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Jul 23, 2018, 01:30 AM
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Author Topic: To Adina  (Read 2668 times)
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« on: Oct 26, 2009, 06:17 PM »

hello Adina - I was reading your blog at your site.  I could not comment, so I am here.  Hope that is OK.  Thank you for sharing your experiences & insights.  In general I've always been someone who looks to the bottom - line of life, but, I think it is the experience of a young woman I know who will die of cervical cancer & she is not even 30 that has led me to being quasi-obsessed with the realities/process of dying.  And within this the influence of evil.  If you read what evolutionary biologists have to say it is all 'programmed' - now, that's crap...however, evil sometimes worms it's way in.  In fact, to me, our consciousness is the obvious result of a 'spiritual' universe - these scientists like to say that we have 'religion' et al to ease our pain - I say our pain itself is evidence of a spiritual universe & nothing is 'eased' - if it were all biology, etc. -then guess what?  We'd have no consciousness, no pain, etc.  But, still, evil gets it's worms into me & creates doubt.  And it seems I've been grabbing at anything I can about death/dying.  Maybe that itself is evil & morbid?  I'm 34....hardly ripe for the grave...perhaps it's my south node Taurus saying 'hello, you've accomplished absolutely nothing!' & of course my virgo sun just revels in the rejection (and my pluto/mercury/uranus in the 9th can laugh about it!).  Anyway, Adina the short of the long is that I appreciate your blog so very much.  Heck - maybe I have a simultaneous life that is dying!  I don't know - I just have this feeling of loss as if I am & no where to turn.

Also, I wanted to share the joy of the experience of 'light' - in a post of yours you went into it.  I had a dream, but it was also very real, very present, of a boy who was asian who was dying & going to another realm ( he was some type of 'savior' figure, what I think the sufis call a 'pillar', like an avatar) - and he was doing this in my dream which all those present (including I) knew that he was & were mystified.  But, I looked at him while he was transitioning (acutually I saw his light through a curtain & parted it to see him) -- his whole body radiated light & the most intense joy & love imaginable.  I still feel blessed, if confused, about this dream.  But, I know the feeling!  And I guess I feel like I should share that - no one I know personally knows that light in an immediate way.  So. - I hope this is appropriate.  Please continue your posts - you'll fight the darkness with them....thank you, Adina!
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« Reply #1 on: Oct 29, 2009, 06:04 PM »

Hi Lucius,

Thank you so much for your very kind words about my blog. It’s fine that you posted your response here, although I THINK there’s a place for you to do that there.

I have the South Node and Mercury in Scorpio, Venus in the 8th, and Pluto aspects ALL my planets, so thinking and talking about “death & dying” don’t seem evil and/or morbid to ME!   Smiley  Sadly, I think we live in a society that spends more time trying to avoid the actual process of “dying” as well as any discussion about it, so that’s one reason I started my blog. It’s simply another part of life itself, and an entrance into another way of being that is, for the most part, misunderstood, so I’m glad you’re finding it helpful.

And thank YOU for sharing YOUR dream, Lucius; what a special experience for you to have! Perhaps it was a way for you to understand this experience vicariously.

I intend to keep up with the blog as long as possible. I can’t really “schedule” the posts as neither my brain NOR my body are working on any kind of schedule anymore, but I do know that there will be more to share. 

If you wouldn’t mind – if you feel like it – would you share more about this feeling of loss that you have and no place to turn. Perhaps it could open up more discussion and help someone else, too.

I’ll go ahead and post my blog URL in a separate post in case people miss this post here.

Thank you again, Lucius, for your warm and kind support.

God bless,

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« Reply #2 on: Nov 04, 2009, 03:56 PM »

Adina is not going to ask by herself, but she has immediate need of money which she has no way to earn.  A donation button has been added to her blog http://bluelotusletters.com/site/ and she'd very much appreciate anything anyone can spare.  Even if its $5.   The button lets you pay by credit card or Paypal.  Anyone wishing to mail a check can contact Adina by email at the email address on the Council page of the main EA School website.
thank you
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