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I have a question that may only be peripherally related to EA but relevant to the current Easter/Passover season...

The Greek word theotikos as a descriptor for Mary, Christ's mother...literally it means "bearer of God," so thus was later interpreted as the "Mother of God."  Any thoughts on the idea that the term is meant to mean the bearer of the God-light/energy and thus she is the portal to access that energy?  I have not read the documents in Greek from Ephesus...has anyone on this board and can the original shed light on how the term was used?  Also, I may simply be emphasizing the obvious but the subtle difference seems important to me and would explain why she is so beloved (and why a chapter is devoted to her in the Koran). 

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Hi Miagrabu,

Sorry but I think your question might of not been seen by anyone before.

I personally have no answer for your question, maybe someone else might have some information about what you are asking, it is interesting!

All the best
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