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Author Topic: Skipped Steps  (Read 7090 times)
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Hi Priya,

"Chloe's Chiron is in Shaw's 7th and sextiling his 5th house Pluto. Would that mean that she triggers his Soul's deep seated wounds regarding his identity in relation to others? And the potential(1st Quarter sextile) to approach the healing of the same in new and innovative(Aquarius) ways?"

Yes, but also that she triggers deep seated wounds between them requiring new ways to heal and evolve together.

"At the same time her Uranus&Juno are squaring his Pluto from his 9th. Can that indicate that Chloe's presence in his life avails him situations manifested for his Soul to experience fears and anxieties(1st Quarter square) in order to elicit committed endeavours(Juno) to breaking free(Uranus) from Soul's more delusional(Pieces) beliefs(9th) regarding his own self grandeur?"

Yes, but it also means an evolutionary and karmic need to liberate from various beliefs he created and projected upon her in another life that were caused by a traumatic cataclysm that they created together.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you Rad for all that you shared.

Could the instant cataclysmic  loss that you refer to in their charts that is being recovered  shown through Ceres conjunct each other's south nodes represent an actual child?  A child they created and the trauma they shared together because of  subsequent events that took place?

Thank you,
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Thank you so much, Rad.
I am now beginning to understand the significance of synastry charts. What you said makes perfect sense and is making me ponder on relationships in general.

I believe that each relationship(and even circumstance) in our lives is here to either teach us, or heal &liberate something in us to facilitate our evolution.
But never did I consider that these "teachers" , "healers" and "liberators" of life's complex drama are specific Souls who have joint evolutionary roles to play out with us. Is this always so? For example great teachers like Buddha and Jesus must have triggered, healed and liberated many in multiple ways.. did they have a joint evolutionary karma with their followers?

Also, can we then use charts for countries and events to see how our skipped steps dynamics are triggering and evolving the collective in these times and spaces... and vice versa?
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Hi everyone, I am working on Chloe and Shaw synastry chart and will post something in next day or two.  Thanks for comments so far.  DDD
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