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 on: Apr 19, 2014, 03:34 PM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Linda
Thanks Rad, but I still don't understand it.

Is every action having a proportionate reaction evident in Natural Law?

Could you please give me an example?




 on: Apr 19, 2014, 12:50 PM 
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Thank you for your responses to my post Ari Moshe - And thank you everyone for the learning experience.


 on: Apr 19, 2014, 08:10 AM 
Started by Steve - Last post by Rad
Most in East Ukraine Region against Joining Russia

by Naharnet Newsdesk
19 April 2014, 13:34

A majority of inhabitants in Ukraine's pro-Russian protest hub Donetsk do not want to join Russia but consider the government in Kiev to be illegitimate, according to a poll published Saturday.

52.2 percent of people questioned in the region, the focal point of separatist unrest that has seen pro-Moscow militants seize a string of towns, said they were against joining Russia while 27.5 percent favored rule from Ukraine's former Soviet master Moscow.

Among the 3,200 respondents across Ukraine's entire Russian-speaking southeast, the number of those opposed to Moscow taking control rose to 69.7 percent, according to the poll from Kiev's Institute for International Sociology published in the Russian-language Weekly Mirror newspaper.

In the Donetsk region, where separatists have declared an independent republic and demanded a referendum on autonomy, 38.4 percent said they backed Kremlin demands to federalize Ukraine and 41 percent said they wanted a decentralization of power.

Inhabitants in the east remain highly suspicious of Kiev's interim authorities, who took over from pro-Moscow president Viktor Yanukovych after his ouster in February following months of bloody protests.

Some 74 percent of respondents said they consider acting President Oleksandr Turchynov to be illegitimate, the poll said.

Russia, which NATO says has some 40,000 troops on the border, has said it has the right to intervene militarily in Ukraine to protect Russian speakers and has denied Western allegations that it is behind the separatist unrest.

But 57.2 percent of those polled in Donetsk said they felt their rights have not been violated and 66.3 percent said they were against a Russian military intervention.

 on: Apr 19, 2014, 08:09 AM 
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Most in East Ukraine Region against Joining Russia

by Naharnet Newsdesk
19 April 2014, 13:34

A majority of inhabitants in Ukraine's pro-Russian protest hub Donetsk do not want to join Russia but consider the government in Kiev to be illegitimate, according to a poll published Saturday.

52.2 percent of people questioned in the region, the focal point of separatist unrest that has seen pro-Moscow militants seize a string of towns, said they were against joining Russia while 27.5 percent favored rule from Ukraine's former Soviet master Moscow.

Among the 3,200 respondents across Ukraine's entire Russian-speaking southeast, the number of those opposed to Moscow taking control rose to 69.7 percent, according to the poll from Kiev's Institute for International Sociology published in the Russian-language Weekly Mirror newspaper.

In the Donetsk region, where separatists have declared an independent republic and demanded a referendum on autonomy, 38.4 percent said they backed Kremlin demands to federalize Ukraine and 41 percent said they wanted a decentralization of power.

Inhabitants in the east remain highly suspicious of Kiev's interim authorities, who took over from pro-Moscow president Viktor Yanukovych after his ouster in February following months of bloody protests.

Some 74 percent of respondents said they consider acting President Oleksandr Turchynov to be illegitimate, the poll said.

Russia, which NATO says has some 40,000 troops on the border, has said it has the right to intervene militarily in Ukraine to protect Russian speakers and has denied Western allegations that it is behind the separatist unrest.

But 57.2 percent of those polled in Donetsk said they felt their rights have not been violated and 66.3 percent said they were against a Russian military intervention.

 on: Apr 19, 2014, 05:34 AM 
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SN in Aries/ the 1st

The Soul has begun a new cycle of evolutionary growth by desiring an ego structure that will accelerate evolution on a conscious and subjective level.  The subjective awareness, the “I”, is the identity—it is completely self-referential and unqualified.  On instinct, the personality will (by whatever means necessary) initiate experiences that assert their independence and sovereignty.  These expressions of willpower are the manifestations of the core desire nature: to be free.  To be free from any existing limitations perceived internally or externally.  This creates the scale from impatience to the total intolerance of anything or anyone that fetters the interests of the Soul via the personality.  The intrinsic stressors are reflected in the natural squares to Aries and the 1st house. Because of the archetypal impetus of self-discovery there is a conflict in establishing security through familiarity (Cancer in the 4th).  The only constant is change and to SN Aries/1st that change is always subjective and imperative. However, this can create present-life restriction during childhood, within the family, where individual self-expression may be stifled or resources are fixed and cannot accommodate all wants and wishes.  The square to Capricorn and the 10th is triggered by external conditioning through culture and society, the model and structures of the family, or other collective group in a position of power and authority leveraging from the expectations of the consensus.
At the most vibrationally dense level, the South Node in Aries can clench so tightly to the agenda of survival that the external world becomes ‘black and white,’ and the gut (with the adrenals and solar plexus chakra) clamor on a moment-to-moment basis making decisions on a binary level: free - not free, safe - not safe.  With such a focus on self-preservation, environmental and other external factors (including people) simply enable or disable the individual’s latitude.  This can develop into narcissism, paranoia, and/ or psychopathy where others (by the projection of distorted perceptions) are depersonalized i.e. divested of human characteristics.  When another stands in opposition, in reality or again cast in opposition, anger and rage can spurn competition and incite violence.  The act of violence is especially devastating to the Soul due to the degree of identification the SN Aries has with their position and how onboard, so to speak, their body can become (Mars ruling the primary brain, adrenals, muscles, blood). This can be the fuel for super-human strength that can escalate into sexual violence, fighting, or war and through muscle memory the body can become essentially addicted to its own adrenaline, its own psychosomatic experience of involution.
A more common experience would be a sense of specialness, or exposed identity.  This could have also been imposed initially (e.g. ‘the chosen one’) but eventually, an  identification with initiating an exceptional endeavor, or special destiny emerges.  While everything might feel ‘Right’, important, and congruent with the conscious desires, living as a vector ultimately stagnates as the separating desires of the SN Aries/ 1st are exhausted.  Identity in isolation becomes a self-containing role, becoming its own block. The Soul recognizes that the frontier is now relating to others via the polarity point: North Node in Libra and the 7th house.  The real beauty here is that it is still true to the deepest desires of the Soul to create new experiences that break through existing limitations!

NN in Libra/ 7th

Shifting the emphasis to the NN not only becomes a task of learning to be receptive to input and feedback, but really recognizing of the inherent equality of all Souls.  It requires an acknowledgement of the relativity and validity of each person’s desires and needs.  The resistance to meeting others halfway is a reverberation of the past from fears of having to cater (Cancer/4th) and kowtow (Capricorn/10th). Understanding that the fear of loosing one’s individuality and autonomy in acquiescence or commitment (inconjunct to Scorpio/8th) is a fear and not an inevitability, can only come through first-hand experience. Working through the fear in a way that is constructive and healthy means taking the courage to engage in direct confrontation into situations where mediation and diplomacy are needed, where fairness and balance are required for the betterment of all.  It means applying all the focus and ambition and challenging oneself to be open: to being seen, to listening to partners, and shifting into a more objective awareness. It means forfeiting the need to control and learning flexibility within relationship. This works towards an ego that feels more secure within itself. And ultimately, it is those who have clear ego-strength that do not seek co-dependence or emotional validation and can hold themselves as equals.

Progressive opening of the heart chakra...

Consensus State- SN in Aries/1st uses it's energy on the level of survival: steering clear of those who would create dependencies, acquiring money and resources, competing for the positions of the most power and freedom, sex as the focus of relationships. NN in Libra/7th (would take the edge off, but not by much.) Granting a moment of hearing the other side, perhaps tithing, or donation of time to a church or civil cause.

Individuated State-  SN in Aries/1st might put up a fight and/ or withdraw in childhood/ early family life. Possibly run away. Spend a concerted about of time tinkering and learning the skills required to actualize an independent adult life. NN in Libra/7th could attract like-minded thinking/feeling individuals who contribute their own expertise into the 'salon'. Fight for social justice and equality.

Spiritual State: Sn in Aries/1st could be an intense focus on a practice of their own design i.e. without affiliation. Hermit in the sense of seclusion. Healer who works spontaneously. NN in Libra/7th could focus on making themselves available to all kinds of people and speaking in a way that is accessible and useful to all, emphasizing compassion and simple acts of kindness.  (Dalai Lama XIV, NN in Capricorn in the 7th)

Thanks Ari!
God Bless,

 on: Apr 19, 2014, 05:16 AM 
Started by Linda - Last post by Rad
Hi Linda,

"Exactly what does this mean, "Every action sets off a counter action at the opposite end of the scale" ?"


This simply means that every ACTION has a PROPORTIONATE REACTION. Natural Law.

God Bless, Rad

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What Is Pig's ‘New Russia’?

APRIL 18, 2014

MOSCOW — President Pig V. Putin of Russia, appearing cool and confident on national television during a four-hour question-and-answer show on Thursday, referred repeatedly to southeastern Ukraine as “New Russia,” a historical term for the area north of the Black Sea that the Russian empire conquered in the 1700s. “God knows” why the region became part of Ukraine in the 1920s, he said in response to a questioner, a strong signal that he would gladly correct that error.

The Pig's use of the term “Novorossiya,” which he had not emphasized previously, suggested that he was replicating, with regard to eastern Ukraine, Russia’s assertions of historical ties to Crimea before it occupied and annexed the peninsula.

Novorossiya generally refers to a broad area of Ukraine, stretching from what is now the border of Moldova in the west to the Russian border in the east, and including Donetsk, the port city of Odessa to the south, and the industrial center of Dnipropetrovsk to the north. It was conquered in the late 18th century by Catherine the Great, who installed Prince Grigory Potemkin to lead the colonization of the lands.

The prince earned fame as the architect of the Potemkin village, a town of brightly painted facades and happy people erected to deceive visiting officials and dignitaries. Critics have accused the Pig of employing a similar sleight of hand in the invasion of Crimea and the supposedly spontaneous pro-Russian uprising in eastern Ukraine.

On Thursday, the Pig repeated his assertion that he felt an obligation to protect ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, where they are a large minority of the population. “We must do everything to help these people to protect their rights and independently determine their own destiny,” he said.

“The question is to ensure the rights and interests of the Russian southeast,” he added. “It’s New Russia. Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Odessa were not part of Ukraine in czarist times; they were transferred in 1920. Why? God knows. Then, for various reasons, these areas were gone, and the people stayed there. We need to encourage them to find a solution.”

 on: Apr 19, 2014, 05:09 AM 
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Pro-Russian separatists defiant as Ukraine peace moves flounder

Occupations of public buildings across eastern Ukraine continue as separatists accuse Kiev of violating Geneva deal

Luke Harding in Donetsk
The Guardian, Friday 18 April 2014 20.07 BST   

International attempts to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine were floundering on Friday as separatist groups in the east declared that they had no intention of leaving occupied buildings and accused Kiev of violating an agreement reached in Geneva on Thursday.

Russia, Ukraine, the EU and the United States struck a diplomatic deal in the Swiss city, following seven hours of talks, that was supposed to see illegal groups withdraw from municipal buildings and hand in their weapons.

Twenty-four hours later there were no signs that any of the anti-government groups were preparing to budge. Instead, protest leaders said they would continue their occupations until their demands were met. A rebel militia seized an administration building in Seversk, a small town outside the regional capital Donetsk.

At a press conference on Friday Denis Pushilin, the self-styled leader of the "Donetsk People's Republic", said his supporters would stay put until a referendum on the region's future status was held. He dismissed the current pro-western government in Kiev as illegitimate. "We will continue our activity," he declared.

Pushilin said no meaningful de-escalation was possible while Ukraine's interim prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and president Olexsandr Turchynov were still in their jobs. "We understand that everyone has to leave buildings or nobody does. Yatsenyuk and Turchynov should vacate theirs first," he said.

Moscow's envoy to the European Union reiterated this position, telling Russian state television that authorities in Kiev had "incorrectly interpreted" the Geneva deal. He said Ukraine's new leadership mistakenly believed that the deal "only applies to the eastern and southern provinces" when it also applied to "the ongoing occupation of Maidan [Independence Square in Kiev]".

Pro-Russian separatists grabbed a string of public buildings across eastern Ukraine a week ago. The militia units – some of them similar to the armed "little green men" who appeared in Crimea in February – have occupied them ever since. Nato says the separatists include professionally trained undercover Russian soldiers. Moscow denies this.

In Kiev, Ukraine's acting foreign minister Andriy Deshchytsia said the next few days would demonstrate whether Russia actually intended to implement the Geneva deal, signed by Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov. "I don't know Russia's intentions. But minister Lavrov did promise that they want to de-escalate. So we will see in a few days if it was [a] sincere promise and sincere participation."

The separatists, however, seem in little mood to give ground. Pushilin said Kiev had already violated the Geneva accord by refusing to pull its military units from the east of Ukraine. "They have not withdrawn their forces out from Slavyansk," he said. Beleaguered Ukrainian troops occupy a rustic aerodrome close to Slavyansk, north of Donetsk, and neighbouring Kramatorsk. On Wednesday they suffered the ultimate humiliation when armed separatists, seemingly led by Russian officers, seized six armoured vehicles from them and drove off.

Pushilin delivered his anti-Kiev message to Russian state television, which had turned up to interview him. He was speaking from the 11th-floor of Donetsk's regional administration building, now a sprawling camp of anti-government and anti-western protest.

Pushilin describes himself as the "people's governor". He appeared to be reading from a carefully-drafted script. Several media advisers sat nearby. He told Russian television that Kiev was denying the local population access to insulin and withholding desperately needed medical supplies. He asked ordinary Russians to donate money to a numbered account with Russia's Sberbank to help the cause.

A local businessman, Pushilin and other deputies from the "Donetsk People's Republic" are entirely self-appointed. Their key demand is a referendum on federalisation by 11 May, two weeks before presidential elections. It is unclear what questions might be included.

Their goal is to create an autonomous eastern republic separate from Kiev. After that most want the new republic to join the Russian Federation, in imitation of Crimea annexed by Moscow last month. Kiev says Pushilin and other separatist leaders are under the control of Russia's spy agencies.

Visiting Donetsk on Friday, Ukraine's former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko denounced Russian interference and said that Russia's special forces had been highly active across the east of the country. She said she was in Donetsk to negotiate with pro-Russian protesters, conceding that Ukrainian and Russian speakers now had to make "compromises" if a solution to the crisis was to be found. She said this compromise could be achieved if Russia withdrew its agents from eastern Ukraine but warned of violence if it did not.

Tymoshenko – whose pro-western party dominates the new government – said that she was creating a "resistance movement" militia to fight for Ukraine's territorial integrity. This would be an armed force made up of volunteers with military experience, she said: "We will do everything to restore harmony and peace in our country and to stop aggression. But if it doesn't happen we are ready to defend ourselves … with weapons in hand."

Tymoshenko ruled out holding a regional referendum, saying that it didn't match constitutional requirements, and adding that Kiev "can't recognise it". "We don't want anyone to demand that Ukrainians vote in a referendum under the barrels of Russian weapons," she said.


Ukraine in 'Pivotal Period' as Deal Stalls, U.S. Warns Russia

by Naharnet Newsdesk
19 April 2014, 07:43

Russia was under intense U.S. pressure Saturday to convince pro-Moscow rebels in Ukraine to give up eastern towns they are occupying, after Washington said the situation in the former Soviet republic was in a "pivotal period".

But with the separatists' refusal to budge throwing a deal to defuse the crisis into doubt, and U.S. sanctions looming large, Russia was biting back -- warning that its military is massed on Ukraine's border, ready to act.

In the nearly dozen Ukrainian towns the pro-Kremlin rebels were holding, the stalemate dragged on Saturday.

In the major eastern city of Donetsk, separatist gunmen remained barricaded inside the regional government building. Around 50 of the militants milled around barricades of sandbags and tires while morning joggers ran by almost oblivious to them.

"We are going on as usual," one of the rebels told AFP. "An Orthodox priest is inside with us and we are going to celebrate Easter tonight."

The failure to implement the agreement hammered out in Geneva on Thursday by the U.S., Russia, Ukraine and the EU threatened to deepen the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov overnight that "full and immediate compliance" was needed of the pact, which calls for the disarmament of "illegal armed groups" and the end to the occupation of seized buildings.

Kerry "made clear that the next few days would be a pivotal period for all sides to implement the statement's provisions," a senior State Department official said.

U.S. President Barack Obama has said he wants to see progress within days, otherwise more sanctions would be imposed, on top of those already targeting the inner circle of Russian President Pig Putin.

The United States, NATO and many EU countries see the Pig as the puppet master behind the Ukraine insurgency. They accuse him of sending in elite Russian soldiers to stir unrest and ensure the country -- historically and linguistically tied to Russia -- stays in Moscow's orbit.

U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice said on Friday that the White House would "be watching whether Russia does or does not uphold its responsibility to use its very considerable influence to restrain and withdraw those irregular militia from the buildings and spaces that they've occupied".

Pig denies his forces have any role in east Ukraine. On Thursday, however, he dropped an identical denial over Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine last month, to admit the Russian army had in fact been deployed there.

In a sign of the current prickly relationship with the West, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov late Friday told Russian television that U.S. threats of more sanctions on Moscow were "absolutely unacceptable" and "one cannot treat Russia like it is a shameful student".

"Our Western colleagues are trying to push responsibility towards our side. But it must be underlined: it is a collective responsibility," he said.

He also pointedly declared that there are Russian troops "close to the Ukrainian border".

"Some are based there, others have been sent as reinforcements due to the situation in Ukraine," he added.

The comments appeared to be a warning that the situation could quickly degrade if Moscow were punished for a failed implementation of the accord.

NATO believes Russia has around 40,000 troops positioned on its border with Ukraine, in a state of readiness for an invasion.

Pig has asserted he has a "right" to send his army into Ukraine, but that he "very much hoped" he would not have to.

Although the United States has not given a deadline for compliance with the Geneva deal, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is due to visit Kiev on Tuesday.

He will be meeting leaders who have taken charge since the February ouster of pro-Kremlin former President Viktor Yanukovych, after months of massive and bloody street protests.

Russia refuses to see the new Kiev government as legitimate, and the turmoil in Ukraine's east could prove an obstacle to a planned May 25 presidential election.

On Friday, one of the separatist leaders in the self-declared Donetsk Republic, Denis Pushilin, said he agreed occupied buildings should be vacated -- but only if the leaders in Kiev first leave the buildings "that they are occupying illegally since their coup d'etat" in February.

Yulia Tymoshenko, a former prime minister who is a leading candidate for next month's presidential election, said she held talks with the Donetsk separatists on Friday that left her convinced that "compromise is possible".

In a concession to the Russian-speaking militants, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Friday pledged safeguards for the Russian language and a broad decentralization of power.

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsya also suggested the authorities would hold off temporarily from any further military action on the ground to give the agreement time to take effect.

"If this does not begin in the next few days then I think after Easter there will be more concrete actions," Deshchytsya told journalists. Easter in Orthodox Ukraine ends on Monday.

Ukraine's military has so far proven woefully inept in its efforts to dislodge the separatists. On Friday, in a rare success, the army said it had recovered two of six armored vehicles captured by rebels during a disastrous military operation earlier in the week.


Ukraine peacemakers say they need more help

Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe says it needs another 350 monitors to make Geneva deal work

Julian Borger, diplomatic editor, Friday 18 April 2014 19.03 BST   

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which has been given the job of helping end the unrest in eastern Ukraine, will need an extra 350 monitors on top of the 150 already in the country to accomplish the task, as well as Russian help in getting through roadblocks, the head of the organisation said on Friday.

Lamberto Zannier, an Italian diplomat who is secretary general of the monitoring and conflict-resolution body, described the OSCE's current access to the flashpoints of the region as "mixed".

"There are some places where the population come to talk to us to find out who we are, and engage with us, and some cases where we come to roadblocks and we are turned back," Zannier told the Guardian in a telephone interview from OSCE headquarters in Vienna, after the organisation was given the task of monitoring and implementing Thursday's Geneva agreement on a plan to defuse the crisis.

The agreement, between Russia, Ukraine, the US and the EU, asks the OSCE to oversee the disarming of illegal groups and the vacating of occupied government buildings and public spaces as the first steps towards resolving tensions in eastern Ukraine. These have threatened to degenerate into an armed conflict between government forces and pro-Moscow militias. With protesters in several cities insisting they would ignore the Geneva agreement, the diplomatic focus of the next few days will be on Moscow's ability and willingness to persuade its supporters in the region to stand down.

Britain's foreign secretary, William Hague, assured his Ukrainian counterpart, Andrii Deshchytsia, on Friday that the UK would press for a further wave of sanctions "if Russia does not follow through".

The EU had agreed to expand its list of Russians and Russian companies to be subjected to visa bans and asset freezes. The extended list was expected to take effect on Friday. But its implementation has been suspended until next week, pending an assessment of Russia's implementation of the Geneva agreement.

The US secretary of state, John Kerry, also said that Washington would give Russia until next week before deciding whether the next wave of US sanctions should be applied.

As the arbiter of progress on the ground, it is clear that the OSCE faces a daunting and delicate task.

"It is very sensitive politically working in a very polarised environment," Zannier said. "We need to explain carefully who we are."

The organisation has its origins during the cold war as the Conference for Security and Co-operation in Europe, intended to provide a forum for east-west dialogue. After the fall of communism, it became the OSCE in 1994 with permanent institutions, a bigger staff, and a new mission: to help the transition for the new European democracies.

It has played a leading role organising elections and overseeing peace agreements in the countries of former Yugoslavia, and monitoring Georgia's borders from 2000 to 2005 when Russia vetoed a continuation of its mandate.

Until Pig Putin, Russia has been a vociferous critic of the OSCE, arguing that its role supporting democratisation and human rights was skewed against the states of the former Soviet Union. In its new mission in Ukraine, however, it will depend heavily on Russian co-operation, in view of Moscow's influence over the separatists.

Zannier said that influence would be most immediately helpful in securing OSCE access across the region. "Everyone who has influence is welcome to help out," he said. "It is in Russia's interest that the whole region is not destabilised.

"Within the organisation there has been a debate on what should be our activities. I think this debate is still there," Zannier said. "I think the Ukraine situation shows it is a common interest, and not taking steps would result in further violence destabilising the whole region, even Russia."

The OSCE has 100 monitors in the region for its current mission, and is increasing that to 150 by pulling in staff from Bosnia and Moldova. Zannier said his target was to field 500 monitors in eastern Ukraine and he would be asking member states to send qualified people at a meeting on Tuesday.

Beyond the immediate steps in reducing street violence, the Geneva agreement requires the OSCE to help the Kiev government conduct an extensive public consultation prior to framing a new constitution that would give greater autonomy to the provinces.

"It is an internal matter, but our only comment is that it should be an inclusive process and not divisive. We can help organise roundtables where people can sit down and discuss issues when the government has trouble organising that."


Rice Warns Russia 'We Will Be Watching'

by Naharnet Newsdesk
18 April 2014, 22:28

The White House warned Russia Friday that it was closely watching and evaluating whether Moscow was honoring a deal reached in Geneva designed to ease tensions in Ukraine.

National Security Advisor Susan Rice said Moscow must quickly rein in pro-Russia separatist groups in eastern Ukraine and allow Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) monitors into the area.

"We expect and we will be watching whether Russia does or does not uphold its responsibility to use its very considerable influence to restrain and withdraw those irregular militia from the buildings and spaces that they've occupied," said Rice.

"So we will see, over the coming days, whether Russia upholds its agreement," she said, implicitly warning of new sanctions if Russia was judged to have honored the Geneva deal.

The stern warning from Rice came as Russia reacted angrily to previous U.S. warnings, including from President Barack Obama, that it could face new sanctions if it did not live up to the deal reached on Thursday.

At the State Department, spokeswoman Jen Psaki also cast doubt on whether Russia would follow through on the deal, which requires a disarming of militia groups and their evacuation of government buildings they have seized.

"I will say we're clear-eyed about Russia's record of not implementing steps in the past, so we will see if they do take steps this time," Psaki said.

"If they don't take steps, there will be consequences."

Neither Rice nor Psaki however would put a deadline on the US assessment of Russian compliance -- both saying it was a matter of "days."


Kremlin Confirms Russian Troops Deployed Close to Ukraine

by Naharnet Newsdesk
18 April 2014, 21:13

A Kremlin spokesman confirmed on Friday that Russia has built up its military presence on the Ukrainian border.

"We have troops in different regions, and there are troops close to the Ukrainian border. Some are based there, others have been sent as reinforcements due to the situation in Ukraine," spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Rossiya 1 television.

Peskov also considered that Russia will not be the only party held responsible for implementing an agreement on easing tensions in Ukraine, adding that threats of further sanctions by Washington were "absolutely unacceptable".

"Our Western colleagues are trying to push responsibility (for implementing the deal) towards our side. But it must be underlined: it is a collective responsibility," said Peskov.

Moscow, Kiev and the West reached an agreement on Thursday aimed at easing the crisis in Ukraine that included a call for "all illegal armed groups" to disarm and leave government buildings that have been seized by pro-Russian forces in the east of the country.

Immediately after the deal, U.S. President Barack Obama raised doubts that Moscow, which the U.S. blames for supporting the separatists in Ukraine's industrial heartland, would hold up its end of the deal.

He warned that Washington would rapidly impose fresh sanctions on Russia if no progress was seen on the ground.

"Making such declarations as had been done from the highest level in Washington ... do not favour the atmosphere of dialogue," said Peskov on Friday.

"One cannot treat Russia like it is a shameful student, and brandish a piece of paper on which we put crosses next to the duties it has accomplished," said Peskov.

"Such comments are absolutely unacceptable," he added.


Jews in East Ukraine Worried after anti-Semitic Tract

by Naharnet Newsdesk
18 April 2014, 18:57

Members of the Jewish community in the pro-Russian protest hub of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine said Friday that they were left shaken by the distribution of tracts demanding the registration of Jews.

Concerns were evident, despite skepticism from Jewish leaders in the region and a U.S. group fighting anti-Semitism, the Anti-Defamation League, that the pamphlets handed out in front of the synagogue on Tuesday were anything more than calculated "provocation" by unknown parties.

"One of the men insisted that we read some pamphlets that they had in their hands. We refused because he wouldn't remove his hood so they glued the fliers to the synagogue and left," said Leonid Krasnopoloski, 43.

Bearing the stamp of the pro-Russian insurgency and signature of one its leaders, they contained a demand for every Jew to gather at the seized local administration building on May 3 to pay a fee of $50 (36 euros) to register or face the threat of being expelled from the region.

The incident happened as around 20 Jews were leaving the synagogue after marking the second day of the Jewish Passover festival. The three hooded men handing out the pamphlets were carrying a Russian flag and the symbol of the separatist Republic of Donetsk.

"I have lived here for 40 years without any problem and now there is this phenomenon of the 'Russian spring' and immediately problems are surfacing," he said.

Denis Pushilin, the pro-Russian protest leader whose signature was on the documents, strenuously denied that he had anything to do with the demands.

"The documents were handed out in our name but this was a provocation. My signature was forged," Pushilin said at a press conference on Friday.

Senior Jewish leaders in the region seemed to accept that the appearance of the anti-Semitic literature was likely designed to inflame tensions in Kiev's shadowy struggle against the eastern separatists.

"What happened of course smells of a provocation. As to who is behind it -- that is an open question," the region's chief rabbi Pinkhas Vyshedski said.

But reports of the anti-Semitic tracts sparked international concern with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry branding the distribution of the pamphlets as "grotesque".

"In the year 2014, after all of the miles traveled and all of the journey of history, this is not just intolerable, it's grotesque. It is beyond unacceptable," Kerry said on Thursday.

The head of the World Jewish Congress urged all sides in the conflict to refrain from using anti-Semitic propaganda to further political goals.

"All sides must ensure that any form of anti-Semitism is condemned and fought vigorously. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian Jewish community is caught up in a situation for which it bears no responsibility, and it needs to be protected against unfair attacks, no matter where they may come from," said WJC President Ronald Lauder in a statement.

Moscow has repeatedly leveled allegations of anti-Semitism at the authorities in Kiev, accusing them of being controlled by far-right groups that played a prominent role in protests to oust Kremlin-backed president Viktor Yanukovych.

The Anti-Defamation League condemned "cynical and politically manipulative uses" of anti-Semitism accusations.


Kiev Vows 'Special Status' for Russian Language

by Naharnet Newsdesk
18 April 2014, 18:06

Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Friday pledged "special status" for the Russian language and a broad decentralization of power in a bid to defuse pro-Moscow protests sweeping the east of the country.

"We will accord special status to the Russian language and guarantee to protect it," Yatsenyuk said.

Yatsenyuk also promised to put forward "major" constitutional reforms that would see a raft of powers handed to the regions.

Fears over the status of the Russian language and demands for greater regional autonomy have fueled separatist sentiment in Ukraine's industrial heartland.

Russia's parliament has given leader Pig Putin the green light to send troops into Ukraine to protect the country's Russian-speaking population if he deems it necessary.

Ukraine on Wednesday inked a deal with Moscow, Brussels and Washington aimed at ending the unrest in the east but pro-Moscow militants have so far refused to budge.

As part of the reforms, Yatsenyuk also promised greater financial resources for the regions.

 on: Apr 18, 2014, 07:55 PM 
Started by ari moshe - Last post by Wei
Hi Ari, thanks for clarifying the difference between how souls seek the truth/explain the truth in spiritual state, i was confused about it.

 on: Apr 18, 2014, 11:20 AM 
Started by ari moshe - Last post by ari moshe
Hi Wei,

SN in 3rd house Libra

SN in 3rd house Libra soul has been collecting lots of information through various relationships in past lives. 3rd house is a yang mutable archetype, correlate to left brain, they are very intelligent soul with broadly knowledge, restless, need to observe/explain details/theory/facts in logical /rational/scientific way, not necessarily understand deep meaning behind facts. They need to collect as much information as they can to communicate/form relationship with others. In this way they feel safe and comfortable. They are natural talker who can hear/nurture what others really need/want to hear, they can be great writer/news journalist/debaters. They identify with linear/rational/empirical intellectual constructions, need to compare every aspect/everyone’s point of view about certain issue. Add libra archetype, they may form relationship with every kind of people, compare everyone’s intellectual construction, try to have their own stable way to interprete everything. The way they see themselves is shaped by information they absorbed, and feedback from others, everytime they are settled with one conclusion of who they are, they will absorb new contrary information, this could lead to split/various personality or feeling of "there is no ego, i am the information i collect".

Their relationship is usually based on intelligence/knowledge they resonate with. It's possible they are attracted to intelligent partner, absorb all thoughts/point of view of the partner, collect information they feel (projection) the other need them to, so they can catch up in conversation, the partner could be seen as know everything (which 3rd/libra SN soul feel they need to know), thus create extreme dependency in relationship, SN 3rd libra soul needs to be nurtured by other's knowledge/advice, they store all kinds of information to please/gain favor of partner, they may talk about stuff without understanding the deep meaning, just quote. The other case could be opposite, they may be the smart one, nurture others with their knowledge/tips, make others dependent on them, they may try to rationalize emotion in relationship, they may know all kinds of theory and give others advices all the time, but not really identify with those tips, they may not listen to the real needs of others at all.

All well said. Another aspect to it would be their ability to use words and communicate in a helpful way. Libra being the psychology of listening where the 3rd house is actual hearing. They may be very skilled at using words and speaking to various people in ways that they can hear. This is the signature of a soul who may be truly gifted at writing, offering helpful feedback etc.

NN in 9th house Aries

Soul with 3rd house libra SN can be very defensive about their point of view, but they will relate to people with different thought, confront others who are used to right brain/intuitive thinking who has strong self-awareness and very convincing about their beliefs, SN 3rd libra soul will be questioned about their intellectual construction, social butterfly/smooth talker/superficial chit-chat just won’t work, they will be forced to dig deeper into meaning of those facts they have been collecting. By compare different point of view, they will realize “smart” is relevant, truth can be beyond science, they will have more open mind about this world we live in, learn to connect to their intuition, balance left/right brain energy, have a whole picture instead of collecting details.

They will also realize that there is limitation when we observe things in human body, we can only collect so much information, the way to find truth is to turn inside. The soul need to learn to align with their own truth without other’s advice or approving, put energy into what's important for them, what nurtures/connects to them, cut off superficial relationship, and to break the pattern in relationship such as: which aspect of me do you prefer" "what do you want me to say" "how do you want me to react".

When their relationship get extreme(they may lose their identity in too many relationships, they may get bored when no one can satisfy their needs to grow), they will have crisis/sudden separation/lost which force them to retreat from relationship, to be alone, allow them to explore new experiences, pursue their desire, be free/true to themselves, to find who they are, what they need, how to nurture their emotional body, then stop the endless facts collecting to please/impress others, just be who they are in a natural way. Also they will learn how to listen/communicate with others in a balanced relationship, learn when to/not to talk/give advice, have meaningful conversation. They can be great teacher who can touch the essence of what they teach, teach others how to be natural/balanced in relationship. They can also be truth fighter, pioneer figure, encourage other people to do the same.

Consensus state

In consensus state, SN 3rd libra soul will collect information reflect the trend of mainstream, they will watch news, follow what's popular, adopt authority or professional's view as their own, share with others. They need to grow with collecting more knowledge which helps them to be successful in society. They will develop communicative skill, maintain as many relationship as they can as resources if it’s defined as successful by their culture/society. They can be reporter/journalist serves the government(such as propaganda department), they may follow/spread fashion trends without their own style, follow popular topic/celebrities, don't think in their own, or very gossip people tweet/retweet all the time. They can be relationship counselor who quotes from expert/authority, give advices without listening to others.
When they exhausted by all the information/theory/facts which has nothing to do with themselves, get lost in all shallow relationship, they will forced to retreat to themselves, to calm their mind, realize everyone's reality is different, they need to learn what's relevant to their own truth. There is no need to be seen as smart/communicative by everyone, then only form meaningful balanced relationship. They may adopt some philosophy/belief system/religion reflects their ego structure, learn to be brave to spread their own opinion, teach others to be themselves, to think by their own, have a new self-image.

Individuated state

In this state, gemini/libra archetype manifest in a uranian way, they will form relationships with like-minded people. Their knowledge system reflects their evolutionary state and their desire to evolve, they will think in their own, beyond mainstream popular trends, they need to express themselves in a unique way. They are aware of other culture, fellow what's going on in the world, form relationship with people from other culture, travel/study in foreigner country. Through these new experiences they can develop their new self-image, improve their knowledge system, break free from limitation of their own culture/old thinking pattern, identify themselves more as a world citizen. In a higher state, they can be scientist who help society to evolve, change the way consensus people think. They can produce great TV program/news to tell the truth in a rebel way, built media empire, fight for the truth, create things such as Google/Facebook/ twitter, connect the world together, help others to band with like-minded soul, feel comfortable/safe to express their special identity.

Spiritual state

Spiritual state soul may identify themselves with all kinds of spiritual information, involve with too many different practice without develop one deeply, project GOD on so many spiritual mentor, learn from them, relate to them, so they can have GOD within/be GOD. By jumping from one spiritual/cosmology system to another, their mental structure just get more unstable. (I have a question, in spiritual state, do they still intend to explain the nature of Creation logically?)

Jumping from one spiritual cosmology to another would be more like Gemini in the 9th.
Using logical constructs as a primary way to understand creation is relevant to the individuated stages: the intelligence being the bottom line.

Remember, we are describing the nature of the self image, so this is the filter through which the soul will emotionally relate to and integrate its human experience. In the spiritual state, no matter where the south node is, the soul will be seeking direct experience of God beyond just the mind.

Regarding things like how the soul might explain the nature of creation, it depends on the dynamics of the chart. For example I have a lot of Sag/Gemini synthesized in my chart, so in part its relevant for me to be logical when explaining the truth. The key however is that I don't try to use logic to reach the truth. That again would be more individuated stage.

In other cases, they can be spiritual teacher who is defensive labout their spiritual system, debate with people from other systems.

With NN in 9th aries, they need to realize there are many ways leads to truth, they should align with spiritual/cosmology system which is intuitively right for them, they can even integrate information they have learned, develop a new/unique system for themselves to know the truth. In this way they can be a real master, share his experiences, teach others/write spiritual/philosophy books reflects natural law, help others to find their way to truth.
Thanks for this thread, i really enjoy learning from everyone!

Thank you for your post Wei! Everything you wrote expresses an accurate and clear understanding of the nature of the nodal axis.
With love,
Ari Moshe

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