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May 20, 2019, 08:56 AM
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Author Topic: Balsamic stress  (Read 17 times)
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Reading about balsamic phases I find that is a moment for letting go and finishing with it.

But with my observations I find that could be a very stressful stage. To illustrate it i will talk about two cases that I deeply know one is the case of a girl, and the other is my own case.

In the case of the girl she has pluto and South node in intercepted scorpio, so they are ruled by venus {libra in 5th cusp} North node in taurus intercepted, so ruled by Mars { aries in 11th cusp}

Venus Mars in balsamic

She manifested that with intimate relationships, she lose her center, became jealous, needy, demanding and total dependent. She get frustrated because he feels that she reduce the whole world to his partner. Despite this knowledge she always finish in relationships where she demands the other person to be perfect and cover all her needs... A perfect blue prince partner that solve all her needs and problems.

In my case venus mercury balsamic conjunction ruling a lot of things. In 11th cancer. I'm looking always for a perfect theory that resolve all my needs and problems. A theory for everything. And like a drug addict I'm consuming one theory after another.... Like the smoker saying this is the last cigarrete!!!! I have some intuition this perfect theory doesn't exist, this are only naive idealizations, but despite this I continue in the search looking and looking. It's a kind of student stress.... Tomorrow is the final balsamic exam and I haven't study enough!!!

So in both cases is very very hard to let go and stressful. It's a kind of feeling of something is missing I can't let go yet.

Is this only my observations on balsamic or is a general pattorn in EA?

In balsamic phase what is the resolution? ... Continue the striving to find a situation that more or less works, match and satisfy oneself and then surrender. Or directly surrender and letting go without the Soul arriving to that point of saying.... OK I got it!

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« Reply #1 on: Today at 08:02 AM »

Hi Sunya,

don't know if this helps but i was reading your post and some analogy came up...
For me, balsamic is a pisces phase... So everything shows up very much diffused, loosing (the old) definition.
The analogy that came up for me is the person that is running the marathon and right at the end of it, say 2 or 3 kilometres before the finishing line, a sudden fog shows up in the race track, the person can't even see/recognize the track anymore. It's not that the person is going to stop right there, no it has sufficient road before to know it can finish!, but will have to slow down, pay more attention to the path it's taking, deal with doubt (is this the right way? is that the right way?), but above all trust it will get to the finishing line, and it will be worth it, make and overall sense in the end. Maybe things, won't turn out to end like it was planned, or it has to stop somewhere to help a fellow athlete, and not about wining anymore, or the path that was lively and full of other runners, turns into a (most times lone) soul searching walk...It is also about resting amidst the doubting, that no matter how long it takes, it will end, and the most of it has already passed...

Hope it makes some sense :-)
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