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Jun 24, 2018, 08:36 PM
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Author Topic: Evolution of the Soul (speculative)  (Read 2016 times)
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« on: Jun 05, 2010, 09:19 PM »

Hi there, I've been wondering about progression of the soul and would like to throw out something for discussion, if anyone's interested.

Perhaps Einstein could be deployed as an example, since he is so well known and even referred to in EA books as a likely 3rd individuated, "moving rapidly towards the spiritual state".

What would become of such a soul, after realizing his "gifts" and moving society forward, once he reached the 1st spiritual state? what might his life be like? does he give up his theoretical physics career/philosophies? or does he transmute them into another form, ie. they would be continued, but in a more spiritual manner, ie. tapping into universal knowledge? this isn't to say that his general and special relativity theories were devoid of spiritualism, but he revealed that they were due to much speculation and evening imagining. And from what I understand, his last years were spent looking for a unifying theory (of everything, at least in physics terms). would such a soul give it all up and start new, in another direction?

On another thread, Rad seemed to have knowledge that Hitler came back, does anyone know if Einstein did/has?

I'd be interested what anyone has to say about progression of a soul - thanks!

if anyone wants to use another example because it suits them better, go for it.
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HI Bluesky,

 Every Soul is unique so there is no one answer to your question. In Einstein's case he left his body with an unfulfilled desire: the unifying principle of all of Creation. Thus, because that desire is unfullfilled that would of course correlate to the next life in which his Soul would incarnate in order to try to actualize that unfullfilled desire in some way. By way of comparison let's imagine that Einstein did in fact realize that desire before his physical death. In that case the desire had been realized which would then create a scenario in which his Soul would then act upon other desires in his next life. The current life birth chart of any Soul symbolizes all kinds of desires that have come forwards from other lives. In the current life the Soul will of course attempt to actualize those desires. Yet for most Souls it's not possible to exhaust all those desires in the context of one life. The desires that remain in the current life that have not been fulfilled then are taken forwards into the next life. Thus, it is very possible to see or understand what the next life of a Soul will be relative to those desires that have not yet been actualized or fulfilled. For example in the life of the great Yogananda he had one desire in that life that was not fulfilled. And that was the desire to live in isolated environments in the Himalayas as a monk. Before he left his body he said he would be reborn exactly two hundred years after the date of his physical death. When one calculates that chart for his next life it is in fact a perfect reflection of that one remaining desire.

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thank you for posting, Rad - I really appreciate your insight!
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