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Apr 08, 2020, 05:04 AM
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Author Topic: Technique to eliminate masochism  (Read 22917 times)
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« Reply #30 on: Feb 01, 2011, 04:51 AM »


The gift of sharing your own intimate direct experience with us is felt in the core of the heart and speaks volumes there.

Thank You Soul Friend,
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« Reply #31 on: Feb 01, 2011, 12:23 PM »

Yes, it is this simple, or can be that simple. Yes, the subconscious dynamics are much more difficult to change that the conscious mind. This is is why the necessity of repetition in order to change those existing dynamics: water does ware down rock.  .

 The relief of simplicity is elusive in the grind of the process sometimes. I so appreciate that you have shared with me this at this point. I was starting to lose the point of why I had started the technique in the first place! Thank you!

hi Heather

I would like to add to what Rad said from my personal story.  I have a Moon/Mars conjunction in 6th and Virgo on MC so I know a few things about it.

I went through Pluto over Asc in the most intense period of my life.  The gist of it was prior to that time I was focused on everything in my life that was wrong, not enough, what was lacking, where I was never good enough, etc etc.  Going through that time I was taught from within to start practicing accepting myself exactly the way that I was, including accepting what I could NOT accept.  I was asked to look at the fact that I had been beating myself up about my failings life long, and that strategy had not resulted in much change.

I was directed to look at my life, to find the parts that were working - even if they were only 10%, and everything else was not acceptable to me- to concentrate on the 10% and grow it, rather than to concentrate on the 90% and try to improve it (Virgo).  Over the course of some years that changed my life around in ways I never dreamt could be possible.

The best part of this from my perspective is while I was learning to accept myself, I also learned I didn't have to LIKE who I saw myself as, or all I had to go through.  I only had to accept it.  Interestingly, as I learned (learning?) to accept myself, a love of who I am at my core just developed by itself, no special effort required on my part.  It just gradually appeared, an appreciation of who I really am at my core.

That is how I gradually changed many of my negative subconcious orientations away from what is wrong, what is lacking, what is not enough.  Its still an ongoing process - those patterns are very deep.  But with enough determination and ongoing effort, even when its not fun, I know from experience that much turning around of deeply ingrained subconscious patterns can be accomplished.  And the results prove very worth all the required effort.

I really really really needed to hear that. Thank you.  Focussing on the 10% that's working and accepting that I can't accept something just opened my mind into a much bigger field.  The "value is in the effort" just made even more sense.  Thank you, I pray I support others with kindness as I have been supported here.



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« Reply #32 on: Feb 01, 2011, 02:07 PM »

Even though I am not undertaking this practice, I have learned so much from this thread.  The information itself is enlightening and can be applied to oneself.  I also needed to hear this information, especially the part about self-acceptance.  Steve's quote:

"I also learned I didn't have to LIKE who I saw myself as, or all I had to go through. I only had to accept it."

This is profound, enables a much deeper understanding of the bigger picture, untying of Soul knots/wounds, and goes even deeper or beyond self-forgiveness.

Thank you Steve, Heather, and everyone here.
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