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Hi Rita and Mike. Thank you for your posts! I'll be sitting with your posts, as well as anyone else who may post, tomorrow and Wed.
With love
Ari Moshe

 on: Apr 14, 2014, 06:14 PM 
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Hi Emily,

South Node in Capricorn or the 10th House:

A soul with the South Node in Capricorn has previously been identifying itself with its role in society.  The soul has perhaps been over identified with its career or public life.   The soul could have had a position of power and authority over others.  Or the soul could have been dominated by the authority of another or others.  The prior life identity may be very crystalized in the consciousness of the individual - not that it wouldn't be in other placements, but with capricorn symbolizing the structure of consciousness, the identity has become rigid and maybe overly defined.  The definition could be a situation where the identity has been formed based on the values, norms of the consensus.  The soul may have been working with an identity - creating the kind of life that looks like everyone else's - including the kind of work, the lifestyle, etc.  The soul may be carrying shame about who it is - it could have received judgements and there could have been a repression of the true identity.  Or the soul could have also been very judgmental of others.  The soul could also have been very strongly rooted in an inner sense of authority - being who it is without needing to conform to the consensus.  This placement may be very different for a man or a woman and an exploration of traditional or non-traditional gender roles may have been something the soul was working with and continues to be working with.  This is a placement of the identity being very conditioned by the patriarchy?

In my observation, Capricorn/saturn/10th house almost always has the implication of that in any chart. What's really interesting is, because we are all IN IT and conditioned by patriarchy in nearly every aspect of our lives, it can be very hard to even notice and acknowledge the reality of our conditioning in many respects. That's one of the challenges of the Capricorn archetype. Like how elderly people are

(not that all other positions don't have patriarchal distortions) With the nodes in Capricorn/Cancer a recent gender switch for the soul is a possibility.   Souls with a South Node in Capricorn or the 10th will feel focused and driven in some way to 'succeed'.  What they are basing that success on will be different based on the different evolutionary states and cultural conditioning.  The soul has either put forth the appropriate effort to make itself useful to society or it hasn't.  The soul may have developed talent as a leader.  Or the soul may have neglected its responsibilities.  The soul may also have been identifying with itself with a defeatist attitude.  The soul can be very identified with structures of the past.   There is karma around how the soul was identified with itself and how it operated in society.  The soul may choose to come into a family where it is forced to grow up at a young age or have strong karma with the father or main provider.

Excellent considerations of this archetype!

Consensus State:

The roles the soul has been identified with will have been very traditional in nature.  The soul would have been very identified with trying to conform to the consensus and to further its ambitions in society.  It may have been striving to attain more material wealth, social status and power, and have used any means necessary to get there.  There may have been depression when its ventures were blocked or failed.  This could symbolize the soul being very identified with a position of power within society.  In the later stages of the consensus state, with some sort of position in politics or business, or some other sort of leader.  The ultimate authority is seen as coming from outside of the individual.

Individuated State:

The soul has begun to desire to shed layers of conditioning.  The soul may have become deeply reflective as it begins to connect with a sense of inner authority that may be at odds with how the consensus says it should be living.  There may be periods of depression when the gap between how the soul has been living and how it inwardly feels becomes very great.  In the second stage the soul can experience not being able to integrate its identity into society - there is a complete rebellion against society.  The soul will begin and eventually will actualize a role in society that is in tune with its uniqueness and the gifts it has to bring to help move society forward.  The soul could have already learned how to do this and have had a very important role in society.  Success may be based on being able to create structures in one's life that reflect the inner essence of who the soul feels itself to be.

Spiritual State:

In this state the identity may have been linked to doing work in the world on behalf of the creator.  It may have been linked to feeling a great responsibility to do the 'right' thing (at any evolutionary stage).  The soul may have been overly identified with a specific spiritual teaching or institution - that was perhaps limiting the evolution of the soul.  The soul may be in the spiritual state but be identified with a consensus religion in a spiritual way.  The soul will feel that God is the ultimate authority and defer to source when needing direction, finding the answers within itself in that way.  The soul has perhaps identified itself with creating structures related to its spirituality and being of service (healing).  In the first stage the soul may not have felt good enough to bring its talents out into the world and may not have developed them sufficiently - or may have developed them but not allowed them to be put to use.  In the second stage this seems like someone who could definitely have been over identified with a role as a spiritual leader or guru of some kind.

North Node in Cancer or the 4th House

Where the identity has become overly conditioned and rigid, the North Node in Cancer is about coming home to oneself.  The soul can evolve by shifting the identity to the inner emotional realm vs. being so focused on its public role.  All of the responsibility and leadership one has potentially already developed can be brought forward but in a way that is more emotionally intelligent.  Any way the identity has limited the processing of emotions needs to be opened up.  This includes touch and nurturing.  Where the soul has perhaps suppressed or shut out certain feelings, the soul now needs to learn how to soften and allow its emotional body to flow.  The soul may need to focus more actively on family life - the identity shifting to being a nurturer (a nurturing provider).  The soul also needs to learn how take care of itself - nurturing itself as well as others on an emotional level.  The soul is learning to take responsibility for its emotions. Where in the past emotions may have seemed scary or too messy or chaotic to deal with they will need to be accessed for evolution to occur.  The soul is not meant to revert its identity to being like a child, but certain aspects that have perhaps become too rigid or serious need to be softened and the person needs to open up their self-image to be more human.  Where the soul may have become bitter or jaded it can grow by seeing things as a child would see them, being in the moment and rediscovering a sense of wonder. 

Bringing the SN with it, the soul will create the structures in its life that support emotional grounding and wellbeing.  The soul can evolve by acknowledging its basic emotional needs and learning to meet them for itself, as well as opening up to others and allowing itself to be vulnerable.  The soul will begin to identify strength with vulnerability.

All beautifully expressed.

Consensus State:

Basic emotional needs will be met in a consensus way?  Consensus family structures, gender assignments etc.  The soul will need to internalize a sense of security and authority(SN).

Since it is about evolution, the self image will have to change to accommodate for that which the soul otherwise was not able to take in. This may be about relaxing judgement and putting care and nurturing first. Or it may mean life circumstances will at some point invite more vulnerability and emotional intimacy.

Individuated State:

The soul can evolve by embracing an identity that is true to who it is on an individuated level.  Breaking free from definitions related to the soul's role in society, the soul will be opening up to how it is different from everyone else.  It will be seeking emotional security even as the identity is shifting to one that may be very different from those around it and thus trigger a feeling of insecurity.  The intention is to find emotional security within - to be oneself and love oneself.

Spiritual State:

In this state the soul will be progressively broadening its identity beyond itself, the ego humbling itself and moving closer and closer to re-merging with source.  Opening up to feelings is essential to evolution, and in this state maybe the soul moves from a more ascetic form of spirituality to one of devotion (not that that is the only path).  The soul has perhaps become too identified with its public role or trying to control its life and needs to come back to itself as a child of God – equal and vulnerable as everyone else on the path. Perhaps someone moving towards a path as a householder. Finding security through connecting to source within.  And learning to see emotions as part of the totality of creation?

Yes all of that is a possibility.

South Node in Cancer or the 4th House

With this placement of the south node the soul has perhaps not been receiving emotional nurturing from the environment - as a child and later in life.  The soul may choose parents who can’t meet its emotional needs or who treat it like a child for too long and neglect helping the child mature.  Or the parents may be able to mirror the child very well and support the internalization of the parental role.  If unmet needs of the child are not learned to be met by the individual,  they will be carried into adulthood and projected onto partners, friends, one's own children, etc.  The soul may be used to co-dependent type relationships.  The soul will be a natural nurturer, having been identified with this in the past life.  Family may be very important to the soul and there may be strong karmic ties with the mother, or main nurturer, in particular.  The soul can still be working on anchoring emotional security within itself, learning how to take care of itself.  Or the soul may be good at this, having been thrown back on itself often in the past and learned to internalize a sense of emotional security.  There may be strong emotional imprints from the past - from the childhood in this life, or from the childhood in another life - that the soul is still working to integrate.  In some way the focus on the past life ego is emphasized as the 4th house partly represents the current life identity.  The soul has perhaps been over identified with its emotions and needs to to step back and learn how to navigate the emotional waters without getting swept away in them.  The soul may be fearful of growing up or leaving home - identifying very strongly with home and family - finding safety there and not wanting to leave - perhaps due to loss of family in a past life.  Or the soul may not feel that it has a secure home base in this life.

All well expressed. Another fruitive expression of this would be a soul that is capable of adopting well to various circumstances, has healthy boundaries, knows how to receive and give touch and has the inner maturity and wisdom to abide in the present moment emotional reality and integrate whatever the emotions are saying while not identifying with the emotions them self.

North Node in Capricorn or the 10th House

This symbolizes the need to mature in some way.  The identity needs to shift towards one of self-responsibility and accountability.  The soul needs to build a strong foundation for itself, within and without.  Within, a strong emotional foundation is needed - some structure to contain the emotional body - healthy boundaries and space to hold one's own vulnerability - not to repress it but some sort of form that allows the identity to be more contained and workable.  The potential oversensitivity of the south node placement can benefit from some solid structures in the life.  Definition can lend a sense of security to the soul - without it needing to be excessively rigid definition.  Without, solid foundations can be in the form of actual structures (home etc.) and in the lifestyle that support the soul's comfort and ability to grow. The role the soul plays in society can help pull the person out of themselves, out of the inner emotional focus.  The soul can do work in the world that involves nurturing others and be very good at that.  They can support emotional self sufficiency in others.  The soul can learn to identify as their own parent - taking care of their own inner child, meeting their own needs.  The soul can learn to see its childhood as necessary for learning the lessons it needed to learn.  Somehow the way the soul has been identifying with itself in the past will be restructured.

Another important consideration is time. It takes time, application and patience to re-condition one's behaviors and choices in accordance to what the soul wishes to build for itself.

Thank you for your post Emily. Everything you wrote expresses very clearly the nature of these archetypes linked with the nodes.
With love
Ari moshe

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Pro-Kremlin Gunmen Gain Ground in Crisis-Hit Ukraine, Kiev Urges U.N. over unrest

by Naharnet Newsdesk
14 April 2014, 15:13

Pro-Russian insurgents gained more ground on Monday in Ukraine's separatist east while Kiev's Western-backed leader sought a way out of the crisis by proposing a referendum and seeking U.N. help.

The Kremlin added an ominous tone to the rapid escalation by saying that President Pig Putin had received "a lot" of requests from Ukraine's Russified rust belt "to help, to intervene in some form".

The crystallizing possibility of an invasion by some 40,000 Russian troops massed along Ukraine's eastern border drew European calls for further sanctions against Russia and the approval of more than $2 billion in U.S. and EU aid for Kiev's embattled interim administration.

But the pro-Kremlin militias who have seized state buildings in coordinated raids across economically depressed eastern Ukraine appeared only to be gaining confidence while paying little heed to the "full-scale anti-terrorist operation" announced with much fanfare in Kiev.

Protesters armed with rocks and clubs smashed their way inside a police station in Gorlivka -- a coal mining town straddling a highway between the regional capital Donetsk and the city of Slavyansk to the north that is now under effective militants' control.

The unrestrained crowd whistled and cheered as they ripped away metal shields from the visibly frightened local force before raising the tricolor flag of the self-declared "People's Republic of Donetsk".

And Kalashnikov-wielding militants in the 300,000 strong city of Slavyansk -- who are already in control of the local police station and security service office -- also took command of its administration building before asking Putin to send in his troops.

"We call on Russia to protect us and not to allow the genocide of the people of Donbass (Donetsk region)," rebel leader Vyacheslav Ponomaryov told a group of reporters.

"We ask THE PIG to help us."

The spreading unrest is rooted in the deep mistrust in the big industrial cities that form a corridor along Ukraine's Russian border of the new, nationalist government that enlisted Western support in toppling the Kremlin-backed authorities in February.

Pro-Kremlin protesters in rundown regions such as Donetsk and Kharkiv are now seeking local referendums on either broader rights or an option to join the Russian Federation.

Ukraine's interim president on Monday made a dramatic about-face aimed at defusing the tensions by backing a national poll on turning the centralized nation into a loose federation in which regions enjoyed broader rights.

Washington has previously advised Kiev to devolve powers in order to remove any argument Pig Putin might make about discrimination against Russian speakers -- a charge that has fed fears that Moscow's annexation of Crimea last month was only the start of long-term Kremlin plan to dismember Ukraine.

Interim President Oleksandr Turchynov furiously resisted the Russian-backed federalization proposal. But he said on Monday that he was ready to put it up for a national vote to prove that most shared his view.

"We are not against holding a national referendum," Oleksandr Turchynov told lawmakers. "I am certain that a majority of Ukrainians will support an indivisible, independent, democratic and united Ukraine."

Turchynov's announcement stops well short of meeting protesters' calls for each Russian-speaking region to stage its own referendum and it remains unclear how the militias -- or Moscow -- intend to respond.

The outcome of a national vote is uncertain because polls show most in Kiev and the Ukrainian-speaking west supporting a strongly unified state.

The Ukrainian leader's office said Turchynov on Monday also asked U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for help "in conducting a joint anti-terrorist operation in the east" -- a comment that hinted of hope in Kiev that the global body might send a peacekeeping mission into the flashpoint east.

There was no initial response to Kiev's statement from the United Nations and Turchynov's office failed to explain what precise help Ukraine was requesting from Ban.

The pro-Kremlin gunmen's latest raids were especially unsettling for Kiev and Western leaders because of their remarkable similarity to events leading up to Russia's annexation of Crimea.

The balaclava-clad gunmen were armed with special-issue assault rifles and scopes most often used by nations' crack security troops. They also moved with military precision and cohesion.

Russia has vehemently denied increasingly insistent U.S. and European charges of it being behind the unrest.

But the Kremlin on Monday did little to dispel concern in either Kiev or the West that it was planning to take a strategic hold of eastern Ukraine.

"Unfortunately, we are receiving a lot of... requests from the regions of east Ukraine, addressed personally to Pig, with a request to help, to intervene in some form," Russian news agencies quoted Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying.

"The Russian president is watching the development of the situation in these regions with great concern."

EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg on Monday responded by announcing that was prepared to call a Ukraine crisis summit next week to toughen sanctions against Russia.

"It appears obvious that Russia bears some responsibility for this violence. We must act," said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

"Should it be necessary, there can be a meeting next week of Europe's heads of state and government to agree new sanctions."


White House Confirms CIA Chief Visited Kiev

by Naharnet Newsdesk
14 April 2014, 20:49

Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan visited Kiev at the weekend, the White House said Monday, amid U.S. ire over the storming of official buildings in eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian gunmen.

"We can confirm that the director was in Kiev this weekend," White House spokesman Jay Carney said. Brennan's visit was part of a routine trip to Europe, and any claims that it was anything other than that by Russia were "absurd," he added.


Hollande, Obama Share 'Concern' over Ukraine Violence, Canada Vows More Sanction against Russia

by Naharnet Newsdesk
14 April 2014, 19:52

President Francois Hollande of France and Barack Obama of the U.S. share the same "concern" over the violence witnessed in east Ukraine over the past few days, the French presidency said in a statement Monday.

The two leaders voiced their worry in a telephone conversation in which Hollande expressed hope that a Geneva meeting on Thursday between representatives from Ukraine, Russia, the United States and Europe "will start a dialogue" to defuse the situation.

Meanwhile, Canada vowed to impose fresh sanctions on Russia in concert with its NATO allies and blamed Moscow "thugs" for fomenting trouble in eastern Ukraine.

"Peace and stability is being threatened here in a way that has not been threatened since the end of the Cold War," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said.

Harper said the seizure of official buildings in eastern Ukraine by pro-Kremlin militants in orchestrated attacks over the past 48 hours was "patently, without any doubt whatsoever, strictly the work of Russian provocateurs sent by the Pig regime."

And he vowed "Canada will take additional measures" to further politically and economically isolate Russia.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird went further, calling the militants "thugs" who "have been crossing the border" into Ukraine from neighboring Russia.

He said there are "very clear and disconcerting parallels between what is happening in eastern Ukraine and leading up to the annexation of Crimea."

He noted that the militants are armed with weapons that "you can't buy at army surplus stores." "I don't know who the Russian federation thinks it's kidding when it tries to pretend it has nothing to do with them," he said.

Baird will travel next week to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia and Estonia to meet officials to discuss the escalating situation in Ukraine.

Canada, with the world's third-largest population of ethnic Ukrainians, was the first Western power to recognize the ex-Soviet state's independence in 1991.

In response to Russia's annexation of Crimea last month, Ottawa announced targeted sanctions against Russian officials it said bore responsibility for the crisis.


Romania President Tours U.S. Warship, Hails 'Solidarity' on Ukraine

by Naharnet Newsdesk
14 April 2014, 19:18

Romanian President Traian Basescu toured a U.S. warship stationed at the Black Sea port of Constanta on Monday, thanking the country's NATO allies for their "solidarity" in the face of Russia's actions in neighboring Ukraine.

Basescu visited the guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook, stationed in Constanta along with French reconnaissance ship Dupuy de Lome after the eruption of the Ukrainian crisis.

The standoff has seen Russia annex the strategic Crimean peninsula halfway across the Black Sea from Constanta, putting neighboring countries on edge.

Romania has urged NATO to redeploy its forces in eastern Europe, voicing concern over a potential spread of the crisis.

"The presence of U.S. and French ships is intended as a message of stability for the region and shows NATO's solidarity when security is threatened," Basescu said.

The U.S. had previously sent another destroyer, the USS Truxtun, to the Black Sea in March, when the crisis between Russia and Ukraine erupted.

Basescu hailed NATO's "continuous presence here aimed at reinforcing interoperability with the Romanian navy".


EU Ready to Call Summit Next Week to Toughen Russia Sanctions

by Naharnet Newsdesk
14 April 2014, 18:56

The European Union is prepared if needed to call a Ukraine crisis summit next week to toughen sanctions against Russia, France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Monday.

Fabius said after speaking with his U.S., Russian and German counterparts that "there are actions of great organised violence" in eastern Ukraine.

"It appears obvious that Russia bears some responsibility for this violence," he said. "We must act."

"Should it be necessary, there can be a meeting next week of Europe's heads of state and government to agree new sanctions," he added after an EU foreign ministers meeting.


Germany Sees 'Signs' Russia Backing Militias in Ukraine

by Naharnet Newsdesk
14 April 2014, 16:10

Germany said Monday there are many signs Russia is backing pro-Kremlin militias who have seized government buildings in eastern Ukraine, including the arms, uniforms and appearance of their members.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokeswoman said Berlin "is worried about the further aggravation of the situation in the east of Ukraine", and that Merkel had discussed the issue with Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron.

"There are many signs that the armed groups active in eastern Ukraine are receiving support from Russia," Christiane Wirtz told reporters.

"A look at the appearance, uniforms and weaponry of some of these groups hardly suggests that they are defense forces spontaneously formed by civilians."

Germany sees Russia as having "a particular responsibility to prevent a further escalation, and to contribute to stabilizing the situation in Ukraine," the spokeswoman said.

"This includes withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border, lowering gas prices and using moderate language. It must be clear that violence is not an option for resolving disputes, and this also goes for Russia."

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel -- at an event commemorating World War I with French Prime Minister Manuel Valls -- warned of resurgent nationalist forces both within Europe and "in its neighborhood".

Gabriel said that good news several months ago from Ukraine -- including an end to bloody violence against protesters -- had since given way to "an ongoing military confrontation" and the realization that "Russia is apparently willing to let tanks cross European borders".

"Suddenly, we are being dragged from the observer's position into a long smoldering and incendiary conflict, which is also demanding a price from Europe in the form of sanctions against Russia," he said.

Valls called for "dialogue" and "respect for international rules" in the Ukraine crisis, which he called "one of the most tense situations, the most difficult since the fall of the Berlin Wall".

 on: Apr 14, 2014, 10:07 AM 
Started by Rad - Last post by Rad
Originally published Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 7:37 PM
Bloomberg News

Pig Putin’s quest to protect Russians abroad began in Estonia

Unlike Crimea’s vote to join Russia and Pig's annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula, a 1993 autonomy bid by Russians in Estonia didn’t have the backing of the Kremlin, which may have helped shape the Pig's future approach to helping Russians throughout the former Soviet Union.

TALINN, Estonia —

Two decades before seizing Crimea, Pig Putin showed his willingness to challenge the post-Cold War order in defense of Russians in Estonia, a country now bracing for the possibility he may go even further.

In 1993, as the St. Petersburg official running foreign affairs, the former KGB colonel helped the Russian majority in the Estonian border city of Narva approve a referendum on autonomy that was later struck down as unconstitutional, according to Vladimir Chuykin, then head of the city council.

A unit of pro-Russian Cossacks, who once policed the czarist empire by horse, had amassed on the Russian side of the Narva River before the ballot. Its organizers, who wanted a “clean” referendum, feared bloodshed, Chuykin, 62, said in an interview.

“I held talks with Pig about the need for Russia to close its border so these guys couldn’t come here,” Chuykin said. “I knew Pig and his boss, Mayor Anatoly Sobchak, and they arranged a meeting for me with basically the KGB. We agreed that no ‘third forces’ would be allowed to interfere.”

Unlike Crimea’s vote to join Russia and Putin’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula, which the U.S. and the European Union declared illegal, the Narva initiative didn’t have the backing of the Kremlin, so there was no outside pressure to grant Russians greater autonomy, Chuykin said.

That experience may have helped shape Pig Putin’s approach to helping Russians throughout the former Soviet Union, which became a foreign-policy priority after he was elected president in 2000.

“Pig, surely, is the main guarantor of the security of the Russian world,” the president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on state television last month. “And Putin has rather unambiguously stated that.”

In 2005, after winning a second presidential term, the Pig told the nation that the Soviet collapse in 1991 was a “genuine tragedy” for the Russian people.

“Tens of millions of our fellow citizens and countrymen found themselves beyond the fringes of Russian territory,” he said at the time.

Since Ukraine’s Kremlin-backed leader, Viktor Yanukovych, was deposed during bloody protests in February, Putin has pushed for greater autonomy for Russian-majority regions in eastern Ukraine.

He’s also won parliamentary approval to use force as needed to protect Russians inside Ukraine, setting off alarm bells in Estonia and other former communist colonies with sizable Russian minorities.

After his victory that March, the Pig signed a decree boosting funding for the Foreign Ministry and other government agencies to increase protection for Russian citizens and compatriots who live abroad. He also said the role of Russians abroad needed to be “completely rethought.”

The ethnic divisions that lead to the Narva referendum have never fully healed. That’s led native Estonians, who make up 70 percent of the population and just 4 percent of Narva’s 63,000 residents, to grow increasingly concerned that the Pig moves in Ukraine may be a prelude to something similar in their country, even though it’s been a NATO and EU member since 2004.

Estonian President Toomas Ilves and Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics have likened the Pig's seizure of Crimea to the Soviet Union’s agreement with Nazi Germany that paved the way in 1940 for the Red Army to retake the three Baltic states, which had been independent since 1918.

During World War II, Pig's father, Vladimir, was almost killed when his paramilitary unit was “betrayed” by native Estonians during a mission behind the front lines west of St. Petersburg, according to “First Person,” a book of Pig interviews published in 2000.

“Father was forced to breathe through a straw submerged in a swamp,” the Pig said in the book. Only four of the 28 soldiers in the unit survived.

That ordeal led Estonia’s Foreign Ministry to conclude that “Pig has a personal gripe with Estonia,” according to a secret 2009 cable published by WikiLeaks.

Russia has repeatedly condemned Estonia and neighboring Latvia for violating the rights of their Russian-speaking minorities.

When Latvia and Estonia, with 2.1 million and 1.3 million people each, respectively, regained independence in 1991, they didn’t grant citizenship automatically to people who moved there during the Soviet era, classifying them as either noncitizens or stateless.

Latvia has about 46,000 Russian citizens and 291,000 noncitizens, while Estonia has 95,000 Russian citizens and 91,000 stateless people, government data show. The third Baltic state, Lithuania, which has fewer Russians among its population of 3 million, granted everyone citizenship after independence.

While membership in the EU and NATO hasn’t stopped the Pig from punishing the Baltic states through measures such as trade sanctions, the three countries were included in NATO’s military planning after Russia’s 2008 war with Georgia to defend two breakaway regions. The alliance initiated military exercises in the Baltics in 2010 to counter Russia’s annual war games.

Russia started amassing troops on its Baltic borders in 2009, increasing the contingent to almost 100,000 from 16,000, then-Estonian Defense Minister Urmas Reinsalu said last September.

It’s also built a landing strip for jet fighters in Belarus, near Lithuania’s border, and a helicopter base in Ostrov, near the Latvian border, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks said then, according to the Latvijas Avize newspaper.

The standoff over Ukraine and Putin’s decision last month to deploy about 150,000 soldiers for military drills on Russia’s western frontier prodded NATO to bolster air defenses in the Baltic states for the first time since 2004, when they joined the military bloc. The U.S. deployed six warplanes to Lithuania on March 6, expanding its squadron to 10, and added another dozen in Poland.

Back in Narva, it’s hard to find anyone that wants to be part of Russia again, unlike in Crimea, Mayor Eduard East said, adding that media speculation about the likelihood of another referendum is “insulting” to residents who are now part of Estonian society.

“The fact that some people don’t share all the political views of most Estonians is a normal thing,” East said. “We don’t need a society where only one opinion is allowed.”

 on: Apr 14, 2014, 09:59 AM 
Started by Skywalker - Last post by Rad
Hi Skywalker,

Thanks for posting this. Even the way this guy is talking, his standards of measurement, he still can not account for the fact that the constellations Aquarius and Pisces have no clear ending or beginning relative to one another. So to say for 'certain', as he does, itself is suspect to me.

Oh well.

God Bless, Rad

 on: Apr 14, 2014, 09:37 AM 
Started by Skywalker - Last post by Skywalker
Hi Rad, Ari and anyone else interested

I found something interesting by Astrologer Scott Davis regarding this topic.

Taken from:

 Scott Davis shares in the video below “Astrologically, the 1 Night trecena begins with Jupiter retrograde which is the only planet still appearing to move backwards from our vantage point on Earth. This being the 13 day period where the Mayan Tzolkin brings more focus on contemplating the stars and also the time when both Mercury and the Sun move into Aquarius, I thought I’d discuss the truth about the “Age of Aquarius”. One of my personal pet peeves is that so many astrologers discuss what’s popular without doing any research into the truth. But why should I blame them, their public would rather hear information that makes them feel better in the moment, rather than something that is actually useful. I, on the other hand, cannot do that for two reasons, one I have integrity and two I want to know what is real for myself, not what other people agree on without any proof. My role in life is as an heretical investigator and that’s what I bring to these reports.
   Every other astrologer that I’ve been exposed to, is of the opinion that we are either in the Age of Aquarius or about to enter it, and their audiences want that to be true, just like they wanted December 21, 2012 to be the end of the Mayan long count, but unfortunately wanting something does not make it so. I covered the details of the controversy of the long count end date during the1 Earth video from December 18th 2012, if you are interested in why nothing changed on the last solstice. And of course those same astrologers pooh-poohed the Mayan calendar after that date, rather than looking at their own lack of investigation into this important topic. Let me not digress.
   To understand Ages we need to understand something called the Axial Procession of the Equinox which is a 25,772 year cycle, often rounded to 26,000 years and called the “Great Year” in astrology. The Procession of the Equinox is caused by the fact that the Earth has a slow wobble on its axis, which causes us to move through the themes of the zodiac in reverse. Moving through the “Great Months” like the Age of Leo, then Cancer, then Gemini, then Taurus, then Aries, and currently Pisces. These ages are each 2,148 years long, which becomes the first major problem with the “collective wisdom” regarding these cycles because almost all modern astrologers have rounded these Ages to 2000 years, which creates an increasing margin of error of 148 years compounded every 2000 years. We experience 1 degree of movement through the Zodiac every 71.6 years.
    Ages are named in relation to the constellation the Sun is aligned with at the moment of the Vernal Equinox. Of course most western astrologers use the tropical system and discuss the Sun entering into 0 degrees of Aries as the moment of the Equinox, but the tropical system is based on looking at the alignments of planets to constellations as if we were in the Age of Aries. The sidereal system looks at the planets’ relationships to the constellations as they currently are.Here I’m going to give you verifiable proof of our current age, find software that can produce sidereal charts and plug in the information for this year’s Equinox being March 20th 2013 at 11:03 am GMT or 7:03 am EDT or convert that time to your current location. Use any location that matches the time zone entered, because after all, Ages effect the entire planet at once, and look at the placement of the Sun. You will find that on the upcoming Equinox, the Sun is at 5 degrees and change almost six degrees Pisces. So not only are we currently in the Age of Pisces, we are almost 400 years away from the Age of Aquarius. There is not a single person on this planet that will be alive in their current incarnation when we enter the Age of Aquarius. So when you hear folks talking about us being in or entering into the Age of Aquarius, you can now be aware that what you’re hearing is “new age hogwash.”
    So why would folks continue to spread this type of false information? Because most people digesting this type of information are like trained rats hitting the feeder bar for the next instant gratification date, because we have become trained to look for a date when we will experience… enlightenment, unity, oneness, ascension… without actually having to do the work. We have become slaves in a system of spiritual entitlement, rather than doing what spiritual people have done before us, which is going through the trials and tribulations that come from walking the path across the razor’s edge. Obviously for whatever reason, you have chosen to look at my information. So why do I keep reporting on what is verifiable and what is being made up in these reports? Because this is the “Care and Feeding of a New World Age” and I do believe we are entering a new world age, and there are plenty of real cosmic energies that are currently effecting us without having to make anything up. I feel like following an astrologer discussing the Age of Aquarius, is like using “Fodor’s Travel Guide to Italy” when you’re in India. Not very practical, so my commitment is to providing the most accurate information about what is really affecting us now, so we can all benefit in moving to the new world age together.”

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Hi Skywalker, Kristin, Linda, and Cat

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will focus on the final segment of our Neptune thread. And that will be of course the transit of Neptune in Pisces.

Right now I am posting an extract from Wolf's 2nd Pluto book on the Soul's evolutionary journey through relationships. This correlates to our thread because of Neptune's lower octave Venus. In that book one of the things he wrote about was the incredible and archetypal relationship between the 12th House, the 7th, and the 2nd House. Of course both the 2nd and 7th are ruled by Venus. The 12th by Neptune. There is a natural 'finger of God' point upon in the 7th House because of the inconjunctions that it receives from both the 12th and the 7th. So this extract focuses on exactly what this means.

Of course if you have any questions after reading it please feel free to ask. God Bless, Rad


                                         NEPTUNE AND VENUS: ESSENTIAL NEEDS                        

A key to understanding essential relationship needs is to understand the inherent archetype in the horoscope between the Second, Seventh, and Twelfth Houses. If you examine the inherent symmetry between these houses, you will notice that the Second and Twelfth Houses form inconjunctions to the Seventh House, and the Second and Twelfth Houses are in a sextile relationship to each other. Thus, there is an inherent Finger of God (Yod) aspect pattern pointing to the Seventh House. What does it mean that these houses are tied together in this way, and why should we utilize this archetype to understand the inner and outer relationship dynamics, including sexual dynamics, at all?

  The answer is that the planet Venus naturally rules the signs Taurus and Libra, and that Neptune, the planetary co-ruler of Pisces, is the higher octave of Venus, Thus, since the natural zodiac has Taurus on the Second House, Libra on the Seventh House, and Pisces on the Twelfth House, there exists this natural archetype that correlates to our relationship dynamics, including our sexual dynamics. So, the first step is to understand the nature of this archetype.
  To understand this archetype is to understand the inherent nature of each of its components first. The first component we will examine is the Second House and Taurus. The core archetype that Taurus or the Second House correlate with is one of survival—one of the deepest instincts in all human beings. Within the human being, anatomically speaking, this instinct manifests from what is known as the primary brain, which regulates all the instinctual functions of the human being. The instinct to survive has many applications and manifestations. One of these manifestations is the instinct within the human species to perpetuate itself. Thus, Taurus and the Second House correlate with the sexual instinct to procreate the species within all of us. And, yes, the sexual instinct emanates from the primary brain.
  The actual reason for the human species to procreate through the act of sexual intercourse, as opposed to asexual reproduction wherein a cell simply clones itself, is a biological act of survival. Because the main danger to the integrity of the human organism occurs through viruses, bacteria, and parasites which mutate and evolve very quickly, it was and is essential that the human organism be able to evolve its own immune system in order to survive these types of assaults. In the case of asexual reproduction, the immune system remains static and fixed. To procreate the species through sexual intercourse is necessary because it allows for an ongoing evolution of the immune system through combining the genetic structures of two people into a third person. This constant evolution of the immune system thus allows for the survival of the human organism. The immune system in astrology correlates with Neptune, Pisces, and the Third House. The survival need of the species as a whole is reflected in each individual, and each individual determines the selection of a partner based on attraction. This natural selection is largely determined through a subconscious reaction to the secretion of pheromones, which emit a scent. This reaction will be either positive or negative, and thus serves as a basis of who has intercourse with who. Through this biological cue, we select partners who will produce offspring with an evolved immune system that is better able to defeat disease and infection. This, in turn, helps to guarantee the survival of the species. Pheromones are astrologically associated with Taurus, the Second House, and the inner side of Venus.
  Another manifestation of the survival instinct is one of identifying what is needed in order to survive. This can have many applications, including identifying what resources we already have or possess in order to survive. This duality of what we already possess, combined with identifying what we need (i.e., what we do not already have) for survival to continue or be sustained thus generates the following paradoxical crisis for the human being.
  On the one hand, identifying what we already have in order to survive correlates with the archetype inherent to Taurus or the Second House—the archetype of self-reliance, self-sustainment, and self-sufficiency. This archetype is one of inner awareness and focusing. On the other hand, identifying what is needed (that which we do not already have) for survival to continue correlates with the archetypal awareness within consciousness that looks outside of itself in order to gather or attract that which is needed. Long ago, the human being learned that it was much easier to survive individually by forming relationships to other human beings who could live together as an organized unit. Thus, the human being, in many ways, became dependent on other human beings for survival to occur. This is not to say that the human being cannot survive completely alone. Of course, this can be done. But how many people do you know of that live in absolute isolation, surviving only through their own capacity?
  The paradoxical crisis of survival is rooted in that which is already possessed within the individual, and that which is perceived to be needed that is outside of the individual. Astrologically, this paradoxical crisis is reflected in the natural inconjunct between the Second and Seventh Houses. It is also reflected in the inner nature of Venus (Taurus) and its outer or projected nature (Libra). Thus, psychologically speaking, it becomes the paradoxical crisis between the need for self-reliance, and our dependence on others (relationships) in order to sur-vive—the procreational instinct combined with the awareness of what we do not currently have, and yet what is needed in order to survive.
  Another manifestation of the instinct to survive is one of values. Why? Because whatever it is that correlates with what is needed in order to survive, or that which correlates with the resources that already exist in order for survival to occur, will be highly valued. And that which is valued will correlate with how much meaning we give to it. Thus, the Second House and Taurus correlate to the meaning that we give to life, in the broadest sense. In an immediate sense, the archetypes of Taurus and the Second House correlate with the meaning we give to ourselves and, through extension, the meaning we give to other people. This, of course, is dependent on how much we value both ourselves and others.
  Astrologically speaking, the sign on the Second House cusp, the location of its planetary ruler by house and sign, plus the aspects that planet makes to other planets, will condition how the archetype of the Second House is oriented to and actualized by any individual. In addition, the location of the sign Taurus in the horoscope and its natural ruler Venus by its own house/sign, plus the aspects that it is making to other planets, will condition the archetypes inherent to those houses with the archetypes intrinsic to Taurus. In composite charts, these same principles apply to how the couple orients to actualizing these archetypes. Later on, when we discuss an actual case history, these principles will seem more clear.
  The next component of this archetype is the Seventh House and Libra. The core archetype of the Seventh House and Libra is of the initiation of relationships with other human beings. The initiation of relationships has as its casual factor the projected need for survival that emanates from the Second House and Taurus. The projection of these needs from the Second House and Taurus to the Seventh House and Libra occurs through the inconjunction that links these archetypes. Through the Seventh House and Libra we initiate relationships with a diversity of people in order to discriminate (inconjunct) between those people who reflect what we need, versus those people who do not. Once the individual determines which people can best meet what it needs, needs that are now projected, the basis of expectations simultaneously occurs. That which we expect from other people, and they from us, in order for the projected needs of each to be met, is the causal factor for conditional giving, sharing, or love.
  The inconjunction also teaches the human being that it must also learn to give to others in order to secure or receive what itself needs. In order to give others what they need, the human being must learn how to listen. Venus (the co-ruler of Libra and Taurus) correlates with the psychology of hearing, whereas Mercury rules the anatomy that exists within the ear. By learning how to listen, the human being learns how to objectify itself—to experience itself and others objectively. In this way, the human being is learning equality. The Seventh House and Libra teach the human being to equally give and receive. When the balance of giving and receiving within relationships is disproportionate, a crisis (inconjunct) within the relationships will occur. The crisis created in this way is necessary in order for the relationships that we form to become adjusted. In this way, we achieve a state of balance, and the roles become equal.
  The inconjunction between these archetypes will also create a crisis when the individual either becomes too dependent on others, or when others become too dependent on the individual. When excessive dependence occurs in this way, crisis occurs within the relationship in order for an adjustment to happen. The effect is to enforce actualization of the Second House and Taurus archetype of self-reliance.

  The inconjunction that links the Second House and Taurus to the Seventh House and Libra has another primary function—to define a person's individual identity. This occurs as a person compares or evaluates him or herself through interrelating with other people. In essence, it is through social interaction that people become aware of who they are as individuals. Through comparison and evaluation, people become aware of that which is unique and individual about themselves. In the same way, they also become aware of that which is unique and individual about other people. In this way, they become aware of their roles within the relationships that they form, and the function of the relationship.
  The function of the relationship describes the reason for the relationship—the purpose of the relationship. The function, reason, and purpose of the relationship restates the expectations that we have for it, the roles that are created for those expectations to be met, and the relative dependence that is generated in order for the needs and expectations to be met.
  In the individual chart, the sign on the Seventh House cusp, the location of its planetary ruler by house and sign, along with the aspects that planet makes to other planets, will condition how the individual actualizes the Seventh House archetype. In addition, the location of the sign of Libra in the chart, the house and sign locality of its ruler Venus, and Venus' aspects to other planets will condition the inherent archetypes of those houses relative to the archetypes of Libra and Venus.
  In composite charts, the nature of the signs and houses that these archetypes are conditioned by, along with the sign and house locality of Venus and the aspects that it is making to other planets, will describe how the couple understands and actualizes the reason, function, and purpose for their relationship. The archetypes symbolized by the composite chart will reflect how each of the individual's needs (symbolized in their natal horoscopes) combine in a relationship. By combining the individual needs in a relationship, the needs of the relationship itself are symbolized by the sign on the composite Seventh House cusp, the location of its planetary ruler, and the aspects that it is making to other planets. These symbols will correlate with the relationship's capacity to fulfill each individual's needs. In addition, these archetypes will show how the couple defines their roles within the relationship in order for their mutually projected needs to be met, along with the relative balance or imbalance in these roles. The Inherent inconjunction between the Seventh House sign and the Second House sign, and the locality of the planetary rulers for those signs by their own house and sign placement, will correlate with what types of crises could occur, and what the causes may be. This inconjunction also correlates to the creation of a crisis within the relationship when the relationship cannot meet the individual needs of one or both partners.
  The last component of the inherent archetype being discussed is the Twelfth House, Pisces, and Neptune. The core archetype here is one of transcendence. Transcendence of what? No less than the confines of time and space or place. This archetype reflects the desire in all human beings to search for or embrace an ultimate purpose or meaning for life itself. Anatomically, this desire or impulse emanates from the pineal gland within the brain. Astrologically, this gland correlates with Neptune. This gland secrets a hormone called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for many things including sleep, dreams, imagination, creativity, revelations from on high, insanity, and, from an evolutionary point of view, the spiritualization of consciousness. Psychologically, this archetype reflects the intention or motivation inherent within consciousness to search for the higher or ultimate meaning for the totality of what we call life. This is especially true when the human being experiences cataclysmic evolutionary or karmic events.
  Because this archetype correlates with transcendence or the search for ultimate meaning or purpose, the linkage to the Seventh House or Libra via the inconjunction correlates to the person's conscious or unconscious ideals that are projected into its relationship needs. This projection becomes the basis of idealistic expectations that we have in the relationships that we form—the desire for the "perfect" relationship. In addition, unless or until an individual truly acts upon the transcendent impulse for him or herself, this archetype explains why so many people unconsciously or consciously make their partners de facto gods and goddesses. In essence, they project the ultimate meaning that the Twelfth House, Pisces, or Neptune correlates to upon the partner. When projected through the Seventh House, Libra, or the projected nature of Venus (not the inner nature of Venus) in these ways, a crisis will result at some point. The nature of such a crisis is one of disillusionment. One realizes that the partner is not perfect, the partner is not a god or goddess, the projected ideals manifesting as unrealistic expectations not being realized, the partner is not who they seemed to be at the beginning of the relationship, and so on.
  The crisis of disillusionment is necessary in order for the human being to readjust the focus within its consciousness. Instead of projecting the Twelfth House, Pisces, or Neptune's search for transcendence or ultimate meaning upon the partner, each or us, at some point, will focus and act upon this desire and need from within ourselves. The inherent sextile from the Twelfth House and Pisces to the Second House and Taurus correlates with the intention, evolutionarily speaking, within the Soul to relate to itself in a transcendent way, and to establish a relationship with the Ultimate Source of All Things from within itself. Thus, that which is valued, and the meaning we give to that which is valued through the Second House or Taurus, changes. It changes from the temporal (time and space equaling the immediacy of what we need in order to survive) to that which is transcendent or ultimate. When this occurs, each of us will relate differently not only to ourselves, but also to other people.

  Instead of trying to make our partners into gods and goddesses, we will realize that each human being has innate divinity within him or herself because all of us have been created by the Ultimate Source of All Things. Instead of projecting our ultimate ideals upon a partner, we will actualize those ideals for ourselves. Instead of seeking our ultimate sense of meaning in our partners, we will discover this meaning from within ourselves by embracing a spiritual teaching or path. When the crisis of disillusionment manifests one too many times, the necessary adjustment that will lead to this shift of focus within our consciousness will create a vibrational shift in our emotional, mental and physical bodies.
  Then effect of this, in essence, will be that instead of projecting the search and desire for ultimate meaning outwards, the projection is now inward—toward self-reliance. The inner nature of Venus now actualizes its higher octave, Neptune, to create a vibrational shift from within the human being that will allow it to attract (Venus) other people who have achieved this shift for themselves. The shift is also reflected in the natural linkage between the Second and Twelfth Houses because of the natural planetary rulers of each being Venus and Neptune.
  It must also be remembered that the Twelfth House, Pisces, and Neptune all correlate with the potential for sadomasochistic psychological behavior in relationships. The root of this, again, is reflected in the Garden of Eden myth, or any religious teaching that pretends that man is superior to woman, or that woman is the cause of man's spiritual downfall through the "temptation" of the flesh. In an individual's chart, the sign on the Twelfth House, the location of its planetary ruler by house and sign, and the aspects it makes to other planets will correlate with the ultimate ideals that he or she projects onto other people through the Seventh House. The types of experiences that will lead to a necessary disillusionment in order to readjust the individual's focus will also be described in these symbols. Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune will condition the inherent archetypes of the houses and signs that they occupy. In composite charts, these same symbols will correlate with what ideals the relationship has for itself, what constitutes the sense of ultimate meaning for the relationship, how this is actualized, and what kinds of unconscious projections may occur in order to readjust the focus of the relationship.

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Chile Fire Toll: 12 Dead; 2,000 Homes Destroyed (...and the fire is not yet controlled ... )
VALPARAISO, Chile April 13, 2014 (AP)


A raging fire leaped from hilltop to hilltop in this colorful Chilean port city and stubbornly burned out of control in places more than 24 hours later, killing 12 people and destroying at least 2,000 homes. More than 10,000 people were evacuated, including more than 200 female inmates at a prison.

With hot dry winds stoking the embers, some of the fires that authorities had declared contained broke out again as a second night fell.

The blaze began Saturday afternoon in a forested ravine next to ramshackle housing on one of Valparaiso's 42 hilltops, and spread quickly as hot ash rained down over wooden houses and narrow streets that lack municipal water systems. Electricity failed as the fire grew, with towering flames turning the night sky orange over a darkening, destroyed horizon.

Eventually, neighborhoods on six hilltops were reduced to ashes, including one hill several blocks from Chile's parliament building. Flames later broke out again on at least two of those hills, burning out of control and threatening to consume other neighborhoods.
"It's a tremendous tragedy. This could be the worst fire in the city's history," President Michelle Bachelet said as 20 helicopters and planes dropped water on hotspots.

The fire destroyed at least 2,000 houses by Sunday evening, and the death toll rose to 12, Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo said. Authorities warned that the toll could rise once the fires cool enough for them to search for bodies. Patricio Bustos, who directs the national forensics service, said DNA tests would be needed to identify some of the remains. More than 500 people were treated at hospitals, mostly for smoke inhalation.

It was already the worst fire to hit the picturesque seaside city of 250,000 people since 1953, when 50 people were killed and every structure was destroyed on several of the city's hills.

The fires were contained to the hills, but Bachelet declared the entire city a catastrophe zone, putting Chile's military in charge of maintaining order. While 1,250 firefighters, police and forest rangers battled the blaze, 2,000 Chilean sailors in combat gear patrolled streets to maintain order and prevent looting.

"The people of Valparaiso have courage, have strength and they aren't alone," said Bachelet, who cancelled a planned trip to Argentina and Uruguay this week.

Valparaiso has a vibrant port and is home to Chile's national legislature, but it owes its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site to its colorful architecture, with neighborhoods hugging hills so steep that people use staircases and cable cars to reach their homes.

Unfortunately, many homes in densely populated poorer areas above the city center have been built without proper water or natural gas supplies, and many streets are too narrow for fire trucks to enter.

"We are too vulnerable as a city. We have been the builders and architects of our own danger," Valparaiso Mayor Jorge Castro said Sunday in an interview with Chile's 24H channel.

Chile's emergency response system generated automatic phone calls to each house in danger as the mandatory evacuations expanded. Many people stuffed their cars with possessions after getting these calls, and streets quickly became impassible. Water trucks and firefighters were stuck downhill as people abandoned their vehicles and ran. Some carried television sets and others took canisters of natural gas, fearing an explosion if flames reached their homes.

With so many hills aflame, water was in short supply even in established neighborhoods downhill. A water emergency was declared, cutting off non-essential supplies.

Shelters were overflowing. Bachelet toured some and announced that on Monday she would meet with each of her ministers to hear what each one is doing in response. "The situation is dramatic, but help is already arriving," she said.

Maria Elizabeth Diaz, eight months pregnant and trying to rest with her two sons in a shelter set up in Valparaiso's Greek School, said she had been hesitant to flee her home in Cerro Las Canas when she first learned that the hilltop above her was on fire.

"I didn't want to move because I was afraid they'd rob me, but I had to flee when I saw the fire was coming down the hill," she said. "I lost everything. Now I've been ordered to rest because I was having contractions. My little one knows that he can't arrive quite yet."

Another evacuee, Erica Gonzalez, 74, said her daughter and some neighbors had to carry her to safety because the fire burned her wheelchair.

"I was left in the street. My house was completely burned, and that of my daughter a block away," she said, visibly upset as she hugged a grandchild.

Some people returned home Sunday to discover total destruction.

"It's frightening, everything is burned," said Francisca Granados, who had spent the night with friends in the neighboring city of Vina del Mar.

Thick clouds of smoke surrounded the city prison, where nine pregnant inmates were transferred to a detention facility in the nearby city of Quillota. Another 204 female inmates were being evacuated to a sports arena. More than 2,700 male inmates will remain at the prison for now, prison guard commander Tulio Arce said.

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In the USA...United Surveillance America

Republicans Plan Weird and Extreme Voter Suppression Tricks for 2014

By: Adalia Woodbury
Sunday, April, 13th, 2014, 10:35 am   

President Obama also addressed the Republican Party’s marketing ploys to justify laws that everyone knows are intended to suppress the vote.

While recognizing that we need reasonable rules to ensure the integrity of our elections, President Obama said he is against requiring ID that millions of Americans don’t have.

On the question of voter fraud, President Obama used something Republicans don’t believe in – evidence based data.

    One recent study found only 10 cases of alleged in-person voter impersonation in 12 years. Another analysis found that out of 197 million votes cast for federal elections from 2002 to 2005 only 40 voters out of 197 million were indicted for fraud…. Now for those of you who are math majors… the percentage is 0.00002 percent.

Occasionally, Republicans are forced to walk back a vote suppression policy.  For example, Ohio Republicans backed down following a public outcry when they tried to financially penalize the state’s largest county for sending out absentee ballots.

Still, there is no tactic too extreme or too low for the Republican Party to try if they can get away with it. These extend beyond the already unacceptable restrictions on voter and registration ID, shorter voting hours, eliminated weekend voting, reduced or eliminated early voting, reduced or eliminated absentee voting, and eliminated same day registration.

Right Wing media likes to publish stories of reports showing rampant voter fraud. The only problem is the numbers don’t show voter fraud at all.

Last week North Carolina’s Board of Elections released a report which concluded that 35,570 North Carolinians who voted in 2012 had names and birthdates that matched voters in other states. The board also said it found 765 voters whose names, birthdates and the last four digits of their Social Security numbers matched people in other states.

Naturally, the right wing pounced on the report as “proof” that 35,570 people voted twice.

It’s surprising how many real and living people in America share a name and a birthdate, as shown in Michael P. McDonald and Justin Levitt’s study, Seeing Double Voting: An extension of the Birthday Problem.

On the specific case of this report, Levitt told election lawyers in an email:

    I would be very interested indeed in how many of the 35K alleged double voters are the results of mistakes or mistaken assumptions  …. I’m going to bet on the vast majority evaporating upon closer scrutiny.

The lesser number of 765 voters had the additional data point of the last four digits in their social security number matching someone in another state is disconcerting and merits further investigation. However, without further investigation, one cannot automatically assume these are cases of double voting.

Part of this can be explained by clerical errors.  Clerks may mistype the spelling of someone’s name, or mistype their birth data.  Experts say this happens frequently.

People move from one state to another, but can show as registered to vote in two states.  Here is how that happens.  States submit data on voters to a centralized voter cross checking database, such as the one designed by Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach.

States submit data on registered voter. A voter moves and registers to vote in their new state.  However, the state they moved from hasn’t flushed the voter’s record yet. Apparently it takes several election cycles for that to happen.  The fact that data isn’t up to date would explain how false positives can occur.  It also explains how inflated numbers can happen.

It does not produce evidence of voter fraud.  As the Institute of Southern Studies reported, Kobach’s office admitted it “couldn’t provide any evidence of a single instance in which the Interstate Crosscheck’s data had led to an actual legal charge of voter fraud.”

There’s the suppression by voter purge tactic, for which Rick Scott is especially famous. Just the number of voters Scott erroneously purged as felons  in 2012 exceed the total number of actual fraud cases in both of the studies President Obama cited.  This doesn’t include the number of people wrongfully purged as non-citizens. It also excludes a number of people that Scott tried to purge after the legal deadline.

Moreover, purging eligible voters is not limited to Florida.

Kansas is investigating what led to an erroneous purge of 4,838 from Cherokee County voter rolls in 2011.  According to Cherokee County Clerk, Rodney Edmonson, people were wrongly purged because they hadn’t voted in two consecutive or state elections, which is not a cause for purging under Kansas law.  The problem doesn’t end there.  Under Kansas law, when a name is selected for removal from the rolls, a confirmation must be mailed to the home in question to verify if the person has moved.  If there isn’t a response to the mailing, that is when a person can be purged from the rolls. However, the confirmation mailing was not sent to most, if not all, of the people wrongfully identified to be purged.

Voter gestapo organizations like the Voter Integrity Project (financed by NC’s Koch friend, Art Pope) are trying to purge voters with pre-election challenges.

In Buncome County, The voter Integrity project tried to get 182 people purged last month. The Board of elections rejected 86 of those challenges.

The 95 remaining challenges  were considered during a 20 minute meeting last week.  According to Asheville-Buncombe League of Women Voters, 85 of the people named during that meeting are registered at a homeless shelter.  If they were homeless, they probably didn’t know about the meeting which would explain why they didn’t appear at it.

Some states have given election gestapo groups like True the Vote and the Voter Integrity Project additional powers on Election Day.

In North Carolina, Art Pope’s election gestapo, the Voter Integrity Project, now has the power to challenge any voter in any district.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, gave the Koch Brother funded True the Vote and other “poll observers” the new power of standing as close as 3 feet from voters  while they are registering to vote and as they are processed by election officials.  This is a form of intimidation because it means these “observers” will be standing in close physical proximity as they are being processed.  Also, voter rolls are public information, but under this new rule, “poll observers” can match a face to a specific name and address.

Local officials are using a variety of tactics guaranteed to create even longer lines.

In one Florida county, half the voting locations  were eliminated. It comes as no surprise that occurred in a district comprised mainly of minority voters.  If the same number of people are voting, but there are dramatically fewer locations at which to vote, wait times will increase substantially.  It also means people will have to travel further to vote, discouraging more voters.

As if that wasn’t enough, some poll places in Dade Country, Florida won’t allow  voters to use restrooms.  This may not sound like a bit deal – unless voters must also wait in line for several hours in order to vote.

Having access to restrooms is something many of us might not realize is a human right.  In California, some activists  are fighting a policy of closing public restrooms several hours a day on the basis that it violates the human rights of homeless people who really have no other acceptable option.  Interestingly, this is roughly the same duration for which certain voters in Miami Dade would be denied access to a restroom.

For some voters, this restriction amounts to a physical bar that will be impossible to overcome in the name of exercising their right to vote.


Republicans Coming Up With More Legislation to Anger President Obama

By: Dennis S
Sunday, April, 13th, 2014, 9:12 pm      

PoliticusUSA is clearly a progressive website. Oh, an occasional right-winger will offer a snarky and generally ill-informed comment, but for the most part the Jason Easley-founded site leans left. It’s really too bad there are far fewer righty than lefty visitors. Progressives, liberals, Democrats, call them what you will, are mostly aware of the off-putting, counterproductive, politicized, even dangerous bills that come skulking out of the Republican-dominated 113th House of Representatives. Bills intended to be nothing more than red meat for their voracious hoards of fed, Obama, ACA, minority and LGBT haters. But when the truth of the legislation is spelled out on the taffeta of honesty and objectivity, there could be just enough emerging thoughtful Republicans willing to become thoughtful Democrats for the sake of their country and loved ones.

Currently, there are 233 decidedly thoughtLESS house Republicans, whose destructive votes reflect an incredibly narrow political aspect directed away from at least 95% of the population as the billionaire Koch Klub, giant corporations and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) literally define the votes of your elected representatives. A majority of the time, the aforementioned and their net-stocking lobbyists actually write the special interest legislation serving only a tiny, percentage of privileged Americans. House Democrats number 199 with 3 vacancies.

I took a look at the most recent house votes tracked by ‘Roll Call’ in my Sunday paper. Not surprisingly, my state of South Carolina’s House Congressional delegation voted as one. This bunch would save a lot of time and travel expenses by just sending one House member and one Senator to Congressional sessions. There’s almost never any disagreement over their ridiculous votes, the legislation is hardly ever read by the members beyond a cursory staff summary and maybe the first few pages of a bill, so why bother traversing the 500 miles when you could be home shaking your fist with your gaggle of Tea Party lemmings, at the federal government? This same ghastly gov that pays your $174,000 salary, plus benefits and retirement (eligible after 5 years), COLA increases, franking and other dandy perks like permission to make 15% of your congressional salary in outside ventures, a perk that I truly believe is mightily abused by most members.

Here’s the latest legislative cretinism evolving out of our local Republican puppets. Colleague Easley had a nice piece on the president’s reaction to the Republican rejection of equal pay for women. Here are some more particulars. Democrats, trying a little duress in their desperate attempt to get the Republicans to recognize women as valued and equal partners with men in the workplace, tried yet again to see to it that Jane Doe was paid exactly what John Doe was paid for the same work. To put the squeeze on the right, Democrats introduced a motion that would delay enactment of HR 1872, a favored Republican accounting shell game that would threaten funding levels of student loans among other negatives.

Equal pay is long overdue. As Easley pointed out, according to Census Bureau 2011 stats, women are paid 77% of what men earn for the same labors. Let’s carry this a little further. In real money terms in comparing median wages, that’s a dollar differential of over $10,000 a year. You can actually be expected to work 48 years before hanging ‘em up. Lucky John will see his bank account balloon by about a half-million bucks over his equally (and probably more so) hard working colleague, Jane. And some women still vote Republican? Final vote; 179 for equal pay and 217 against. Appalachian Trail (by way of Argentina) horndog, Mark Sanford, predictably rejected the proposal. For a liar and unfaithful husband, what level of respect would you expect? Speaking of lies, Joe Wilson of “you lie” fame, cast an eager no, along with Issa Committee bully, Trey Gowdy, whose patronizing inquisition of Kathleen Sebelius hastened her departure as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Who wants to be badgered by an egomaniacal sexist? More witless anti-woman votes came from Republicans Duncan, Mulvaney and a guy named Tom Rice. Relative newcomer Rice earned his bones by being one of a plethora of simpletons to introduce a bill to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

There was one pro-woman vote in the state’s delegation; Democrat, James Clyburn.

Another utterly distasteful Republican bill creates “Republican Rules to measure spending.” This heartless piece of junk would make it even easier than it already is for Congress to cut discretionary spending. Sanford, Wilson, Gowdy, Mulvaney and Rice thought it was a great idea. The lone Democrat, Clyburn, voted no. A Democratic motion tried to preserve funding for such programs as student loans, nursing-home safety, educating disabled children, aviation, food safety, veteran’s benefits and local police. In other words, guarantee that no cuts would take place in these programs. Republicans voted the motion down, 191-221. Not even close. Clyburn was the yes vote from SC; the usual suspects, the no votes.

By now, most of you are familiar with the assorted budget plans put up for consideration in the house. Let’s review. The Ryan joke (isn’t it aways?) wants to cut back on Pell Grants, turn Medicaid and food stamps into state-run block-grant programs so when the money is gone – oops! And think of the abuse of red states transferring funds willy nilly all over their budgets. Partially privatizing Medicare is also on the wish list, the hits just keep on coming. Some Republican representatives, thinking with their campaign hats on, voted the budget down, making the final tally pretty close at 219 in favor, 205 against. South Carolina right-wing representatives are so far gone that actually putting thought into a vote never occurs to Sanford and sons. They were unanimous in their approval.

The Democrats and the Black Caucus had the most realistic and humane budgets. Their budgets included increased spending on education, transportation and scientific research among other reasonable programs. To prove that the progressive’s brain throttle was wide open, there was not a mention of funding creationism and intelligent design. Fully funding ACA and bolstering the safety net programs were on the table of the Black Caucus and, yikes, I spied a passage on raising marginal income-tax rates on millionaires. Surprise, surprise, the Republicans and a few of their DINO allies voted this one down 116-300. Ahhh, to be black in the U.S. House of Representatives.

There you have it. Just the latest in the thousands of Republican examples in the form of voting fact, not Fox opinion, of just where Republicans stand in their non-existent service to humanity. Unless there’s war-profiteering in the killing of mostly innocent foreign populations and huge campaign contributions to be had, it will always be thus for the far right radicals.

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Israel minister warns John Kerry over ‘surrender’ to Iran

By Agence France-Presse
Monday, April 14, 2014 7:59 EDT

Israel’s intelligence minister Monday slammed as unacceptable comments by US Secretary of State John Kerry on negotiations with Iran over its nuclear programme which he said indicated a “surrender” to Tehran.

“The things Kerry said in the Congress are worrying, they are surprising and they are unacceptable,” Yuval Steinitz, who is also strategic affairs minister, told public radio.

“We watch the negotiations with concern. We are not opposed to a diplomatic solution but we are against a solution which is entirely a surrender to Iran and which leaves it a threshold nuclear state,” Steinitz said.

In remarks to US lawmakers last week Kerry warned that the Islamic republic was two months away from breakout capability to produce enough nuclear material for a bomb should they resume their mothballed enrichment process.

Responding to reports that international negotiations with Iran should focus on extending the time it would take for Iran to produce nuclear weapons to between six and 12 months Kerry said the ultimate goal was assurance that Iran never build an atomic bomb but slowing the process would be an improvement on the current situation.

“I think it is fair to say, I think it is public knowledge today, that we are operating with a time period for a so-called breakout of about two months,” Kerry said.

“So six months to 12 months is — I’m not saying that’s what we’d settle for — but even that is significantly more,” he added.

Steinitz insisted that Israel would not allow such a scenario.

“We will not be able to adopt and accept any agreement which leaves Iran months or a year from a nuclear weapon,” he insisted.

Israel, like the United States, has refused to rule out military action to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear arms.

Under an interim agreement reached last year that expires on July 20, Iran froze key parts of its nuclear programme in return for limited sanctions relief and a promise of no new sanctions.

Talks on a permanent agreement are under way between Iran and UN Security Council permanent members Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States, along with Germany.

After a session in Vienna last week the powers’ chief negotiator, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said the next round from May 13 would see negotiations “move to the next phase”.

The West and Israel have long suspected Iran of using its nuclear energy programme as a cover for developing atomic weapons, a charge denied by the Islamic republic.

Israel is widely believed to be the only nuclear-armed state in the region, though it has never officially confirmed or denied having such an arsenal.

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