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Author Topic: When Pluto crosses the ascendant in Capricorn  (Read 6353 times)

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« Reply #15 on: Feb 10, 2014, 11:55 PM »

Hi, Jeanie here. my first post... lately I've been blitzed by anxiety and a sense of mourning for no apparent reason.
Just checked my transits, and see transiting Pluto is 3 degrees off conjuncting my cap ascendant.
Surely slow old Pluto would give me a bit more warning?
i attribute this terror to having just met someone I really really like.
I'm turning 60 in November,and while I've have had my fair share of crapola: ( natal Pluto conjunct moon, square Sun & Venus and Opp mars), am noticing a huge attachment to this relationship being different and new, lets hope I can calm down and let it all unfold.
It is so good to read all your posts, thank you.   


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« Reply #16 on: Apr 12, 2014, 05:56 AM »

Very interesting topic for me with Pluto going through my 12 house right no with Cap rising at 23 conjunct Chiron 25 , Pluto 23  Leo in the 7 house, Moon 26 Gemini, Neptune 23 Libra opposite Lucifer 22 Aries, Uranus 24 Cancer, Mars 25 Sagittarius and Scorpio ruling the MC, I feel very much being dissolved, especially I wonder when Pluto will reach my north node 14 CAP opposite Jupiter and Gemini conjunct in Cancer.

I have been in for a rough time for quite a few years already, since Pluto transited Mars, change of country, I left the US and came back to live in Canada, went from California sunny west coast to Quebec Gaspesie est coast. This situation is also being dissolved right now as my relationship is breaking apart and my financial situation has deteriorated. I am searching as never before in myself for the vision and resources to go through this, I will be 60 years old on July 26.

I mean Where do I go from here now and how do I open and let go for all the changes taking place in myself and all around me? This is what I am living with with the past 13 years, since in fact 9\11, which I dreamed about a couple times when I was young, 2 towers being it and me running away from destruction.

I wish for everyone being involved in this sort of transits the wisdom and strength to face it with fortitude.

Thank you everyone for you posting.

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