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Jan 23, 2019, 04:44 PM
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Author Topic: Jaycee Lee Dugard, Kidnapping to the Underworld, & The Return  (Read 4150 times)
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« on: Sep 03, 2009, 11:37 PM »

Jaycee Lee Dugard,
Kidnapping to the Underworld,
& Return
The natal chart & major life events

I was wondering about looking at the birth chart of Jaycee Lee Dugard along with her 'Kidnapping' chart, & how all this relates to her time of 'Return'.. All from an EA perspective of course & perhaps otherwise also.. What is the original Soul intent & reasons perhaps for all this???

Jaycee Lee Dugard
Born, May 3, 1980
Time. unknown (Noon)

Jun 10, 1991
Lake Tahoe, CAL
Time, not known. (Noon)

The Return.
Aug 26, 2009
Antioch, CAL
Time, unknown (Noon)

Details obtained at http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/kidnap/dugard.htm & at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kidnapping_of_Jaycee_Lee_Dugard

Well the first thing I noticed is that she has an Aqu-Leo Nth-Sth Node.. at 25.39deg, house unknown. And at midday on the day she was kidnapped, on Jun 10, 1991, with the *transiting Taurus Moon (ruler of transiting Cancer Sth Node) at 25deg exactly squaring her nodal axis!! Ok then.. with Taurus being the archetype of 'Self-reliance'.. squaring her past life trauma signature Sth Node in Aquarius.. opposing her natal Sth Node ruler, *Uranus(r) in Scorpio!! With this Uranus & Sth Node ruler square the natal Nodes indicating a “Skipped step“ to do with “Freedom from the known”.. the need to strip away all previous conditionings.. All this forming a 'fixed grand cross' with her natal Leo Nth Node, conjunct *Mars in Leo(29deg, culminating degree) & *Jupiter in Virgo(0deg, new phase) While the *transiting Gemini Sun (natal Nth Node ruler) also separating from it's trine to her *prog Pluto in Libra.. while also in turn closely squared by the *transiting Can-Cap Sth-Nth Nodes. While *Uranus(r) in Capricorn (natal Sth Node ruler) also separating from it's trine to her natal Taurus Sun, conj Chiron in Taurus.. While I also note she has *Ceres in Taurus.. linking up a fixed grand cross with her Uranus-Nodal Axis.. Ceres being the great Earth mother to her daughter Demeta.. kidnapped by Pluto from her "over protective" mother.. So how interesting is that... Taurus-Scorpio opp.. the theme of SURVIVAL!!!!

While the same *transiting Taurus Moon back then at the time of her kidnapping(1980) also closely trine & sextile to her current(2009) *Sol-Arc Pis-Vir Sth-Nth Nodes.. while both also closely sextile her current(2009) *Sol-Arc Venus in Cancer..

While her now at the time of her return(2009) her *prog Aqu-Leo Sth-Nth Node also separating from it’s exact square to her *prog Uranus® in Scorpio (natal Sth Node ruler).. also in turn closely square & semi-sextiled by her *Sol-Arc Uranus in Sagittarius..

Meanwhile I also decided to ask *the Sabian Oracle what was the hidden Soul reason that Jaycee Lee was kidnapped into this life as a virtual sexual prisoner etc.. I got *14degSco..

TELEPHONE LINEMEN AT WORK INSTALLING NEW CONNECTIONS.. The need to establish new channels of communication.. the essential value of communicating with our fellow-men & even our close associates - with whom such a communication may not always be easy.. THE WILL TO ASSOCIATION…

While the main underlying lesson of her Soul is of course symbolised by *Pluto in Libra.. & needing to learn the opposite polarity of learning the Aries archtype.. to balance the past life emotional orientation towards Libra.. to habitally act for teh sake of others before Self.. not taking Self into account first.. laerning to not go along with others without checking in with oneself first.. ie. How do I really feel about this.. Aries will give a "gut feeling" or instinctive response.. no it either does or does not feel "right".. So there is a great evolutionary need to get in touch with & develop that deep sense of knowing within...
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Meanwhile here are the 3 charts all together..

While I also previously made a reference to Ceres(Demeta) being teh Earth Mother.. the mother of Peresphone of course.. who was kidnapped & raped by Pluto.. & forced to marry him!!! So in this case maybe symbolised in her natal chart by teh square by *Uranus(r) in Scorpio!! & square *Mars in Leo?

While here are some quotes from Steve Forrest's excellent book *'Yesterday's Sky, Astrology & Reincarnation'.. Sth Node square Uranus, "The Affiction: Violence, in a nutshell. To be killed, hurt or maimed, or even to be manipulated by the threat of those things, leaves a deep gash in the Soul. What Was Left Unresolved: Rage. Terrible fear. Feelings of powerlessness. Resentment. The Possible Projection: A paradoxical feeling "that all violent people should be taken out & shot." Fear of strength.. anger. Fear of being noticed. The Resolution: To resolve this square, the individual must experience his or her own power & courage.. Martial arts or weapons training can be helpful. Confidence in the inner warrior must be restored."

While I also noticed that included in her natal Nodal-Uranus & Ceres in Taurus 'grand cross'.. is her natal Taurus Sun, closely aligned with Chiron, & Mercury in Taurus.. So these all also relating to "skipped steps". Sun, Chiron in Taurus.. perhaps she was "vexed" (square nodes) by a very wounded man(Sun or authority figure) in a similar way before?  While *Mars in Leo, conj *Jupiter in Virgo also oppose her Sth Node & join into the grand cross.. Suggesting she may have been the subject of some kind of abuse before.. standing from the Sth Nodes position.. ie. the past life.. both square ruler *Uranus(r) in Scorpio.. sexual abuse.. trauma.. all opp & square *Sun-Chiron-Mercury in Taurus..

Meanwhile here is what *'Yesterday's Sky' has to say about *the Aquarian Sth Node(Leo Nth).. Past life patterns tend to repeat, up until ones Saturn return maybe, the growing awareness.. "Aquarius, the sign of the rebel or the exile".. "existing in tension somehow with consensual reality".. "a feeling of it being "me" or "us," against the world".. "Furthermore, because he or she may share Soul-memories of persecution or even torture, & a dissociative tendency.. a reflex to "go away" emotionally."

"With the Nth Node in Leo.. the Lion's Soul-intention: To roar! To be heard! The exile must make his or her presence felt in the world"..

"To be "right" is one thing, the be heard is another.. He or she must find ways to appear plausible & convincing, especially to the unconverted.. to be appealing, non-threatening except where it is absolutely necessary.. Such a person is moving beyond rightness into effectiveness."    

Meanwhile I also note that Steve Forrest refers to the difference between "malefic planets" conjunct the Sth Node as being an indicator that possibly we were somehow responsible for or caught up in the persecution of others in some way in our past life or lives.. While he makes the suggestions that squares & oppositions etc are more likely a sign that we were somehow vexed by others, ie. more likely to have been a victim therefore.. However he also suggests that we may through our evolving consciousness awareness & Self understanding we can move away from these old patterns of the past... As usual.

Ok then....

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« Reply #2 on: Sep 04, 2009, 08:01 PM »

Ok for some reason I can't post the charts, so here is the chart data..

1/Jaycee-Lee Dugard
May 03, 1980
12:00:00 PM PDT

Mo  23°Sg27'                    
Su  13°Ta29'           Chiron  13°Ta35'           
Me  02°Ta37'        Ceres  21°Ta31'           
Ve  25°Ge15'           Pallas  08°Ar32'           
Ma  29°Le55'           Juno  00°Le58'           
Ju  00°Vi20'                     
Sa  20°Vi30'R                
Ur  24°Sc00'R                  
Ne  22°Sg16'R                
Pl  19°Li45'R                 
NN 25°Le37'R             

Jun 10, 1991
12:00:00 PM PDT
Los Angeles,CA

Mo  25°Ta16'              
Su  19°Ge24'           Chiron  25°Ca30'           
Me  11°Ge36'        Ceres  20°Li38'           
Ve  04°Le43'           Pallas  13°Vi55'           
Ma  09°Le00'         Juno  0*Aq33'   
Ju  10°Le37'           
Sa  06°Aq22'R                   
Ur  12°Cp45'R                
Ne  16°Cp05'R                   
Pl  18°Sc09'R                   
NN  19°Cp15'R                   

Aug 27, 2009
12:01:00 PM PDT
Los Angeles,CA

Mo  08°Sg05'                    
Su  04°Vi38'           Chiron  23°Aq06'R          
Me  01°Li39'           Ceres  09°Li58'           
Ve  01°Le20'           Pallas  12°Vi33'           
Ma  01°Ca19'        Juno  03°Ar25'R          
Ju  20°Aq24'R                
Sa  22°Vi24'                   
Ur  25°Pi26'R                 
Ne  24°Aq48'R                    
Pl  00°Cp43'R                     
NN  29°Cp41'                    



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