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Jun 23, 2018, 09:27 AM
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Author Topic: Opposition Mars (5th house) - Pluto (11th)  (Read 5189 times)
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« on: Apr 21, 2010, 06:07 PM »

Good afternoon and congratulations about your excellent website,
I would like to ask how would you interpret a Mars - Pluto opposition (on the Taurus - Scorpio axis) while Mars is in 5th house (Aries) and Pluto in 11th (Libra).
What can this aspect signify given the specific position of the planets in the particular houses?
Is it possible to cause problems in social relations, since the 11th house is associated with friends and society?
Further information: Sagittarius Ascendant, Sun in Pisces, midheaven in Virgo.
Thanks a lot for your time. Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: Apr 21, 2010, 08:46 PM »

Hi Tommy,

Welcome to the EA MB.

 I know when I first started posting on this board I was so excited to find out more about my chart and the aspects (and I certainly still am!), because I knew in my gut how truly profound the gift of reading your chart through EA is. The months of reading this board, prior to me actually joining this board to post, I was just astounded at the gift of this astrological paradigm. Finally, I joined in, in such anticipation. I am actually finding that EA is actually life altering when it is let in deeply.

Also, I found initially, that in trying to piece meal isolated aspects, without understanding or grokking the fundamental evolutionary signature of my chart first, was not as useful. I don't guess or assume that this is what your doing bc I see you are starting your query with PLUTO. ---However, I just thought I would say that anyhow, for clarification purposes.

In EA interpretation, the first thing to really delve into is understanding your souls intention for this life, as you may already know by even being on this board in the first place, correct?And of course this STARTS WITH PLUTO (Your SOUL Signature)!

The very first step I took in this was  to get REALLY AQUAINTED with my natal PLUTO(soul)-- by house and sign.
-- And what I mean by this is...  To really grok what it meant for me, in my case, to be a Pluto in the 7th House/Virgo Soul!  -- And what does this Archetype feel like? --how does this play out in this life, here?  --what are it's fundamental characteristics, and where might  I go unconscious? -- what are this archetypes highest and lowest vibrations, etc. etc.?  You know,  just getting really acquainted with the tendencies and characteristics of the Virgo/Libra Soul Archetypes here, in me (really getting into the ARCHETYPE of both  Virgo, AND LIBRA, because my Pluto is in House 7 THE LIBRIAN HOUSE, hence, I also had to get familiar with the archetype of a LIBRA soul ).

For you, if this is your chart we are talking about, I would suggest, if you have not already done so, getting REAL AQUAINTED with the Archetypes of Libra and Aquarius (H11)(your SOUL ARCHETYPE(S) ) and how, as a soul signature, they play out in this life, for good or ill, and all in between, especially through the EA paradigm. (You might do a MB search here, or refer to the articles on this site, or Deva's site http://devagreen.com/deva.htm , or the Pluto Books by Green. And, incidentally, I believe you can read some chapters right on google books through the limited preview option, if you dont have the books in your possession.)

And notice how the tendencies and desires to separate and/or merge with the Source for these/this soul archetype(s) LIBRA/AQUARIUS (or 11th house), play out, as well.

I know for me, so many deep insights and liberating experiences, came just from this alone!

It was only after I did that could I then proceed into it's polarity point and the aspects it was making, and then onto my South and North Node placements and all the other planets placements, and the aspects they were making --(opposing other planets also), etc.

As far as the specifics of your question about how a Mars in the 5th in Aries, and a Pluto in the 11th in Libra in opposition play out -- Well, this ACTUALLY IS THE VERY BASIS of your SOUL in this lifetime! That being a PLUTO IN H11 LIBRA, AND IT'S POLARITY POINT( PPP) IN ARIES H5 RULER MARS. So, How has your life been so far?  This is how it has been playing out, no? My point in saying that is to express what a huge and very intimate question this is for you! It is the essence of your lifetime!

For starters with your question though, any Libra Soul will have codependency issues/karma in relating to others, both socially and one to one that have to be worked out or played out, that often are not going to be comfortable --"problems in social relations" as you put it. It's simply the grist for your soul's mill, so to speak. They are meant to direct you into the polarity point of Libra, which is obviously Aries = SELF DEPENDENT, self initiating, self actualizing, pioneering, assertive, original and innovative, true courage, etc etc. And you do have the support of Aries ruling planet MArs, right there in the 5th house (another fire sign =5th house ..being that LEO is the natural ruler of H5).
And the SOUL SIGNATURE PPP by house , would be pointing from the 11th house to the 5th house. So to know the HOUSE Archetypes of the 11th and the 5th, are key also. With your house PPP, pointing to you to embracing the qualities of H5 &  I would add Self-Love to the the many characteristic,qualities and descriptions of H5, especially in your case with Aries (self)Rulership.

I did want you to keep in mind, however, that I am a bit new to EA myself, so I cannot really comment much further than this, with as much confidence --and I wish I could -- but this much that I share I feel confident in sharing with you. And I am sure the fine teachers of EA on this site will come along soon and perhaps clarify, correct or expound on anything I have shared, to better support your question.

I have no idea what your experience thus far is with EA, and perhaps you too have already worked with the basic EA  premise already that I just presented, but I just thought I would mention it to you, just in case.

In Love and Grace.


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ari moshe
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« Reply #2 on: Apr 22, 2010, 08:46 AM »

Hi Tommy, welcome to this site

I Just want to kindly add that if you haven't already read the thread titled "IF THIS IF YOUR VIRST VISIT, PLEASE READ", you should.

Beyond that, one can't answer questions about a chart without looking at the entire chart and understanding the evolutionary state of the soul.

In the Pluto II book by Jeff Green, there is a whole chapter on the phasal relationship between Mars and Pluto. Your Mars and Pluto are either just ending the gibbous phase or beginning the Full phase. This is all very valuable insight that ea offers. As Dhyana said, search this site and archives, there's been a lot of discussion about the phases.

Ari Moshe

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« Reply #3 on: Apr 22, 2010, 04:07 PM »

Dear Dhyana,

I would like to thank you very much for your post and the time you dedicated in order to mention all this useful information and provide me with helpful advice concerning the interpretation of of my birth chart and how I can get deeper into the meaning of the ancient and compelling art of Evolutionary Astrology.
I am certainly not an expert on the particular subject but I am seriously interested in it and I'm reading a lot in order to broaden my knowledge and achieve to enhance my level of comprehension towards the core of my existence and the universe.

I try to study as much as I can and so far I have read extended excerpts of the books "Pluto: The evolutionary journey of the soul", "The Complete Node Book" and "Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto and Your Karmic Mission". Right now I'm still in the process of studying them and striving to absorb the knowledge provided there in order to reach with the help of Evolutionary Astrology in circumstantial conclusions concerning my karmic past and destiny.

I perfectly understand that asking questions about a particular aspect without taking into serious consideration the rest of the information which is included in the entire chart is as you said inaccurate, but to find specific information focusing in planetary aspects is not easy and unfortunately the particular chapter the book "Pluto and Your Karmic Mission" is not available on google books (this is not a problem of course as I have already order a printed copy of it), and that's the reason why I decided to ask this question here, in this quality forum which is such a great source of information about the subject of EA.
To be honest, the more I read the more concerned I become since my chart contains some very hard aspects, including Sun square Saturn, Saturn placed in the first house very close to the ascendant and Mars opposite Pluto. But I guess that there is a solution for every problem and the more you learn about something, the better understanding you have about it and consequently the more effectively you can confront it.

Thank you.

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« Reply #4 on: Apr 22, 2010, 05:01 PM »

Hi Tommy,

yes, welcome!

I had to chime in and say, please dont get worried all those "hard" aspect.  I mean you can do what you want, but please remember in EA the traditional astrological rules are kinda thrown out.  I have Saturn in the 1st house, what a gift that is, strength, learning to stand on your own two feet, there is nothing negative in that in the least.  In EA Saturn rules the bones of our consciousness, with Saturn in the 1st we are learning and evolving a completely new way of structuring our consciousness (Aries 1st house).  With Saturn near the ASC, that could symbolise a difficult birth, but it also symbolises that right from the start of this incarnation you were starting to take on the responsibility (Saturn) of understanding and -restructuring your consciousness.  In EA there are no bad aspects only qualities of energy.  It can be that a chart full of so called easy aspects can be a chart where the souls has just been lazy...but that too is only a generalization... So dont fret at he challenging aspects, they help propel us to learn and grow while during this life time....

blessings and the best of curiosity during your astrological education....

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