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Feb 23, 2017, 09:51 PM
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Author Topic: Practice Thread  (Read 1396 times)
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« Reply #60 on: Feb 17, 2017, 09:30 AM »

Hi, all. I wanted to post an excerpt from the book "Structures of the Soul" as it illustrates the core EA principles of the EA paradigm that we want to practice on this thread. Please read through this material and ask any questions you may have now. Once you have had a read and ask questions we will move on to the next step which is the South Node.



From the book Structures of the Soul:

Pluto’s House, Sign, and Polarity Point

Pluto’s house and sign placement describe two simultaneous phenomena. On
the one hand, the natal position of Pluto correlates to the generational
vibration that a person comes in with. The natal position of Pluto and
its South Node by house, sign, aspects to it, and the location of its
planetary ruler by house, sign, and aspects to it correlate to the
specific individual Soul dynamics, patterns in identity association,
implied from the evolutionary past: the desires, beliefs, thoughts,
perceptions, values and orientation to reality itself.

On the other hand, the natal position of Pluto points to the
evolutionary desire, intent, or cause of this life as seen in Pluto’s
opposite house and sign that reflects and is symbolized by the North
Node of Pluto by its house and sign location, aspects to it, and the
location of its planetary ruler by house, sign, and aspects to it.

Whether the individual is conscious of this intent or not does not
matter because the Soul, not the ego or personality, is the ultimate
causal factor, or determining force, behind each life. The lesson will
occur in some way through evolutionary necessity. If we are conscious of
the intent for this life we can foster it through cooperation and
non-resistance. As the life unfolds the inherent patterns of identity
association, seen in the natal position of Pluto and its South Node,
will be reborn to a new level of expression described by Pluto’s
opposite house and sign that is caused by the North Node of Pluto by its
house, sign, and location of its planetary ruler by its own house, sign,
and aspects to it.

The implied limitations of the past will be experienced in some way so
that the evolutionary point will transmute these limitations into new
levels or horizons of awareness and expression. When we link these
principles to the coexisting desires inherent in the Soul, we will see
that there is an implied tension between the past, present and future.
The potential for internal conflict is enormous. The desire for
separateness can lead to an effort to maintain the past, while the
desire for return to the Source promotes a focusing on the future (the
polarity point of Pluto). The tension or conflict, if there is
subconscious resistance, occurs in each moment of our lives.

Some simple examples will illustrate these principles. The sign that
Pluto is in, e.g. Pluto in Leo, represents the generational vibration
that we come in with. Pluto was in Leo from 1937 to 1958. Obviously,
millions were born with Pluto in Leo. In general, this generation has
natural desires and pre-existing orientations for creative
self-actualization. Pluto in Leo individuals need enough freedom to
actualize, in a creative way, their own unique purpose for living.

This need implies a deep self-orientation, a more or less narcissistic
orientation to life. Pluto in Leo implies a creative generation that
needs to be in charge of their own lives, and able to take destiny by
the hands and create it out of the strength of their own wills. Yet, the
polarity sign for the generation is Aquarius. As a generation then, they
must realize Aquarian lessons that involve developing an awareness of
the whole, of humanity, versus an awareness of just themselves.

By developing this awareness, the generation could then creatively
realize their specific purposes by linking their work or identities to
the socially relevant needs of the whole. This process demands evolving
an attitude of objectivity versus subjectivity, of detachment versus
over-involvement with personal concerns. We are rapidly moving toward
the Aquarian Age. Is it only coincidence that the Pluto in Leo
generation will progressively assume positions of social power in the
next few decades?  

In general, all Pluto in Leo people must learn Aquarian lessons. The
specific house placements of Pluto will begin to indicate the specific
and individualized lessons for each person. An example: Pluto in Leo in
the 9th house. Let’s say this person, in a prior life, desired to
understand life in a cosmological, metaphysical, or religious context by
intuitively sensing that there was more to reality than meets the
tactile senses. Commonly this individual, from a prior-life point of
view, needed to initiate a wide variety of experiences in order to
discover or realize the knowledge that she or he was seeking. This need
or desire became part of the individual’s own creative
self-actualization process from an evolutionary point of view. The
individual would come into this life with not only a highly developed
intuition, but also a rigid organization of reality (beliefs) that
reflected the desire for self-understanding in a cosmological sense.

The polarity point would be the 3rd house and the sign Aquarius. Simply
stated, the general Aquarian lessons mentioned above would be learned
through 3rd house kinds of experiences. Thus, the individual would
necessarily experience internal and external philosophical and
intellectual confrontations in order to realize the limitations of his
or her own organization of reality (beliefs). This does not necessarily
imply that those beliefs are wrong, but that they are limited. The
individual would progressively learn that the paths to truth (9th house)
are relative, and thus learn to communicate in a variety of ways
depending on the people or circumstances encountered.

Keep in mind how the two coexisting desires in the Soul, and the
potential tension or conflict, can impact on this illustrated process.
As an example, it would be very common for this individual, coming into
this life, to defend the personal beliefs and the organization of
reality relative to those beliefs. The individual commonly would attempt
to convince or convert other people to his or her own point of view. The
need to defend reflects the desire to maintain separateness. On the
other hand, the desire to evolve, or grow, leads toward the intellectual
or philosophical confrontation implied in the 3rd house polarity. The
interaction of these dual desires, and the resulting behavior, will be a
primary theme underlying the individual’s entire life. The potential for
tension and conflict reflected in these dual desires of the Soul can be
equated with the basic psychological phenomenon of attraction and
repulsion. We can be attracted to the very thing that we are repulsed
by, or we can be repulsed by the very thing that we are attracted to.

In the above example the Soul intends or desires to evolve. This is
demonstrated, again, by the polarity point of the natal position of
Pluto. As this desire reflects itself through the consciousness of the
individual (ego), the individual is attracted to intellectual or
philosophical discussions. Yet this very attraction will guarantee,
because of the implied limitations from the evolutionary past,
intellectual or philosophical confrontations with other people. The
individual will experience his or her own philosophical or intellectual
limitations because of these confrontations which will ignite the
dynamic of repulsion through these experiences.

In terms of behavior, the individual will alternately attempt to
convince or convert others to their personal point of view, or withdraw
altogether from this kind of experience to avoid dealing with this
perceived and experienced conflict. Withdrawal creates an internal
volcano of confrontation that induces intuitive thoughts or ideas that
directly challenge the pre-existing beliefs or philosophical orientation
that the individual brought into this life. Because the Soul (Pluto)
desires to evolve (3rd house) it will lead the individual into
conversations with others in order to effect the necessary challenges
that allow for a transmutation of existing beliefs. In other words, the
individual will subconsciously be attracted to, and thus draw to them,
those kinds of people who will have this effect upon his or her beliefs
and philosophical orientation.

As this process unfolds throughout life, the individual may come to
realize the evolutionary lessons involved and acknowledge the relativity
of his or her own point of view. At this point they could participate in
philosophical and intellectual discussions in a non-defensive way,
learning from as well as teaching others. The individual would learn to
understand and respect individual differences in beliefs, philosophies,
religions and intellectual organization. Conversely, the individual may
succeed in repulsing the evolutionary pressure or intent. In this case,
the behavior would manifest in defensiveness and rejection of anyone who
did not agree with his or her own point of view. This
attraction/repulsion dynamic linked with the dual desires inherent in
the Soul will manifest in any natal house position of Pluto.

Allow yourself to take a few moments to reflect on your own natal
position of Pluto to see this principle operating in your own life. From
an ultimate point of view, repulsion will automatically be a consequence
of any desire and attraction to anything other than to return to the

From a purely psychological point of view, Pluto correlates to the
deepest emotional security patterns in all of us. These security
patterns are unconscious. Most of us automatically gravitate to the path
of least resistance. The patterns in identity association that are
carried over from the evolutionary past are directly linked to the path
of least resistance and, therefore, to our security needs at an
unconscious level. The past represents familiarity and that which is
known. Our lessons, or the evolutionary intent described by Pluto’s
polarity point are not known. They are the unknown, the uncharted. The
unknown as described by our evolutionary intentions directly challenges
that which is known or familiar, and therefore challenges our security
at the deepest possible level: the Soul, our core.

How many of us are aware of our security needs at an unconscious level?
How many of us are aware of how these patterns and needs control or
dictate our behavior? I think most of us would agree that many of us are
not. If this is true, then how many clients are aware of these patterns?
Again, not many. These deep-seated security needs drive us to approach
certain areas in life in exactly the same way over and over again. These
areas are specifically linked to the natal position of Pluto. If we
remain stuck in the old way (the past) for security reasons, problems
will arise in these areas because the Soul in each of us desires to grow
and evolve.

The natal position of Pluto represents an area of natural gravitation
for security reasons and is thus given tremendous power. Pluto implies a
compelling force to maintain that area (house and sign) in the familiar
ways of operating: the past. This compelling force can be called
compulsion or obsession if the resistance (desire) is strong enough. The
strength of the resistance determines the magnitude of problems or
confrontations experienced in Pluto’s natal house and sign position.

Because the evolutionary force of the Soul is to grow, the individual
will either experience cataclysmic growth (evolution) because of the
problems experienced through resistance to the evolutionary intent or
slow, yet progressive growth because of the relative non-resistance to
the evolutionary intent. These areas of natural gravitation will be the
stumbling blocks to the individual’s development and growth. The intense
degree of power and identification of Pluto (the Soul) is the cause of
the problem. Because Pluto represents an essentially unconscious
process, the individual is basically unaware of the motivational
patterns of the Soul, and may feel stagnated, frustrated, or wonder why
the same lessons, the same mistakes, the same kind of relationships, the
same problems occur over and over again. Eventually the person may ask
the questions, “Why am I here?” –  “What am I supposed to be doing?” –
and “What can I do about these things?” These questions are a natural
response to the desire for ultimate identification with the Creator,
although the individual may not recognize it as such.

At this point, the astrologer can indicate ways to help the individual
become freer and more growth-oriented. Once the person becomes aware of
the problems, motivations, needs, desires, attitudes and security issues
dictating his or her experiences, the necessary changes may occur: if
the individual desires to initiate them. Everything begins with desire.
Again, the path to change rests in the polarity point of Pluto by house
and sign. As change begins to occur there will be an automatic
redefinition, evolution, and evolution in the natal house of Pluto. The
individual will approach that area differently and will be reborn at a
new level through death of the old behavioral patterns.

We can take these ideas about Pluto and apply them to anyone. Through
observing and listening to the client, and analyzing the chart, we can
determine the reality of that person as it exists for them. The ways in
which we communicate or express these principles to another person are
determined by the individual’s level of understanding. It is extremely
important to understand a person’s evolutionary past. In the many years
that I have been doing astrological charts I have observed that 75-80%
of any individual’s behavior is directly conditioned by the past. Even
modern psychologists refer to ‘unconscious forces’ or ‘memories’ that
influence the thoughts, feelings, moods and desires in our subjective
consciousness. It is important to understand the past because it
explains the here and now, why this kind of life, and for what reasons.
It explains everything from the point of view of evolutionary necessity
and karmic causes. Why this parent, this lover, this experience, why
these conditions in my life, and so forth.

By understanding that we are in charge of that which we have been, are,
and are in the process of becoming, we have choices at every step, and
at every moment, in our lives. The choices are reflected in our desires,
and desire determines everything that occurs, individually and
collectively. By understanding life in this way, we can more thoroughly
understand the ‘lessons’ that we must learn. We can understand the ‘why’
of those lessons, and by so doing, create a willingness to accept, not
resist, these lessons because of the knowledge gained about the past
causes. If you are a student of astrology these ideas can lead to the
objective understanding of these issues in your own life. If you are an
astrological counselor, then you may be able to use these ideas on your
client’s behalf.

Why is it a common experience to have a difficult time during the first
Saturn return? The first 28-30 years of life are spent living out the
conditions represented by the evolutionary and karmic past. As the
Saturn return approaches, the individual commonly begins to feel
restricted, frustrated, or depressed by the reality or conditions of his
or her life. The Saturn return is a natural growth period that is a
condensed reflection upon the past and, therefore, accelerated because
of the new evolutionary cycle that is in the process of emerging.

As Saturn comes closer and closer to its natal position, the individual
experiences two simultaneous states: a sense of restriction, frustration
and depression based upon the old conditions (karmic heredity), but also
the emerging instinctive sense of needing to redefine and recreate the
life conditions. In other words, the past and future (the evolutionary
intent of the Soul) begins to collide in each moment of the individual’s
life. As the evolutionary forces converge upon the existing reality
(security) that is defined by the past (Pluto), the individual is
presented with extremely important choices that will determine the
experiences of the next 28 years.

Of course there are other planetary cycles that influence this natural
evolutionary process. Saturn has a natural 7 year cycle within the
complete 28 year cycle. Jupiter has a 12 year cycle of growth and
expansion. The nodal axis of the Moon has a natural 18 year cycle,
Uranus forms a square to itself at 21 years of age, an opposition
between 39 and 42, another square at 63, and returns at approximately 84
years. Neptune forms a square to itself at 42 years of age. Depending on
its elliptical path, Pluto can also form a square to itself during the
life of an individual. During these natural cycles the evolutionary
forces relative to the future are accelerated relative to the conditions
represented by the past. Those evolutionary forces represented by the
past define the total reality of the moment both individually and

Creation is in a continual process of birth, death and rebirth. We can
observe this natural evolutionary process all around us: from the
changing seasons to the solar system and universe beyond. So it should
not be so surprising to consider that all of us are part of this
process. To understand the past is to understand the moment. This
understanding allows for positive choices relative to our individual and
collective futures. We can help ourselves, and we can help humanity and
the Earth in doing so. The natural cycles of evolutionary acceleration
allow for maximum growth opportunities. If those opportunities are
resisted because of the cumulative forces of the past, then the
potential for cataclysmic phenomena exists.

Pluto and the Nodal Axis

Most astrologers have learned that the South Node of the Moon represents
a composite of issues, i.e. value systems, beliefs, needs and so forth
from the past that are relied upon or gravitated to in this life. We
have also learned that the North Node of the Moon represents lessons to
be learned in this life. A few professional astrologers insist that this
correlation is wrong, that the North Node is the past and the South Node
the future. Despite the insistence of these few, historical observations
over centuries validate the correlation of the South Node with the past
and the North Node with the future. Based on my own observations over
many years, and reading thousands of charts, history seems to be
correct. Meditate on these symbols in your own chart, and then reflect
on your own life, and I think this correlation will be born out.        

The relationship between the North and South Nodes and Pluto is very
important. We have correlated Pluto to desires based on evolutionary
factors. The natal position of Pluto describes the preexisting patterns
in identity association that the individual naturally gravitates to in
this life. The South Node describes, from a prior life point of view,
the mode of operation that allowed the individual to actualize or
fulfill the desires or intentions described in the natal position of

A simple example using the 9th house Pluto discussed earlier will
illustrate this point (see Chart 1). Let’s put the South Node in the 7th
house. The individual’s desire to understand his or her life in a larger
cosmological context would be the essence of the life. With the South
Node in the 7th house, how would we expect the person to actualize or
fulfill that desire? From a prior life point of view, the mode of
operation would have led to the initiation of many kinds of
relationships through which the individual was seeking the knowledge
implied by the 9th house Pluto.                  

Relationships would typically be formed with others who could serve as
“teachers” to the individual. These prior patterns imply a dependency on
that kind of orientation coming into this life. Thus, the person would
tend to draw, through relationships, others to them who would attempt to
convince or convert that person to their points of view. In this way,
the individual would have collected a variety of teachings from a
variety of people. Which one is right, which one wrong? Is one more
right than the other? Are they all wrong? These are questions this
person might now be asking. In this case the North Node, the mode of
operation, would be in the 1st house, and Pluto’s polarity point in the
3rd house. What are the evolutionary lessons here? Simply stated, the
individual would acknowledge the relativity of varying points of view,
yet by using the mode of operation symbolized by the 1st house North
Node, learn to develop his or her own voice, own identity, own vision,
own knowledge, and would learn to ask and answer questions from within
the self. This transformation would then progressively, yet totally,
change the approach and orientation to relationships. Rather than
depending on teacher-type relationships, they would subconsciously want
to become the teacher. Further down the road the individual would desire
a situation of equality in a relationship.                      

Both partners would then be simultaneously student and teacher to each
other by encouraging mutual independence in each. Let’s take the same
9th house Pluto and put the South Node in the 1st house (Chart 2).  The
polarity point of Pluto remains in the 3rd house.

The mode of operation to actualize or fulfill the evolutionary intent of
Pluto is the 7th house North Node. The bottom line is still the 9th
house Pluto and the desire for the individual to understand him/herself
in a larger cosmological context. From a prior-life point of view, the
individual fulfilled that desire by maintaining independence and freedom
from involvement in relationships in order to initiate whatever
experiences that he or she deemed necessary in order to fulfill the
desire for cosmological knowledge. The individual was dependent only
upon the self. They would come into this life with the ability to ask
and answer his or her own questions. It is from exactly this orientation
that the evolutionary limitations and intentions are reflected. Yes, the
individual is learning the lessons of intellectual and philosophical
beliefs symbolized by the 3rd house polarity point of the 9th house
Pluto. Yes, the individual is destined to experience intellectual or
philosophical confrontations with others in order for this lesson to
occur. How will this lesson occur specifically?
Through the 7th house North Node. The Soul of this individual would
desire and need to be in relationships in this life. The individual will
also be required to give to others, and must learn how to listen to
other people in order to understand and identify another’s reality as it
exists for them. In this way they will be giving to another what is
needed from the others point of view (North Node in 7th, polarity point
of Pluto in the 3rd house) versus giving to others from the individual’s
own reality (South Node in the 1st, 9th house Pluto). Commonly this
individual, when disposed to be involved with people at all from a
prior-life point of view, would have been the teacher.

They would have needed to be perceived by others as a leader, as
special, because of the knowledge that the individual presents (9th
house Pluto, South Node in the 1st). Because Pluto’s 3rd house polarity
point will lead to philosophical or intellectual confrontation in order
to expose the limitations of the individual’s own belief structure, the
7th house North Node creates a mode of operation through which the
individual will also be taught by other key individuals on a cyclical
basis throughout life.

Gradually, through confrontations, the individual will learn that he or
she can learn from others. In addition, the individual will come to
realize that he or she must learn how to be in relationships as an
equal, that relationships are essential to his or her evolutionary

With this understanding, the individual will also realize, just as the
person with the South Node in the 7th house did, that equality will
occur through encouraging the independent self-actualization of the
partner. The South and North Nodes thus correlate to the modes of
operation that help the individual fulfill the evolutionary necessities
and desires. The 9th house Pluto was used in both examples. Yet the
modes of operation, past and present, needed to fulfill those 9th house
desires were diametrically opposed. This principle can be applied to all
combinations of Pluto and the nodal axis.      

* Chart 01.jpg (32.91 KB, 403x444 - viewed 7 times.)

* Chart 02 .jpg (32.65 KB, 403x441 - viewed 6 times.)
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« Reply #61 on: Feb 17, 2017, 10:23 AM »

Hi Everyone,


If desires are the mode of transportation through which a Soul continues to evolve what happens when a person has no desires for anything anylonger, they have become suspended in a sence there is no past or future, everything has become nothing but empty space the thoughts suspended like time is non exhistent....


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« Reply #62 on: Feb 17, 2017, 12:15 PM »

Very helpful excerpt and examples, Deva😊 Thank You!

May I know why the positions of Pluto's South and North Nodes were not taken into account in the analysis of Pluto in the example chart. In the example given, SNode of Moon in the 1st with Pluto in the 9th is said to be indications of a teacher in the past... how would, for example, an 8th house Pluto's SN add to this analysis? And would not the NN of Pluto be very important in pointing to us the direction our soul ultimately wants to evolve towards? What if in the example given NN of Pluto is also in the 1st(as is the SN of Moon that Soul is wanting to evolve from)?
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« Reply #63 on: Feb 18, 2017, 09:04 AM »

Hi, Heather. From my view, the question you are asking is relative the progressive exhaustion of separating desires from the Soul as the Soul begins to unite/merge with the Universal Source. This is addressed in the Book "The Holy Science" by  Swami Sri Yukteshwar. Again, the intention of the practice thread is to apply the EA paradigm.

Hi Priya: The reason the planetary nodes are not included in the examples yet is that we are going step by step through the EA paradigm, and using the planetary nodes now is jumping the gun. Planetary nodes will be included further down the line as we progress through each step of the EA paradigm.


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« Reply #64 on: Feb 18, 2017, 10:43 AM »

Hi Everyone,

Ok thank you Deva

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« Reply #65 on: Feb 19, 2017, 01:46 AM »


   thank you for the time you take to teach us. I enjoy reading all the varied responses. what a great group and opportunity.

   in spirit,

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« Reply #66 on: Feb 20, 2017, 09:22 AM »

Hi, all. I am writing to ask if you have any questions about the posted examples and/or about the 4th house polarity point. If, not I will post a simple example of Pluto in the 10th house and a South Node in the 3rd house in order to illustrate how to apply the core principles we have reviewed so far. I will also include the evolutionary states/conditions to demonstrate how the evolutionary state of the Soul will determine how the main "theme" or core archetypes symbolized by Pluto in the 10th house and South Node in the 3rd house will be expressed an an individual context.  As JWG taught  no one size fits all, and can only be applied accurately within a given context.
     I recommend to review the Pluto in Gemini/3rd house as it illustrates the Gemini/3rd house archetype. From there, apply those correlations in the context of the South Node, and the past egocentric structure of the Soul that was created in order to consciously actualize the core evolutionary desires/intentions of the past symbolized by Pluto in the 10th house.


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Hi Deva, all clear so far.  Thanks.  DDD
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Hi All

Please read Pluto in the 3rd house/Gemini in the Pluto vol 1.book as it reviews the third house/Gemini archetype. Then, write out in your own words how the egocentric structure of the Soul has actualized the desires of Pluto in the 10th house.

In other words,  What type of egocentric structure did the Soul create in order to actualize the core desires symbolized by natal Pluto in the 10th house? Simply, stated the Soul has created an egocentric structure that is founded on the need to collect a diversity of facts, information and data from the external environment. This is reflected by the 3rd house/Gemini/Mercury archetype. The nature of the information that the Soul will want to collect is relative to the core desire to understand how society is structured, the prevailing cultural norms, taboos, customs, etc. and to establish a personal voice of authority within society. In other words, prior to the current life, the Soul has collected a variety of information from the external environment in order to understand how society functions in order to establish a personal voice of authority within that society.

The Soul will have an innate ability to communicate this information with others as well. As mentioned previously, the Evolutionary condition of the Soul will determine how these core themes have been expressed. Please review the Evolutionary Conditions of Soul using this link: http://schoolofevolutionaryastrology.com/school/essence-of-ea/the-four-evolutionary-states

Consensus State: In the Consensus State, the Soul will collect information from those in positions of social authority in order to progressively advance within the social strata. In other words, information in used in order to create the necessary knowledge of how to progress to higher levels of social position. For example, the Soul may learn what is required in order to become a certified in an given field, or progress to higher position. The Soul will have an innate capacity to communicate this knowledge with others.

Individuated State: In the Individuated State, The Soul will collect information that is alternative, or outside of the mainstream society. For example, astrology, hypnotherapy, and non-traditional education are all fields that are concerned alternative by the mainstream. This information serves to promote the need to individuate and de-condition from the mainstream society. Liberation from the mainstream society occurs through the collection of alternative information. This information becomes a vehicle through which the Soul establishes a personal voice of authority within the alternative group or movement within society. The Soul will naturally desire to bond with others of like mind who hold this same value and attitude.

Spiritual State: In the Spiritual State, the Soul will collect information that pertains to understanding the structure, or foundation, of spiritualization and evolution through union with the Source. In other words, information of a timeless and universal nature becomes the basis of integration within the societal structure, and the development of a personal voice within society. The Soul will naturally gravitate to various spiritual writings and teachers which communicate principles that are universally experienced and will be true regardless of the passing of time. The Soul will have an innate capacity to communicate this knowledge with others.  As an example of a Soul in this evolutionary state, Yogananda has Pluto in the 10th house, and South Node in the third house. He established a spiritual organization called SRF which spread timeless teachings through various writings and lectures, and also wrote books centered around Divine communion.


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« Reply #69 on: Feb 22, 2017, 04:11 AM »

Hi Deva,

thank you, i will follow with the assignment shortly.
Just a question, should we include a reflection of the different evolutionary conditions, separately?

All the Best,
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« Reply #70 on: Feb 22, 2017, 09:00 AM »

Hi, Helena. Thanks for posting your question. As in the example above please include the evolutionary states in your own example of Pluto in the 10th house and South Node in the 3rd house. The specific evolutionary state of the Soul will determine how the core archetypes described above are expressed in an individual context. It is not necessary to write out a review of the Evolutionary Conditions separately, but rather apply it through the example that we are working on in the practice thread.


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« Reply #71 on: Today at 11:55 AM »

Hi Everyone,

Pluto in the 10th South Node of the Moon in the 3rd

Information/Knowledge is Power... Endless Possibilities

Regardless of the Evolutionary State we are going to be looking at a Soul who is coming into this life with past lives revolving around the  powerful need to learn, take in information, communicate and share their information with others. The 3rd house Mercury and the sign Gemini all correlate to the desire to take in and collect a much information, facts, figures and data as possible through the environment, an endless curiosity that makes them a mental sponge taking in all stimuli from the outside world. The world of information and learning can be an endless need with this placement taking in as much information as the world has to offer but how much information can one truly hold onto? How much of the information taken in is actually perceptually experienced and understood, can they actually apply the information in the external environment? When ridged structures are built around this information taken in becomes limited in some way  is probably where you would see a 10th house Pluto Soul learning their biggest lessons. Where one would be continually challenged to grow.

With Pluto in the 10th and the South Node in the 3rd there will be a desire for the Soul to share their knowledge and  information with others as well as exert authority over others. How this plays out in the external world really depends on so many other factors but   here you could see many with abilities as  writers, data analysts, speakers, politicians, singers, preachers, news spokesperson, military leader  the list is probably endless with the South Node in the 3rd as to the possibilities that could be generated. How this does play out for any individual can look so different when we do consider the Evolutionary State of the Soul.
 With Pluto in the 10th we are talking about a Soul that has a deep security and attachment to structure and with the South Node in the 3rd the facts figures and information to back up this structure where the Soul ultimately feels security. This placement for someone in the Consensus stage of evolution would probably live in a rather rigid reality one that is heavily conditioned by the structures it was born into within the family as well as the external country of birth and those rules and social conditions. This could be the eternal college student with many different degrees or the local librarian where the endless taking in of information and categorizing creates a feeling of growth and movement in a way as well a security structures built around knowledge. It reminds me of when I was much younger how my Mother,  whom has Saturn conjunct her midheaven, was always adhering to the local law of the land where that was the word there was no deviation. When I was younger I would sometimes use words that were seemingly made up to her, they would just come to me out of nowhere,  and she used to ride me about this. One day she got in quite a tizzy over a word that I was using and she pulled out her pride and joy, a 1960s Webster Dictionary, and slammed it down on the counter and was like you show me, you show me where that word is in the dictionary.  Well it turns out that the word was used in the early 16th century but had fallen out of use and the word did in fact mean exactly how I was using it instead of the word she was trying to force me to use. She in the end was like well it's not in my dictionary as the word used "now".  She couldn't deviate from the Law of her 1960s Webster dictionary and the  funniest part is that the word I was using is Agreeance which means Agreement. You can easily feel  how this placement could lead to the mentality of a dictator who rigidly adhered to the laws of the facts and figures of the land in the Consensus reality.
In the Individual State you could see how this placement might lead to someone who is quite argumentative and radical in their mindset. This could be the quintessential protester/anarchist the one who goes around collecting radical information just to blow up Consensus "reality".  They might be quite advanced in  New Age techniques and offer alternative views which they would not be shy in sharing. Possibly a  spokes person for New Age Movements like an animal rights activist  or someone who is developing new technologies for energy conservation.
In the Spiritual State this would be a Soul who has incarnated into this life with an unimaginable knowledge system already in place. Someone who has long broke with  Consensus traditions of facts figures and rigidly held knowledge information systems. Someone who has also left behind the need to rebel the Consensus as a radical Individual but rather someone who has taken in and purged all unnecessary information to come to the Ultimate Understanding. This Understanding and Knowledge base would be born outside of any ridged structures but actually in alignment with Timeless Knowledge and Understanding of Natural Law. They would feel deeply the absolute need to share this timeless knowledge with others to teach to share this Understanding to help others Evolve back to the Source. In this state I feel you would not see this Soul as projecting themselves into the environment so to speak they would just become part of it and let it lead them to where they can be of help which in the end might leave them quite well known.
In all cases the South Node in the 3rd house is going to imply the possibility that information  taken in that rigidly  backs up security structures is limited in some way or form and that the Soul is going to be in a constant state of reformulating their mental structures of reality.


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