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Author Topic: Uranus, Aquarius, and the 11th House  (Read 1021 times)

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If you look at the chart the Nodes of the planets are printed around the outside ring. They are abbreviated:
N Mer would be North Node Mercury for example. Do you see what I mean?


Thank you Cat!  I'm going to have a look at this this weekend and try to synthesize some things relative to his Uranus placement.  This is a great and very educational thread!
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Hi Rad,

Glad to see you back on the sunny side of the street!

What I am getting about the emotional need for distance and fear of intimacy is about the ruler of his SN Neptune 2nd square Saturn Virgo 11th, both Neptune and Saturn forming semisquares to Cupido Scorpio 12th.  He was sexually abused (Cupido Scorpio 12-physical love, Neptune 2nd-fear, paranoia in any situation that resembles a sexual, or physical encounter). His Venus Libra 11th also semisextiles Lilith Virgo 10th so he has become conditioned to tolerate no restrictions within any relationship that might trigger his traumatic memories. Venus Libra 11th all by itself, can also express as a fear of intimacy, or at least a need to maintain emotional distance. Saturn Virgo 11th conjunct NN also says that it is his evolutionary necessity to take responsibility for letting go of of the guilt that he carries; the shame he bears as a result of the behavior of others, that is not his own, buried in his Uranian memory.


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Thank you all for for the work and effort you have done so far. I would like to re-orienatate this thread to it's purpose which is to understand how the long term Uranian memories of the Soul correlate to roughly 80% of the choices / decisions we all make.

So, for example, in the chart that has been posted this Soul has had a series of prior lives, memories, that correlated to the fact that in the current life he found it almost impossible to be freely and openly emotional with anyone, including his own parents: choices being made at a Urania level of consciousness. When he would be held, even as a young person, his physical body would freeze that of course mirrors what is going on in the emotional body.

So looking at his chart what can you see in his prior lives that would explain this ?

Hi Rad,

Emotional body

To account for the Soul's frozen emotions when he had been held as a child that mirrors what is going on in the emotional body:

1.  The interpretation of any symbol in the chart begins within the context of Pluto, the Soul, from which all evolutionary desires originate.  We must first look at Pluto Libra 12th.  Pluto and the 12th house are both water archetypes pertaining to the emotions and sensitivities, while Libra is an air element which pertains to feelings that trigger the emotions.  We can ascertain from these symbols that the Soul created this experience in the first place for its own evolutionary purposes.  Any instability in the consciousness of the Soul correlates to Pluto Libra 12th.

2.  The natural trinity that correlates with the emotions is made up of:

     -  Cancer, Moon, 4th house
     -  Scorpio, Pluto, 8th house
     -  Pisces, Neptune, 12th house

The evolutionary intention of the Soul, Pluto Libra 12th, is to learn to expand his consciousness by having a relationship with the Divine which will then deepen his natural empathy for the human condition.  This evolutionary development would demand opening up the emotional body triggered by feelings.  As the emotional body opens up it will then correlate to new perceptions and new thoughts (Mercury Virgo 11th, Mercury ruling 8th house, North Node of Uranus Gemini 8th), and new methods of healing (Pluto polarity point Aries 6th).    

3.  Pluto is ruled by Venus in Libra in the 11th house correlating to the air element.  This correlates not only to feelings that trigger emotions, but also to the relationship the Soul has with itself and with others.  Any form of 'relating' the Soul has with others will lead to feelings that lead back to the emotional and psychological trauma of the past life group hysteria in the concentration camp.  There is a Soul need to liberate from these past life wounds that are held in the body by repeating the experience of aversion to touch that will be a repetitive signpost to the past life content, providing a way on how to act (Uranus 1st) and how to heal (Mars rules 6th, North Node Uranus 8th).

4.  Touch correlates to Taurus, the senses, and the 2nd house.  In the 2nd house, Neptune the skipped step planet forms part of the water trinity.  The Soul's physical body is sensitive to every touch that triggers the past life trauma/victimization held in the body and emotions.  The Soul has a hiding signature - in the safety of the well - from anything on the outside that will hurt him.  From the security of the well, however, the Soul is able to observe the emotional and physical dissociation from his own physical body.  Sagittarius in the 2nd house will build up the self-worth and survival skills by aligning with Natural Laws, eg gardening using natural methods that preserve the soil structure, intake of healthy vegetables/foods, and seeing the Divine in Nature.

5.  The 2nd house also correlates to food and sustenance of the physical body.  To recover the Neptune skipped steps the Soul would need to pay proper attention to the body's needs for sustenance.  The Uranian memories could also create a disconnect or 'denial' of his own body:  escaping reality by living in the clouds, daydreaming, taking drugs, or creating delusive philosophies that do not stand up to Natural Laws and result in ideological disillusionment.  

6.  The shock and trauma of the Soul's emotional upheavals the experiences of which originate in the Soul (Pluto Libra 12th), lead to objective observation of the emotional body thus releasing these frozen emotions, observing them, receiving flashbacks of past lives, experiencing repeated messages, and then finally being able to act upon, transform and heal the emotional body through various Virgoan means.

7.  Another area of emotional fragmentation correlates to Uranus ruling the 4th house where begins a new evolutionary cycle.  The 4th house draws the Soul's instincts and attention to the new cycle that began at the 1st house (Uranus Scorpio 1st) regarding his foundation and security.  Uranus Scorpio 1st is another "choice" made by the Soul the effects of which will affect his innermost security, foundation and family structure.  This house contains the South Node Pisces to which a flip-flopping had occurred for many lifetimes.  The Soul is moved to internally investigate the bottom-line issues of life and death, security, basic needs, food, shelter, home, in effect seeking 'proof' that the new thoughts/directions (Uranus Scorpio 1st) will lead to establishing secure roots.  The opportunity for healing and renewal of this life's egocentric structure comes by way of re-experiencing the trauma (frozen emotions) that will eventually lead to repeating messages of the way to act.  Through the cardinality/initiating action of the 1st and 4th houses, the Soul will internally carry out an objective observation of his dysfunctional roots from past lives that had lead to death in the gas chambers.  

8.  The emotional body can be healed by going back to Pluto Libra 12th - aligning with Source energy - the Pluto polarity point in Aries 6th - focus on health and requirement for forgiveness - and resolving the Neptune skipped steps - emotional (and physical) healing via Natural Laws.  The relationship to Source can bring balance and restoration of the Soul's broken trust in humanity.  

9.  Frozen emotions can correlate to the Moon in the 10th house where there is emotional control and repression.  Also, Uranus ruling the 4th and Mercury ruling the 8th, whereby the Soul does not fully feel his emotions, but tends to intellectualize them.

10.  Another explanation for the frozen emotions and aversion to touch is seen through the South Node Pisces 4th, its ruler Neptune 2nd, and North Node Virgo 10th ruled by Mercury Virgo 11th.  Neptune, the skipped step planet, in the 2nd house correlates to touch and the senses.  Uranus Scorpio ruling the 4th house cusp could account for sexual abuse in the family, and a lack of trust in mother or other family members.  The South Node in Pisces in the 4th house, ruled by Neptune Sag 2nd, can mean rejection of the mother or other family members through aversion to their touch.  Perhaps there had been an 'over-stimulation' by touch in past lives by the mother or other family members.  Saturn conjunct the North Node is a healing and transformative influence that provides an evolutionary forward with the father being a key factor.

11.  Jupiter Leo 10th ruling the skipped step planet Neptune, the Moon Leo 10th, and the North Node Virgo 10th will all be the means by which the Soul will learn to accept responsibility for its own actions, stop blaming the parents, gain control over the emotional swings, and see oneself as the principle nurturer of self.



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Hi Rad,All- sounds good; no questions; have a sense doing as you propose will be very productive. Thank you


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Hello Everyone,

Yes!  I will love to participate.  I just found Jeffrey Green yesterday and EA is exactly what I've been looking for.  I studied astrology many years ago in my 20s and am returning.  I have Uranus on the asc, Aquarian Moon in the 8th house that squares the moon's nodes, (Scorpio north node in 5th house opposite 11th south node) -  sun venus south node in 11th house opposed saturn in 5th.  Taurus Sun in 11th square Pluto in 2nd.  Yikes  I'm in the right place!!!  Grateful.

Looking forward.

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