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Author Topic: Twin Flames  (Read 55 times)
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Hi Rad,

Do you know of the concept of twin flames and if this is actually true? I know you have spoken about Soul mates which are Souls that have been helping one another evolve (probably over eons of time) and wonder if this is the same.

Below is a text I copied from that explains what twin flames are.

The twin flame, or perfect love, is born out of the original white-fire ovoid.
This is an ovoid of light in which
you are created in the Central Sun, the highest concentration of pure Spirit in
the universe. God takes the ovoid and he makes... out of it two spheres of
light. And each sphere looks like the causal body in the upper portion of the
Chart of the Real Self. So imagine this chart twice.

Descending from these spheres into Matter, then, come forth the souls
that are the counterpart of the
Spirit spheres. They are called twin flames because they came out of the
original single ovoid. The Electronic Presence of each soul is the exact
duplicate of the other. And when they descend into form, one assumes the
positive or masculine and one assumes the negative or feminine polarity.
Now, each ovoid has a unique pattern. It is an electronic blueprint. Only you and
your twin flame have it. You have it in the Spirit. You have the divine image in
which you were made. It’s the same image.
No one else in the whole cosmos can
claim this oneness with you because you were only born once, spiritually.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet.......

Thank you

All the best
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Hi Skywalker,

Like I keep saying folks just need to invent various 'beliefs' to find their lives meaningful because of whatever the invented beliefs are.  Remember the big thing many years ago now called 'walk ins'. This crap is no different to me. Claire Prophet is one of the biggest frauds of all time by the way.

God Bless, Rad
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