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Jun 25, 2018, 10:19 AM
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Author Topic: Uranus/Saturn transits--collective, individual consciousness  (Read 2011 times)
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« on: Jul 06, 2010, 11:10 AM »

Have been re-reading Jeff's Uranus book, which is so timely for now. It seems with the Uranus-Saturn opposition, and Neptune Inconjunct Saturn we are collectively functioning in a state of dyregulation of the Autonomic Nervous system, essentially a Post traumatic Stress/Kundalini purification feeling that is difficult to manage without consciousness--Jeff gives some great guidelines for handling this.

So it would seem, that "Uranus is quickening the rate of development, the forces of kundalini are released, specifically affecting the "conditioning patters/Saturn"--people are feeling this specifically if their natal hits these points, but as a species--even the Earth is resonating with this--is this a tear in the fabric of our individual and collective consciousness?

Jeff says "kundalini will seek out any cells that need to be alchemically and metaphysically purified"--he speaks of a purification of chemical contaminants (the Gulf oil spill) or cellular memories (PTSD). He speaks of symptoms that are difficult to diagnose and treat--I am associating this with PTSD, because both essentially disrupt the Hypothalamus (Uranus), Pituitary (Jupiter/Saturn), Neptune (Pineal) Adrenal (Mars--gets worn out from handling this) Axis.

(I don't know Stephen, but wondering if this is what he is going through--as Jeff says not diagnosable--have to not resist and allow it to happen?)

I guess I am opening a discussion to understand this. Many people are in chaos right now. Am thinking the Saturn-Uranus opposition is in Mutable, which Jeff says is an upward spiral of evolution. As Uranus transition to Aries meeting Jupiter (Hypothalamus/Pituitary)--moving from Mutable to Cardinal--is that a reflection in Cardinal of a seeding and movement to a new Evolutionary level, personally as indicated, and certainly on the collective level?

I have to say, having this book has been a life saver during this crazy time.

With gratitude for any clarification, discussion.
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