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May 20, 2018, 04:09 AM
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Author Topic: Daemon Soul  (Read 7049 times)
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Oh, EXCELLENT post, Deva! Thanks for adding that explanation, as that's the way I understood the archetype from Wolf and was trying to get across in my example. I.e., it's not just the feeling for, the compassion or empathy for nature, animals, etc., but that ability to communicate with and really understand nature that indicates a Daemon soul.

Steve, also excellent post that provides more details about the soul types.

KK, given this additional information about the archetype, it would be good if you could post more information about the person in question. And I agree with Jana about posting the chart in porphry. But the chart can even wait until further discussion because it's really by interacting with the person/soul itself that we identify the soul type and then back it up with the chart.
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