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Jul 13, 2020, 04:00 PM
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Author Topic: Planet(s) sesquiquadrate the Moon's nodes  (Read 544 times)
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Chocolate Astrologer

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« on: Aug 15, 2019, 07:40 AM »

Hola RAD and community,

I am seeking clarification about the nature of Planets sesquiquadrate the moon's nodes. We have the 135* sesquiquadrate (a square plus a half square), and the 225*sesquiquadrate (2 squares plus a half square).

When we find a planet in either of these sesquiquadrates to the moon's nodes, does it denote a Skipped Step?

And if so, how is this similar and or unique from the normal squares to the nodes (90* or 270*)? And if a planet sequiquadrate the nodes does NOT denote a Skipped step, what can we derive or interpret from such sesquiquadrates aspect between a planet and the nodes.

Thank you in advance for your answer.
Kind regards,
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« Reply #1 on: Aug 15, 2019, 08:38 AM »

Hi Chocolate Astrologer,

No, the sesquiquadrate aspect to the Moon's Nodes does not correlate with skipped steps. These aspects correlate to necessary evolutionary gates in the ongoing evolutionary journey/ progression of the Soul. In order to understand these evolutionary gates we need to review the archetypes of both types of sesquiquadrate aspects:

First quarter:

1. 135ー Sesquiquadrate: This is a very powerful aspect that reflects an evolutionary transition between the First Quarter phase and the Gibbous phase. The intention in this aspect is one wherein the egocentric structure within the personality that the Soul has created must experience a humiliation. This occurs as a reaction to the willful assertion of the ego that has been living for only itself as it has sought to discover and actualize the new evolutionary intention, patterns, forms, and structures. 

Now the evolutionary process is one in which the ego must progressively align itself with the needs of the overall social environment. This occurs through experiencing resistance and blockage from the social environment. The ego is forced to analyze and reflect on why this resistance is occurring. Via this new understanding, the ego now learns to adjust its strong sense of individualized purpose and the forms, patterns, and structures that reflect that purpose to the common needs of the social environment.

The Gibbous Phase:

The Gibbous phase reflects another evolutionary transition wherein the Soul now intends to humble itself in order to begin the process of social integration of the original evolutionary intention reflected at the New phase conjunction. The Soul is preparing to integrate into social reality as an equal among other people. Until now, the Soul has inflated itself through an egocentric self development of the original purpose. The inflated balloon of the ego must now be popped. 

135ー Sesquiquadrate: This represents a continuation of the process begun while this aspect occurred in the First Quarter phase. The challenge of this aspect can continue to produce negative results, because the individual may refuse to adapt and adjust his or her newly won and realized intent. If so, then the individual is thrown back on the past and experiences confusion as to how to establish the personal reality and purpose within the external environment until the necessary adjustments are made.

The Full Phase:

235ー Sesquiquadrate: When this aspect occurs within the Full phase, it is preparatory to entering the archetypal intent of the Disseminating phase. Accordingly, the egocentric consciousness of the Soul is forced again to expand itself to now understand the nature of the existing social customs, rules, regulations, laws, and traditions that define the current society that the Soul is born into.  This is necessary in order to integrate the socialized evolutionary intention that has preceded this aspect. For example, an individual who had Pluto aspected to Mercury in this way could feel that the role of a psychologist would be the best form and structure through which to integrate their individualized evolutionary purpose in a social way. This aspect would then create the awareness of what society dictated in order to be an authorized psychologist: going to school, securing credentials, etc.

The Disseminating Phase :

The Disseminating phase reflects the ongoing socialization of the evolutionary intention reflected in the original New phase conjunction. Now it becomes absolutely necessary for the Soul to learn everything that there is to learn about the nature of the existing society that it is born into. The consensus reality of the society will have already established rules, customs, traditions, laws and rules that allow that society to live together as an organized unit. The additional evolutionary requirement is to integrate the purpose of the original intention within the society in such a way as to fulfill the Souls social obligations.

235ー Sesquiquadrate: A new crisis now occurs, because the individual must learn everything there is to learn about culture and societal traditions, customs, norms, rules, laws, regulations, and taboos before the socialized evolutionary purpose can be established with the society. The crisis occurs because the individual is ready to disseminate the purpose, to apply and establish it, but must learn how to establish it on societies terms.

How to understand the specific individual application when these aspects occur in the birth chart is to understand the evolutionary context of any given Soul. That is determined by understanding the evolutionary stage of development first, then the application of the EA paradigm to that. Within this to understand the 'why' of the culture of birth which then allows for a correct understanding of these these aspects will manifest for any given Soul.

God Bless, Rad
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