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Jun 25, 2018, 04:09 AM
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Author Topic: Lucifer chart  (Read 26134 times)
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Hi Ari,

As for neptune - I am still working on that it will probably take some time until I feel its 'good enough':-)  
About the 3 Liliths I've done a presentation on the subject in the last EA conference ...2006 was it I think. It's on DVD. Write an email if you'd like to have it. Well if you don't mind my hungarian accent! :-)

I paste the description below.

The three Liliths:
Our feminine principle and its evolution before, during and beyond the patriarchy

Description of the symbols:

There are three different symbols in the natal chart which are a bit confusing for many because they are all called Lilith. These are: Lilith the asteroid, Dark Moon Lilith, and Black Moon Lilith.

Asteroid Lilith is one asteroid within the many, its number 1181 on Astrodienst website.

Dark Moon Lilith or Waldemath Dark Moon is a debated dark body/shadow revolving around the Earth. As it is debated it has more than one ephemeris, on Solar Fire we will have a 10-12 degrees different ephemeris than on Astrodienst website. Its number on Astrodienst is h58, it is listed within the so called 'hypothetical planet list as Waldemath Dark Moon.  

The third symbol is Black Moon Lilith which is the ever moving focal point between the Moon and the Earth. This symbol is a point in space, an empty point which in essence symbolises the mid point on an invisible 'wire' between the Moon and the Earth.Today it comes up on Astrodienst within the most used asteroids vindow as ‘Lilith’. It is though Black Moon Lilith, its number is h13.

These three symbols in their totality correlate to our inner feminine principle there is a sequence hidden in them; they tell a threefold story of this aspect of our consciousness within our unique, individual soul-history embracing past, present and future. Meaning they unravel the mystery how our inner feminine principle have been affected, how it operated before and then during the patriarchy while the symbolism also points out the way how our feminine principle can be healed and grow beyond the patriarchal distortion.

These symbols can be applied to individual as well as to collective charts; shedding light on the feminine principle and its evolution.

Outline of lecture:

These three symbols will be presented from the point of view how they correlate to our inner feminine principle no regards in which gender are we incarnating.
Lilith the asteroid in any chart is an indicator of our original, individual feminine aspect how it was experienced within equality based matriarchal social setting. It will also correlate to how this aspect of our soul reacted to the transition of the patriarchy when - relative to our own soul history - it begun it became a part of our experiences.

We all have this essential feminine aspect within our soul and of course this principle has been wounded and distorted in all of us via the take over of the patriarchy -whether we know it consciously or not. How we encountered and then responded to this new patriarchal order at the first place will be signified by asteroid Lilith. This symbol sheds light on our individual history in this respect, via sign house and aspects.

From there onward a progressive distortion occurred to our feminine nature in one way or another. This progressive distortion during and because of the patriarchy has a peak; which is the greatest distortion of our feminine aspect caused by the insanity of the unnatural order within which we were all forced to live. The symbol for this peak distortion is symbolized by Dark Moon Lilith/Waldemath Dark Moon.

 Interesting to note the fact that today we have two different ephemeris to this symbol: it’s a kind of a shadow noted by only a few and debated by many. The two different ephemeris literally 'shadow' an area in our chart instead of giving a fix point. Perhaps it is symbolic to the fact that the distortion is more than a point; it's, an area in our consciousness through which the feminine in us has been most deeply affected by this peak distortion symbolism. To me it reflects on the fact that the distortion is manifold impacting a whole area; and from there of course affecting our overall consciousness. The area that is between the two points (that the two different ephemeris gives) is usually between six to fifteen degrees. Thus it sometimes falls in one sign and house but sometimes affecting another house and sign as well.  The fact that it is debated, it is unclear and yet still known and used in different programs with different ephemeris to me appears as a perfectly fitting correlation: a feeling of uncertainty as it kind of goes into an unknown darkness. Unclear boundaries of an uncertain territory; the nature of the shadow.

The third symbol is Black Moon Lilith; the focal point between the Moon and Earth.  This is the balancing/ resolving symbol. It points out the way how to heal and how to recover our wounded, distorted feminine principle.
This threefold symbolism clearly demonstrates what and how it happened relative to our own soul history (our whole chart) and relative to our own inner feminine principle (Lilith). This original feminine is what has been 'cast out' forcing it to sank into an 'unclear darkness' (Dark Moon Lilith) during the patriarchy -collectively as well as individually.  Millenniums when women had to literally stop existing as they once were. This affected each one of us no matter what gender we were manifesting through. Our inner feminine principle was shattered inwardly and outwardly to become a shadow. Just as women had to literally become a shadow; a shadow of men as it was described to them and was the only way for them to exist.

The resolution point, Black Moon Lilith being the focal point between the Moon and the Earth has a deep symbolism; it is the center point, the balance point between the Earth and it's water moving, life giving, balancing celestial body- part: the Moon. According to current scientific researches the formation of the Moon is what triggered a chemical and climatic chain reaction which resulted in life on Earth as we know it today.

Black Moon Lilith is the symbol in our chart via which we can consciously heal, resolve and re-embrace our inner feminine principle. It points the way how this cast out, wounded part of us which has been diminished to be a shadow can be resolved to re-emerge intact again in our consciousness.

Without the healing of the feminine no healthy life is possible neither for women nor men. The imbalance of life caused by the patriarchy must be re-balanced and healed within us all; Black Moon Lilith points out our own unique way which of course is connected to our original feminine principle and the specific wounds and distortions it went through.

This focal point is like an invisible bridge between the Earth and its most immediate "heavenly" partner, the Moon. Healing our inner feminine aspect leads to healing our emotions and our self image. (Moon)

The three Lilith symbols in the chart tell an interesting and complex story within our soul-history, the story of our feminine principle. It embraces past, present and the direction of the future from this particular point of view; the evolution of our feminine principle.

The three Liliths can be applied to individual as well as collective charts: they always shed light what and how happened to the original feminine principle and how this principle can return either within us as individuals or within a collective soul.

(Demonstration via an interrelated past life story of three souls and their chart analysis from the point of view of the three Liliths)  
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