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Jun 17, 2018, 08:01 PM
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Author Topic: Questions about homosexuality  (Read 3744 times)
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« on: Sep 17, 2010, 11:11 AM »

Hi Rad

I have some questions about homosexuality, and other dynamics that sometimes relate to homosexuality. I have reviewed the Pluto I, EA course transcript, and both message boards references to this topic, and have summarized these references and my own thoughts and observations. I thank you for reviewing this summary and for your observations. Perhaps others at the message board may have further comments, observations or questions.

Many times homosexuality originates in gender switch, either a recent gender switch or the Soul getting prepared for an upcoming gender switch. In turn, gender switch may originate in the nature of sexual desires of the Soul. Thus, sometimes homosexuality is not originated in gender switch; and sometimes gender switch is not caused by the nature of sexual desires, but because of other types of desires and needs. 

Gender switch will always be indicated in the birthchart. There are many different signatures correlating to gender switching. Among other, the following signatures can correlate to gender switch: Pluto or the Nodes in 4th House / 10th House / Cancer / Capricorn; Moon/Saturn New Phase or Balsamic.
During consensus, individuals conform to their external sexual definition and expectations and roles thereof. Thus, they repress or suppress their inner sexual nature.

During First-substage of the individuated, individuals may discover their true sexual orientation and desires, though they will still derive security from belonging to normalcy as defined by mainstream society. Hence, these individuals are most likely to create situations of concealment and duplicity. Concealment implies that they are having an awareness of inner desires and orientations that differ from social expectations; though, they don’t feel capable to act out on these desires. This then leads to duplicity. Initially, it is duplicity between external reality of “normalcy” and their inner world. This translates into being there performing what they are supposed to be doing in their normal lives, though feeling inwardly alienated from that reality. Because of the vibration of the desires they are withholding, they will attract others who resonate with their desire nature, and will further create experiences reflecting their desire nature. At this stage duplicity will still manifest through maintaining an appearance of “normalcy”, ie. conformity to social expectations, including getting married with partners of the opposite sex, having children, etc., while creating a parallel life where they live out their inner sexual orientation. Concealment leads progressively to duplicity. And duplicity implies concealment in relation to one part of the individual’s life, the part in which they are conforming. Conforming also involves creating a mask, a facade allowing that they keep appearing as “normal”. 

There can exist many different signatures correlating with concealment duplicity. Among this many signatures, I wonder that water signs or houses could correlate with concealment, ie. these desires being conscious though not acted on; and mutable signs and houses, specially  Gemini and Pisces, 3rd and 12th Houses, and Neptune, could correlate to duplicity. Capricorn, 10th House and Saturn may also reflect the part of the life where the individual is hiding his true nature because of the need to conform, while other symbols at the same time correlate to other part of the individual’s life where the inner desires are being acted on. Further, there are several aspects that can correlate to these dynamics: crescent semi-square can correlate to the need to inwardly find out if the new desires or orientations are real; first quarter square can correlate to the need to adopt or define a form, ie. sexual orientation to express through reflecting the new desires and orientations the Soul has been discovering; first quarter inconjunct can refer to not feeling prepared or capable to assume the Souls desires; gibbous opposition can reflect the need to socialize the new impulses and the fear of losing touch with those new desires because of socialization; full phase opposition can indicate the need and preparedness to openly assume one’s sexual identity in relationships; the opposition may also indicate the need to integrate two different dynamics represented by the planets in opposition; disseminating sesquicuadrate can reflect the crisis created because of the conflict between how the individual is actualizing his/her new desires and orientations in (some) relationships and the social regulation and requirements of other relationships of the individual (if there is duplicity); last quarter square can indicate that, despite the existing social roles of the individual other desires and orientations are emerging in consciousness. Duplicity could also be indicated through intercepted signs, ie. dual House rulerships, where the Sign on the House cusp and its ruler by House and Sign serves to “mask” other set of desires or intentions reflected in the intercepted Sign and its ruler.

Many times duplicity creates trauma for the Soul and for others. Typically, this occurs because the double lives or parallel realities the individual has created is exposed at some time. This exposure of what was being hidden is an 8th House, Scorpio, experience. The resulting trauma  will be reflected in signatures of trauma involving Aquarius, 11th House and Uranus. These symbols will also speak of the need of the individual to assume its inherent orientation and desires. Karmic consequences will also exist. Sometimes these karmic consequences can include the occurrence of events though which the individual’s sexual type of desires are forced upon the individual, such as homosexual abuse or rape, sometimes happening in the family of birth.

At the 2nd sub-stage individuated, dynamics of duplicity and concealment would normally disappear, because the individual is openly embracing and deconditioning his true inner nature. From 2nd substage individuated, the individual would be progressively discovering an assuming its own identity, including sexual identity, with independence of any social expectations of what this sexual identity should be. This will lead to a progressive integration of inherent male and female polarities. From 3rd sub-stage individuated onwards, the individual would be progressively relating to other people at Soul level, ie. inherent male/femaleness. However, the Soul will or may switch genders even at the spiritual evolutionary condition.

One purpose why homosexual desires can manifest is learning to shift the nature of sexual desires from the physical body to the Soul: that making love is making love to a Soul, not just a body.
Gender switch occurs at the end of an evolutionary cycle in one gender, leading to a new evolutionary cycle in the other gender. It is a cardinal archetype. This means many lifetimes in one gender, then leading to a switch. Though, sometimes the Soul flip-flops between genders through a number of lifetimes, for certain reasons which relate to skipped steps.

Typical signatures of homosexuality include “Mars aspected to Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Mars in Pisces or in the 12th ... Venus also in these kinds of patterns, Neptune, Uranus, or Pluto in the 8th or 2nd, Neptune, Uranus, or Pluto in the 10th or 4th, Mars in the 10th or 4th, and so on”. Libra can also connect to homosexuality and bisexuality “because of the natural connection to Gemini and Aquarius”. Libra correlates to androgyny. Pisces correlates to homosexuality, ie. “dissolving of gender distinction”.
JWG refers in Pluto I to Christine Jorgensen in connection to gender switching and sexual orientation. He says:

“An example of an individual who refused to accept his gender switch is Christine Jorgensen. Jorgensen was born a man, yet had a sex change operation to become the woman she once was. Jorgensen has Pluto in Cancer in the Tenth House conjunct the North Node in the Eleventh House. The South Node is in Capricorn in the Fifth House, conjunct a Capricorn Moon in the Fourth House. Neptune in Leo inconjuncts the South Node and Moon, and Mars in Pisces is sextile the South Node and trine the North Node. In addition, Venus in Aries in the Eighth squares the nodal axis, Pluto and the Moon. Her determination to have this gender switch reversed served as an inspiration and example for others who feel the same need. These astrological symbols suggest confusion within her Soul as to what gender through which to express itself. The square from Venus to the Nodal axis, Pluto and the Moon correlates to “skipped steps”. Pluto on the North Node correlates to the need to continue in the evolutionary direction that have been worked in before, and the Moon on the South Node correlates to the need to relive prior-life conditions that were not resolved before with respect to its opposition to Pluto and the square to Venus. Thus, this individual was born a man who spent the first part of life in that gender. The Soul needed to relate to itself and others (Venus) in that way. Jorgensen was even in the military. This reflects the need to relive conditions from the past that were not resolved in the masculine gender, and to recover the skipped steps in that way. Later on, he sought the sex change operation in order to recover the skipped steps and continue on with evolutionary directions that had been started in the female gender. The Soul now needed to relate to itself and others (Venus) in this way.”

Because of the skipped steps, the Soul had been flip-flopping or alternating between male and female during the last recent lifetimes: he had recently switched genders from male to female, but, because of the skipped steps (Venus squaring the nodes) he needed to incarnate as male. Once those skipped steps as male were recovered, she desired to continue her evolution as a woman.   

In the birthchart Ari posted in his question about allergies, the signature speaks of the individual hiding his sexual nature. Pluto is conjunct the North Node in the 5th House Libra. Ruler Venus is in the 11th House Pisces, inconjunct Pluto. South Node is in the 11th House Aries, and Mars is retrograde in the 3rd House Cancer. Jupiter in the 1st House Gemini is square the Nodal axis, and in opposition to Neptune in the 7th House Sagittarius. 

I don’t see a gender switch indicated in this birth-chart. This signature refers to concealment leading to duplicity. This is indicated in Gemini in the 1st and 2nd House cusps (duplicity in sexual identity, sexual nature, and value associations). The ruler Mercury being in Pisces (concealment) in the 11th House (need to liberate). Mars being in the 3rd House (duplicity) in Cancer (concealment). Jupiter squaring the nodes from the 1st House (sexual desires) in Gemini (duplicity), and in opposition to Neptune (duplicity) in the 7th House (relationships). North Node ruler Venus in the 11th House (need to liberate) in Pisces (concealment).

Thank you so much for help and guidance.

God Bless,

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« Reply #1 on: Sep 17, 2010, 01:04 PM »

Hi Gonzalo,

 Well I can only validate and affirm all that you wrote.

God Bless, Rad
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