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May 28, 2020, 02:24 AM
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Author Topic: Practice: 2 planetary pairs, same aspect  (Read 3631 times)
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ari moshe
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« on: Jan 12, 2011, 12:12 PM »

Hi all,

As I've been practicing aspects I find that there is still a gap between my conception understanding of them and my ability to practically apply them. I thought it would be helpful for myself and others if I attempted 2 examples 2 different pairs of planets in aspect to one another operating in the same aspect and phase. I know this is a bit lengthy, I greatly appreciate whatever kind of feedback/critique I do receive. Thank you.

Example one: Mercury and Pluto.
Mercury correlates to the deductive faculty of the mind, the left brain. How a soul perceives and organizes phenomonal reality.
Pluto correlates to the dual desires of the soul: to return or separate to the source. It thus implies the necessity for the soul to create confrontation in order to chellenge the fixated security and exhaust its separating desires.

The aspects between Pluto and Mercury imply the evolutionary requirement to challenge one's current intellectual organization of phenomenal reality. The soul must develop a deeper comittment to perceive (Mercury) things as they are, the underlying nature behind things (Pluto). Thus the capacity to develop a penetrating mind, that can perceive the bottom line of any thing it focuses upon. The evolutionary intention with these two planets is to release the security associated with one's current beleifs, based on what one has already concluded to be true and false, and to become a deeper questioner, to become more serious and focused in actually learning about what is.

New phase conjunction
Random experiences are engaged that will allow the soul to accumilate new information and data. The point would be to develop the ability to look deeply into that information, whatever one is learning at the time. The possibility of not knowing what one is "supposed to" learn is strong here as this is an entirely new cycle. Therefore it is necessary to embrace the randomness of the process. The temptation would be to "know it all" already, and more so to "know what to do" with the knowledge- this being reflected in the full phase polarity as having acheived concrete knowledge that then can be shared in a social context. Thus staying open minded, as true a beginner is key during this phase.

Example two: Neptune and the Moon
Neptune correlates to the transcendent impulse of the soul. It implies the neccesity for a soul to surrender to the all encompmassing truth that is. In that process it's beleifs and ideas about what reality is are disilussioned.

The Moon correlates to the ego, the human identity that the soul creates as a focusing agent for its evolutionary journey. It implies the necessity to become emotionally secure and intimate with one's own self in such a way that a soul can adopt to the changes that occur in life, on a moment to moment basis.

The evolutionary intention behind Neptune Moon aspects is for the soul to consciously realize itself (Moon) as the Truth (Neptune). This places a soul in a deeply vulnerable position whereby it is necessary to develop a relationship to home, to what provides security and safety on a subjective, personal level, that is also a direct experience of universal Love. This leads a soul to understand the unity of all beings, as children of God. Trancendence occurs through serving God through the emotional body.

New phase conjunction
This is a brand new cycle, and thus this soul will create many new experiences for itself with the purpose of discovering it's own emotional reality as linked with the truth of Love. This soul will not have developed an awareness of appropriate boundaries, techniques, forms etc of service- rather the intent at this juncture is to discover how service through the emotional body can happen. This will produce many random experiences that will teach the soul about who it is, and how it can serve others. For example, it's own home and family will provide many experiences whereby it will discover more layers of the truth, also the work that this soul seeks to do will be unfocused as it will try out many things. The temptation here is to want to have figured out oneself enough to have a clear social purpose. The insecurity of the new phase here is not feeling at home with oneself. Thus the attraction of the full phase "I know what I'm doing here, I have a social role to fulfill" would be a way of avoiding the random journey of the new phase that produces emotional insecurity.

God Bless,
Ari Moshe
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« Reply #1 on: Jan 12, 2011, 02:21 PM »

Hi Ari,

 You are doing fine with this.

God Bless, Rad
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« Reply #2 on: Jan 15, 2011, 06:16 PM »

Hmmmm? Could we try more of these?

I find this very vital information to understand, investigate and develop more.

Ari, this is really great to read.

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