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Mar 26, 2019, 01:29 PM
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Author Topic: When Pluto crosses the ascendant in Capricorn  (Read 46697 times)
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« Reply #15 on: Feb 10, 2014, 11:55 PM »

Hi, Jeanie here. my first post... lately I've been blitzed by anxiety and a sense of mourning for no apparent reason.
Just checked my transits, and see transiting Pluto is 3 degrees off conjuncting my cap ascendant.
Surely slow old Pluto would give me a bit more warning?
i attribute this terror to having just met someone I really really like.
I'm turning 60 in November,and while I've have had my fair share of crapola: ( natal Pluto conjunct moon, square Sun & Venus and Opp mars), am noticing a huge attachment to this relationship being different and new, lets hope I can calm down and let it all unfold.
It is so good to read all your posts, thank you.   


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« Reply #16 on: Apr 12, 2014, 05:56 AM »

Very interesting topic for me with Pluto going through my 12 house right no with Cap rising at 23 conjunct Chiron 25 , Pluto 23  Leo in the 7 house, Moon 26 Gemini, Neptune 23 Libra opposite Lucifer 22 Aries, Uranus 24 Cancer, Mars 25 Sagittarius and Scorpio ruling the MC, I feel very much being dissolved, especially I wonder when Pluto will reach my north node 14 CAP opposite Jupiter and Gemini conjunct in Cancer.

I have been in for a rough time for quite a few years already, since Pluto transited Mars, change of country, I left the US and came back to live in Canada, went from California sunny west coast to Quebec Gaspesie est coast. This situation is also being dissolved right now as my relationship is breaking apart and my financial situation has deteriorated. I am searching as never before in myself for the vision and resources to go through this, I will be 60 years old on July 26.

I mean Where do I go from here now and how do I open and let go for all the changes taking place in myself and all around me? This is what I am living with with the past 13 years, since in fact 9\11, which I dreamed about a couple times when I was young, 2 towers being it and me running away from destruction.

I wish for everyone being involved in this sort of transits the wisdom and strength to face it with fortitude.

Thank you everyone for you posting.


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« Reply #17 on: May 15, 2014, 09:56 PM »

My rising is 13.44 cap. i have a natal 7th house conjunction of ( Leo) Pluto Saturn Mars Moon all in square to Venus in Taurus on 4th house cusp. Each of these planets rule my major angles, houses, with Mars ruling my Aries Sun in 2nd house.

I suspect this planetary conjunction, ruling my chart, will turn my life around. But...somehow, for some reason, i need assurance...of what?...i do not know.

A few years ago, at age 60, Pluto squared my Sun, and i left Hawaii, my home, to Philippines, where i  hoped to afford medications that would help me in my struggle with Fibromyalgia..and ADHD that i was born with..( merc in Pisces?)...and plagues my behavior. NOT GOOD IN A COUNTRY AS PHILIPPINES where police RULE.

I am on an endless search on the internet for answers that i suppose only time will tell. You mentioned that the year before the EXACT conjunction might be the worst of the change, or give me some signals of what lies ahead.

During my first appearance in Manila,( pluto sq Sun) i was arrested, old and sick, for medications that i had in my possession from my doctors in Hawaii. This was my first incident of Pluto square my sun in 2nd house..as the legal situation that lasted 3 years took all my money, my home, my life in Hawaii, everything i owned to pay for my release.

 The police here somehow delighted in gang raping me, i assume as a show of power over me...i being a Baptist Minister, retired due to illness, male and gay....and i needed to keep to myself, that i somehow, enjoyed the experience, the terror, the guns held to my head, the threat of my murder if i told anyone...and i attribute this to ADHD that has always sought excitement if i had no medications which had been taken from me.

Now...Pluto re-enters my life..and i suspect in a big way. I have been unable to leave Philippines as i have no money, and no place to return to. I have found this to be my home..having moved to a tiny village in the countryside...and yes...oddly...sex IS a huge part of my life here...at MY AGE...who would even care about me sexually...but..being gay..which i make no secret of...i have found that the men in this village approach me, yes for money, but i never pay...i am not disliked it seems...and i am mostly left alone..people are polite to me...and i am well treated.

Still...this does bother me..this new Pluto conjunction on my ascendant...and Uranus in Aries ( 3rd )...Trine to that extreme conjunction from my 7th house natal chart...
Already, i will say, my life is nearly unrecognisable to me. I wake up, i do not really know where i am...i am sick..disabled..somehow sexually attractive to other men in town...and my chart is ready to be plunged into a Pluto situation that will effect all my major 4 angles of my chart....

Yes, all i do is think about moving to a small town here in Philippines, one i was attracted to by name only...but did not move there...now..however, i can not get a move to this unknown village,  out of my mind...
i am not in a position to move now...as i wait for money promised to me by the government that held for security deposit...and hopes of regaining my passport that is still held by the courts, even though i was found 'CASE DISMISSED'...my passport was not returned unless i pay a bribe of 1 million Peso...an amount i have no access to.

Anyway...WOW...WOW...i sit in my home..and seethe...my friends have abandon me..each and ALL of them..lifelong friends...that no longer respond to me...as time moves on...and memories fade i suspect...
i am very alone...broke...small pension that pays my monthly needs...
All that comes to my mind is that a change is gonna come.

Pluto did not come within my EXACT 13.44 of my chart...only 13.34...but..is that close enough, for me to be able to think...THE WORSE IS OVER?HuhHuhHuh or is EXACT...mean EXACT according to Mr. Green.
Thank you.


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« Reply #18 on: May 25, 2014, 08:52 PM »

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing this transit now (Pluto conjunct my Capricorn ASC) . I have learned so much from this thread and I thank everyone for their input :-)

It has been a rough couple years (ever since pluto entered capricorn in 2010) I have had nothing but upsets. My pluto is conjunct my MC natally, so all my issues revolved around my career. In 2010 I was just finishing college, I got this great job..it appeared to be everything I ever wanted. Then I started having panic attacks to where I felt unable to cope with my job responsibilities. I ended up suffering a mental breakdown and was admitted to the hospital. Then during that time I was paranoid that I was going to die from some illness. Out of nowhere this paranoia kept showing up! 2010 was the lowest point for me. Then in 2011 I moved in with my aunt who I loved dearly…we got into a major confrontation/power struggle. I only stayed there for 3 weeks as it got pretty bad. 3 years later and I still haven't talked to her. It also affected my relationship with other family members.

Then I moved backed, became very depressed…never left my room for days. This went on for about 6 months- it was a real low point in my life. After those 3 months I got a job …where the power struggles continued. I mean it got really ugly, screaming, yelling etc. The thing is I am not a confrontational person by nature and have never had a problem at work before this transit. I never had problems with my family…now it seems like it's one power struggle after another with people. Before this transit I used to be a pushover …now pluto has brought out these energies & my friends/family members are not used to them. I ended up getting laid off from my job, lost all my friends…at one point I had nothing left.

It was kind of a relief though because I knew I had nothing left to loose. That is when I really started changing the way I approached life. I began eating healthy, did meditation everyday, yoga and really began searching for a spiritual meaning. So there has been some good that has come from all this. I can handle situations better this time around. My ascendant is at 17 degree capricorn- so it hasn't made an exact conjunction yet…but I do believe that it's true..the 20 months leading up to the exact aspect is the worst. (at least I hope)

Best of luck to everyone, I hope to update this post in the future Smiley

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« Reply #19 on: Feb 08, 2016, 09:18 AM »

Hi all,

Anything specific/special when this is a transit being experienced by a young child? Evolution-arily speaking, why might a soul choose to experience this transit as a child? And how might a parent aware of such a transit aid in assisting a child through something such as this?
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« Reply #20 on: Feb 08, 2016, 09:31 AM »

Hi SpeakNow,

There is no one answer to this. All Souls have their own, unique, evolutionary context that reflects the evolutionary journey of each one of them. It is that individual context that must be understood by the EA astrologer to then understand and know what the Pluto transit would mean on that 12yr old's ascendant, or any other Soul's ascendant.

God Bless, Rad

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« Reply #21 on: Feb 12, 2016, 10:24 PM »

Ok so I have a question if for instance you have 4 planets(Neptune, Saturn, Sun, Venus) and the north node of the moon in the first house.  Are each and everyone of these planets going to be effected in the house they rule (for example pluto is about to transit my saturn in the first which rules the 10th house where my natal scorpio pluto is located conjunct Juno [this relationship that was this exactly just fell apart]) or in the relation to the first house or both? 

Gotta say been having a pretty nutso time of it in the past 7 years as I have 4 planets in the 12th house and 4 planets in the 1st house with my cap ascendant.  If it is true that they are aspected by a pluto transit would the effect be a dissolving and blocking on every aspect or are some planets more positively aspected. 
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« Reply #22 on: Feb 15, 2016, 04:09 AM »

Hi Coyote,

 If the ruling planet undergoes a Pluto transit it will indicate a metamorphosis of the way that planet functions archetypically in consciousness, thus will also correlate to changes in the house it rules. The changes themselves will be specific to each individual.

All the best

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« Reply #23 on: Dec 27, 2016, 10:09 PM »

Thank you all for telling your stories and for your reflections on this transit.  You have helped me make sense (!) of the changes I have experienced.  While I feel more confident - as if I am living more honestly as my true self - at the same time, I have experienced a measure of insecurity about relationships that no longer "fit," like they once did.  From the outside, I can see that all of this is good, for me.  However, it is hard to let go of relationships that have been in my life for a lifetime, or almost a lifetime. 
I also feel angry - all the time.  Since I live in a very urban place, this anger works for me, much of the time.  I am also a woman who is over 60 with white hair, so I take advantage of this anger by being "in your face," and making sure my voice is heard in any encounter.  That is new for me.  I think the emergence of this anger is what precipitated my retirement.  Who I was becoming simply was not going to work in the role I had, at least, in the way I had carried it out.
Someone above referenced Aries, that I would feel like an Aries.  If that means that things need to go my way, then I am on board with the transit.

Anyway, in my end of year check-in, your comments are very appreciated, and help me as my life unfolds.  Thank you, all!
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