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Feb 17, 2019, 04:12 AM
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Author Topic: Practice Thread  (Read 106128 times)
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« Reply #450 on: Jun 30, 2018, 05:53 AM »

Hi Irini,

First, welcome to our message board. When you have a question to post you will see on the first page in the upper right hand corner a tag that says 'new topic': see the attached jpg below. When you click that on this then allows anyone to ask a question in the blank field that is there to post the question within. Once you have written you question then hit the button that says send. It will then be posted as a  new question on the message board.

It is not a general truth to find Chiron conjunct in the same house of the PPP. So this is just something you are finding in the charts you have been looking at. The meaning of that is dependent on the totality of the chart itself starting with the Pluto paradigm which supplies the individual evolutionary/ karmic context for any given Soul.

God Bless, Rad

P.S. You can enlarge the below picture by clicking on the 'jpg' .. it will then create a new screen with the enlarged picture.

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« Reply #451 on: Jul 01, 2018, 03:06 AM »

Hi Rad

Thank you so much for your immediate answer and your clarifications. Grateful.

Always blessed

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« Reply #452 on: Jul 04, 2018, 10:51 AM »

Hi Helena! "What i would say also is that for me this is a feeling of self-protection in a time where the world is a really weird energy one..." I feel u!

Thanks Deva and everyone for keeping this thread going, I'm really grateful to participate and learn from you. I just realized I'm so behind, so I will PPP/NN in 12th house, and ruler Mars in the 2nd together...

PPP/NN in 12th house Aries Ruler Mars in 2nd house

The dualistic choices, oppositions(Pluto/SN Libra) birth into a new way, synthesized the polarities into a new thing, an epiphany, transcendence of immanence, an alternative choice, that’s the new beginning. Working together collectively as a single unified organism. An intense period in which the many opposites within your being mystically come together into greater harmony. Those words are from book: Gene Keys, such synchronicity that I read those words while writing this assignment. Libra in 6th house can create such intense crisis, for me is because we are learning how to balance opposite forces, conflict elements within ourselves, then projected into our environment, we incarnated (Virgo 6th house) time and time again to play both sides (Libra), also contain both sides within us, to feel the complexity of being a human, the polarity Aries energy is always in Libra too, we are conditioned to think opposite must fight against each other, one force has to dominate or eliminate the opposite to “fix” the conflict, until through repeating and recreating crisis, we finally reach a new idea that’s rooted from universal truth (12th house), give birth to a new way of personalizing divine (12th house Aries), the realization that we are (Aries) so vast (12th house), each of individual soul can contain such complex expression of divine, more than we logically can imagine, when we reach that kind of understanding, it’s like source create everything, our individual soul create every quality/experiences, those parts seems contradict with each other, can all exist in harmonie, when we can let go of conditioned logical mind. Going through this self-discovery within divine womb, we go out there re-imagine our life as human being, and participate life/work in a new way.

PPP/NN in 12th house Aries, souls accelerate the process of dissolving/culminating old patterns, the focus shift from mundane life/task towards inner experiences/fantasies/dreams/archetypes, which can lead to spiritual initiation. With ruler Mars in 2nd house, all the potentials/possibilities of this new way of participating life will be explored with deeply internalized focus on oneself, souls will need spend a lot of time in solitude, to discover their inner value/inner resources/desires, and what resources can be developed into the right work for self-sufficiency, certain degree of separation from others/society is necessary, to stabilize their inner value, then the crisis (Pluto in 6th house Libra) can be transmuted, souls can develop healthy boundaries in the relationship/work environment, also know what kind of work/relationship to participate according to their inner value. With solitude time focus on their own desire, by acting upon desires reflect their inner value/inner resources, they will develop the courage/decisiveness to actualize the new evolutionary cycle, give themselves permission, be confident to do what they desire, instead of constant self-doubt/self-criticism, acting according to timeless natural value leading to freedom and satisfy, instead of trapped in constant crisis so to speak. Lastly, I feel Mars in 2nd house relate to PPP/NN in 12th house Aries, souls can embody/individualize these timeless values, their journey can be quiet inspiring and encourage others to actualize their inner values, living their own version of divine incarnation.

This is what i have written and feel authentic so far, post this part keeps me not putting things off again...I will post evolutionary state before Friday.

Thank you again!!
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