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Jun 20, 2018, 09:07 AM
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Author Topic: Porphyry System  (Read 1940 times)
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« on: Sep 17, 2010, 01:34 AM »

I have heard that JWG used the porphyry system because it best correlates to the Law of the Trinity.

I would be very grateful for some elaboration on this. I would love to learn more about this idea and how jwg came to discover using this system is best/why he chose to use this particular house system etc. etc. Did he try other systems and then by observation and correlation, finally decide on this one, or did he immediately just know to use this system?

Thanks for any feedback regarding the Porphyry system, the law of Trinity, and any other information about how this houses system was finally settled upon.

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Hi Dhyana,

 I remember Wolf saying that he tried the various house systems out. He then settled on the Porphyry House system by using the astrological necessity of correlations and observation. He also said that he finally settled on it, not only because of trial and error, but also because of it's evolutionary nature: meaning the root number used in it's division is THREE. Within that he said that in the 4th century there was a Christian mystic named Porphyry who came up with this system.

God Bless, Rad
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