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May 27, 2018, 09:23 PM
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Author Topic: What do we use for Southern Hemisphere births?  (Read 8526 times)
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Hi Gonzalo,

Thank you so much Rad, again, for your insightful feedback ... so, based on this, when the operative dynamic is that of "skipped steps", instead of embracing the polarity point and integrating the opposing archetypes of the nodal axis one would "jump" from one archetype to the other ... this causing these archetypes to operate as non-integrated dynamics alternating in time .... each one of them tending  to induce crisis connected with the planet at the square ... planet which would also be connected in first place with the cause, circumstances or experiences which occasioned the disassociation between archetypes at the opposition ... those crisis would be "crisis in action" as connected with one of the nodes and "crisis in consciousness" as connected with the other node.

God Bless,


   Yes ..........

 God Bless, Rad
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