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Jun 24, 2018, 08:03 PM
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Author Topic: Pluto in a house and sign that are naturally opposite  (Read 6111 times)
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Hi Ari

That is why I have on a few occasions tossed you back on yourself.  In general you have great instincts and insights.  Just let yourself run with them.  Your pre-existing tendencies are to do that left brained question question thing.  That is not bad but it has its limits.  After a while it becomes the excuse for never being ready - one more thing I must be certain of before I am good enough.  At a certain point one must realize, ready or not I am who I am and I know what I know (and I don't know what I don't know).  That's as good as we can do. (I realize you are stepping out and working with people more and more - which is just as it should be).

What you said about the Virgo rising chart is of course true, because it is looking at the natural symmetry found within the zodiac itself.  All of these things are very natural.  They are simply the rules Creator used to create creation.  All Natural Law is, is tuning in and observing what simply naturally exists.  It really requires no thinking at all - its simply seeing what already is. 

We have been CONDITIONED to think its all so complex.  Thus major goals of Uranian deconditioning are to strip away, break open, these thoughts/beliefs of complexity we have taken on over time.  The manifests are complex.   The principles are very very simple.    That is our real work, truly, to remind people of their underlying simplicity, and how the path back to really knowing and feeling one's self is to embrace that and gradually let go of everything else.

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