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Author Topic: Conjunct Ascendant vs 1st house  (Read 32 times)

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« on: Feb 12, 2016, 10:45 PM »

I was wondering how the effect of a planet for instance Neptune would effect the expression if it was conjunct the ascendant vs if it was further into a house.

And also as a separate question what is the basic planetary expression act like on a conjunction on the descendant vs in the 7th house?

Thanks for the help Grin
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Hi Coyote,

A planet conjunct the ascendant is the marker for a new phase in the archetypal expression of that planet. It indicates a new cycle has just begun in the current life. The closer to the ascendent, the more instinctive the energy will be. The same with the Descendant or any other house cusp, but in the case of the Descendant, a new cycle relative to the initiation of relationships will be underway. The further into a house, the more established that planet will be on an archetypal level, and as it approaches the upcoming house, it will begin to prepare for the archetypal dynamics of that house.

All the best
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