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Author Topic: Venus and it's South and North Nodes  (Read 1873 times)
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Hi All,

Some time ago we had a thread on Venus and it's Nodal Axis. I thought it might be a good idea to re-post parts of it. So I will re-post this is segments until it is finished. If you have questions along the way please feel free to ask. God Bless, Rad


I have been thinking of starting a new thread that will involve understanding the archetypes of Venus with a special focus on the inner relationship that the Soul has within itself, and how that inner relationship is a determinant of how the Soul thus relates to others. This would also include an examination of Venus and it's North and South Nodes.

Well there sure has been a great response to this thread. We will start shortly as there is much on in our world of EA that needs to be tended too just now.

When we start I will be talking about all the archetypes that correlate with Venus: not all at once but the various archetypes one or a few at a time. Thus, when you have questions about any of them you can asked me so as to keep us all clear and understanding as we move along.

We will be focusing all of this in the end upon the inner relationship the Soul has within itself which then manifests it's own unique electro-magnetism that serves as the basis of those that the Soul attracts to itself, how the Soul relates to them as a result, and the WHY of it all. This is the real beauty of EA for it allows us to understand the WHY of anything from an evolutionary point of view.  In other words most of the world of astrology is descriptive in nature versus understanding the WHY of what the Soul creates for itself relative to it's natural evolutionary journey.

We will use various examples of real charts of well known people as we move along to illustrate this or that dynamic but, most importantly, you will be using yourself and those closest to you to understand and validate what we are discussing.

We will begin our discussion of Venus by focusing on it’s archetypal correlations one by one. And we will begin very slowly so if anyone has questions about what is posted each time they can be asked without getting to ahead of ourselves. So if any of you have questions on what is written below please just ask.

The first one correlates to the instinct in all forms of life to survive. The survival instinct. In the human form this instinct manifests as being able to identify what resources are needed, or available, in order to survive. What resources that are needed and/or available for the Soul in human form to survive will be valued.

Since the inherent nature of the Soul in human form is a social one, socializing with other humans, humans thus live together as a group as most forms of life do. Thus, in order for an individual to survive in a socialized context the individual NATURALLY learns to give, share and include others in the shared resources that allow for the group, and thus the individual to survive. This also means that whatever inherent inner resources any given individual in the group has is used, shared, given to the whole group in order to help that group, and thus the individual to also survive.

This natural law is important to understand for it is the determinant of how humans naturally related to each other, how each individual related to the group. Within this natural law of relatedness is the determinant of how humans were able to listen to one another in order to understand one another for the actual reality that each individual lived in the context of the whole group they lived within. In this way each individual could understand the objective reality of another, and, in this way, give to one another what each needed according to the actual reality of another.

Coming through great lengths of time finally lead the human race to shift from a nomadic way of living to becoming relatively sedimentary with the awareness of how to plant and harvest seeds, and how to raise certain types of animals in a fixed location. Generally speaking, this shift happened roughly around 7,000 B.C. When this began to happen humans began to also invent religions. All humans, until then, were living in accordance with Natural Laws. There were no formal religions. Higher understandings of the nature of life itself were understood in accordance with Natural Laws.

Progressively then as the centuries followed from this time the Natural Laws of how humans organized and related to themselves changed from giving, sharing, and inclusion to self interest, and exclusion. The psychological act of listening to another’s reality, or the reality of the group, shifted. It shifted into hearing everything from within the filter of self interest. This self interest and exclusion also manifested as a perversion to the natural human nature wherein the the survival instinct was defined by the individual as to how the group could be USED to support the survival needs of the individual.

So we will now continue in our discussion of the archetypes that correlate with Venus. We will continue now with where we left off, and then talk about the essential needs that all human Souls have in the relationships that they form with other humans.

We will sum up what was written about in one paragraph, and then move on to an necessary and critical understanding of the core archetypes that exist within the natural zodiac that symbolize the entire dynamic of how a human Soul interacts within itself, it's inner relationship, how it interacts by forming relationships to other humans, and the 'why' of this.

JWG wrote about this in the second book on Pluto: The Soul's Evolutionary Journey In Relationships. What follows comes from that book.

So, first, the summary of what was discussed above.

So in general the human race has ended up using each other for their own needs defined by self interest in order to individually survive. And, again, whatever is needed to survive, the resources needed to survive, will be valued. And what is then valued as a function of survival, the resources necessary to survive, and that which is valued in this way will be given tremendous meaning.

And now the core archetypes that exist with the natural zodiac.

A key to understanding essential relationship needs is to understand the inherent archetype in the horoscope between the 2nd, 7th, and 12th Houses. If you examine the inherent symmetry between these houses, you will notice that the 2nd and 12th Houses form inconjunctions to the 7th House, and the 2nd and 12th Houses are in a sextile relationship to each other. Thus, there is an inherent Finger of God (Yod) aspect pattern pointing to the 7th House. What does it mean that these houses are tied together in this way, and why should we utilize this archetype to understand the inner and outer relationship dynamics, including sexual dynamics, at all?

The answer is that the planet Venus naturally rules the signs Taurus and Libra, and that Neptune, the planetary co-ruler of Pisces, is the higher octave of Venus. Thus, since the natural zodiac has Taurus on the 2nd House, Libra on the 7th House, and Pisces on the 12th House, there exists this natural archetype that correlates to our relationship dynamics, including our sexual dynamics. So, the first step is to understand the nature of this archetype.

To understand this archetype is to understand the inherent nature of each of its components first.

The 2nd House, Taurus, and Venus

The first component we will examine is the 2nd House and Taurus. The core archetype that Taurus or the 2nd House correlate with is one of survival – one of the deepest instincts in all human beings. Within the human being, anatomically speaking, this instinct manifests from what is known as the primary brain, which regulates all the instinctual functions of the human being. The instinct to survive has many applications and manifestations. One of these manifestations is the instinct within the human species to perpetuate itself. Thus, Taurus and the 2nd House correlate with the sexual instinct to procreate the species within all of us. And, yes, the sexual instinct emanates from the primary brain.

The actual reason for the human species to procreate through the act of sexual intercourse, as opposed to asexual reproduction wherein a cell simply clones itself, is a biological act of survival. Because the main danger to the integrity of the human organism occurs through viruses, bacteria, and parasites, which mutate and evolve very quickly, it was and is essential that the human organism be able to evolve its own immune system in order to survive these types of assaults. In the case of asexual reproduction, the immune system remains static and fixed. To procreate the species through sexual intercourse is necessary because it allows for an ongoing evolution of the immune system through combining the genetic structures of two people into a third person. This constant evolution of the immune system thus allows for the survival of the human organism.

The immune system in astrology correlates with Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th House. The survival need of the species as a whole is reflected in each individual, and each individual determines the selection of a partner based on attraction. This natural selection is largely determined through a subconscious reaction to the secretion of pheromones, which emit a scent. This reaction will be either positive or negative, and thus serves as a basis of who has intercourse with who. Through this biological cue, we select partners who will produce offspring with an evolved immune system that is better able to defeat disease and infection. This, in turn, helps to guarantee the survival of the species. Pheromones are astrologically associated with Taurus, the 2nd House, and the inner side of Venus.

Another manifestation of the survival instinct is one of identifying what is needed in order to survive. This can have many applications, including identifying what resources we already have or possess in order to survive. This duality of what we already possess, combined with identifying what we need (i.e. what we do not already have) for survival to continue or be sustained thus generates the following paradoxical crisis for the human being.

On the one hand, identifying what we already have in order to survive correlates with the archetype inherent to Taurus or the 2nd House – the archetype of self-reliance, self-sustainment, and self-sufficiency. This archetype is one of inner awareness and focusing. On the other hand, identifying what is needed (that which we do not already have) for survival to continue correlates with the archetypal awareness within consciousness that looks outside of itself in order to gather or attract that which is needed. Long ago, the human being learned that it was much easier to survive individually by forming relationships to other human beings who could live together as an organized unit.

Thus, the human being, in many ways, became dependent on other human beings for survival to occur. This is not to say that the human being cannot survive completely alone. Of course, this can be done.

But how many people do you know of that live in absolute isolation, surviving only through their own capacity? The paradoxical crisis of survival is rooted in that which is already possessed within the individual, and that which is perceived to be needed that is outside of the individual. Astrologically, this paradoxical crisis is reflected in the natural inconjunct between the 2nd and 7th Houses. It is also reflected in the inner nature of Venus (Taurus) and its outer or projected nature (Libra). Thus, psychologically speaking, it becomes the paradoxical crisis between the need for self-reliance, and our dependence on others (relationships) in order to survive – the procreational instinct combined with the awareness of what we do not currently have, and yet what is needed in order to survive.

Another manifestation of the instinct to survive is one of values. Why? Because whatever it is that correlates with what is needed in order to survive, or that which correlates with the resources that already exist in order for survival to occur, will be highly valued. And that which is valued will correlate with how much meaning we give to it. Thus, the 2nd House and Taurus correlate to the meaning that we give to life, in the broadest sense. In an immediate sense, the archetypes of Taurus and the 2nd House correlate with the meaning we give to ourselves and, through extension, the meaning we give to other people. This, of course, is dependent on how much we value both ourselves and others.

Astrologically speaking, the sign on the 2nd House cusp, the location of its planetary ruler by house and sign, plus the aspects that planet makes to other planets, will condition how the archetype of the 2nd House is oriented to and actualized by any individual. In addition, the location of the sign Taurus in the horoscope and its natural ruler Venus by its own house/sign, plus the aspects that it is making to other planets, will condition the archetypes inherent to those houses with the archetypes intrinsic to Taurus. In composite charts, these same principles apply to how the couple orients to actualizing these archetypes.

The 7th House, Libra, and Venus

The next component of this archetype is the 7th House and Libra. The core archetype of the 7th House and Libra is of the initiation of relationships with other human beings. The initiation of relationships has as its casual factor the projected need for survival that emanates from the 2nd House and Taurus. The projection of these needs from the 2nd House and Taurus to the 7th House and Libra occurs through the inconjunction that links these archetypes. Through the 7th House and Libra we initiate relationships with a diversity of people in order to discriminate (inconjunct) between those people who reflect what we need, versus those people who do not. Once the individual determines which people can best meet what it needs, needs that are now projected, the basis of expectations simultaneously occurs. That which we expect from other people, and they from us, in order for the projected needs of each to be met, is the causal factor for conditional giving, sharing, or love.

The inconjunction also teaches the human being that it must also learn to give to others in order to secure or receive what itself needs. In order to give others what they need, the human being must learn how to listen. Venus (the co-ruler of Libra and Taurus) correlates with the psychology of hearing, whereas Mercury rules the anatomy that exists within the ear. By learning how to listen, the human being learns how to objectify itself – to experience itself and others objectively. In this way, the human being is learning equality.

The 7th House and Libra teach the human being to equally give and receive. When the balance of giving and receiving within relationships is disproportionate, a crisis (inconjunct) within the relationships will occur. The crisis created in this way is necessary in order for the relationships that we form to become adjusted. In this way, we achieve a state of balance, and the roles become equal.

The inconjunction between these archetypes will also create a crisis when the individual either becomes too dependent on others, or when others become too dependent on the individual. When excessive dependence occurs in this way, crisis occurs within the relationship in order for an adjustment to happen. The effect is to enforce actualization of the 2nd House and Taurus archetype of self-reliance. The inconjunction that links the 2nd House and Taurus to the 7th House and Libra has another primary function – to define a person’s individual identity. This occurs as a person compares or evaluates him or herself through interrelating with other people. In essence, it is through social interaction that people become aware of who they are as individuals. Through comparison and evaluation, people become aware of that which is unique and individual about themselves. In the same way, they also become aware of that which is unique and individual about other people. In this way, they become aware of their roles within the relationships that they form, and the function of the relationship.

The function of the relationship describes the reason for the relationship – the purpose of the relationship. The function, reason, and purpose of the relationship restates the expectations that we have for it, the roles that are created for those expectations to be met, and the relative dependence that is generated in order for the needs and expectations to be met.

In the individual chart, the sign on the 7th House cusp, the location of its planetary ruler by house and sign, along with the aspects that planet makes to other planets, will condition how the individual actualizes the 7th House archetype. In addition, the location of the sign of Libra in the chart, the house and sign locality of its ruler Venus, and Venus’ aspects to other planets will condition the inherent archetypes of those houses relative to the archetypes of Libra and Venus.

In composite charts, the nature of the signs and houses that these archetypes are conditioned by, along with the sign and house locality of Venus and the aspects that it is making to other planets, will describe how the couple understands and actualizes the reason, function, and purpose for their relationship. The archetypes symbolized by the composite chart will reflect how each of the individual’s needs (symbolized in their natal horoscopes) combine in a relationship. By combining the individual needs in a relationship, the needs of the relationship itself are symbolized by the sign on the composite 7th House cusp, the location of its planetary ruler, and the aspects that it is making to other planets.

These symbols will correlate with the relationship’s capacity to fulfill each individual’s needs. In addition, these archetypes will show how the couple defines their roles within the relationship in order for their mutually projected needs to be met, along with the relative balance or imbalance in these roles. The inherent inconjunction between the 7th House sign and the 2nd House sign, and the locality of the planetary rulers for those signs by their own house and sign placement, will correlate with what types of crises could occur, and what the causes may be. This inconjunction also correlates to the creation of a crisis within the relationship when the relationship cannot meet the individual needs of one or both partners.

The 12th House, Pisces, and Neptune

The last component of the inherent archetype being discussed is the 12th House, Pisces, and Neptune. The core archetype here is one of transcendence. Transcendence of what? No less than the confines of time and space or place. This archetype reflects the desire in all human beings to search for or embrace an ultimate purpose or meaning for life itself. Anatomically, this desire or impulse emanates from the pineal gland within the brain. Astrologically, this gland correlates with Neptune. This gland secretes a hormone called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for many things including sleep, dreams, imagination, creativity, revelations from on high, insanity, and, from an evolutionary point of view, the spiritualization of consciousness.

Psychologically, this archetype reflects the intention or motivation inherent within consciousness to search for the higher or ultimate meaning for the totality of what we call life. This is especially true when the human being experiences cataclysmic evolutionary or karmic events.

Because this archetype correlates with transcendence or the search for ultimate meaning or purpose, the linkage to the 7th House or Libra via the inconjunction correlates to the person’s conscious or unconscious ideals that are projected into its relationship needs. This projection becomes the basis of idealistic expectations that we have in the relationships that we form – the desire for the “perfect” relationship. In addition, unless or until an individual truly acts upon the transcendent impulse for him or herself, this archetype explains why so many people unconsciously or consciously make their partners de-facto gods and goddesses. In essence, they project the ultimate meaning that the 12th House, Pisces, or Neptune correlates to upon the partner. When projected through the 7th House, Libra, or the projected nature of Venus (not the inner nature of Venus) in these ways, a crisis will result at some point. The nature of such a crisis is one of disillusionment. One realizes that the partner is not perfect, the partner is not a god or goddess, the projected ideals manifesting as unrealistic expectations not being realized, the partner is not who they seemed to be at the beginning of the relationship, and so on.

The crisis of disillusionment is necessary in order for the human being to readjust the focus within its consciousness. Instead of projecting the 12th House, Pisces, or Neptune’s search for transcendence or ultimate meaning upon the partner, each of us, at some point, will focus and act upon this desire and need from within ourselves. The inherent sextile from the 12th House and Pisces to the 2nd House and Taurus correlates with the intention, evolutionarily speaking, within the Soul to relate to itself in a transcendent way, and to establish a relationship with the Ultimate Source Of All Things from within itself.

Thus, that which is valued, and the meaning we give to that which is valued through the 2nd House or Taurus, changes. It changes from the temporal (time and space equaling the immediacy of what we need in order to survive) to that which is transcendent or ultimate. When this occurs, each of us will relate differently not only to ourselves, but also to other people.

Instead of trying to make our partners into gods and goddesses, we will realize that each human being has innate divinity within him or herself because all of us have been created by the Ultimate Source Of All Things. Instead of projecting our ultimate ideals upon a partner, we will actualize those ideals for ourselves. Instead of seeking our ultimate sense of meaning in our partners, we will discover this meaning from within ourselves by embracing a spiritual teaching or path. When the crisis of disillusionment manifests one too many times, the necessary adjustment that will lead to this shift of focus within our consciousness will create a vibrational shift in our emotional, mental and physical bodies.

The effect of this, in essence, will be that instead of projecting the search and desire for ultimate meaning outwards, the projection is now inward – toward self-reliance. The inner nature of Venus now actualizes its higher octave, Neptune, to create a vibrational shift from within the human being that will allow it to attract (Venus) other people who have achieved this shift for themselves. The shift is also reflected in the natural linkage between the 2nd and 12th Houses because of the natural planetary rulers of each being Venus and Neptune.

It must also be remembered that the 12th House, Pisces, and Neptune all correlate with the potential for sadomasochistic psychological behavior in relationships. The root of this, again, is reflected in the Garden of Eden myth, or any religious teaching that pretends that man is superior to woman, or that woman is the cause of man’s spiritual downfall through the “temptation” of the flesh. In an individual’s chart, the sign on the 12th House, the location of its planetary ruler by house and sign, and the aspects it makes to other planets will correlate with the ultimate ideals that he or she projects onto other people through the 7th House. The types of experiences that will lead to a necessary disillusionment in order to readjust the individual’s focus will also be described in these symbols. Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune will condition the inherent archetypes of the houses and signs that they occupy. In composite charts, these same symbols will correlate with what ideals the relationship has for itself, what constitutes the sense of ultimate meaning for the relationship, how this is actualized, and what kinds of unconscious projections may occur in order to readjust the focus of the relationship.

To be continued ................
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« Reply #1 on: Jul 01, 2019, 04:58 AM »

A Note on Venus Retrograde

From a terrestrial view, the planet Venus goes into apparent retrograde motion every 542 days or so. Thus, it is retrograde the least amount of time of any planet in our solar system. Venus retrograde in a natal chart has very specific archetypal correlations that condition how we inwardly and outwardly relate to ourselves and other people.

Consistent with the archetype of retrogradation in general, Venus retrograde correlates with a necessary rebellion or individuation of its function relative to our orientation to relationships. Thus, the Venus retrograde person will inherently rebel against the cultural conditioning of how we are expected to ourselves in general, the meaning of life specifically, and how we are expected to be in our relationships: gender-specific roles, how children are meant to be raised, the purpose of relationship, and so on.

When Venus is retrograde at birth the individual consequently internalizes the Venus function. This means that such an individual is orientated to establishing an inner relationship with themselves as a primary focus in life. Consequently, there is a perpetual inner questioning of who they are, and what they need in order to actualize a life consistent with their individuality. By internalizing the Venus function, the individual is essentially defined through the Taurus side of Venus, versus the Libra side of Venus. There is a primary focus on selfsustainment, self-reliance, self-empowerment, and a desire and need to actualize individual values that correlate to the individual’s sense of the meaning and purpose of his or her life. As a result, such people inwardly hear and respond to a very “different drummer.” They create a very different inner vibration or magnetism that serves to attract others who are similarly vibrating or resonating, individuals who rebel against the “normal” way of living life according to the consensus of society in general, and the “normal” forms of relationship specifically.

Because of this deep internalization of the Venus function, the Venus retrograde person relates to others in a very different way. He or she is a deeply self-introspective individual that psychologists would classify as an introverted type. Being introverted, the Venus in retrograde person thus creates an aura or atmosphere around them in which there is a “buffer” that does not allow others to penetrate into their inner reality. As a result, the Venus retrograde person appears to be enigmatic or difficult to understand. This buffer creates a condition in which other people typically project onto the Venus retrograde person the realities that they represent, versus understanding their actual reality. Because this happens so often, it has the continuing The Nature and Function of Venus effect of keeping the define Venus retrograde person deeply withdrawn from the environment. This reaction to others’ projections is a form of the survival instinct as embodied in the Taurus side of Venus.

In my work as a counseling astrologer, I have counseled over 15,000 clients to date, and I have observed that many Venus retrograde people naturally attract partners who have a strong Uranian emphasis in their natures, even if they do not have Venus retrograde themselves. Even in the consensus evolutionary state, which again correlates with generally seventy percent of the world population, the Venus retrograde person has either managed to uniquely define their relationship in some way so as to reflect the principle of individuation, or they have created a relationship dynamic in which they have deeply and silently withdrawn while “going through the motions” of the relationship itself.

This deep inner withdrawal, when it occurs, serves the individuating function of Venus retrograde, for it creates a psychological condition of deep inner reflection, examination, and questioning that can and will be applied as some future point in such an individual’s evolution. Furthermore, around twenty percent or so of the Venus retrograde individuals that I have counseled have had no relationships of an intimate nature whatsoever.

As a preexisting pattern, the Venus retrograde person has already learned, or is focused on learning, the polarity point or sign of the natal Venus in the birth chart. This is important to understand because the archetypal themes of Venus in the different signs or houses will be oriented to quite differently when Venus is retrograde. It is also important to understand that Venus retrograde individuals desire to continually grow or evolve within themselves. They are never comfortable with reaching a degree of comfort in their lives, and stopping their growth because of that comfort. As a result, when they are in a relationship, they desire a partner who also demands and needs to evolve and grow from within themselves. In addition, because the Venus retrograde person internalizes the Venus function (the Taurus side of Venus), they also desire a partner who is self-empowered, selfsustaining, and self-reliant.

These qualities will be quite necessary in the partner if there is to be a successful relationship, since the Venus retrograde person typically is quite silent and withdrawn in relationships, and relates to their partner, or others generally, only as necessary. Thus, they need a partner who is self-secure, so that when these periods of silence occur the partner does not project onto them something that has nothing to do with them.

Karmically and evolutionarily speaking, the Venus retrograde person reflects a situation in which they are necessarily repeating or reliving past life relationship dynamics in the current life. The specific nature of those dynamics are reflected in the following indicators:

.. The house and sign that retrograde Venus is in.
.. The nature of the aspects that Venus is making to other planets.
.. The nature of the planets that Venus is forming aspects to.
.. The nature of the houses that these aspected planets are in.
.. The nature of the houses that the signs Libra and Taurus occupy.

Venus retrograde also means that these people are karmically and evolutionarily determined to re-meet key people that they have known in other lifetimes in which something has not been finished or resolved. The intention is for final resolution of these circumstances in order for a new evolutionary cycle to begin. If you are a counseling astrologer, this point is necessary to understand because many people who have Venus retrograde can be quite frustrated because they seem to be in an ever-repeating loop of relationship dynamics with no way out. By helping such people understand the larger picture of why this is occurring, and that there will be a release from this requirement at some point, they can begin to come to terms with these karmic and evolutionary conditions in their lives.

 At this point, I would like to provide a description of the general archetypal themes of Venus in its natal sign, which will correlate to the preexisting pattern of inner/outer relatedness. I will also address its polarity sign, which will allow these pre-existing patterns to evolve into a new way of inwardly relating to oneself. This, in turn, will change the types of people we attract into our lives. Please understand that these are general descriptions of Venus in specific signs that are not conditioned by any other factor such as aspects, the house that Venus is in natally, one of the four natural evolutionary conditions, or the specific evolutionary/karmic axis in the birth chart as symbolized the Pluto, its polarity point, or the South and North Nodes with their respective planetary rulers. These are all factors which must be considered for any complete and accurate analysis.

So we continue on. We will discuss what the Nodal Axis of Venus correlates too, and then we will be using an example Soul as an example to understand the real life application of all the dynamics and archetypes that have been presented until now.

The South Node of Venus, by house, sign, and aspects to it correlate to all the dynamics and archetypes that have been presented thus far as they apply to the past of the Soul that have been brought forwards into the current life. All of those dynamics and archetypes are that which the Soul has already created. Thus, they are what the Soul already knows relative to those dynamics and archetypes. As such all of them apply to the current life that the Soul has created in it's ongoing evolutionary Journey. That apply to the current life Venus.

The current life Venus by house, sign, and aspects correlate to the ongoing evolution of the Soul coming into the current life: a evolution from the past. The current life Venus thus is defined by it's South Node as well as all the archetypes and dynamics that correlate with the sign and house that it is in, and all the aspects that it forms to other planets and the Nodes of those planets.

The N.North Node of Venus correlates to the ongoing evolutionary journey of the Soul relative to all the archetypes and dynamics that the sign and house of the N.Node of Venus is in, plus the aspects that it is forming to other planets and their Nodes. The natal Venus is affected by this North Node as an inner sense of being 'pulled' forwards in combination with the archetypes of the natal Venus itself.

This is of course how evolution occurs. What we call the moment, or the current life, is a function of the past interfacing with the future in ANY MOMENT IN TIME. That moment in time is the current life Venus that is being conditioned and defined by not only it's own house, sign, and aspects, but it's North and South Nodes.

So we will now use an example of a real life person to begin to understand all of this: all of what has been presented before.

This will be the life of Amelia Earhart.

Attached is her natal chart in which you can see the natal Venus, and it's Nodal Axis. Read carefully this short biography, and then click on the link to an extended biography. If you really want to learn this stuff this is how it's done: correlation and observation.

So read these things and make your own observation and correlations relative to all the dynamics and archetypes that we have been presented. Within this focus on what her inner relationship to herself was, and, most importantly, WHY.

As you begin to learn how to do this kind of EA you will also be able to apply it to yourself, and any other that you wish too.

Here is that short biography:

American aviator pioneer and author, an historic adventurer in her 16-year-career. Called "Lady Lindy", she received the distinguished Flying Cross and her jaunty, daredevil courageous ways captured the public's imagination. She was the first woman to obtain an aviator's license, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, from Newfoundland to Ireland in 1932 and the first woman to fly across the U.S. and back by Autogiro. She set many speed and distance records including reaching 14,000 ft. altitude before her around-the-world flight in 1937 when she mysteriously disappeared over the Pacific, with no trace of her plane ever being found after she lost radio contact.

Earhart was a nurse, author, social worker and fashion designer. She spent her first 13 years living with strict maternal grandparents. The family included an alcoholic father, a repressed mother and a younger sister. Earhart was a natural leader in childhood games and activities, and she was known to keep her own counsel. She finished high school in Chicago where her dad finally abandoned his family. Her parents divorced in 1924. With the help of her mom's family, she entered a Philadelphia finishing school, but soon dropped out to begin a ten-year search for a path of her own. She had volunteered to be a war nurse in Toronto, and in preparation, spent a year as a pre-med student at Columbia. From the time she made her first flight with a barnstormer in 1920, she was captivated. She dropped out of Columbia to work in California where she could take lessons and pawned everything she owned to buy an airplane.

In California she joined her reunited parents until she moved to Massachusetts at 29, where she began work at Denison House, a settlement house providing support for poor families: There, she taught children and organized community activities.

Next to flying, she had a great passion for books, and was an avid reader, feminist and wrote poetry. She organized a women's pilot association, taught at Purdue, championed social work, air safety and equality for women, and was in demand as a speaker. She wrote several books and many articles. She is the author of two books, "The Fun of it," published in 1932 and "Last Flight," based on some of her flight dispatches and passages, published in 1937 after her disappearance.

In 1931, Earhart married George Palmer Putnam, her publisher, a promoter, writer and former newspaperman, who guided the publicity surrounding her.

On 7/02/1937, she set out with co-pilot Fred Noonan on an around-the-world flight attempting to circumnavigate the globe along the Equator in a state-of-the-art Lockheed Electra. She and Noonan were on their way from New Guinea to a scheduled stopover on a tiny Pacific atoll of Howland Island. The last radio contact was at 8:55 A.M. local time on 7/02/1937. Theories have abounded since then regarding her disappearance, including one that she was a spy whose plane was shot down. Nothing as yet has been firmly substantiated.

An article in The London Sunday Times 7/15/2001 reported that a satellite photo of tiny Nokumaroro Island in the Pacific shows rusting metal in a coral reef offshore where fishermen are said to have found the wreckage of an airplane.

Here is the link to the extended biography: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amelia_Earhart

So try to make your own observations and correlations relative to the natal Venus and it's Nodal Axis in her chart. Feel free to ask any questions of me you may have. We will be working with her chart in order to develop every more deeply and understanding of EA as it applies to these archetypes as we move along.

Amelia was in the 3rd Stage of Individuated evolution.

Ok, so we will begin our journey together in understanding Venus and it's Nodal Axis as it applies to the life/ birthchart of Amelia Earhart.

We will do this slowly, one step at a time, so that if you have any questions along the way you can ask them as they occur. This will hopefully keep us all clear as we move along.

So, first, we will discuss the fact that her S.Node of Venus is in Virgo in the 5th House, and it is conjunct her natal Mars and Jupiter. With those planets on her S.Node these correlate to dynamics within her Soul that have been actualized prior to the current life. As such they correlate to pre-existing dynamics within her inner relationship to herself that will continue to define and condition her consciousness coming into the current life. With the S.Node of Venus being in Virgo in the natural Leo house, conjunct these two planets, her inner relationship to herself will also involve how she relates to others as result, how she listens to others, how others listen to her, how they correlate to her natural survival abilities and the inherent resources her Soul has to affect it's own survival, how those survival capacities correlate to the inherent resources she has to affect her own survival, how this then contributes to what she values, and how those values correlate to a deep inner sense of the real meaning for her life. In turn all of these will then correlate to what she naturally wants to give to others, and how that giving manifests. Within this how how want to give to her, and what he way of receiving what others wants to give manifests.  

The first point to remember in EA is that the house that any given symbol is in is the baseline upon which all all else is referred too. Thus, with her S.Node of Venus being in the natural Leo house, the 5th House, her Soul's inner relationship to itself manifests as an intense, it's a natural fixed house, desire to creatively actualize itself to it's fullest capacity. As such her Soul will inwardly relate to itself like an artist approaches a canvas with the brush in hand, ready to begin that new painting.

And that painting requires a total freedom that is rooted in a kind of necessary narcissism, 5th House, so that the freedom created through that narcissism allows the brush strokes of it's ongoing life, it's painting, to take place. Thus, the Soul's inner relationship to itself is one of self empowerment. The Soul will inwardly feel, inwardly relate, to a deep inner sense that is has something special to do, something special to accomplish.

Combining this with the archetype of Virgo, naturally ruled by Mercury, this will then manifest as ideas and thoughts as to what is special for her to do: of how and what resources she has had in past lives coming into the current life that allow this inner sense of a special destiny to take shape in brush strokes of her life.

We will pick this up again in two days time. So if you have any questions about the above ask them now before we move along. And, of course, you can examine your own life, your own birth chart, by focusing on your own S.Node of Venus is the ways that we are examining through the life of Earhart.

So with her natal Mars and Jupiter conjunct her S.Node of Venus in Virgo in the 5th House this will also correlate to the archetypal dynamics within her Soul's consciousness of how it has related to itself by way of how those archetypes have contributed to her Souls sense of meaning, of what it valued, of what it needed in order to actualize it's inner sense of having a special destiny to fully actualize: what the prior life brush strokes have been upon the canvas of her recent lifetimes.

With Mars and Jupiter in Virgo in the natural Leo house this had manifested as an almost absolute need for freedom and independence in order to act upon the desires that would lead to the full actualization of herself. Thus, she would naturally need and value freedom and independence in her relationships with others. She would not accept any confining conditions defined by others needs. Her Soul has the deep inner need and spirit of adventure, of acting upon any instinct and desire that would allow her to discover something about herself. Combined with Jupiter this correlates with and intense restlessness that would need almost constant motion in acting upon all the desires she would manifest by way of fulfilling those desires.

In combination these have correlated with an intense desire and need for knowledge and information about the nature of what life is, and is not. Her Soul valued and needed knowledge of just about anything in a generalized sense. Thus, the reading of books, seeking out one type of adventure after another, of exploring different lands and cultures, and the philosophical considerations of the very meaning of life itself. This would manifest in the way she would naturally want to talk with others, of what the very nature of what she would naturally want to talk about. Thus, the nature of her conversations. With Jupiter on her S.Node of Venus this correlated to a deep, intuitive, thinker whose primary orientation within herself was upon the right brain: the intuitive. This intuitive capacity would thus be applied to the deductive right brain in which problem solving in whatever venue of life she was focused upon at whatever time would take place.

Her Soul would have desired to be of service to others, to help others in a variety of ways. In essence, by actualizing herself in the fullest possible ways she knew, and desired, that in so doing this would help others in a variety of ways because of the very nature of the lives she desired to live. She had a very deep and intuitive ability to listen to others in what they needed, and to help others problem solve whatever it is that they needed in their own lives. Her pioneering inner focus thus manifesting at helping others solve problems and issues in their own lives in different, unique, and new ways. She naturally could help others THINK IN NEW WAYS.

Those new ways would then of course, given her evolutionary condition of being in the 3rd level of the individuated evolutionary state, would also attract to her criticisms from others who were bound up in the consensus ways of doing anything. Yet because of her degree of evolution she would intuitively know, philosophically understand, why that sort of thing was happening. As a result, she would simply carry on anyway.

Above all else in these symbols she would value honesty, and a natural kind of humility because her Soul knew that, inwardly felt, that she was but one brush stroke from the Master Painter Of All Things. She had her own, private, inner relationship to that Master Painter in which she intuitively knew her Soul was being used by that Painter as a vehicle to help and inspire others to break free the conditions of their own lives in some way.

Below is her birth chart: click on the 'jpg' to enlarge it in your computer

To be continued .......

* earhardt.JPG (151.69 KB, 1199x994 - viewed 191 times.)
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Hi Rad!!

Interesting topic.

What happens when South node and North node of venus are in the same sign and house? Natal venus is in another house and sign like having a break from the nodes, or exploring something needed or valued outside the house and sign of the nodes, in order to come back in a future to the same role with another perspective. It's right?
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Hi Sunya,

That means the Soul is bringing the past into the current life and is intending to continue to evolve those past Venus dynamics/ archetypes in the current life because they were not developed or evolved in such a way that the Soul could continue evolve: it's like being in a loop where the past and the future are the same thing relative to those archetypes and dynamics. The natal Venus is how that loop is being integrated into the current life relative to the Pluto paradigm in general. In combination the underlying Pluto/EA paradigm with the current life Venus correlate to how the Soul can move forwards/ evolve relative to the N and S Nodes of Venus being in the same house and sign.

God Bless, Rad
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Some time ago now we used to do chart of famous people using the EA paradigm. One of those charts was Amelia Earhart. Those charts are exhaustive understandings of their Soul dynamics starting with the underlying EA paradigm for all charts that allows for a core understanding of the evolutionary journey of a Soul.

 For those who are serious in understanding Earhart's core evolutionary journey, which is the basis of WHY her Venus and it's Nodes are in the houses, sign, and making the aspects that they do, I would highly recommend you read through the chart analysis of her in that thread. Please click here to do so: http://schoolofevolutionaryastrology.com/forum/index.php?topic=544.285 .

 When you click this link you will first see the chart and bio of Earhart. Keep scrolling down and you will see the different folks who made the effort to do a correct EA analysis of her evolutionary journey.


So we will now continue on. Her S.Node of Venus which is conjunct her natal Mars and Jupiter in the 5th House are all squared by Pluto, Moon, Venus, Neptune, Ceres, and the N.Nodes of Mars and Uranus in the 2nd House. All of these correlate to her inner relationship to herself that has manifested, prior to the current life as Amelia, as her Soul's desire and need to be as absolutely self sufficient, and self sustaining, as it would be possible to be. To become as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible her Soul developed an inner relationship with itself in which it desired to discover and actualize every possible inner resource within itself to do so. Those resources started with her intense intellectual and mental capacities to learn about whatever it is that she wanted to learn about in such a way as to make what she was learning her own. By making it her own thus manifested as all kinds of learned abilities and capacities that occurred over many, many lifetimes. Coming into the life as Earhart all those learned abilities and capacities would, because of the dominance of all the Gemini planets in the 2nd House that are squaring her S.Node of Venus conjunct her Mars and Jupiter, with 'inherent resources' that her Soul was born with to affect her own self reliance, self sustainment, and self empowerment.

Those inherent resources would of course be valued by her, and constitute the core of her sense of meaning for living. This sense of meaning for living life itself would also be inwardly defined, actualized, with her Soul, it's inner relationship to itself, through the dynamics of wanting, desiring, to give to others, to empower others, to help others in various ways. In this way she had, in prior lives coming into the current life, learned to relate to others. She could naturally listen to and hear the underlying realities of others, and what they needed because of. Her Soul's inner relationship to itself was defined by an intense need to be of service and help to others in the ways that those others actually needed.

At the same time her Soul needed, again, total freedom to act upon her own desires that correlated with the inner ongoing sense of self discovery: self actualization. Thus, juggling the inner balls of wanting to help and serve others in various ways while as the same time creating conditions in which she would or could feel entrapped in those ways: this is the squares from all the Gemini planets to her S.Node of Venus conjunct her Mars and Jupiter. Thus cyclically creating crisis's in action, and crisis's in consciousness: the first and last quarter squares.

Thus, she would cyclically want to change those conditions by thinking of new/ other ways to help people, and acting upon her own inner need for adventures of various kinds. Prior the to the current life her Soul had already become a 'dare devil' relative to such adventures in which she would always push against the limits of whatever the activity defined by the nature of the adventure was. She had already created early life endings prior to the life of being Earhart because of this: traumatic endings. The symbols for this are the N.Node of Mars and the N.Node of Uranus being conjunct not only her Moon/Pluto/Ceres/Venus/Neptune but those also being square her S.Node of Venus conjunct the Mars and Jupiter. Thus, with these N.Nodes of Mars/Uranus being conjunct and to her natal Gemini planets,  and square the S.Node of Venus conjuncting the Mars/ Jupiter, this is one of the ongoing evolutionary lessons or teachings that her Soul's inner relationship to itself has brought forwards into the life as Earhart. Within the core karmic / evolutionary lesson/ intention is to come to an inner realization as to WHY she has needed to push the limits in these ways, remembering the the archetype of limitations is Scorpio, Pluto, and the 8th House.

We will continue on. One of the archetypes that the 2nd House, Taurus, and the inner side of Venus correlates too relative to survival issues is the instinct in all forms of life is sexuality: the instinct to procreate. In humans this manifests as not only the instinct to procreate the species but also the inner orientation to the sexual instinct within themselves: how each relates to themselves, their inner relationship, to their own unique sexual nature.

That inner orientation thus correlates with their sexual needs and desires, and what meaning sexuality has for each. The meaning that each human gives to their sexual nature and needs in turn correlates to their sexual values. In combination this then becomes the determinants of sexual selection/ attraction of other humans who will reflect and share the same inner orientation that each human has. This inner orientation that each human has that then determines this natural selection process also correlates to the nature of the pheromones that each human emits. The nature, scent, of such pheromones thus becomes the basis of attraction or repulsion to other humans. The pheromones in combination with the Soul structure of each Soul thus constitutes the elector-magnetism that each human manifests that in total correlates with this natural sexual selection process between humans.

So looking into Amelia's chart we can see the dominant 2nd House that she has with all those planets in Gemini including Venus conjunct Neptune. Both of these are inconjunct her Saturn/ Uranus in Scorpio in the 7th House, Venus ruled naturally, and of course their planetary ruler is Pluto which comes right back to her natal Pluto in the 2nd house.  The North Nodes of Mars and Uranus are conjunct all these planets as well. Mercury is the natural planetary ruler for these Gemini planets, and it is also the ruler of her S.Node of Venus in Virgo in the 5th house. Her natal Mercury is in Leo in her 4th House, conjunct her Sun and the Lunar South Node.

With Mercury being in her 4th House conjunct the Lunar South Node this means that her Soul has, given her evolutionary condition, 3rd stage individuated, has desired to actualize and integrate in inner male and female archetypes into an androgynous whole. This is reinforced by the fact that her Soul structure is in Gemini: duality. With her Pluto also conjunct her Moon, the egocentric structure the Soul creates for itself in each life, also in Gemini this desire to actualize and balance her inner male and female into an androgynous whole could not be more clear since they also square her S.Node of Venus in the 5th, creative self actualization but also her natal Mars and Jupiter: the truth of who her Soul is in general that includes her sexual nature.

Remembering that the 2nd House, Taurus, and the inner side of Venus correlate to the archetype of self reliance, self sustainment, and learning how to take care of our own needs this manifests sexually as the need for masturbation in the human life form. So for Amelia we can see, relative to her inner relationship to herself, that at it's core is the need for masturbation as a vehicle to know herself, relate to herself, love herself, and to release the intense cyclic build up of her emotional and intellectual nature. It was a vehicle for her to access, experience, and actualize her inner male and female into an androgynous whole.

With all those planets in Gemini she would also be watching or observing herself during the act of masturbation as this then correlates to learning, knowledge, about herself: the act of observing or watching herself while masturbating. She would of course have thought a lot, been curious about, sexual dynamics in general. Given her desire of all kinds of knowledge in order to expand her consciousness in general, this would also have included thinking about or learning about all kinds of ways of how sexuality has been expressed by humans in other countries, other races, around the world.

Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio in her 7th to her Neptune/ Venus conjunction, the ruler of her Pluto, she would have naturally rebelled, valued, against the traditional / patriarchal norms and expectations of whatever society her Soul was born into for a very long time in her evolutionary history: whether her Soul was born male or female. As Amelia she would thus value sexual independence manifesting as a rejection of the traditional ways of how women and  men were expected to be confined within the roles as defined by the patriarchal consensus of the country of birth: America.

This is why she became a champion of, in her own way, women's rights and trying to encourage women to actualize themselves: their sense of self worth, purpose, and to be treated equally by the dominant male society. She valued this for it constituted for a core sense of meaning for her entire life.

We will pick this up in a few days time. If you have any questions please ask now.

So we will continue on. Given her evolutionary condition with her Venus/Neptune conjunction to that Saturn/Uranus in Scorpio in her 7th, ruled naturally by her 2nd house Pluto conjunct the Moon in Gemini, and remembering too those are conjunct her N.Nodes of Mars and Uranus, the natural rebellion she had towards the traditional, patriarchal, ways for men and women to be in relationships would also have manifested sexually as her wanting to be on top of the man during intercourse. Being on top was to be in control. This is restated with her Lunar North Node being in the 10th house, in Aquarius, ruled by that Uranus in Scorpio conjunct Saturn.

These symbols in conjunction with her Moon/Pluto also squaring her S.Node of Venus conjunct the natal Mars and Jupiter also correlate to the types of men she would naturally attract. These men sexually would be highly excitable to the point of having their nerves, Gemini, Mercury, Uranus, being so stimulated that it would typically cause them to orgasm very, very quickly. This would not only be a source of frustration for Amelia, but of course, for the men themselves. Because of the high degree of mental energy within Amelia's consciousness, always thinking or considering something, some new direction, plan, and so on, her emotional/ sexual needs would also require a longer, more sustained, sexual exchange with a man in order to go beyond that mental state within her. The sustainment she needed would correlate to sustained intensity wherein that sustained intensity would, for a while, break down all that mental energy. Then she could feel/ experience a temporary state of emotional relaxation: her N.Node of Venus being in Cancer ruled by that Moon/Pluto conjunction which in turn is ruled by that Mercury in Leo in the 4th conjunct her Lunar S.Node, and the Sun.

So to be on top was also to be able to control the motion involved during intercourse wherein she would try to keep the man going before orgasms as long as she could.

Within these symbols we can also understand that the type of men she needed, and would attract, would also be men who had a very strong inner sense of their own femininity. That inner femininity within these types of men also meant they had strong needs to access their own emotions. Thus to be orientated towards the type of women that Amelia was: to be in control, independent, and on top. The inconjunct from that Saturn/Uranus to her natal Venus/Neptune, etc, could cause these men to create a kind of crisis for themselves relative to having quick orgasms. Amelia would thus try to calm or sooth them during the act of intercourse with her words.

I am attaching the birth chart of George Putnam, whom became her husband, so that you can see exactly how she naturally attracted him, and him to her, because of their natures equaling needs. Examine closely the South Nodes of Venus and Mars in both their charts, and the links to one another through synastry. And, yes, Putnam's Moon was in Taurus: the need to be with a self empowered, self reliant, partner because of his own evolutionary needs. He said to her something like "you are the star, and I am but the stardust in your wake'.

Yet, in the end, this would always lead back to the fact that her first, and primary, lover was herself. And even though she would have an intense sexual curiosity with all those planets she would also have been very basic about her sexual expression/ needs: meat and potatoes, so to speak. She of course in these symbols needed cleanliness, and physical fitness within her male partners.

Because of her evolutionary state, and her ongoing evolutionary journey, we can also see in these symbols  that her Soul would have been naturally bi-sexual. This of course manifested in all the various ways that she naturally championed women's self empowerment, and independence. Thus, she naturally valued strong and independent women in general. She could naturally relate to the oppressed women by trying to help them discover and actualize their own natural ways of trying to break free from the shackles that bound them.

Her inner relationship to herself was also about the knowing of the fact that she had become famous, and icon, within the patriarchal world: her S.Node of Venus conjunct Mars, Jupiter in the 5th House and squaring her natal Pluto, Moon, Venus/conjunct Neptune in the 2nd House, and the ruler of the S.Node of Venus being in Leo conjunct the Sun and Lunar South Node. In a few days time we will pick this up. If you have any questions please ask them of me now.

So let's pick up where we left off. It should be clear at this point that Amelia’s orientation to relationships in general was one of equality between men and women. This is demonstrated by her natural evolutionary condition, 3rd stage individuated, as well as this being symbolized by her S.Node of Venus being in Virgo in the 5th conjunct her Jupiter and Mars, and these then squaring her Moon, Pluto, N.Node of Mars and Uranus, her natal Venus conjunct Neptune all in the 2nd house, and that Venus/Neptune inconjunct her Saturn/Uranus conjunction in /Scorpio in the 7th. Uranus is the natural ruler as well of her North Lunar Node being in Aquarius in the 10th.

As she told her husband George both would be the breadwinners in their marriage, and that she would not hold him to any patriarchal rule or law of being faithful to her, or her to him. That they were equals in their partnership. She also rebelled at her legal name being changed to his last name: she maintained her maiden name through her whole life. At that point in time this was a ‘radical’ thing to do.

With all those symbols in mind we can see that her Soul was essentially inwardly defined by Natural Laws. Thus, men and women were inherently equal. This was her truth. Thus, she used the fact of her progressive fame, becoming a cultural icon, to try to balance the imbalance between men and women created by patriarchal cultures, and their religions. She did this by championing many, many causes for women.

She inwardly understood in an emotional yet objective, detached, way that by being an icon that she was to use that fact of her life as a vehicle to help others in their lives, and to also promote a variety of causes that could help move society itself forwards. At the same time with these symbols in mind she was also naturally humble, and shy. This natural shyness and humbleness simply added to her image as perceived by many in that it created credibility for that which she felt drawn to do.

With her N.Node of Venus being in Cancer in her 2nd and ruled by her Moon/Pluto/N.Nodes of Mars and Uranus we can also see the symbols of a women being the first do to many things, things that men ‘normally’ would do in order to help balance the gender scales, to empower women to break free from the patriarchal shackles that bind them, but that, in the end, to how these symbols also correlate the ongoing evolutionary lessons of accepting the consequences for not being fully prepared to survive in the context of the various adventures that her Soul has been drawn to do: an ongoing lesson brought forth from previous lives.

In her desire to fly around the world there were various things and procedures that she did not either fully prepare for and/ or undermined relative to the overarching goal to fly around the world. It is this fact that then lead the breakdown in the ‘communication’ between her and naval ships who were there to assist her in locating Howland Island to land upon. And that then lead to her death.

Yet, because of her death, her ‘legend’, the icon of Amelia Earhart, grew even larger after her death. This is one of the meanings of her N.Nodes of Mars and Uranus being conjunct her Moon/ Pluto in Gemini in her 2nd House: the name of the ego her Soul created in the life of Amelia Earhart becoming larger after the physical life itself. This is also symbolized by her N.Node of Venus being trine her natal Saturn and Uranus in Scorpio in the 7th, with, again, that Uranus being the ruler of her Lunar North Node in Aquarius in her 10th House.

This is a true paradox of Uranus in her Soul’s context: by not being fully prepared to survive by way of short cuts taken for the trip, by not fully understanding how the communication between the various radios worked, and other things along these lines such as navigational issues, she lost her life. Yet, at the same time, loosing her life in this way caused her Soul to become ever more ‘famous’. And in that ‘fame’ the very symbol of her life, the champion of equality between the genders, the empowerment of women, became ever stronger as her name continue to live on and inspire so many relative to what her life was meant to be. In essence her Soul desired to actualize it’s fullest abilities and capacities, even before this life, and, in so doing, desired that the recognition and ‘fame’ that would occur BECAUSE OF THIS, could be used by others to inspire them to fully fulfill and actualize their own fullest abilities and capacities as well. The very essence of her Soul’s inner relationship to itself was in fact defined by these desires.

It is interesting to see the symbols in her chart for being lost at sea. These very simply are her Chiron in Scorpio squaring her Lunar Axis which are conjunct the S and N Nodes of Neptune in Aquarius. She became lost through a lack of correct planning linked with navigation and direction that is symbolized by her N.Node in Aquarius in the 10th conjunct the S.Node of Neptune. This is then reinforced by the natal Uranus being in Scorpio conjunct Saturn, and these then inconjunct her natal Neptune/Venus conjunction in Gemini. As a result this created a crisis wherein the radio transmission, radio transmissions correlating with Gemini,  the 3rd House, Mercury, Aquarius and Uranus, were on the wrong frequency to be heard by the ships below. Within this is this fact: her natal Lucifer in conjunct her natal Mercury which are both conjunct her N.Node of Neptune. The transiting S. Node of Mercury was exactly conjunct her Lunar South Node, and her natal S.Node of Mercury.  Additionally, the transiting S.Node of the Moon was exact to the minute of her natal Pluto, and the transiting Lucifer was conjuncting her S.Node of Mercury by two degrees.

And for those who understand geodetic equivalents Howland Island correlates with 4 degrees of Libra. Amelia’s South Node of Mars natally is at 11 Libra, and the transiting S.Node of Mars when her plane went down was at 8 degrees of Libra. 

If you have any questions please ask.

From Kristin:

There are such profound EA teachings throughout her story and in particular her Soul's intentions and inner relationships to herself, the why to her choices. Thank you Rad for all that you have offered here.

The timing of things never ceases to amaze me.

Transiting Mars, the planet of desire and the lead point in our evolution, is currently RX in Scorpio.
Mars was also RX in Scorpio when Amelia's plane took off for her FINAL around the world flight. Mars was at 23 degrees, which is where Mars will be when it stations direct the end of this month. We are nearly there now with Mars RX at 24 degrees.

The link to Scorpio for Amelia connects to fated events, and ultimately her death, Scorpio, being a means to empower others.

When Amelia started her initial flight around the world in Hawaii March 17, 1937, Mars was at 1 degree of Sagittarius....she lost control at take-off and had to send the plane back for repairs. She then went to Miami to begin her flight around the world when Mars was retrograde in Scorpio at 23 degrees. No one knows why, but she left behind important communication and navigation instruments. Perhaps it was to make room for additional fuel for the long flight.

She went missing when Mars was direct in Scorpio conjunct Saturn inconjunct Venus, the ruler of her chart and her South Node of Mars in Libra. Neptune in Gemini, Neptune in Virgo was square the Nodes, the tr SN was conjunct her Venus, ruler of her SN Mars.

March 17, 1937 - Tr Mars was at 1 Sagittarius- Amelia took off from Oakland on her all around the world attempt. After resting and refueling in Honolulu, the trio prepared to resume the flight. However, while taking off for Howland Island, Earhart ground-looped the plane on the runway, perhaps because of a blown tire, and the Lockheed was seriously damaged. The flight was called off, and the aircraft was shipped back to California for repairs.

Transiting Mars stations RX at 5 degrees of Sagittarius April 14 -  the plane is being repaired.
Mars back into Scorpio May 15

June 1,1937- She and Noonan, her navigator she make a new around-the-world attempt, this time from west to east.  Mars was RX in SCORPIO at 23 degrees (the same degree it will be when it stations RX on June 29,2016 ~ 79 years later)

July 2, 1937- Amelia's plane goes missing - Mars is DIRECT in Scorpio at 19 degrees.

* george putnam.JPG (166.41 KB, 1095x1003 - viewed 158 times.)

* plane lost.JPG (60.52 KB, 628x582 - viewed 175 times.)
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« Reply #5 on: Jul 11, 2019, 04:18 AM »

Hi Rad!

I have been weeks reflecting on that:

That means the Soul is bringing the past into the current life and is intending to continue to evolve those past Venus dynamics/ archetypes in the current life because they were not developed or evolved in such a way that the Soul could continue evolve: it's like being in a loop where the past and the future are the same thing relative to those archetypes and dynamics. The natal Venus is how that loop is being integrated into the current life relative to the Pluto paradigm in general. In combination the underlying Pluto/EA paradigm with the current life Venus correlate to how the Soul can move forwards/ evolve relative to the N and S Nodes of Venus being in the same house and sign.

And I don't grasp it clearly.

If the Soul have been successfully in moving forward and evolve, is going to be necessary in the future reborn with venus in his north node?

For using a concrete example, a soul with venus north and south node In 10th house gemini could be a soul that has repress his emotions {capricorn} and is still doing it {south north nodes loop} maybe abiding in intellect or alter ego {gemini} for this purpose.

With natal venus in 11th cancer, it is rebelling {11th} against this pattern forced to relate to himself emotionally {cancer} in a detached way {11th}

If is successful in to that.... Does it means that:

A) is going to come back to venus in 10th,  but in a new mature, evolved way?

B) is going to be free of the 10th house gemini loop, and not necessarily come back to this arquetipe, manifesting itself in a different way?

With love
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Hi Sunya,

"If the Soul have been successfully in moving forward and evolve, is going to be necessary in the future reborn with venus in his north node?"




"For using a concrete example, a soul with venus north and south node In 10th house gemini could be a soul that has repress his emotions {capricorn} and is still doing it {south north nodes loop} maybe abiding in intellect or alter ego {gemini} for this purpose.

With natal venus in 11th cancer, it is rebelling {11th} against this pattern forced to relate to himself emotionally {cancer} in a detached way {11th}"


By repeating all the Venus archetypes/ dynamics by having the N/S Nodes of Venus in the 10th with a Venus in the 11th, in the current life, the Soul would attract to itself, Venus, circumstances that are filled with all kinds of shocks, traumas, caused by how the Soul is relating to others and itself as defined by those Venus Nodes being in the 10th house. The Soul is creating this in order to 'objectify', the 11th House Venus, itself because of those shocks and traumas created by how it is relating to others in general. The old repeating ways of how the Soul has been relating to itself and others evolves because and through the 11th House Venus relative to the underlying EA paradigm. It evolves by way of the self knowledge gained by the need, Venus, to objectify itself because of the shocks and traumas created to itself by how others are relating to the Soul. This then creates necessary self knowledge that is then used to evolve forwards.

Depending on the choices made in the current life will then become the determinant of where the S/N Nodes of Venus manifest in the next life.  

God Bless, Rad
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Big thanks Rad!!

Now is much more clear!!!
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