orcas and Men: What Killer Whales Can Teach Us. Here's what he says:

    “My belief is that Keiko would have needed direct contact with members of his immediate family and community in order to fully integrate back into a life in the wild,” says Paul Spong. “That did not happen in Iceland, and it is very unlikely that it would have happened in Norway. However, this does not mean that it could not happen, given the appropriate circumstances. Had more been known about Keiko’s social background, it would have been far easier to put him in contact with members of his family. I do not believe he met his mother or any siblings or close cousins while he was swimming freely in Icelandic waters. He did meet and interact with other orcas, but they were not his kin, so he did not join them permanently. That said, Keiko did get to experience the feel and sounds of the ocean once again, after being surrounded by barren concrete walls for most of his life, and that, I believe, must have come as a profound relief to him. For me, the simple fact that Keiko died as a free whale spells success for the grand project that brought him home. Deniers will deny, spinners will spin, but they cannot erase or alter this truth.”

Click here to watch the propaganda:

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Started by AndreaManik - Last post by Rad
Hi Andrea,

Thank you for writing and asking for help. Normally, we do not allow for personal chart analysis/ guidance on our message board because it would of course lead to an unending stream of requests. The purpose of this EA message board is to teach and help others understand the principles and applications of EA.

From time to time at the discretion of the moderators we do allow for a personal chart analysis/ guidance of an individual when we feel that in so doing that it is in the overall, and best interests of,  teaching and learning EA itself. Typically, this happens when very unique individual situations manifest that we feel would be helpful for those learning EA here, as well as the individual him or herself.

To me Daemon Souls are very unique. So your request strikes me as one of individual Soul conditions that I feel we should try to help you with. If you would like us to do so please supply us with a little more information as to why you feel you are a Daemon soul, and how you feel you have been repressed in the living out, actualization of, your Daemon nature. Also, please supply your birth information so that we can all see your birth chart.

God Bless, Rad


Hola Andrea,

Gracias por escribir y pedir ayuda. Normalmente, no podemos permitir análisis del cuadro de personal/ orientación en nuestro tablero de mensajes porque lleva naturalmente a una serie interminable de las solicitudes. El propósito de esta junta es EA mensaje a enseñar y ayudar a otros a entender los principios y aplicaciones de EA.

De tiempo en tiempo a discreción de los moderadores que permiten un análisis personal y orientación de una persona en la que se siente que de esta manera que es en el conjunto, y el mejor interés de enseñanza y aprendizaje EA. Normalmente, esto ocurre cuando un individuo único manifiesto situaciones que consideramos que sería muy útil para aquellos que están aprendiendo EA aquí, así como a los particulares él o ella.

Demonio que me las almas son muy singulares. Por lo que su petición me parece como uno de Alma individual condiciones que creo que debemos tratar de ayudar a usted. Si usted desea que nosotros por lo que le rogamos que nos de un poco más de información de por qué se siente un demonio alma, y cómo usted siente que han sido reprimidas en la vida, realización de su naturaleza demonio. También, por favor proporcione los datos de natalidad para que todos podamos ver tu carta natal.

Dios los bendiga, Rad

 on: Jan 31, 2015, 09:08 AM 
Started by Steve - Last post by Rad

Democratic Rage Grows Over Planned Netanyahu Address To Congress

Friday, January, 30th, 2015, 7:15 pm   

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is still peeved over Republicans’ decision to ask the leader of Israel — an archenemy of Iran — to address Congress in March right in the middle of delicate negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear program.

Asked Friday if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be well-advised to speak out in favor of heavier sanctions on Iran somewhere other than a joint meeting of Congress, Pelosi said “the opportunities are great,” and noted that the Israeli leader often appears on Sunday talk shows in the U.S.

She also was asked if most House Democrats would attend a Netanyahu speech to Congress. “I don’t know,” Pelosi replied.

“With all the respect in the world for the prime minister, and all the love in the world for the state of Israel, I don’t know that even everyone in Israel is supportive of the invitation,” she told journalists at a Democratic retreat in Philadelphia.

Netanyahu has been an outspoken critic of the international efforts to negotiate a deal with Iran, which does not recognize the Jewish state, and supports anti-Israeli militants like Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas.

He’s sensitive, though, to Israel’s important relationship with the United States.

This week, Netanyahu called Pelosi, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic leader, and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, in hopes of blunting their opposition to the invitation he got from House Speaker John Boehner to address Congress.

Congressional aides say the calls so far have not changed the minds of the senior Democrats, who think the invitation turns sensitive international negotiations to reach an agreement that would prevent Iran from having the capability to develop a nuclear weapon into a partisan ploy.

They say none of the Democratic leaders who spoke with Netanyahu on the phone asked the Israeli leader not to speak to Congress on March 3.

The timing of the speech is at issue too.

March 3 is just 21 days ahead of when the U.S. and its international partners are supposed to have reached a framework agreement with Iran — one that would provide an outline for a more comprehensive deal set to be finalized by the end of June.

Senate Democrats this week offered to withhold their support for legislation that would levy more sanctions on Iran until after March 24, and only then if it doesn’t look like a final deal is going to materialize. Netanyahu’s speech, in which he likely would reiterate his opposition to Iran, would be broadcast from Capitol Hill just as negotiators were trying to wrap up the framework.

Boehner has defended his decision, saying the House is an equal branch of government and has the right to invite the Israeli leader to “talk to the members of Congress about the serious threat that Iran poses and the serious threat of radical Islam.”


Israeli Ambassador Throws John Boehner Under The Bus After Disrespect Of Obama Backfires

By: Sarah Jones
Friday, January, 30th, 2015, 1:43 pm   

The fingers of blame are already pointing in the Netanyahu speech debacle.

In an attempt to justify and mitigate Prime Minister Netanyahu’s acceptance of an invitation to speak to Congress, Ron Dermer, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ambassador to the U.S., basically threw Speaker Boehner (R-OH) under the bus.

Responding via email to questions posed by The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, Dermer tried to backpedal for their egregious end-run around the U.S. President by blaming John Boehner for failing protocol.

In an article entitled, “Israeli Ambassador: Netanyahu Never Meant to Disrespect Obama”, Jeffrey Goldberg started off by asking, “It is widely believed (by, among others, me) that you and your government were making an end-run around the White House. Is this not the case?”

To this, Ambassador Ron Dermer rather desperately tried to appeal to the public, “The survival of Israel is not a partisan issue.” And then he got right to the point of tossing the hot ball at the U.S. House Speaker.

From The Atlantic:

    Now let me tell you the facts. The speaker’s office initially reached out to me regarding the idea of the prime minister giving a speech less than two weeks before an official invitation was sent. We said that we were open to making such an address and went back and forth with the speaker’s office to see if there were potential dates that could work for the prime minister’s schedule and the congressional calendar. The final decision to invite the prime minister was made by the speaker’s office the day before he was invited—and I was informed of it that afternoon.

    It was also made clear to me that it was the speaker’s responsibility and normal protocol for the Speaker’s office to notify the administration of the invitation. That is why I felt it would be inappropriate for me to raise the issue with the administration, including in my meeting with the secretary of state, until the speaker notified them.

    The speaker’s office apparently informed the administration about it the morning of the announcement, around two hours before it was publicized. After it was publicized, we were in contact with administration officials, both here and in Jerusalem. We informed them that we wanted to move the date to March 3 so that it could be combined with a visit to AIPAC that the prime minister was also considering. Once that date was cleared with the speaker’s office, the prime minister officially announced that he would accept the invitation to come and speak.

Asked why his Prime Minister is so sure Obama will strike a weak deal with Iran, Dermer had no good answer, “Israel does not know whether there will be a deal with Iran but we are very concerned about where things are headed.”

Oh. Well, the thing to do about that isn’t to run an end game around the fellow who runs the country and has provided huge support, upon which you are relying.

And while it wasn’t partisan before, Netanyahu just made it partisan. He just cut out all of the Democrats who support Israel and spit in their face by trying to use Speaker John Boehner’s bad judgment as a weapon against the President.

So now Dermer is tossing Boehner under the Netanyahu speech bus, claiming the end run around protocol was not committed on their end, but on the Speaker’s end.

This fiasco reveals the craven politics of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Speaker John Boehner. Boehner, who is suing President Obama a second time, has made attacking the President his only cover for his inability to govern. He has embarrassed himself suing the President over things all sane legal scholars tell him he can’t win and has no case over. Facing his prolonged legislative impotence, Speaker Boehner reached around the world for a leader as desperate as he and found that person in Netanyahu. Ambassador Dermer was the assist.

Netanyahu and Dermer cannot blame Speaker Boehner. In fact, this should be a lesson to world leaders and diplomats everywhere– when John Boehner tries to use you for his own failed agenda, run in the other direction. But Netanyahu is no innocent victim of John Boehner’s politics of desperation.

Netanyahu is sort of the Chris Christie of Israel, and his bullying is getting old. He tried to play BMOC against Obama, in an attempt to puff himself up back home as he faces an increasingly challenging election, but this too is looking like a miscalculation.

There isn’t a bus big enough to save Speaker Boehner or PM Netanyahu from this one. President Obama has been overly generous with both men, in spite of their previous bad behavior. But this is a slap in the face that won’t be forgotten. Obama is not the type of leader to abuse his power by withholding aid or causing suffering to innocents over a slight and this confuses those who do operate that way; they misread Obama’s character as weak.

The President didn’t get elected twice by being “weak”. President Obama will target each of these men individually in a political fight they can ill afford.


Texas Bill Would Let Teachers Shoot And Kill Kids To Protect School Property

By: Keith Brekhus
Friday, January, 30th, 2015, 2:58 pm   

A bill introduced into the Texas House this week would permit teachers to use deadly force against students to protect themselves or others. The law would also allow teachers to use deadly force to defend school property. The measure, euphemistically called “The Teacher’s Protection Act,” was introduced by Republican Representative Dan Flynn. Flynn represents a mostly rural East Texas District that includes Hunt, Hopkins and Van Zandt counties. On his home page, he boasts about the conservative nature of his District as follows:

    The rural district, home to 174,000 proud Texans, values conservative principles and family values, and voted for Governor Romney over President Obama in the 2012 Presidential election by a 4-1 margin.

Flynn’s bill is the “Stand Your Ground” mentality gone mad. Lawmakers with deep red constituencies may feel compelled to write legislation that the NRA will applaud, but it hardly makes for sound, rational public policy. Allowing teachers to execute students simply to protect school property shows how absurd the gun right’s movement has become.

The most extreme portion of the bill is section 38A.003 that permits a teacher to kill in defense of school property. It reads:

An educator is justified in using force or deadly force on school property, on a school bus, or at a school-sponsored event in defense of property of the school that employs the educator if, under the circumstances as the educator reasonably believes them to be, the educator would be justified under Section 9.43, Penal Code, in using force or deadly force, as applicable, in defense of property of the school that employs the educator.

Section 9.43 of the Texas Penal Code reads:

9.43. PROTECTION OF THIRD PERSON’S PROPERTY. A person is justified in using force or deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property of a third person if, under the circumstances as he reasonably believes them to be, the actor would be justified under section 9.41 or 9.42 in using force or deadly force to protect his own land or property and:
1) the actor reasonably believes the unlawful interference constitutes attempted or consummated theft of or criminal mischief to the tangible, movable property: or
2) the actor reasonably believes that:
(A) the third person has requested his protection of the land or property;
(B) he has a legal duty to protect the third person’s land or property; or
(C) the third person whose land or property he uses force or deadly force to protect is the actor’s spouse, parent, or child, resides with the actor, or is under the actor’s care.

This proposed Texas bill would essentially give school teachers a license to kill students who were damaging school property. Students should not vandalize school property, but is it prudent to give teachers the right to impose the death penalty on suspected juvenile delinquents? The Texas state legislature may think the way to stop Middle School kids from spray painting the outside of the school building is to let teachers shoot a few of them, but really there are more sensible ways to address school vandalism. The Texas House should reject this bill in its entirety.


Republican Senator John McCain Erupts And Calls Anti-War Protesters “Low-Life Scum”

By: Justin Baragona
Friday, January, 30th, 2015, 12:10 pm   

During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday, committee chairman Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) flipped out on anti-war protesters from Code Pink and referred to them as “low-life scum.” The hearing was to address global security challenges and the committee had invited former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to speak. Kissinger has long been a target of anti-war demonstrators due to his actions during the Vietnam War.  The protesters showed up with signs and shouted directly at him.

Eventually, McCain interrupted and angrily shouted down the protesters, claiming that he’d never seen anything “as disgraceful” since he’s served on the committee.

    “I’ve been a member of this committee for many years and I have never seen anything as disgraceful and outrageous and despicable as the last demonstration that just took place. You know, you’re going to have to shut up or I’m going have you arrested…Get out of here you low-life scum!”

Below is video of the interaction, courtesy of C-SPAN:

On one hand, it is understandable that a chairman overseeing a hearing is going to angrily react to a demonstration interrupting the proceedings. Especially if protesters are verbally attacking a guest who was brought forth to speak at a hearing. Regardless of your thoughts on free speech and right to protest, in the end, nobody running a scheduled meeting wants to deal with people shouting and causing a scene. It is natural for a person to ask those who are interrupting to leave or be quiet.

Now, on the other hand, the manner in which McCain reacted continues to paint him as a man with legitimate anger issues who cannot stand those who protest against war. Calling anti-war protesters “low-life scum” and saying, per an official statement, that a small protest is the worst thing he’s seen during his time in Congress shows his mindset. In his statement, McCain tried to make it appear that he reacted with such hyperbole because he believed Kissinger was being physically threatened by the protesters. OK, Code Pink demonstrators in a public hearing were totally going to whale on a 91-year-old guy. Got it.

Some gave their reactions on Twitter over McCain’s outburst.

    Henry Kissinger makes John McCain look like the Pope, in the evil department.

    — Ferrari Sheppard (@stopbeingfamous) January 30, 2015

    Dear John McCain: the citizens you referred to as “low-life scum” yesterday had every right to be there in Congress. You serve THEM!!! — Tom Kidd (@FabulousThomasJ) January 30, 2015

    .#JohnMcCain called US Citizens #CodePink “low life scum” 4protesting as he chaired Senate hearing yeah.. he has Presidential Temperament

    — Lizz Brown (@lizzzbrown) January 30, 2015

    almost as outrageous as bombing cambodia MT @SenJohnMcCain Watch @codepink‘s outrageous intimidation of Dr Kissinger… — Oliver Willis (@owillis) January 29, 2015

Regardless of your thoughts on Code Pink or the interrupting of Congressional hearings with protests, one thing is clear — McCain’s well-earned reputation as an unhinged, bitter, angry man remains intact.

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