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Rich Chinese are literally eating this exotic mammal into extinction

21 Oct 2014 at 06:56 ET     

MONG LA, Myanmar — “It’s delicious,” the Chinese waitress says, pointing at the three metal cages on the pavement. Inside each is a pangolin — an odd-looking creature that, over the past decade, has become the most heavily trafficked wild mammal in the world, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

At the moment, each pangolin resembles a ball about the size of a melon, covered in crocodile-like scales.

Sensing danger, the three animals have instinctively curled themselves into tight balls. In the wild, this reflex protects them from predators like bears and large cats. But there’s little defense against wildlife traffickers and well-heeled diners hoping to taste a rare and exotic meat.

This neon-soaked eatery in Mong La, a shabby town in a tiny rebel-held fief on the China-Myanmar border, is just one end-point of a global trade that is pushing the pangolin to the brink of extinction. The main trigger: a soaring demand for their scales and meat, mostly from China and Vietnam.

“The species here in Southeast Asia are getting absolutely hammered by a very large-scale, well-organized, systematic collection and trade to supply demand in China,” says Chris Shepherd, Southeast Asia regional director of the wildlife protection organization TRAFFIC.

In Mong La, pangolins are openly sold in restaurants to border-hopping Chinese tourists. Nearby wildlife boutiques sell pangolin skins and scales immersed in rice wine. At the open-air central market, one Chinese trader offers to sell me the skin of a Sunda pangolin, listed as “critically endangered” by the IUCN, for 200 yuan (about US$32). “Here, feel how soft it is,” she says, running her hands over the grey scales.

A shy, nocturnal animal, the pangolin has a long snout, tough outer scales, and snaking tongue, which it uses to lick up insects. In China, where it is known as lingli, or “hill carp,” in reference to its scaly exterior, pangolin meat has long been prized. The creature’s scales — made from keratin, the same substance as human fingernails and hair (as well as Rhino horn) — are also prescribed by traditional doctors to treat skin disorders and other ailments —despite lacking medical benefits.

The trade in pangolin parts from Southeast Asia to Hong Kong and China has taken place since at least the early 20 th century, according to Dan Challender, co-chair of the IUCN’s Pangolin Specialist Group. From the 1950s to the 1980s, Challender says, pangolin skins were also exported in small quantities to the US and Mexico, where they were used to make shoes and clothes. The “official” exports of these products came to an end in 2000, when the trade in wild-caught pangolins was effectively banned under the international wildlife treaty CITES.

But with China’s boom, demand for pangolins has skyrocketed. For many middle-class Chinese, consuming black-market pangolins is now considered a sign of wealth and status, says Challender, who is writing his PhD on the global pangolin trade.

While conducting research in Vietnam in 2012, Challender witnessed a diner pay $700 for a two-kilogram pangolin. “The creation of urban luxury markets for wild meat, especially where wild meat has been consumed historically, has been a key driver in the trade of pangolins,” he says.

To meet increased demand, pangolins are now harvested and processed illegally on an industrial scale. In one week in March 2008, Vietnamese officials confiscated 23 tons of pangolins at Hai Phong port, part of a shipment making its way from Indonesia to China. In 2010, another 7.8 tons of frozen pangolins were seized in southern China, along with 1,800 kilograms (nearly 4,000 pounds) of scales. Similar hauls have been made more recently en route to the Chinese market.

By the time they are packed into these large shipments, the pangolins are “effectively meat,” Challender says. “They’ve had all the scales taken off, they’ve had all the organs taken out — they’ve been processed industrially.”

In a June report, the Pangolin Specialist Group estimated that more than a million pangolins have been taken from the wild over the past decade, and that populations across Asia were in “precipitous decline.” Of the eight pangolin species, the IUCN now lists four as vulnerable, two as endangered, and two as critically endangered.

With pangolin supplies in China and nearby countries dried up, wildlife traffickers have looked further afield. The newest frontier is Africa. People in countries like Gabon, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, and the Central African Republic have grown more aware of the value of pangolins to international traffickers.

So far this year, more than six tons of African pangolin scales have been seized prior export to Asia — more than the combined total of all previous seizures on the continent. “The pull from China is getting bigger and bigger, and stretches wider and wider,” says Vincent Nijman, a zoologist at Oxford Brookes University in the UK who has studied the wildlife trade in Southeast Asia.

According to Challender the beginnings of an intercontinental trade present nothing short of a “global crisis.”

“The worrying thing is the scale of it. The worrying thing is the number of countries from which African pangolins have been [taken],” he says.

Conservationists say that despite occasional large seizures, and despite pangolins being protected by law in every Asian country other than Brunei and Bhutan, dismantling wildlife trafficking networks remains a low priority.

In Cambodia, Toby Eastoe of Conservation International works with forestry rangers in the thickly-forested Cardamom Mountains, one of the few places in the country where significant populations of pangolins remain.

As in many other countries, the trade in pangolins is driven by poverty and opportunity. For a poor Cambodian villager, finding a live pangolin or accidentally snaring one in the forest is like winning the lottery. A live animal can fetch them anywhere from $100 to $400. “Everybody’s looking for pangolins,” Eastoe says. “It’s one of the most lucrative animals that you can easily get.”

Even while rangers sometimes arrest local people for catching pangolins, few higher up the chain are ever caught. As Eastoe says, “most of the people we arrest are poor. They’re just poor people trying to earn an extra buck.”

Despite all of this, there is some reason for optimism. Awareness of the pangolin’s plight is greater than it has ever been—the necessary first step to the effective enforcement of wildlife laws. And while pangolins only produce one offspring at a time, they can breed in the wild quite quickly, meaning that populations could potentially bounce back quickly if hunting pressure is alleviated.

But without a concerted push to fight trafficking cartels and give teeth to longstanding wildlife treaties, pangolins will remain easy prey. “Their only real defense, other than hiding, is rolling up into a ball,” says Shepherd of TRAFFIC. “They aren’t designed to deal with this sort of threat.”   

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Aries MC ruled by Mars through the Houses

Each Soul has a true life purpose expressed as work or career that plays out relative to its ongoing evolutionary needs. Social functions are expressed differently according to the levels of evolution.

•  Consensus Souls will desire to conform to traditional social functions that are conditioned by family and society.
•  Individuated Souls will desire to de-condition from limited social roles by way of independence, investigation, individuation and an expansion of personal awareness.
•  Spiritual Souls will desire to consciously cooperate with the inner promptings coming from Source, and to work in areas such as teaching and healing.

In terms of the social purpose of Aries on the MC, the desire nature or expression of will is generally expressed through qualities of pioneering, discovery, freedom, independence, physical stamina, leadership, working alone, initiative, narcissism, intolerance, and courage. These Aries qualities on the MC are fused with Capricornian qualities of discipline, persistence, practicality, cautiousness, conformity, maturity, tradition, responsibility, and commitment. Together the complimentary energies of Aries plus the MC manifest as launching anything new then sustaining it, and in turn, the building of long-term structures that are useful to society being sustained by newness, initiative, energy, and creativity.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 1st house
The need to accomplish a goal in society is a direct reflection of the Soul’s sense of special destiny. It will be imperative that the Soul has the freedom and independence to be able to instinctively follow and act upon any impulse that will lead to satisfying its intensely urgent cravings for personal achievement and self-discovery in the social sphere. Desiring to be self-regulated, autonomous, and set its own routine, the Soul will build a sense of personal authority and expertise. Mars in the 1st can be highly competitive, self-assertive, impatient, and wish to “do my own thing.” The Soul will sometimes be conflicted between wanting to fulfill its own personal desires and having to take into account what could be best for others. While the Soul will feel highly motivated to achieve a purpose in society, it can at the same time experience an identity crisis. Anger, frustration and confrontations with others will lead to lessons in equality, listening, and giving consideration to others. Ambition is strong in the cardinal signs and houses. Mars in the 1st house initiates many actions, but the fire may burn out fast.
Keywords:  adventure, zeal, impulsiveness, originality, independence, energetic, conquest, radiance, self-centred, self-directed, strong, courageous, pioneering.
Occupations:  leading causes/campaigns, athlete, salesperson, ideas man/woman, military.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 2nd house
To achieve success in the chosen career, the Soul will have an evolutionary need (closely linked to the biological instinct for survival) to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. There can be an attraction to the financial world, money and wealth in order to maintain a sensual and pleasurable lifestyle. The Soul will wish to build a protective well around itself in order to withdraw, develop its value systems, use its personal talents and resources, and maintain a sense of control in its life. Being overly isolated will lead to confrontations that reveal the limits in the Soul’s value systems. Confronting personal limitations will allow the Soul to open up to others and transform its performance in the world. No matter if the Soul is rich or poor, it will be tested to uphold non-devious means to make money in an honest fashion. Work may be associated with the Earth in some way, eg gardening. Mars in the 2nd house is a fixed fire energy, which keeps the fire going in a steady fashion.
Keywords:  determination, materialistic, extreme fixity, obstinacy, sustaining, resisting change.
Occupations: finance, banks, jewelry, investments, gardening, food, decorating.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 3rd house
The Soul will capitalize upon the structures of communication – writing, speaking, learning, teaching – thoughts, ideas and opinions in order to further its career goals. Creative ideas and thinking patterns are closely linked to the instinctive desire nature. There can be a great deal of professional traveling. It can be difficult to overcome early parental imprints that had conditioned the Soul’s thinking patterns and mental outlook. There will be a need to develop maturity and discipline to tame the scattered mental energies. This can be the salesperson who can “sell ice to an Eskimo.” There is a tendency to move from job to job. The constant collection of information, facts and data will form a significant part of career dynamics, with incoming information reshaping the mental framework and also the structures of the career. All the Mercurial pieces of information will go into forming larger and cohesive structures. The Soul may experience an intellectual crisis, sense of disorientation, or loss of emotional security when new information undermines the old. In this way, there is a process of constant re-building. The evolutionary intention is to learn the deeper meaning behind the information collected by developing the intuitive faculties. Mars in the 3rd house has a tendency to jump from one idea to the next.
Keywords: absorb knowledge, deductive logic, reason, busybody, adaptable, ingenious, instability, easily bored.
Occupations: books, computers, messenger, traveler, post office, journalist, salesperson, advertising, writing, speaking, newsagent.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 4th house
This placement can mean that career activities are connected to one’s home, eg self-employment, home office, family business, homemaker, etc. An emotional imprint in the early life could have had the Soul identifying itself as a separate being, thus the inner sense of self-image or ego can feel no connection to others. Hiding a deep vulnerability by assuming a masculine denial of emotions, the response to any crisis can be to “take action” or to fight back. With the emotions thus squashed, the Soul may feel inadequate and defensively become aggressive or lose its temper often. The evolutionary lesson is to find security within oneself, and not in anything external, by learning to accept responsibility for its actions, quit blaming parental figures, and integrate the personality into the work arena in a mature way. All the energies in this configuration are cardinal in nature which means an instinctual need to initiate change, thus the security associated with the 4th house will be frustrated and result in new realities being born. Ambition is important in this cardinal house. The Soul will become emotionally involved with a variety of people.
Keywords:  moody, protection, security, empathy, tenacity, defensiveness, caring, creative.
Occupations:  social worker, cook, homemaker, baker, psychic, shelter.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 5th house

The Soul’s creative self-expression will be orientated toward a social purpose that is based on being noticed, highly visible, and receiving recognition. The need for power and recognition can be satisfied by way of performance on a larger stage with an audience. The triple dose of fire energy will heighten a sense of special destiny and allow the Soul to take charge and shape its destiny according to the will. The career will be based directly upon creative and artistic urges. If the Soul does not get the recognition that it feels it deserves, emotional problems may ensue. In extreme cases, this can be a God-complex, where the Soul feels that everything should revolve around itself. With a highly charged sexuality, there could be an inclination to create love affairs in the workplace whereby it can receive the love it so desperately needs. Forcing its purpose onto others, the Soul can control the lives of others. The evolutionary intention is to understand why it manipulate others. There is a need to develop an objective focus and to link its special destiny to a social purpose that is important and relevant to societal needs, not just individual needs. This position allows the inspiration and spirit to remain strong in the work area.
Keywords: nobility, ability to sway others, fixity of purpose, finishing what is started, inspiration, confidence, illumination, ruler.
Occupations:  entertainment, leader, creative self-expression, work with children, comedian.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 6th house
The orientation to professional goals will consist of being of service to others which can be fueled by a sense of personal inadequacy, guilt, and self-doubt – and/or discipline, self-improvement and a desire to heal others. There will be a strong desire to create structures that have a practical and useful application for the community. The 6th and 10th houses share a natural earth affinity for stability and dependability. The Soul is able to synthesize its various tools and techniques into a professional focus. The work ethic can be based on an underlying victimization, the psychology of masochism, with the Soul working like a servant or slave. On the other extreme, sadism can mean overly punishing and cruel expectations for self and others in the workplace, and working others to the bone like a slave driver. Constant busyness and workaholic tendencies can lead to personal health issues. There will be an abundant amount of energy to expend. The Soul’s x-ray vision will enable it to point out many flaws within the organizational structure of any business or institution. However, thinking it knows more than anyone else, the suggestions for changes and improvements may not be readily embraced by others as they may threaten the existing structures. Possessing humility and a desire to be of service will see the Soul working tirelessly and very hard. The evolutionary intention concerning any crisis in the workplace will lead to analysis and reflection that will then lead to making the necessary adjustments to one’s own performance or to the organizational structure. The evolutionary intention of fostering self-forgiveness and Divinity will lead to carrying out a true purpose rather than menial work. Mars in the 6th house is an energy of grooming, priming, organizing and preparing the soil for planting with many ideas.
Keywords:  deductive logic, self-sacrifice, reformation, worry, negative thinking, skeptical, analytical.
Occupations: librarian, herbalist, chemist, nurse, detail-oriented work, veterinarian, health, animals.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 7th house
The partner could figure prominently in the Soul’s career or social standing. There will be a great deal of social awareness and the comparison of oneself with others. There could be a desire towards a career that involves social grace and beauty. This placement is a paradoxical signature, a conflict between a primary desire for total freedom and independence, with a desire for partnership. The Soul will live through others, give too much, and be highly attuned to other people’s needs. Frustration of not receiving enough in return can lead to anger, hostilities, arguments, and emotional meltdowns. The duality of feminine and masculine, anima and animus, will be internalized as a conflict. These extremes can transfer to the career by way of dominance/submission dynamics. Creating harmony and balance will impact upon the success or failure of career objectives. The psychology of listening will be important so as to gauge what employers or customers really require. This placement is cardinal in nature, thus there will be major shifts and turning points in the Soul’s career path, and learning how to conduct professional relationships in a new way. With Mars in the 7th there is a lot of thinking and planning of ideas.
Keywords:  equality, mediation, balance, agreement, cooperation, sociable.
Occupations: the arts, social affairs, partnerships, counselor, beauty, fashion.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 8th house
Mars being the lower octave of Pluto enables the desires emanating from the Soul to become conscious and instinctively acted upon. How these desires will be acted upon will be played out in the areas of the 8th, 10th, and 1st houses. The Soul will transform its limitations by forming relationships to symbols and sources of power in the area of career that symbolize what it needs to evolve beyond those limitations. The Soul absorbs the power of whatever symbol into itself, eg money, status, knowledge, expertise, thus becoming more than what it was before. Possessing a natural ability for psychological investigations and a well-developed awareness of its own and others’ motivations, intentions and desires, the Soul’s choice of career can be anything that involves digging below the surface or finding the core issue. There is a natural capacity to deal with the financial capital of others. Acting on instinct will allow for quick, calculating and astute business decisions. With this placement, there is a possibility of manipulating and controlling others in the workplace due to a fear of having one's authority undermined. There can be a defensiveness and suspicion of others since the Soul has suffered betrayals in past lives. Because the Soul has been karmically linked to its workmates in past lives, one of its lessons will be to withdraw and find the core of who it is, rather than what it has osmosed from others. The Soul’s powerful ability for metamorphosis, transformation and regeneration allows for a quick recovery after an experience of failure. Mars in the 8th develops intense instinctual and emotional involvements with a select group of people.
Keywords:  revelation, magnetism, catharsis, hidden power, elimination, vindictive, manipulation, secrets.
Occupations: detective, research, psychologist, espionage, laboratories, transformational healer, scientist.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 9th house
The Soul’s profession may include teaching, philosophy, travel, education, other cultures or anything involved with Natural Law. The Soul could be a natural-born teacher with a desire to imprint its world view or beliefs through the career. The Soul’s need for freedom and explorational urges will be important in terms of its occupation. The 9th house is an archetype of expansion, therefore whatever field is chosen will need to allow for right-brain, intuitive, conceptual or abstract thoughts or principles to progressively expand into universal truth. A method of expansion for the Soul’s higher mind may be to travel to new countries and experience new cultures. The 10th house symbolizes how the Soul’s beliefs will become crystallized or given a structure through which to operate. In the Spiritual evolutionary state, it may be difficult for the Soul to operate in a world of man-made laws (10th) where Natural Laws are constantly violated. The Soul’s core beliefs, interpretation of life, and especially its evolutionary state, will crystallize into corresponding social constructs of ethics, standards and rules. Distortion of beliefs will be reflected as distortions of Natural Law.
Keywords: intuition, exploration, propaganda, joviality, honesty, understanding, fanaticism, reckless.
Occupations:  foreign affairs, philosophy, religion, law, education, judge, gambling, travel, publishing, teaching.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 10th house
The double signature of the Mars/Aries archetype in the 10th house will show a career path of self-employment or a position of leadership. The Soul will generally be able to understand and abide by the laws, customs, rules and taboos of society. The family could figure prominently in the Soul’s career. It will be important that the Soul be able to establish its authority within society. It understands how society functions, and therefore it can either manipulate the system or adhere to a high standard of conduct. The Soul will be born into a county that best reflects its evolutionary lessons. There can be a strong desire for positions of power or status. Coming from positions in past lives, the Soul will understand how social systems work. If the Soul has manipulated the system or abused its power in past lives or in the current life, a fall from grace will teach the necessary lessons. Guilt can very often have past life origins, and the Soul could very well create blocking conditions for itself in the social sphere. This situation can lead to depression and a sense of futility. With this position the identity can be too bound up with the social role. Shocks delivered in the workplace will lead to creating inner security not tied to social position. This position denotes a pioneer with a strong will to succeed, and abundance of energy that is available to bring ambitions to fruition.
Keywords:  self-mastery, organization, ambition, duty, driven, hard-working, dictatorial, responsibility, coldness, efficiency.
Occupations: military, political affairs, government, authority, real estate, architect, entrepreneur, senior citizens, family business.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 11th house
With Mars in the 11th house the career will be connected to group dynamics and collective interests. The Soul’s career may depend upon the support of others in the group, therefore the ability to get on with others, be a good friend, and harmonious group alliances will be paramount to success. On the other hand, the Soul could be a group of one, and work alone due to feeling very different to others. Business ideas that reflect individual or group aspirations will usually be ahead of their time. They will be sustained and carried to completion due to the fixed nature of the 11th house. The Soul will be moving away from the mainstream and de-conditioning from the consensus. Social, group and collective ideals, depending upon the state of evolution, can be expressed anywhere from group movements, revolutions, humanitarian causes, to anarchy, rebellion, and bringing down the system. The Soul may fear change and being different. The natural understanding of group dynamics can lead to becoming a visionary towards social progress.
Keywords:  originality, experimentation, broadminded, rebellious, bizarre, anarchistic, genius, future-oriented.
Occupations:  astrology, electricity, invention, humanitarian, unions, technology, science, revolutions, movements.

Aries MC ruled by Mars in the 12th house
In the area of career, the Soul will be dealing with various Neptunian archetypes in order to re-align with actual reality. Some of these are: projecting a sense of ultimate meaning upon anything that is temporal in nature, and that is not based on realizing a relationship to the Divine; deceiving oneself or others; feeling victimized and creating rationalizations to victimize others; inflating the egocentric structure to the point of a ‘god complex;’ and experiencing the instability of consciousness. On the positive side, the Soul can follow impulses, thoughts and desires coming from Source that can naturally ‘spiritualize’ the life. These impulses may lead to altruistic, philanthropic, spiritual healing or teaching work. Due to a natural hypersensitivity, the Soul will prefer to work in a career that is not highly visible. Some career goals may be unattainable, while others can magically manifest success. The Soul’s life work can impact the Collective Conscious in order to evolve the bigger picture of the Collective Unconsciousness.
Keywords:  idealism, compassion, devotion, imagination, mystical feelings, impressionable, deception, hypersensitivity, drugs, escape.
Occupations: institutions, hospitals, films, musician, artist, poet, nurse, psychiatrist, social worker, arts, spirituality, mysticism, occult work, God's work.

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Thanks so much Rad and fellow EA'ers.

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Hi Rad and Group,

Aries MC, Mars thru the Houses

With the Aries MC we described how the individual is initiating a new cycle relative to his or her social role and work dynamics. The individual also carries within a very energetic signature relative to the outer, social dynamics, as the need to initiate a career path requires the energy and freedom to break new ground if necessary. Within this symbol is also a feeling of having something unique to accomplish in the current life, no matter how grandiose or humble in scope, it is special for the individual with an Aries MC.

Further information on the past of the individual can be seen where the South Node of Mars is to indicate the past orientation of the Soul´s instinctual actions, the way the individual pursued his or her desires without much forethought. The position of Pluto and the South Node of the Moon and its ruler will indicate what the desires were on an archetypal level Pluto, and what type of past egocentric structures the Soul generated in order to experience those desires, South Node. The South Node ruler will give additional information about the egocentric structure the Soul created, and how it actualized itself.

The Sign shows the Archetypal qualitiies that the House will be conditioned by.

If Gemini was on the MC instead of Aries and Mercury was located in the Second House, it could correlate to music just as it could with Mars in the Second House and an Aries MC. The main and key differences would be the way that the individual would pursue the music, the way the individual would try to define his place in the world and his or her approach to the chosen profession would be different with Gemini on the MC. With Mars in the Second and an Aries MC, the individual would pursue the music profession in bursts of energy, with passion and until it ran out of fire. The music itself could be intense, driving or very fast and agressive. With Gemini on the MC and Mercury in the Second House, the individual could be interested in various types of music and desire to express those various styles by having various ongoing music projects that could bring income from various avenues, one could be writing a blog about music, another playing in a band and another solo project. The music itself could be more varied and always changing as the individual gathered more knowledge and influences.

Trying to not make this too cookbook like, here are some archetypal dynamics of this planetary configuration and potential work expressions.

When Mars rules the MC and is located in the First House, the Individual has just recently and is presently looking to initiate a new cycle within its social sphere. The first house and Aries both indicate that a new cycle is being initiated so there is a double Mars signature which will correlate with an individual who is very aggressive in one way or another in the pursuit of his or her newly found goals or independence needs. With This signature the individual may be breaking away from past dynamics of a professional or social nature that were some how oppressive or restrictive. In the present incarnation the individual will have an instinctive desire that is intense and passionate to break ground, like a newly sprouted seed so it can follow it´s new professional dream which equates to a new cycle of freedom and expression.

I have an example of a man in his mid thirties who has Pluto in the Fourth House and has deep abandonment issues with his family who set up the environment and dynamics which led to him desiring to break free from his family where he felt very unloved and unwanted. He has an Aries MC and Mars is on the AC. His instinctive way of looking independence and for emotional security is to break free from his family by doing almost any kind of work just to be able to be free from the home dynamics. Dynamics that were unfair and which forced him back upon himself for inner security, Pluto in Libra in the Fourth House. He also has a special sense of destiny in the world in which he desires to be seen and appreciated as special for his performing talents. He works hard at these performing dynamics and pursues them with drive and passion, Mars.
Work wise he doesn´t really stick to jobs easily as with this signature, authority figures also can be a problem as the individual can have repressed anger/rage which then is reflected in the outer environment as oppressive bosses or circumstances which lead the individual to desire to confront those people/circumstances or to initiate some new activity that can promote the ongoing sense of freedom the individual needs.

Some potential work expressions of this combo, besides basically anything that can lead to the individual feeling free in the world, can be anything involving danger, physical intensity and a lot of action. Something like a stunt man, a paramedic that goes to extreme conditions like high in the mountains to rescue people, a fighter or competitive sports practicioner, firefighter, soldier.

Key statement: I work with whatever gives me an ongoing sense of personal freedom and that which allows me to continue my ongoing self discovery.

With Mars in the Second House relative to the Aries MC, the individual will desire to develop his or her own inner resources as a way to make a living and to be professionally active within society, by using those resources or by generating resources such as thru agriculture. These resources can be many things depending on the individual. The individual may be passionate about something it values such as music, collectionable items or a natural resource that equals value and thus survival. The individual can also simply do whatever is necessary to survive and make ends meat or may also continually work on developing new ways of sustaining the self and developing his or her natural talents and inner resources, which can then translate into work in some way or into a self sustaining business.

Key statement: I work with that which I value and love or with what can sustain me.

With Mars in the third House and an Aries MC we have a very dynamic combination in which there is a lot of needed freedom of action and movement in order for the individual to fully express itself in the world. The individual can be extremely curious about the culture and society and wish to participate in society in varying degrees and in various ways, sometimes simultaneously. With Mars in the Third House anything to do with communication and the flow of information or dealing with the public are all potential avenues of professional expression as the Third House Mars needs mental stimulus. Some potential work would be teaching anything, writing, journalism, marketing, languages, bus or taxi driver, tour guide, sales person, maths teacher, accountant.

Key statement; I work with that which stimulates my mind and gives me an ongoing sense of self discovery thru contacts, communication, learning or teaching new things.

With Mars in the Fourth House relative to the Aries MC, the individual may wish to work from home or in some way connected to housing or security. The Mars energy here can also be someone who fights for people or the caretaker, nurse or fireman who desires to nurture and protect others. The idea of nurturing and protection is key in the Fourth House. Some may decide to be a house mom or house dad and take care of the family while the other goes out and works. Cooking may also be another potential for professional expression and dealing with properties and real estate may be another. Baby sittier, vet along with Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, policeman, interior decorator.

Key statement: I work with what can nurture and protect myself and others.

With Mars in the Fifth House relative to the MC and work dynamics the individual will have a double fire signature, correlating with an intense desire for self actualization in the professional world, thru personal creative actualization or the actualization of others as a vicarious extension of the self, such as in a sports coach or team leader, who sees the kids or team as an extension of him or herself.
Creativity in all its forms is a possibility with this placement, from stand up comedy to acting, competitive sports or show business of any kind. Working with children is another potential avenue of expression, anything fun and games and gambling or risk taking in various forms, such as in being a stunt man or professional poker player. Events management and events production.

Key statement: I am my work as it is a full expression of myself.

With Mars in the Sixth House relative to the Aries MC the individual will instinctively desire to improve him or herself, the world at large and the lives of people in general in various ways. Depending of course on personal history and will, evolutionary level and circumstantial reality, the individual can desire to work in a variety of different areas but one predominant one is the area of health and service. The service work force is huge in todays world and there are different types of so called small jobs but that require skill and dedication and are as important as the “bigger” jobs. With the Sixth House Mars the Soul will desire to be of service in some way as reflected in who the individual actually is and, in ways  that the individual will also be able to continually improve his or her life and own self while he or she also serves others in a way that benefits them.

Many actors have Mars in the Sixth House as acting requires developing skills and at times an intense degree of devotion and dedication.

Working to improve the environment and the quality of living in general is also another potential expression, from sweeping the streets to working in an NGO in order to improve living conditions or the environment.

Any job that requires perfecting something thru diligence and of course the healing professions of various types, from the traditional medical establishment like in nursing to the more natural or holistic healing methods such as homeopathy, crystal therapy or nutrition no name a few.

In the service area the individual can also own or work in a business that does handy jobs such as in a plumbing company, laundry service or any other service related business. Depending on other factors, human resources within a company can also be a possibility. The potentials for the Sixth House Mars are quite numerous relative to work as long as the Soul can feel that it is expressing itself in a way  that is of service to others or is perfecting the self in some way.
Also an instructor of Yoga or Martial arts as the individual follows a path of devotion to one of these modalities and helps others to benefit from the knowledge within these or similar practices.

Key statement: I work to improve my life, the life of others and the world at large.

Mars in the Seventh House relative to the MC in Aries and work functions can correlate to a people´s person who desires to work with others in various ways and has skills in dealing with people in general. A diplomat or public relations or lawyer are possible professions for a Mars in Libra or in the Seventh House. Anything that has to do with dealing with various types of people and balancing their various needs is a potential professional expression. A mediator between people, conflict management.
Anything artistic in which the sense of symmetry, beauty and grace is important such as in an art gallery, fashion show or commerce connected to clothing and style, hairdresser, decorator.

Key statement I work and pursue with that which I find attractive and that which connects me to others gracefully.

Mars in the Eighth House relative to the Aries MC can be a real powerhouse who desires to have power within  society. It can correlate with professions that go deep into the human psyche in various ways. Can correlate with psychology, astrology, medicine, surgeons, shamanistic rituals, death as a business, sex as a business, economics, finance, banking, spying, detective work, garbage men, military career, martial artist. It can correlate with an individual which desires to associate with the rich or marry into money and power. Someone who is adept at handling resources of others or combined resources.

Key statement: I work in order to be self sustained by my own will and have the power to live whatever I desire in order to evolve.

Mars in the Ninth relative to the Aries MC can correlate to someone who desires and needs quite a bit of freedom to explore their professional potential, depending of course on life circumstances, evolutionary level, karmic necessity and so on, the individual may be someone who is very good at selling ideas or physical objects/goods to people, as long as he or she believes in the ideas or goods. The Ninth House is also a fire archetype and as such can correlate to a passionate drive to share with others that which the individual believes in and which is part of his or her core belief system. That which he or she believes in can be seen as something positive which in turn can lead to the person pursuing it with passion. Exploring new ground in any body of knowledge such as in an academic or a traveller who searches for new and exotic places in order to learn from various cultures or which works in the travel industry, a teacher who wishes to share his or her knowledge or someone who works with nature or animals such as in a natural park, zoo or be or to study the natural world, space, religions, philosophies or metaphysics and then become a vehicle to teach others. Sports are also another potential and for people that get a job just because they have to might want a job outdoors where then can have a sense of freedom and be connected to nature in some way or be on the move and not tied down to an office. Law and ethics can also be of interest to the individual with this placement.

Key statement: I work in order to be free to explore.

Mars in the Tenth House relative to the Aries MC can indicate a very strong drive for success and status in the world in some way or form. It can correlate with a very strong desire to climb to the top by ones own means and effort therefore it can correlate with a self made man or woman who can start something totally new from scratch and turn into an empire if there is sustained effort and a continual sense of forward movement. Another possibility could be anything connected with administration and leadership, decision making position within a company political party or organization. It can correlate with a person wanting his or her own business or someone who tries many differnent jobs, to a military career or a career in the government in general or in anything that can lead to a sense of progress in the structure of the company or organization which then can lead to a sense of status within society. A sense of independence can be very important therefore the soul can desire to do anything of its own in which the person is his or her own boss, specially if in Aries. Can also correlate with building anything or with architecture.

Key statement: I work to honor my duties and responsibilites, to build something that will last.

Mars in the Eleventh House relative to the Aries MC can correlate to an activist, someone who has an internet based income, someone who works with computers, technology, software applications. Mars in this position can be a champion for social innovation and progress or human rights. A position in an NGO or in the UN could be potential avenues of professional activity. On a more mundane level someone working with electronics or electricity, radio and T.V. programming or service, social planning, inventions and innovations, working with groups of people in various ways such as in a public speaker or someone who gives workshops on alternative subjects or on unique ways of doing things, scientist, astrologer, tarot reader, blogger, anything humanitarian. New age channeler Smiley

Key statement: I work for humanity, which I am a unique part of.

Mars in the Twelfth House relative to the Aries MC can correlate to someone who has a natural instinctive tendency to want to save others or animals as a form of work. The theme of sacrifice for others can be a real possibility and lead the person to do virtually anything as long as others truly benefit. It can correlate with someone who can work at sea in some way, as a counsellor, as a fisherman, the person may have natural psychic abilites and use them to help others in various ways. The person can be inspirational for others in and be known by the collective as a public figure, an artist such as musician, painter, photographer, film maker, pharmaceutical worker, drug designer, a doctor or healer of some kind. Charity work, working with nature or outdoors as in a gardener.

Key statement: I work to inspire, heal and save others.

Thanks Rad and Group

All the best

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Started by Rad - Last post by Kristin
Hi Rad and Group,
Here is my Mars..

Mars through the houses

Regardless of where Mars lands in the birth chart, as an archetype, Mars represents the lead point in the Soul’s evolution. In this case with Aries on the MC and Mars, the ruler representing possible career and work functions. It is important to also note that Mars is driving the entire deal, not just in work but in life. Mars is referred to as the lower octave of Pluto, the Soul. Mars, the ego, takes the unconscious desires that originate from the Soul and acts upon them, making them a living breathing reality. We think because the ego is conscious that these desires are emanating from an egocentric level and that we are in control of them.  But Mars acts out of pure, raw instinct, similar to the wave separating from the sea, there is zero forethought, it just moves

All of us have a myriad of desires that dictate the way we think and the way we act. These desires lead to choices, Mars, that then become actions, which will in turn give us information about the experience we just had. Mars signifies the instinctual urge that we all have to move forward in our life. As Souls we all are in a continual state of becoming, and to become is to act and to move. In the case with Mars in Aries in the first house, this action is rooted in pure instinct and these Souls demand unchecked expression, with the freedom to change their choices and will.

Mars in the 1st

With an Aries M/C and the the ruler Mars being in the first house, there would be an even greater need for freedom and adventure. This would accentuate the entirety of this archetype defined on the mid heaven. A brand new evolutionary chapter with respect to the Soul’s work and career function with the need to express whatever desire emanates instinctually from the Soul. The scenery needs to be ever changing with plenty of options for upward movement and a vast array of space for changing expression as it may change on a dime. The Soul would need to experience on ongoing intensity, where a great deal is in motion on a sustained basis and where visible progress is always present. Aries as an archetype tends to only looks forward, not back and so one of the lessons here is to remind them, to also find inspiration and motivation in the distance gained.

Consensus: Fire Starter and Fire Fighter

To defend and protect, to create and to impact
A true fire fighter could apply here but also anyone in the military as well as any career where physical motion or power tools are used. The Soul’s energy would feed off action and in some cases emergency situations and would be instinctually courageous and inwardly equipped to respond in these types of situations. As the Soul climbs the corporate ladder, they could be leaders, presidents, CEO’s of companies and true entrepeneurs who crave the freedom of being able to blaze new trails.

Careers where physical motion is required, ie military
Construction worker
Executive Producer ( May have Mars in Leo and Leo rising)
Captain/Sergeant in Military
Leaders of Organizations or even Countries.
Entrepreneur -changing business

Individuated : Fire Igniter

Adding fuel to the fire, Fanning flames of rebellion
A Soul who begins to challenge consensus thinking early on, initialy this would be only inwardly but gradually they would happily lead any rebellion against the norm.

An owner of any alternative business

Spiritual : Fire Purifer

As the Soul evolves into the Spiritual state, this reflects a time when the Soul is in the process of purging the impurities within the Soul and any residual conditioning that is remaining. Souls at this stage are in a Virgo state of being, humbled by their place on the path and constantly interfacing with all that they are not, also working to be of service in helping others on the path of evolution, extending their hand down the mountain to give others a lift. They often are directors of their own destiny and choose professions with tremendous freedom to manage their time in any way they wish.

Mars in the 2nd

Random action narrows with Mars in the 2nd and survival is their front line, as a result this leads to self interest, for the sake of what the Soul deems to be what they need to survive. Even if this Soul has the bank account to reflect security, there will be a feeling that there is never enough to survive, so they will continue to build that base in case the ‘bottom drops out’. It may have been a Soul who lost everything in another life and had some dyer survival situation, so everything that one builds creates more of a potential buffer. I have had female clients married to very wealthy partner who insist on working, even if it is minor pay, in order to cover themselves, just in case.

There is a need for these Souls to isolate and self-contemplate in order to realize within themselves what it wishes to establish. Action is now internalized and concentrated with an effort to build something solid and secure, whether this is monetarily or physically as with respect to the body or a literal building.

Considering numbers don’t lie, they may choose professions where they can count on to securely build a financial base. Mars in the 2nd, often times in this cases also in Taurus, the Soul prefers to work alone, and they need down time, time to isolate and time to ground themselves.

Possible Professions

Consensus - Money Maker, Money Manager

Budget Analyst - Mars Virgo working for government, fiscal service, accounting clerks, payroll
Wall Street Analyst, runner on Wall Street
Construction worker
Landscape Contractor
Landscape Architect
Body Builder
Masseuse/body worker - could show up in any three stages and in all earth houses, depending on the environment
Could also be in military, in defending land.
Leader in Textile industry
Solo musician

Individuated - Money Shaker

An Environmental specialist, someone whose work is to preserve the land and the roads, this could also be consensus
This can equal situations where the Soul would spread the wealth and or help others to become more financially secure as well, perhaps using their knack with numbers or building to support a cause.
A Designer their own label or line of clothing

Spiritual - Material Simplifier

“Less is more”, as one progresses through this stage and learns that material things are only added weight for the way ahead and there is a pairing down effect, progressively realizing that the wealth is within. A Soul who needs to freedom of time to simply SIT and BE with God, one who leads a monastic life, a yogi or a monk and later one who leads and teaches the yogi’s and the monks the spiritual ways, can see this as the 2nd house is fixed and polarity is Scorpio, leading to a merging with the ONE. This signature could also connect to TANTRA, in the 2nd or the 8th.

Mars in the 3rd

With Mars, the ruler of the M/C in the 3rd house, this would symbolize Souls who need a diversity of experiences to express themselves and one whose profession involves communication and information, speaking, writing, the use of the voice and the hands, they have an instinct with their way with words. They can be highly charged beings who work fast and have an elevated nervous system. At times the only way to for these Souls to feel centered is to be busy, collecting information via books, magazines, newspapers or the Internet. Their chosen careers will have a strong emphasis on the mine and the intellect.

Although I do not have a birth time, Marie Harf has Mars in Gemini. She is the deputy spokesperson for the US Department of State and a former spokesperson for the Central Intelligence Agency. During the 2012 presidential election, Harf helped craft President Obama's national security and communications strategy, and also served as campaign spokeswoman on national security issues. She has a quick mind and naturally is able to swiftly field questions rifled at her from debaters with conviction and confidence, regardless of their status, position and post.

The 3rd house Mars is wired to write, to speak and to disseminate


Public Speaker
Journalist in the line of fire
Individuated - Words geared to wake people up

Writer for a liberal blog
Master Communicator, Author


Author of Spiritual teachings and books

Mars in the 4th

Souls born with an Aries midheaven and Mars in the 4th can be driven to empower women or lead women in some way. They may desire to work in fields relating to the home or the womb and may also be inspired to help others gain more inner security either by helping to create a space that nurtures or comforts them or to literally be there to support the transition from the womb to the world as when a child is being born. Many Souls will have Mars in Libra in this case which will help in some way to create more gender balance between the sexes as they strive to support and empower women and the feminine. Souls with Mars in the 4th will have an instinctual empathy for others and can encourage self determination in others. They can help others understand their own blocks and help them blow past them by decreasing their dependencies on others.

One the most well known public figures with Mars in the 4th is famous for the entrance of personal computer people granting people the freedom, Mars, to work from home.
World famous entrepreneur of the personal computer revolution and philanthropist Bill Gates, Co founder and CEO of Microsoft, who also happens to be the richest person in the world since 1995. The ruler of his Aries midheaven is Mars in Libra in the 4th house which is conjunct Mercury, ruler of his 3rd house cusp. The computer revolution, Uranus in Leo trines that midheaven, His business tactics have often been criticized as anti-competitive, Mars in Libra. He and his partner, Libra, are global philanthropists and started the Gates Foundation. They work with partner organizations world wide, Mars in Libra, to tackle critical problems, one of which is in lifting poor people out of hunger and poverty.


Leader for women’s groups and organizations would span across the stages of evolution depending on the content.
Interior Decorator for homes, Mars in Libra in the 4th


Mid wife supporting the mother with the transition of the baby from the womb and into the world
Feng Shui Specialist
Director at Planned Parenthood


In advanced stages of the Spiritual State, these Souls anima/animus will be fully balanced and integrated and Souls would desire to help others become more integrated emotionally and thus spiritually

Mars in the 5th

With Mars in the 5th house, the Soul will be born with a special sense of destiny within this social and public purpose and a special mission and creative life purpose to fulfill. They will need maximum freedom and independence to discover their specialness that they feel must to be brought to the world. Similar to a 5th house Pluto, with Mars in the 5th, being that Mars takes the unconscious desires form the Soul and acts upon them, the Soul will want to be the director of their own play, the creator of their own masterpiece and their is an instinctual desire to be recognized as special by the world. As Souls on this journey, we all experience 2 co-equal desires, one is to separate from the Source, that which created us, in order to individuate and express our creative uniqueness, and the other co-equal desire being to return home to the Source. The 5th house Mars will aspire to create the feeling of wholeness in their outer reality yet this longing can only ever be eternally satisfied by returning back to the Source. Every time a goal has been reached or a creative pursuit fulfilled, it will create a sense of oneness, serving as an echo of what it will feel like to merge back to the sea and to the Source, all the time. But no sooner does the Soul feel complete, will it be replaced with an emptiness and a hunger to feel filled up again. One of the karmic and evolutionary problems is that many of these Souls will instinctually feel as if they themselves are the source of their own creations, with the ruler of Leo being the Sun, they will feel they are the center of the universe and as if everything revolves around them. This of course depends on the stage of evolution, but this Soul will repeatedly work to fulfill this feeling of union and connection via creative pursuits that allow the Soul to reach that climax of expression. This is in large part rooted in their desire to attract attention and validation. Herein lies the problem, the fact that this feeling, once reached, cannot be sustained and will quickly be replaced with an gaping inner void, a bottomless pit of want and need and a search for another something that can re-create that feeling and attract attention. Evolutionarily speaking, the Soul is needing to be in charge of their own unique and special life purpose and so they will follow whatever desire is emerging in order to honor that feeling for their own evolution sake. In would not be a surprise that many Soul with Mars in the 5th, would like to be in the limelight or on some version of life’s stage, with the red carpet rolled out for them, this does depend on the stage of evolution and other factors in the chart, but the instinct to shine and to be special will be true across the board. Souls with Mars in the 5th are learning to link their special destiny with a socially useful or relative function.

Considering the 5ht house connects with children, professions with Mars in the 5th could include being a director of children’s organizations, whether it be principles in a schools (for many Mars will be in Sagittarius here so this could also include teachers for children), leaders in sports such as coaches or art organizations that rear children and help them blossom. Any creative pursuit where the Soul has freedom of movement and expression, such as an artist or a dancer on stage, an actor, a sports star, would all apply. An advanced stage of evolution Soul in the Spiritual state. with Mars in Sagittarius in the 5th, could translate into a famous spiritual teacher, a teacher of natural laws.

A few well known examples here would be actor John Travolta who starred in Saturday Night Fever and Grease which were movies involving dancing and singing, also the Comedy musical Hairspray, a dancing musical where he played an overweight working house wife. But on the other extreme, he was the lead in the violent and somewhat bloody, Mars, movie Pulp Fiction which is a crime thriller, where one of the most famous scenes was him dancing with Uma Thurman. John Travolta has Mars in Sagittarius, which can also connect to comedy, in the 5th house. ruler Jupiter in the Gemini in the 11th, which connects to his need for diversity and in some cases shock value as in his role in Hairspray as well as Pulp Fiction. Mars does square Venus in Pisces in the 8th, Venus is conjunct the SUN in Aquarius which connects to his love and desire to express himself through dance and music as well.

Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

Travolta in Grease

Travolta in Comedy Musical Hairspray

Travolta in Pulp Fiction

Mars in the 6th

With Virgo following Leo, there must be a ‘fall to the kingdom’ and the pyramid becomes inverted. The Soul is at the bottom in order to serve the needs of the whole. Souls with Mars in the 6th have been learning necessary lessons in humility and will experience pervasive doubt in much of their movement and choices as if their first instinct is to question themselves and their abilidty to perform and experience success in their chosen fiels. They will be their own worst enemy and be known to shoot themselves in the foot along the way. Their greatest obstacle will be themselves and they will work until their last breath to improve upon what they do and who they wish to become. Souls with Mars in this position are in a constant state of self analysis. As a result of their own feelings of lack of self worth, they will naturally and instinctually be drawn to serve and help the underdog for they know exactly how the underdog feels. Their personal desires and needs may at times be sacrificed for the tribe, the culture or the greater whole which is a necessary step in their evolution.

Souls with a 6th house Mar can also be perfectionists as well as work-aholics. They will also never feel as if like they are doing enough and will be focusing on what is not finished, not right or flawed in some way. This can at times create a freeze, or a paralysis, and a feeling of overwhelm, which can lead to a procrastination and in some cases a crisis. They need work that has structure and routine and for them to feel in some way as if they are able to control and direct a positive outcome, one with measurable progress.

Because this is the house of health and repairs, Souls with a 6th house Mars are often drawn to the health fields where the Soul is dedicated to areas of serving the sick and the wounded, the aching and the broken, which would include not just people but the animal kingdom as well.

In its highest form, these Souls are the essence of humility and will be of service to anyone who is sincere and who has a legitimate need. By actualizing a proper work function, these Soul can further expand their own personal awareness of their right work and natural role in the world. As one advances and this would especially be true in the 1st stage Spiritual as this is a Virgo reality for Souls, they will come to know how best to serve the Divine, other wise known as their Karma Yoga. By cultivating an awareness of the Divine, these Souls will progressively purge the impurities of the ego in such a way as to at some point allow the universal current to be expressed through them.

Professions that would apply:


Home or office Organizers
Surgeon -using the knife, Mars
High Post position in a Hospital or Health System
Physical Therapist, Sports therapist, Sports Medicine doc
Someone who works with animals, such as a Veterinarian who is in business for themselves.
Masseuse - this can span the 3 stages.

3rd Stage Individuated/Early Spiritual


Shaman - Mars in Sagittarius can also end up here depending on the time of birth and combined with Virgo this would apply.
Horse Whisperer
Healer with crystals

Mars in the 7th

Souls with Mars in the 7th are learning objective awareness and how they can bring their own unique individuality into a social context. Considering Mars rules the opposite house, the 1st house, which is naturally Mars ruled, they are learning lessons surrounding giving and equality as well as in listening. The Soul will be instinctually driven to help others, most often in a leadership kind of role, where listening to what the group needs will be paramount in order for a balance to be struck. They will also instinctually know what others need and can serve as ideal bridge between two worlds, the mediator and the diplomats. Through an exposure to a variety of people will come an understanding of the varying value systems and what every person brings to the table. Even though many with Mars in the 7th may find themselves in a leadership role, they are learning how to experience themselves as an equal and uniting one’s life with others. In the past, things may have been way out of balance so they are learning to strike that better balance by feeling instinctually drawn to professions and work functions that allow them to work on this evolutionary need.


Director of Human Resources
Head Nurse


Chiropractor, balance and bones, some will have Capricorn on the cusp, also acupuncturist if Aquarius on cusp and often times you will see will be Souls in the Individuated, 3rd stage alternative fields.

Libra and the 7th house also connects to extremity and to put Mars in the 7th this can symbolize extreme sports. Extreme sports. Danica Patrick has Sun/Moon in Aries oppose Mars in Libra. She is a female race car driver


Leaders of Spiritual Communities
A Soul who is fighting for the rights for people, like Gandhi who had Pluto in the 7th opposing a 1st house Mars, His Venus, a 7th house natural ruler, is also conjunct Mars.
Leaders of Spiritual Communities

These Souls are simply in line to HELP another, in whatever way they feel driven, whether it is in nursing, counseling where listening is required, or to lead a movement of people who are seeking JUSTICE, which can often be seen in the individuated state where Souls are not afraid to stand out, speak up and put themselves on the line for what is right, for change, and for fairness.

Mars in the 8th

The Scorpio archetype can be seen as the ‘surgeon or the priest’, for there is no middle ground,  nothing is tackled halfway, it’s all the way or not all. Mars in the 8th Soul reflects an intense nature on all levels and they will attract a great depth of life experience, including what they choose to do in their work and career life. The last thing their Soul wants to do is to ‘play it safe’

The Soul is here to push any and all perceived  limits and they are karmically designed to blow pat them. They will be instinctually attracted to people who have the power to help them and will be drawn in their direction with a desire to osmose the power that other Soul’s hold into order to evolve themselves and grow beyond their own personal limitations. This may also lead to situations where they are involved in various power plays and ultimately rendered powerless, but chasing power can also lead to greater power and these cycles of power vs powerlessness in their profession is inevitable. Each choices brings them deeper into themselves thereby attracting environments that push their own pre-conceived boundaries. Each desire this Soul has may lead to experiencing a death of the old and a rebirth of the new as they are continually shedding skins and eliminating all the things that do not support their evolution. They would be attracted to careers that are quite karmic in nature and perhaps have people in these environments that have betrayed them in the past and as a result have attracted these fated turns as a result of evolutionary necessity, to confront and to continue.  Although she did not have an Aries Midheaven, Princess Diana did have an 8th house Mars and Pluto and her life reflected this position in spades.
Souls with Mars in the 8th may also use their own power to manipulate and dominate others and will also be given a new opportunity to make new and better choices. These Soul will be repeatedly attract intense environments and situations whereby they are forced to get to the root of anything, where they are peeling back the layers of others, physically, emotionally, psychologically or otherwise, and they won’t stop until they get there. The Soul would be natural drawn to work in a field that would facilitate and accelerate metamorphoses, one that would keep them in constant confrontations of their own limits and be driven to lead others into the fire as well. They would be attracted to work functions and professions that help others eliminate all of the barriers(desires) that are preventing a merging with the source. This would occur in the Spiritual Stage of evolution and can be seen in advanced counseling therapies with a spiritual focus.

Also relative to the need for motion and speed connecting with Aries/Mars would be a Soul who would go to the edge and even risk one’s life for their sport such as Evil Knieval who had an 8th house Mars.


Sports Psychologist
Psychologists, Psychotherapists - various types can be seen in all stages of evolution
Head Honcho in Big Business such as OIL.


Jungian Psychologist


Death and dying, running a hospice
Spiritual Psychic
Kundalini Yoga instructor

Mars in the 9th

The need for freedom within ones career is also paramount here with Mars, a fire planet, in a Sagittarius house. As with all fire houses, and now with a fire planet in a fire house, there will also be an instinctual feeling that they have a special destiny to fulfill and this is directly linked to the individual’s relationship to the cosmological, metaphysical, philosophical and religious principles that explain their connection to the universe. The Soul  has a desire to explain one’s relationship to larger forces in the universe and in the world, will be interested in expanding their consciousness and philosophical understanding of life and in turn have a desire to spread this wisdom to others. Their own natural pull toward needing to know this understanding will require total freedom to pursue whatever experiences necessary, whether through international travel or  higher education to discover the knowledge that explains these larger forces. The 9th House Mars is learning through a diversity if experiences, the unity of all paths, of all truths, so these teachings can be shared with others. They are learning how to take a diverse number of facts and through their inherent ability to synthesize, they will come to an even greater understanding of the total nature of personal and universal truths. A natural teacher of the universe who is able to do this masterfully in the show the “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey ( an update to Carl Sagan's Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (1980) is Neil deGrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist and science communicator.  Although I do not have a birth time on him for a Mars house placement, he does have Saturn in Sagittarius, he is built for teaching, a true natural, and he has Mars in Gemini. Saturn in Sagittarius forms a Grand Trine with Uranus in Leo as well as the South Node in Aries so you can see the Sagittarian influence here.

Possible Professions


Driven to coach, to teach, to lead.
Coach for a pro sports team..
Preacher ( Evangelist Billy Graham has Mars in Sag in the 9th, Aries Rising)
Political figures especially those involving international relations
Athletes where space and motion are integral to their sport such as soccer.
Travel Agency Owner
Comedian - Ellen Degeneres has a(th House Pluto, Mars in Sagittarius forming a new phase conjunction to Saturn in Sagittarius


Teachers of the alternative arts realm
Liberal political leaders who are preaching natural teachings, such as a focus to take care of our own, as in the poor. JFK had a stellium of planets in the 9th, including Pluto, South Node, Neptune and Saturn


Teacher of Evolutionary Astrology
Spiritual teachers and teachers of metaphysics
Advanced stage - Jesus had Mars in the 9th ( although it was in Virgo)

Mars in the 10th

As with all cardinal houses, Mars in the 10th represents a condition where an entire chapter with respect to ones’ career has come to a close and a brand new beginning is being initiated. This Soul will be learning via various chosen experiences how to build upon and establish their own personal authority within a culture or society. Because of their desire for freedom and upward mobility, a rising up the ranks will be a primary desire, and one where they are willing to put in the time, earning their stripes, similar to someone in the military climbing up the ranks or someone in corporate America climbing up the corporate ladder so they can finally be Captain in charge, numero uno and the one that holds the highest ranking post or position. This may also play out in a way where Souls choose to not join the system at all, as in the individuated state and go to work for themselves, especially in those latter stages. They are learning through direct experience how to link their own philosophy and identity into the framework of a society, a culture or a nation. Their entire identity or ego will be based and dependent upon their public/social purpose, for their identity with their career or social position will be what creates their emotional security base. Mars in the 10th Souls are generally quite self disciplined, self determined and motivated as they repeatedly set goals and raise the bar with each goal they reach. This natural instinct will serve to help motivate others to do the same and as a result they make natural leaders and tend to be able to easily shoulder a great deal of responsibility. Ultimately, they desire control and want to be in charge of the direction of their destiny versus someone else directing things for them and desire social recognition for their spirited pursuits.


CEO of a company..
Business Owner
Dentist -Mars -drill to the teeth (the bones connect to Saturn)
Orthopedic Surgeon
Mother Superior
Referee in Sports


Tattoo artist - needle to the skin, drawing blood.


Director of spiritual organization

Mars in the 11th

Souls born with Mars in 11th house desire to break free from outmoded or crystallized forms of self definition and self expression. The Soul, regardless of what stage of evolution, are on the path of liberation from the past and wish to leave behind everything that represents their limiting history. They will progressively continue to know who they are independent of cultural conditioning and parental influence and will reject anything that arbitrarily defines them in a way that does not naturally resonate. They will make choices, Mars, that reflect a severing of all attachments that block necessary growth. These Souls have a natural innovative capacity because of their instinct to explore new approaches and do not follow the norm and these innovations can very well be ahead of their time. In extreme cases the Mars in the 11th house will have zero tolerance for anything defined by society and will drop out of the system all together, and attempt to live on the fringes of society, in some cases alone or in other cases where they are seeking people of like mind to connect and collaborate with, those who are as different as they feel to be. An 11th house Mars energizes a life of transformation of oneself and of others. Souls have desired to usher in the new, to shock others into thinking differently and to disregard everything that is no longer working any longer. They can be attracted to paths that are on the
cutting edge of technology, perhaps involved in something revolutionary, a Soul who is driven to mastermind their own inventions, and spearhead alternative paths. These Souls are instinctually driven to personally experience an understanding that their power lies in being different. They can play a variety of socially meaningful roles by accessing their instinctual inventiveness. By learning how to act and implement, they can be become effective leaders and instruments of innovation and creative change.


Air Force Pilot
Web site design
Computer Specialists
Technology Expert


Director of a Charity
Democratic/Liberal television spokesperson/journalist
Astro Scientist


A Soul in this stage could come up with a brand new understanding or approach of the Spiritual dimension, an alternative spiritual science, to teach or lead others in their understanding of more of the whole, such as in Evolutionary Astrology.

Mars in the 12th

Souls with Mars in the 12th house are driven to align themselves with some type of transcendental belief system in order to understand the whole of creation and to see and experience their unique selves as an extension of the Source. As an archetype, the 12th house represents the totality of life, so the Soul will feel to be pulling from all other accumulated desires and  pooled into one. They intend to dissolve all barriers that prevent their merging of their individual power into the universal whole, which is why the world of imagination and film can so often be see as an avenue of expression, where no limits exist. Other areas of interest might be in the world of religion or spirituality where the study of timelessness, infinity and the unknown can be pursued. They will feel as if their are standing on the precipice, with the light of the known behind them, the abyss of the unknown in front of them, which can lead to an inner freeze, unable to move in either direction, where Souls commonly find ways to escape through various means to avoid these hard choices. However, with Mars in this position, the evolutionary pull will be instinctual and there may be greater courage to explore the unseen, because it is time. In some cases, these Souls can become powerful icons, negatively speaking or in the most positive sense of the word, depending on how this energy is directed, and have a larger than life aura. Through the power of belief of who they are and what they are driving, they have the ability to captivate the interest, imagination and support of mass consciousness. This can be seen with a political or spiritual leader, or a movie producer tapping into the minds and Souls of their audience via film. Because all Souls with a 12th house Mars are seeking ultimate meaning within the choices they make, their dreams and fantasies are given tremendous power.

Possible Professions

Consensus and Individuated depending on focus

Movie Producer
Music Composer
Director of Insane Asylum
Fiction Fantasy Novelist


Spiritual Guide
Healer - altho a healer can be seen in all stages, traditional, alternative medicine or spiritual

Stephen King  has an Aries MC with Mars in Cancer in the 12th trining Jupiter conjunct the South Node in Scorpio. He is a contemporary author of horror, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy, much of his writing has known to produce nightmares for his readers. Many of his books have been adapted into feature films, television movies and comic books.

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Here we go:

The 10th house correlates to an individual’s inner image of his or her role in life as well as with the sociological role he or she chooses to play in life. In modern times, this sociological role has come to be referred to as one’s career or profession. As we have seen, an  individual with Aries on the MC needs and desires a great deal of freedom and independence in order to actualize and fulfill his or her sociological role and assert his or her authority. This is an individual who feels as though he or she has a very special purpose to fulfill and will attempt to actualize and fulfill this special purpose in a very instinctive and impulsive manner. In the process, he or she will form a diversity of relationships with other people who will help the individual learn what it means to be a leader and to take responsibility for his or her own actions as the individual with Aries on the MC learns through relationships with co-workers who reflect themselves back upon themselves.

Mars by house and sign, as well as the aspects it makes to other points and planets, correlates with the type of career or role the individual will be instinctually drawn towards. When Mars is in Aries or the 1st House the individual will be attracted to some type of work or career that allows him or her to work independent of others. This individual does not like taking orders and prefers to do things his/her own way. The individual dislikes repetition and does best in fields or roles that involve physical activity of some sort. If these needs are not met, the individual is likely to attract bosses and/or co-workers who the individual perceives as being aggressive, argumentative and selfish. When Mars is in Aries or the 1st House is connected to the karmic axis it correlates to the warrior archetype.

When Mars is in Taurus or the 2nd House there is a need or desire for some type of work that is pleasurable and carried out in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. Relationships with others are very important and play a key role here. If these needs and desires are not met, the individual will perceive his or her bosses and co-workers as self-indulgent, lazy, laid back, or over concerned with security and doing things the easy way.  There is a desire here to do work that provides comfort to others or involves creating beauty and art that is aesthetically pleasing.

When Mars is in Gemini or the 3rd House the individual will be attracted to work or a career that involves using their mind, thinking and communicating. The individual will have a variety of interests and may have more than one career at a time or several different careers over the course of their lives. Unlike the Mars in Aries or the 1st House individual, the individual with Mars in Gemini or the 3rd house does not really care for physical labor. The individual is very flexible and finds it easy to move from one thing to another and requires work that offers variety and involves change.  The Mars in Gemini or the 3rd House individual tends to have an objective and detached mental approach to his or her work and may perceive his or her boss and/or co-workers as being too flighty, talkative, scattered, superficial or gossipy.

When Mars is in Cancer or the 4th House the individual sees his or her work as a source of security and sustenance. This work may involve nurturing and/or protecting people or animals. The individual may choose to work with women, the public or work from home. In addition, the individual may chose to work in the home taking care of his or her family. The individual tends to form close relationships with his or her co-workers. There is a tendency to “mother”others or to be mothered as there is a strong desire for emotional closeness and caring here. The individual may attract bosses and/or co-workers who he or she perceives as too dependent and needy or too intrusive on an emotional and personal level.

When Mars is in Leo or the 5th House the individual requires some kind of significant and meaningful work in which they can shine. The individual has a need and desire to be the center of attention and requires a great deal of recognition and appreciation. There is a desire to perform well and please here as well as a desire to be seen as someone important. The individual needs to express his or her creativity and may choose a career in the arts or entertainment industries. The individual is not afraid to take risks and may become involved in gambling or speculation of some sort. It is also possible that the individual with Mars in Leo or the 5th House may choose to make a career out of having and raising children. No matter what the individual chooses to do, he or she will likely be very proud of his or her work and accomplishments. The Mars in Leo or the 5th House individual feels that he or she is very special and prefers a leadership role over a subsidiary role. There is a need for action and excitement here making it hard for the Mars in Leo or the 5th House individual to settle for an ordinary job or career. The individual may enjoy working with children or any other work that is  fun and allows him or her to be playful. The individual with Mars in Leo or the 5th House may attract bosses and/or co-workers who he or she perceives as self-centered egotists who think the world revolves around them.

When Mars is in Virgo or the 6th House the individual expects work to be hard, requiring a great deal of discipline and dedication. The individual tends to be very conscientious and careful in his or her approach to his or her work. He or she pays attention to details and does his or her best to do a good job. The Mars is in Virgo or the 6th House individual is usually very efficient and productive. He or she has good organizational and analytical skills as well as an eye for detail. The individual may do well in fields involving research, science, medicine, health, nutrition or healing. There is a danger of becoming a workaholic here or attracting bosses and/or co-workers who have very exacting standards or are over critical.

When Mars is in Libra or the 7th House the individual is attracted to “people work” of some kind. The individual’s work needs to allow him or her to relate to and interact with other people.  The Mars in Libra or the 7th House individual does not like hard labor and prefers an easy and laid back work environment. The individual may be attracted to some kind of artistic work as well as social work. The Mars in Libra or the 7th House individual may view his or her bosses and/or co-workers as competitive and combative. It is also possible that he or she may attract co-workers who are too easy going and laid back.

When Mars is in Scorpio or the 8th House the individual has an immense capacity for concentration as well as the ability to probe beneath the surface of whatever he or she focuses on. The individual has a natural instinct for dealing with money and may be attracted to any one of the many financial fields especially those which help other people manage their money. The Mars in Scorpio or the 8th House individual is very driven to succeed and will stop at nothing in order to achieve his or her goals. The Mars in Scorpio or the 8th House individual likes to be in control and resents taking orders from others. If the individual does not take control, he or she may perceive his bosses and/or co-workers as being excessively dominating.

With Mars in Sagittarius or the 9th House the individual may be attracted to a career in religion, philosophy, spiritual studies, education or travel. He or she may pursue a career in teaching, publishing or law. There may be a desire to do something to improve the world and make it a better place. The individual may be looking for a sense of ultimate meaning through his or her work or career. He or she may pursue some type of work in which he or she can inspire others and uplift or improve humanity in some manner.

When Mars is in Capricorn or the 10th House the individual has an awareness and ability to understand how society works. The individual has a very practical, sensible and realistic approach towards work and his or her career. The individual needs to take care that he or she does not focus on problems and create mental blocks and limitations for him or her self. The individual’s father may have been a major influence in relation to what type of work the individual is interested in and may have been a workaholic. The individual with Mars is in Capricorn or the 10th House is very likely to work his or her way up to the top. He or she has natural executive ability and is very conscientious and responsible. The individual with Mars  in Capricorn or the 10th House usually does more than his or her fair share of the work as he or she is a hardworking and ambitious individual.

When Mars is in Aquarius or the 11th House the individual is likely to have either an unconventional job or career or and unconventional or unique approach to work. The Mars in Aquarius or the 11th House individual is attracted to a job or career that is unusual as this is a way in which he or she can express his or her own uniqueness. The individual with The Mars in Aquarius or the 11th House requires a great deal of freedom in order to his or her work in his or her own way. The individual is bored by routine and requires variety and mental stimulation from his or her work. The individual is creative and inventive and needs to be allowed to channel his or her creativity through his or her work. The individual does best in a job or career in which everyone is considered to be on the same level and no one individual is above another. The individual will not last in a job with too many rules and restrictions. The individual may attract bosses and/or co-workers who he or she perceives as confusing, irresponsible, erratic, unpredictable or upsetting. He or she is also likely to experience sudden change in relation to his or her career. This can include being fired at some point. The purpose of such change is to stimulate the individual when things are becoming too routine.

When Mars is in Pisces or the 12th House the individual may be attracted to the arts, or may choose to become a professional victim. In addition, he or she may be attracted to a career that allows him or her to assist or help others in some way. The individual with Mars is in Pisces or the 12th House has a desire to find the perfect job or career and is likely to experience a great deal of disillusionment while trying to find it as there is no such thing. Those with Mars in Pisces or in the 12th House may be attracted to helping others or becoming a “professional victim.” Many of these individuals are attracted to the arts such as music, painting, photography, poetry, singing or design.

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In the USA...United Surveillance America

In U.S., Fear of Ebola Closes Schools and Shapes Politics

OCT. 19, 2014

In the month since a Liberian man infected with Ebola traveled to Dallas, where he later died, the nation has marinated in a murky soup of understandable concern, wild misinformation, political opportunism and garden-variety panic.

Within the escalating debate over how to manage potential threats to public health — muddled by what is widely viewed as a bungled effort by government officials and the Dallas hospital that managed the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States — the line between vigilance and hysteria can be as blurry as the edges of a watercolor painting.

A crowd of parents last week pulled their children out of a Mississippi middle school after learning that its principal had traveled to Zambia, an African nation untouched by the disease.
On the eve of midterm elections with control of the United States Senate at stake, politicians from both parties are calling for the end of commercial air traffic between the United States and some African countries, even though most public health experts and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said a shutdown would compound rather than alleviate the risks.

Carolyn Smith of Louisville, Ky., last week took a rare break from sequestering herself at home to take her fiancé to a doctor’s appointment. She said she was reluctant to leave her house after hearing that a nurse from the Dallas hospital had flown to Cleveland, over 300 miles from her home. “We’re not really going anywhere if we can help it,” Ms. Smith, 50, said.

The panic in some way mirrors what followed the anthrax attacks of 2001 and the West Nile virus outbreak in New York City in 1999. But fed by social media and the 24-hour news cycle, the first American experience with Ebola has become a lesson in the ways things that go viral electronically can be as potent and frightening as those that do so biologically. The result has ignited a national deliberation about the conflicts between public health interest, civil liberties and common sense.

“This is sort of comparable to when people were killed in terror attacks,” said Roxane Cohen Silver, a professor of psychology in the department of psychology and social behavior at the University of California, Irvine.

Ms. Silver studied and wrote about people who heavily consumed media after the bombings at the Boston Marathon in 2013 and “what we found is that individuals who were exposed to a great deal of media within the first week reported more acute stress than did people who were actually at the marathon.”

In his work on panic in various disasters, Anthony Mawson, a visiting professor in the School of Health Sciences at Jackson State University in Mississippi, found that while physical danger is presumed to lead to mass panic, in actual physical emergencies “expressions of mutual aid are common and often predominate.” But the threat of an illness that has infected only two people in the United States appears to have had the opposite effect, inciting a widespread desire to hide and shut things down.

“Obviously there’s fear,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in an interview Sunday on ABC. He said fear of the disease is dramatically outstripping current risks. “We always get caught when we say zero,” he said. “Nothing is zero. It’s extraordinarily low, much less than the risk of many other things which happens to them in their lives.”
In Rock Island, Ill., Barhyeau Philips said he and his family would stay home for the next few weeks since the arrival of his daughter Jennifer from Liberia. Credit John Schultz/Quad-City Times, via Zuma

The health care system, which has urged calm, has at times sent mixed messages that can promote fear. “There are two elements to trust,” said Baruch Fischhoff, a professor of decision sciences at Carnegie Mellon. “One is competence and one is honesty. The hospital in Dallas changed its story three times. So while most people know there are very few cases and this is not an easily transmissible virus, they also know the human system for managing this is imperfect, and they don’t know whether they are getting the straight story about it.”

Republicans, finding both public health and political messages, have made a similar case against the government response.

“If this was one incidence where people thought the government wasn’t doing what the government was supposed to do, it would be much less of a reaction than we see now, where there’s this long list of the government being one step behind, whether it’s the border, the IRS, the Secret Service,” Senator Roy D. Blunt, Republican of Missouri, said on “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “Now this health concern is more real than it would be if there wasn’t a sense that the government is just not being managed in a way that people would want it to be managed.”

With fear riding high, Democrats, particularly those running for office, have supported a travel ban.

“Although stopping the spread of this virus overseas will require a large, coordinated effort with the international community,” said Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina, a Democrat in a tight race, “a temporary travel ban is a prudent step the president can take to protect the American people.”

As is often the case in contemporary American life, parents have been at the forefront of the concerns.

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Hola Dark Pure Light

Arrghh No entiendo esta tendencia en absoluto

Si es tu interés, puedes hacer preguntas sobre la AE en este Foro.



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Comet makes close pass by Mars as spacecraft watch: ‘This is a really rare event’

20 Oct 2014 at 06:39 ET                   

A comet from the outer reaches of the solar system on Sunday made a rare, close pass by Mars where a fleet of robotic science probes were poised for studies.

Comet Siding Spring passed just 87,000 miles (140,000 km) from Mars, less than half the distance between Earth and the moon and 10 times closer than any known comet has passed by Earth, NASA said.

The comet, named for the Australian observatory that discovered it last year, is believed to be a first-time visitor to the inner solar system, having departed the Oort Cloud, located beyond Neptune’s orbit, more than a million years ago.

Comets are believed to be frozen remnants left over from the formation of the solar system some 4.6 billion years ago.

“This comet is on its way plunging in toward the sun, growing a tail,” astronomer David Grinspoon, with the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona, said during a live webcast of the comet’s flyby on

The comet made its closest approach to Mars at 2:27 pm EDT, hurling past at about 126,000 mph (203,000 kph).

NASA’s three Mars orbiters and two rovers, as well as orbiters owned by the European Space Agency and India were expected to monitor the comet’s approach and fly-by, which may have left Mars engulfed in a cloud of comet dust.

“The comet has never ever been closer to the sun that we think maybe Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune’s distance. This is its first passage into what we call the ‘water-ice line,’ where it’s really starting to blow its water off,” astrophysicist Carey Lisse, with Johns Hopkins University in Laurel, Maryland, told reporters during a press conference last week.

Initially, NASA was concerned the comet’s dusty tail could pose a threat to orbiting spacecraft as it brushes past Mars. Later assessments somewhat allayed those concerns, but NASA still opted to tweak its satellites’ orbits so that they would be behind the planet during the most risky part of the flyby.

“Mars will be right at the edge of the debris cloud, so it might encounter some of the particles, or it might not,” NASA Mars scientist Rich Zurek, with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said in a statement.

Mars’ atmosphere, though much thinner than Earth’s, will shield NASA’s Opportunity and Curiosity rovers from comet dust, which may trigger meteor showers.

Mars also will pass directly through the comet’s coma, which is an envelope of gas and dust surrounding the comet’s nucleus, providing an unprecedented opportunity for study, Grinspoon said. “This is a really rare event.”

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In Homeland, Liberia Native Finds Resilience Amid Horror

OCT. 19, 2014

MONROVIA, Liberia — Liberians have become accustomed to living with demons.

Long before Ebola arrived, the people here endured 14 years of civil war, one that snuffed out 200,000 lives and ignited acts of barbarism that laid waste to the country. The war produced mad generals who led ritual sacrifices of children before going into battle, naked except for shoes and a gun. It produced amphetamine-fueled 10-year-old fighters wielding M16s while toting teddy bear backpacks, and rapists who wore Halloween masks and wedding gowns.

When it finally ended in 2003, what was left was a nation of survivors, a place where nearly every person of a certain age has a painful story to tell.

I know this all too well, as a native Liberian who emigrated to the United States. My family has our own war stories. One sister was kidnapped and fought to protect her 1-year-old son while marching for days behind rebel lines. Another sister sent her son away to avoid the war and spent two years — two years — hiding deep up country in an area known only as Territory 3C, far from the worst of the conflict, after witnessing gunmen disembowel a co-worker in front of his son.

I have long stopped asking people what happened to them during the war. But as I moved in recent weeks around this city where I was born, reporting about the Ebola epidemic, I was aware of this: There is a strength here that I had never before realized.

My friend Wael Hariz, a Lebanese citizen living here who had been away for a couple of months, said he came back in late September expecting the worst, after watching the coverage of Ebola overseas. Standing just off Tubman Boulevard, Monrovia’s main road, at midday, he looked at the cars, taxis and pedestrians going by.

“I had forgotten, after what they’ve been through, how resilient people here are,” he said.

They came by that resilience the hard way. This is a staggeringly beautiful place, where tropical rain forests give way to pure white sandy beaches dotted by coconut trees. But the average Liberian lives on $1.25 a day, has no access to clean water and does not have a flush toilet at home.

The average Liberian lives with mother, father, auntie, uncle and second cousins, sharing mattresses in cramped two-room shanties painted dark colors to ward off the equatorial sun. When one of those family members gets sick, the average Liberian picks through the muddy potholed dirt roads to Tubman Boulevard to hail a taxi to get to the nearest clinic.

When Comfort Fayiah, 32, was turned away last month from a private hospital that demanded $450, she gave birth to twins in the dirt near Du Port Road. Passers-by surrounded her to try to give her what privacy they could, while a local woman and man delivered the two girls, Faith and Mercy.

The new demon, of course, is Ebola, which has killed more than 2,000 Liberians and has struck double that number, crippled the country’s health system, ground the economy to a standstill and made international pariahs of anyone with a Liberian passport. Those facing it close up are fearful of what could happen and often angry that they are largely left on their own.

But many Liberians are treating the disease with much the same resignation as the killers of the past — accepting that the threat is there, and doing their best to navigate around it. They wash their hands with chlorine, they walk up to the laser thermometers at the entrances of public buildings to check their temperature. They still take care of family members who fall ill because there is no other alternative.

I have been trying to be as unruffled as my Liberian compatriots, but I’ve been living in the United States for too long now. My tolerance for risk has gone way down.

I have been consumed with worry. My oldest sister is a health care worker in Liberia who is deeply involved in the Ebola response. Another sister, Eunice, is a pensions manager at the Firestone rubber company; every day pensioners line up outside her office 35 miles from Monrovia and reach their hands toward her to receive their checks.

My 9-year-old niece, Nyepu, who has sickle-cell anemia, has been locked in the house since July, and is busting at the seams to get out. I have nightmares that she will escape and the worst will happen.

Packing to come here, I brought rehydration tablets for one sister, a box of latex gloves for the other and a portable DVD player for my niece. Visiting Eunice and her family, I admonished Nyepu not to touch me — I had been in an Ebola treatment unit. When Eunice and I took a picture together to send back to our third sister in the United States, we made sure not to touch.

Two days after I arrived in Monrovia, news broke that an Ebola case had been diagnosed at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, the first in the United States. American officials said they were not releasing the name of the patient, citing confidentiality, but Liberia’s health minister, Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale, was having none of it.

“I throw that out the window,” he said during a meeting with visiting health officials. “There is no privacy in Ebola.”

Just like people in the United States, everyone in Monrovia was talking about the case of Thomas Eric Duncan, the patient in Dallas. The biggest question here was whether the United States would prevent Liberians from traveling to America. It is not as if many of them get visas anyway; the fortress that is the United States Embassy, perched on a hill in the diplomatic enclave of Mamba Point, is so barricaded that even a recent high-level American delegation had to wait outside for 20 minutes before being passed through the gates.

But what if President Obama pulls out the United States troops he has sent to build treatment units? When Mr. Duncan died, the first Ebola fatality in the United States, there was suspicion in Monrovia of both governments. “They wanted him to die, to teach us a lesson” not to try to go to America in hopes of surviving the disease, a friend told me.
Her tone was matter of fact. Life here comes with a higher level of risk.

A few days ago, I went up country to cover President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. I stayed overnight in Gbarnga, but had to return to Monrovia, four hours away, at 5 a.m. A member of the president’s security detail whom I know, Varsay Sirleaf, hopped into the car with me. “She doesn’t want you going alone,” he said.

I knew it was pointless to argue. Besides, the road was part dirt, potholed, and dark; one flat tire and you are finished.

About 30 minutes after setting out, on the blackest stretch of the road, the headlights picked up a form on the side. “Stop!” Varsay yelled. “That’s a body!” He jumped out of the car, grabbing a flashlight and a pistol. “Lock the doors,” he said, and took off.

My mind immediately went to the civil war, to magic soldiers jumping out of the bush. It was quiet except for my heart beating.

Finally, Varsay returned. “He wasn’t dead,” he said. “He was drunk. I woke him up, and he went into the bush.”

I couldn’t believe he had just gone up to a body on the side of the road. “It could have been an ambush!” I cried. “He could have had Ebola!”

Varsay looked at me. “That what y’all do in America?” he asked.

He turned back toward the front, looking ahead. Then, he spoke again.

“You can’t just leave somebody on the side of the road to die.”

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At Birthplace of the Arab Spring, Discontent Opens a Door to the Past

OCT. 19, 2014

TUNIS — Chaima Issa, a poet and the daughter of a former political prisoner, is determined to keep Tunisia’s revolution alive.

She is running as a candidate for a small democratic party in parliamentary elections next weekend in one of the most populous constituencies of the capital. A 34-year-old who wears purple-frame glasses, a tight white T-shirt and jeans, she is an outsider but a passionate one as she crisscrosses the old quarter of Tunis reaching out to voters.

Almost four years after a popular uprising that overthrew President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and set off the Arab Spring in 2011, Tunisians are grappling with price increases, unemployment and rising terrorism — and roundly blame their politicians for the mess. The frustration is such that people often say they wish for a return of the Ben Ali era.

Tunisia has been torn by ideological divisions between Islamists who won the first elections after the revolution in 2011 and secularists who led a protest movement against the Islamist government last year after the assassination of two members of Parliament. Now riding on the wave of discontent, former officials from the Ben Ali government, who are free to run for office for the first time since the uprising, are attempting a comeback.

It is a prospect that incenses Ms. Issa.

“It is horrible, shameful,” she said. “They are profiting from our revolution; they are picking our flowers. It is they who spilled our blood.”

In the capital’s old city recently, Ms. Issa found voters in an angry mood and vowing not to vote at all for the politicians, whom they clearly distrust. “All they want is a position, and then they never let go!” shouted one market worker striding past a group of workers from Ms. Issa’s National Democratic Alliance party who were wearing white party T-shirts and handing out leaflets and waving flags. “Long live Ben Ali!” shouted a vendor when he saw her party flags.

Tunisians will elect a new Parliament on Sunday, and then a month later vote for a new president, with a possible presidential runoff on Dec. 28. The elections will end a transitional period that has seen four interim governments since 2011.

Among those fielding candidates are seven or eight parties formed by officials of Mr. Ben Ali’s government and four former ministers who are contesting the presidential election. Barred from running for office in the 2011 elections for a constituent assembly, those former officials have been allowed to take part in the 2014 parliamentary and presidential elections after a vote to exclude them was narrowly defeated in the National Constituent Assembly last year.

Many of the smaller democratic parties feel threatened by the return of members of the former government and in particular associates of Mr. Ben Ali from the former governing party, the R.C.D., who they say have retained their business and political connections and command substantial wealth.

The main Islamist party, Ennahda, voted to allow the return of former officials despite internal opposition, calculating that to include them in politics would reduce the antagonism that has been aimed against their party. Rather than exclude them, let the electorate decide, said Rachid Ghannouchi, Ennahda’s leader.

Some of the former officials have been feted on their return. An effusive crowd greeted Mr. Ben Ali’s former health minister, Mondher Zenaidi, when he flew back to Tunis from self-exile in France last month. Party workers were hanging red bunting outside the newly painted campaign headquarters of the Destourian Movement on Saturday as former officials clustered around their presidential candidate, Abderrahim Zouari, 70, a stalwart of the Ben Ali government who was released from prison last year, acquitted of corruption charges.

A larger number of former officials have also joined Nidaa Tounes, a party led by the 87-year-old statesman Beji Caid Essebsi, who served as a senior official under both of Tunisia’s authoritarian leaders but who was nevertheless considered acceptable enough to serve as interim prime minister in 2011. Mr. Essebsi helped lead the backlash against the Islamists last year and is now the front-runner for the presidential election. His party is vying with Ennahda to win the most seats in Parliament.

Opinions polls show Nida Tounes and Ennahda each garnering roughly a third of national support. Neither is expected to win an outright majority and so under Tunisia’s parliamentary system the party with the most seats will need to find coalition partners to form a government. Many, including Western governments eager to see some stability brought to North Africa, are encouraging the main parties to join together in a government of national unity.

How the old guard — often referred to as Destourians after the original name of the R.C.D., the French initials for the Constitutional Democratic Rally — will fare in the elections is one of the unknowns. “The main question is whether the Destourians make a comeback,” said Michael Ayari, researcher for the International Crisis Group in Tunisia. “Will they return as a political force or not?”

The tumult of the last four years has made many Tunisians look back favorably on the certainties of the authoritarian governments of the past, in particular the era of Habib Bourguiba, Tunisia’s first president after independence. People even express support for Mr. Ben Ali and his officials in a surge of nostalgia as they recall the low prices, security and clean streets under his governance.

“If they come back, we will greet them at the airport,” said Fatima Ben Hamem, a mother of five, who was attending a campaign rally for Ennahda in the neighborhood of Ibn Sina in Tunis on Saturday. “They say Ben Ali stole — God knows if he did — but he did not steal from the poor people.”

A survey conducted in the spring by the Pew Research Center found that 59 percent of Tunisians supported a leader with a strong hand, up from 37 percent two years ago. Meanwhile, only 38 percent prefer democratic government to solve the nation’s problems, down from 61 percent in the same period.

The nostalgia has alarmed some, leading a group of journalists to produce a documentary titled “Seven Lives,” which examines the phenomenon of nostalgia for Mr. Ben Ali — a mix of psychological insecurity; a typically human desire for routine; and ignorance of the uglier elements of his rule, including the torture and repression, but also something as basic as the economy, the film concludes.

Those who have studied other societies in transition — namely post-communist countries — say it is to be expected that former officials will make a comeback after several years.

“The second elections always see the return of the old regime,” said Munir Dahfous, campaign manager for the centrist Al-Jamhouri party. Yet he, like many others, predicts that the achievements of the revolution, including freedoms enshrined in a new Constitution, cannot be undone. “We will see the return of the people, but not the system,” he said.

Mr. Zouari, whom many see as the most hard-line of Mr. Ben Ali’s ministers running for office, is intent on reminding citizens that life was better under the former government. The Destourians could form a bloc in Parliament and are receiving overtures from other parties, he said in an interview on Saturday. “We will be not a majority, but a considerable group,” he said.

“What is important now is that the machine, the machinery of the R.C.D., was sick and now there is oil in its engine and it is beginning to turn,” he said. “We have experience, we know the land and the dossier, and we can be operational from tomorrow.”

Most political opponents and analysts predict, however, that the Ben Ali officials will make little showing and that voters will reject them at the polls.

“They are not strong,” said Samir Taieb, a legislative candidate of the social democratic party Al-Mossar. “They are spread across several parties.”

Yet others warn that their influence is insidious. “The old regime always worked covertly,” Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, a presidential candidate and veteran dissident, said in an interview. “There is a risk of a return, a masked return, of the old regime. In effect, there is a threat to the democratic process.”

For Ms. Issa, the poet, it is personal. Her father, a painter, spent eight years in prison while she was a teenager for his support for the Islamist movement, a spell she blames for causing her mother’s premature death.

“They have the machine, they have the people, and money and that is what we fear,” she said.

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