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Jun 22, 2018, 08:52 AM
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Author Topic: Desire to further understand the compensation aspect of Jupiter  (Read 7188 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 31, 2010, 12:16 PM »

Quote from: Steve
Taking yourself back, owning who you are - that is what balances scales.

That is how these things work, oscillating from one polarity to the other (Libra-like) until over long periods of time equilibrium of inner synthesis of polarities develops - what we tend to call balance.  But balance is dynamic, not static - you can't "reach a state of balance" because the dynamics of balance are ever-shifting.  We have to learn to be flexible enough to ride that wave, wherever its going at any moment in time.

  Thank you Steve, that has spoken to me exactly at the moment in time when I needed to hear it spoken.


Bright Blessings,

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« Reply #16 on: Oct 13, 2010, 09:46 AM »

Today I was out hiking and reflecting on certain lessons that come from the experience of hiking. Lessons come as I observe nature and observe myself in motion; I guess this is my Jupiter functioning. Along this vein, I started to reflect on Jupiter and the idea of compensation. I was recalling this discussion on the board and have gone back and reread what was said and want to add a little bit more.

While walking up any hill, I find that I can keep walking as long as I walk with respect to my own breath. That is, as long as I don’t hold any external standards as to how slow or fast I should be walking and just allow myself to walk at whatever pace respects my present capacity, I can keep walking. If I am tired I walk a little slower, if I feel strong, maybe I walk a little faster. As I move towards my goal of reaching my destination, all I have to do to keep making steady progress is to continuously pay attention and modulate myself to the present moment. I don’t need to stop and rest to “catch my breath” as long as I do this. It seems like this experience can be used to illustrate the compensation function that was being discussed in regards to Jupiter.

Jupiter is there to guide us through life. It is our intuition, and our beliefs. When our beliefs are based on what is really happening, on paying attention to what is natural, to what our bodies are telling us, to our breath, to our energy in the present moment, to our intuition, then they serve us well. We can move through life with a certain ease and consistency, always aware of when to walk a little faster or slower. But when our beliefs don’t reflect who we really are and they are telling us to keep up with someone else who is hiking with us or are pushing us to hike faster because of expectations..., then we get into compensating behaviors. (Of course there are many reasons; this is just a metaphor.) When this happens we over-exert ourselves and have to stop and rest until our breath returns to normal. This is the action of physical compensation. Like Steve pointed out, compensation of all sorts happens when, instead of respecting what is happening, we act from beliefs that are not in alignment with what is and not from observation of what is. So then we have to compensate somehow because we are out of step with who we are; we lose our breath. Instead of respecting the limitations and boundaries of ourselves in each moment, we believe that we are something different and act in a fashion that causes us to lose our breath. Then we need to stop and regain balance at some point.

So Jupiter in its best sense correlates to intuition and the beliefs that arise out of observing what is actual and true for ourselves. It also correlates to beliefs that we have adopted or inherited or subconsciously have accumulated that don’t correspond to the truth of who we are. And it represents the aspect of compensation that occurs when we transgress the natural tempo and force that is guiding us and listen to these limiting or distorted beliefs that tell us to be something other than what we are, consciously or unconsciously. It is the action of over-extending or underestimating ourselves. It results from looking to others or looking outside to define something that only we can define for ourselves - our own truth in this present moment.

Let's all go take a hike. Wink
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« Reply #17 on: Oct 14, 2010, 04:21 PM »

 Thanks for sharing your intuitive perceptions that happened on your hike .... the connetion to natural law is within your observations as well ...

God Bless, Rad

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« Reply #18 on: Oct 15, 2010, 10:33 AM »

Could we talk a little bit about compensatory behavior with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces? They seem to have the effect of "putting one's head in the sand" and acting like everything is okay when it is obviously not. Uranus being the planet of Liberation cannot seem to make a dent through the Piscean fog and just throws it's hands in the air until some major catastrophe comes along. 

I for one am ready for these two to move into aries even though it is probably going to be chaotic and potentially violent.......at least things may start moving in some direction.
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