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Dec 15, 2018, 10:41 AM
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Author Topic: Asteroid Goddesses - the undistorted Natural/Divine Feminine  (Read 77103 times)
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« Reply #165 on: Dec 04, 2018, 11:16 AM »

One more thing.....

The distorted Aries archetype in a woman when she becomes enraged due to being trapped or limited by the patriarchy and told she cannot do something throws her way out of balance, she  become reactive versus responsive. The Capricorn/Male energy does indeed dominate, snuffing out the Cancer.

Yogananda taught that, "Anger blots out God."

Think about this relative to the water trinity, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.
The way to God is via this river of energy.

So as long as she remains angry and reactive, with no channel for release, she will remain separated from her Soul and from her growth and thus separated from God.


It is important to remember that anger is natural to consciousness. It is what we do with the anger that becomes the issue. Suppression of the anger is the real killer, because it will inevitably become distorted. It's similar to submerging a beach ball under water. You can only hang onto that ball of emotion for so long before it launches out of the water in some unpredictable way, injuring others in the process.
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« Reply #166 on: Dec 05, 2018, 07:47 AM »

Hi Kristin and Everyone,

as usual your sharp insight delivers so much i keep having to let it in slowly, with many layers. Thank you, really, for taking the time and energy to naturally empower women with your words and wisdom.

One thing that stood out for me from your latest posts, is to go to the elements to see how this works in the natural world, Fire and Earth. What can be curious from what i understand, is that for instance in ancient Chinese wisdom, these two elements are known to have nourishing qualities for one another, although strong fire usually supports/creates earth, too much earth can deplete fire. The same going for how women with strong fire energy like aries have been depleted by the patriarchal pressure instead of nourished for their qualities. Using this analogy it seems like all the fire has been waisted when these women keep trying to feed/nourish in the wrong place/way, reactive energy as you mention. But i wonder, how can she be responsive in an environment that is not supportive of her? That's where i begin to think that in the root of this lilith, the only way is for her to create a supportive environment first, cancer, positive emotional ground so she can go up to capricorn using aries, the new start for social change. This for me makes a bit of sense, thanks for setting the environment so we can reach better understanding ;-) It has been such a great thread so far with a lot of good synergy.

Many thanks!

P.S. Kristin, one more thing on the moon/cancer energy. On your last zoom meeting, on the nodal shift to cancer/capricorn, you mentioned things starting to change very quickly with moon ruling the north node and changing signs so fast by transit, and i see that could not be more accurate. To tune into the moon making great evolutionary opportunity.
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« Reply #167 on: Dec 06, 2018, 11:21 AM »

Hi All,

Before we move to the next step, if Lilith is in the 1st House, she will more likely be in another sign, so this needs to be weaved in. If Lilith  is in the 1st house in another sign, remember that the HOUSE comes first. As with Pluto, we always start with the house placement.

Obviously, a Soul who has Lilith in the 1st House in the sign of Aries will carry a double signature. Her desire for freedom can be so total that commitment may be a challenge of any kind. In may be a Soul who does not choose to marry or have a family at all. Her independence comes first. If there is a distorted need for independence, she will be keep everything at an arms distance and not allowing anyone to get too close, for fear she will lose that freedom she is so wired to defend.

In a prior post when sharing about the nature of the sexuality for a Lilith 1st House/Aries, 'there does not need to be any kind of attachment or committed relationship in order for her to step into that space with another for it is all about the new, the uninhibited and the freedom to explore places she has never been.'

When you combine this archetype of Aries with a water sign, the energy substantially changes, as when the Lilith in the 1st House initiates something sexually that is being acted upon instinctually, with Cancer, a shyness can emerge at the same time, a natural innocence that is born out of pure emotion. This can in some cases cause her to pause, resulting in the two steps forward, one step back experience. This would occur in particular if there was a fear of being judged for the wildness that was being expressed. If the Soul was totally in her nature, without patriarchal influence, this would reflect a wide open passionate Soul who was able to reach tremendous depths through her sexual exchanges, as long as there was total trust, as the water trinity is activated in this example. Lilith in the 1st reflects the raw pure physical desire, putting that in a water sign would reflect the capacity to merge on a far deeper plane in partnership. This would also be a Soul where being a mother would be integral to her journey.

Please let know if you have any questions.
We will move to the next step on Wednesday.

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« Reply #168 on: Dec 09, 2018, 09:42 AM »

Hi All,

It is useful to remember, because of the nature of this thread, that all forms of life, upon conception, are female. After conception if the new life form is to be a male it then is transformed into that gender within the womb of the female.  Within this natural law lies the possibility and reality of female forms of life who are able to reproduce themselves without any external impregnation taking place at all. And, within this, they can generate the males of their species within themselves.

When humans got around to conceiving and Ultimate Source for the Creation, this occuring roughly around 8,000 B.C.E, the first name given to this Ultimate Source was female: Namu. Namu roughly translates into ORIGIN.

God Bless, Rad

Here is an exception book called THE ONCE AND FUTURE GODDESS that is based on actual research that I would highly recommend that can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Once-Future-Goddess-Chronicle-Reemergence/dp/0062503545

And this one called THE GREAT COSMIC MOTHER: https://www.amazon.com/Great-Cosmic-Mother-Rediscovering-Religion/dp/B009E9MKF6/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1544373716&sr=1-2&keywords=The+Great+Cosmic+Mother
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« Reply #169 on: Dec 12, 2018, 11:36 AM »

Hi Ladies and All,

So for our next step, we will put the South Node of Asteroid Lilith in Gemini

I left some intentional gaps in this archetype in origin, distortion, and resolution, so you can work to develop them further.

Goddess Bless,


The South Node of the Asteroid Lilith symbolizes how the feminine has been expressed in the past, including her run ins with the repression of the patriarchy. The South Node correlates to the history (herstory) of how the power of the feminine was expressed and repressed, along with the consequences of what came about linked with being a woman in the world. It connects to the memories of the past that live in the cells of your being that have influenced your inner orientation to the current life being lived.

South Node of Lilith in Gemini/3rd House

She is a restless Soul with an inexhaustible need for diversity, a Soul who has desired to explore a variety of experiences and circumstances as she comes to know her place in the world within these changing landscapes and morphing realities, each one teaching her more about who she is. Gemini is a mutable archetype, which is one of unrestricted growth and perpetual expansion. She hears an inner call for self-knowledge which manifests as a deep inner restlessness that is fueled by a continuous inner dialogue with herself. These thoughts are induced by exposure to life itself and this helps her answer the question, “Who am I?”

Her restlessness is also a result of boredom for nothing is able to hold her focus for too long. It is this restlessness that motivates her Soul to have new experiences where she collects facts and information to temporarily cling to in order to build a logical structure to explain her relationship to the environment. By knowing the environment, she knows herself. However, she never feels that she knows enough, so out she goes on a hunt for more knowledge and more knowns.

She has an inherent curiosity which has her collecting vast amounts of information with the feeling that each idea or thought that she follows adds onto her in some way, for the more she knows about the world, the more she feels secure and at home within it. She leans heavily on the left brain where she intellectually organizes everything she accumulates, giving names and classification to things in the phenomenal reality in order to give it a world view, which is why words hold so much power.

Inwardly she relates to herself through a reactive process whereby she poses a variety of thought possibilities that lead to outer experiences in her desire to understand herself. By initiating experiences of all kinds, where she is bringing in information from a variety of sources, she inwardly reacts to these thought possibilities in such a way that the action itself produces self knowledge. Thus because we live in a time/space universe that is defined and understood through polarity, this process of expansion must then contract. She learns about herself through cycles of contraction which are induced as a reaction to excessive expansion. “Do I really believe this?” “Do I really need that?” What does this really mean to me?” The contraction also occurs due to the degree of absolute overwhelm from the cycle of expansion and taking in indiscriminate amounts of information. By withdrawing from the deluge of external stimuli, she is able able to weed out what doesn’t fit or feel right.
She never idles for too long for her inner center is always moving, each new thought or idea replacing the next so there is no real rooted foundation from which to pull from, only a moving target that is easily replaced with the next new fact or shiny thing that is calling for her attention. Her inner center is a revolving door of intellectual and emotional perspectives and it is the movement itself that becomes her foundation and the freedom to experience this movement is what she needs to feel emotional secure.

She needs to be in relationship with others in part so she can unload all of what she has accumulated and process the pent up mental energy. This interaction with others brings a constant need to adjust her ideas which means more and more facts are needed to explain in more detail the complete picture of who she is and the world she lives in. When she is in a contraction cycle, she can be very reactive in her conversations with others. There will be the tendency to interrupt and not let others finish their sentences or she is not able to finish her own, not allowing for either person to actually hear what the other one is saying. The contraction cycle is experienced as too much water in the cup and an absolute inner resistance to taking in any more information.

In her strength, she has a fast working wit and a keen mind to assimilate many moving parts at once. She is a natural messenger. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, rules the throat chakra. The Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athene is also given rulership here for she is the Goddess of Wisdom and Justice and respected for her intelligence. In her original state, she has a natural capacity to communicate with all walks of life, animals included, and easily adapts and integrates with whomever she is interfacing with. She could have been a runner between tribes where messages were delivered and diplomatic agreements were reached due to her knack for knowing what others need, serving as a bridge between two worlds. Her ability to see both sides of a situation allows her to find common ground with a foreign force where alternative solutions are gained and agreements are reached seen in the trine to Libra and Aquarius.


She is non-monogamous and open, ‘at least in her mind’, to all sexual possibilities. As a result, she may be bi-sexual in nature in order to fulfill her natural need for variety and diversity where both sides of the sexual whole can be experienced. If she is limited to one gender there may always feel to be something unexplored which can lead to that ‘something missing’ feeling seen in the square to Virgo.

In her sexual experience, she will want all of the senses to be included as well as all of the erogenous zones covered. The use of hands are key and integral to maximum sensation, along with an attraction to variety of positions as it increases the span of coverage and feeds her need for diversity.

She will have a strong mental orientation to the sexual experience that induces detachment and a feeling of separation from the partner. While this may be important for her to observe herself and the partner in this way in order to learn more about who they are as sexual beings, it can become highly frustrating for it does not allow her to totally fuse emotionally and physically due to being caught too much in her head.

Words hold a great deal of power to unlock her in those intimate spaces as well whether she is the one using them to stoke the sexual fire or she is fueled when her partner uses words to lead her further into a feeling.


Considering the patriarchy has been in place for thousands of years, she would have been running and hiding from her nature for fear of consequences or punishments that her natural form of expression would have produced. One way of hiding can occur through idle chit chat or excessive talking about nothing of real importance, anything to distract another from a central seeded truth. There is too much talking and not enough listening. The hiding is seen in the natural square to Pisces and the avoidance of her truth can be seen in the T-square to Virgo/Pisces and the opposition to Sagittarius.

The distorted Gemini archetype can be known to talk over others and not let them get a word in edgewise. She can talk until she turns others off or talk in circles where conversations are started that go no where and that ultimately mean nothing. She will also have a tendency to react to words spoken by others that does not allow her to listen, leading to arguments and confrontations.

When this energy is repressed and thus distorts, the shadowy cast can result in dishonesty and duplicity due to her need for diversity in this world of duality, as she sees both sides of something she wants to explore and does not want to be limited. A curious sexual appetite to explore whatever she wishes is not condoned in a patriarchal reality so these encounters may lead to clandestine affairs seen in the square to Pisces. Bisexual desires can manifest from this need for diversity and in a repressed society this would have had to occur in secret. To cover up or explain herself, lies would have had to be told to protect her from humiliation or in extreme cases exile.

Just like two sides to any coin, she can flip to extremes manifesting as a Jekyll and Hyde split personality, one minute wanting it this way and the next wanting it another way. You may never know what you are going to get at any given moment in time as her energy can shift in unpredictable ways. The extreme swings in her energy are a result of feeling limited to have the full freedom to experience and express the diversity of her desires.

She is a runner and a Soul who always has one foot out the door. She is never able to sit still for too long and she will do anything she can to distance herself from the truth of her own nature. She may have had lives where she ran away from her own family or culture of origin in search of her natural tribe for it would have been highly common to hide within a family that is not remotely cut from her same cloth to ensure her own truth would remain behind lock and key. She is always running, always searching, yet never finding.


Her evolution is dependent on developing her intuition as opposed to the intellect so the facts and information that she does collect can take on a deeper meaning and allow her to understand the metaphysical and cosmological laws that are the basis for the facts themselves. This deeper connection to the information will allow her to find the truth of this understanding, so she can experience the actual knowing of anything within herself.

One key way to harness and quiet her mind is is to align with one comprehensive philosophical or metaphysical system so she can give all of those floating thoughts that are flying around a bottom line, allowing her to be able to synthesize all of the content into a more holistic view of understanding and how all the working parts fit into the whole.

She will learn by only expressing a version of herself, there will always be yet another prism to discover,which will forever feed the feeling of being disjointed and scattered. By tailoring her focus within a comprehensive philosophical or spiritual area of study, she will energize a more streamlined approach to everything, including herself, allowing her own parts to merge and become integrated. “Evolution comes when she is able to understand the essential unity of all paths leading to the whole truth.”

It is her natural need for diversity that she must come to celebrate again versus allowing it to be deplored. The resolution and her healing comes when she is able sit in the truth of who she is in full and steep in that tonic with an unwavering commitment to its unveiling. The fog can only clear and the healing can only happen when the thoughts are forced to the back seat and her emotions are able to speak for what the mind has been working so hard to cover up. She will learn to be able to relax in a space of comfortable silence versus always grabbing for the next thought that could pull her away from emotional substance that makes her feel vulnerable in any way.

Her ultimate healing comes when she can harness the courage to be impeccably honest with herself and others, no matter what!
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« Reply #170 on: Dec 13, 2018, 12:35 PM »

Hi Everyone,

I came here to write my assignment but I just cant I am unable to continue on with things the way they are because I will not come off as authentic and as I truly am with my heart in this condition....

I never came to this message board to hurt anyone or create a divide and yet one  moment in time has changed the course of my life and others forever. How can I move forward  impeccably honest, how can I make things right there is no peace or way for me to make it right with anyone or heal this situation and from what  I understand from with in my own heart is that no one can tell you your truth, that truth must come to me from with in myself to know... This last year  has been devastatingly painful a pain  I fear will never leave me and the truth as to why this has been so devastating  is because nothing with in  me hurts more than when I know I have caused pain and heartache for another human being.
I have not handled this situation well with dignity or grace and my heart has not come out to others as it is or how I want it to because of being self protective and scared. I am scared that I don't know how to make it right, how do I stop what is happing... In my heart there is no divide this is just an illusion because of broken hearts...

All I can say is I love You and I am truly Sorry....

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