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Jun 19, 2018, 05:56 PM
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Hi Henrik,

 Much better work than the previous effort. A simple way to understand the N.Node in the 2nd, and the 5th House polarity point, is that the Soul is literally learning how to recreate itself FROM THE INSIDE OUT. As a result the Soul in this paradigm must come to a place in their life in which they begin the process of ISOLATING themselves from their overall environment, to literally become a group of one. In so isolating they Soul then recreates the focus within itself to itself instead of other people, groups, or situations that it previously felt it needed in order to feel secure, and to evolve. By recreating it's focus in this way sets in motion an inner journey in which the Soul learns to use itself as it's own symbol of evolution. In so doing the Soul then becomes inwardly aware of capacities and resources that it previously had no idea that it possessed. In so doing the Soul then evolves into new awareness of what it values, and that which constitutes real meaning for it's life. As this is progressively uncovered the Soul then learns how to utterly recreate itself from the inside out, and, in so doing, needs no other external validation from any source to actualize itself in this new evolutionary way. It has begun the process of self sustainment and self reliance.

 You stated: "The interesting thing about Pluto in the 8th is that these people KNOW what they need (but not WHY)"


 This is not necessarily true. Many Souls who have an 8th House Pluto understand why they need what they need and become very compulsive because of understanding the why of they need(s). In fact it is often the knowledge as to why they need what they need that is then used as the JUSTIFICATION for the compulsive behavior itself.


so trauma is a natural occurrence to an unnatural identification of parts that is not inherent to our true individuality.


This is true but there a vast array of possibilities for the causes of various kinds of trauma in this paradigm.


Question: Is it correct to view the development of the ego in a more conscious way (from the view-point of our incarnated self) than the development of the soul??? If so, can we interpret the long-term development of Sn to Nn as more conscious process in terms of consciously knowing or feeling the pull from the future?


The Soul creates the ego of course, it is not something separate from it. Yet, most people on Earth are not consciously aware of their Soul: they are aware of there sense of being an independent person from all other peoples on Earth: something separate. And that is because the center of gravity within their consciousness is there ego instead of their Soul. Thus, most people are aware of the development of their ego, their apparent sense of individual development as contrasted with other individuals. So the answer is yes but, on the other hand, by developing or being more aware of their ego they are simultaneously developing their Soul whether they are aware of this or not.


Good work Henrik.

God Bless, Rad

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