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Author Topic: Pluto in Capr. and the 'Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive'  (Read 1793 times)
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« on: Feb 09, 2011, 12:30 PM »

Hi All,

I posted this within another topic but a friend suggested to start a new topic.
I sincerely hope it will be alright with you all? If not -  please let me know and I will remove it.

There have been a lot of discussion on this MB about how the US owned multi-corporations intend to rule the world and keep us in the dark with different means of cheat, manipulations, lies etc.... So I thought this topic will be suitable as part of the deepest evolutionary lessons that the current transit of Pluto through capricorn intends to bring: methamorphic changes intended within the individual and collective consciousness in regards to SOCIAL RESPONSIBILIY....

The issue I would like to raise attantion to is part of a world wide agenda via the multinational corporations mostly US owned: currently they are very close to taking their hands onto the European Union and restrict us all to have access to natural products - with a long term goal to eventually control everything we eat and coerce the whole world into genetically altered products as one of the means to enslave us all...

It is horrifying ....and as usual it happens mostly secretely very few people aware of it and understand what's on stake.

Please see this video:

It says very clearly what's on stake. It is more than scary......After the attempt for this kind of absolute control was not successful in the US during the 80's and 90s now the same corporations turned to the European Union.....What's on stake WORLDWIDE is OUR LIVES literally....the US already FORCED Iraq to give up their natural seeds and buy genetically altered US produced seeds that DO NOT  produce seeds that they can sow the next year...and by the way that's not the only difference of course this means the iraqees now forced to become SICK because they would not have access to healthy natural seeds ever again! each year the agriculture in Iraq is forced to buy these genetically altered extremely harmful US seeds...otherwise the people will starve.
So that's the real agenda ....
And this is what they intend to do in the WHOLE enslave us in ways we can't even fathom...

Including not only our physical lives but our natural spiritual development - there are phisiological issues that are interconnected with the human being natural abilities including natural spiritual abilities....interfering seriously via genetically altered food sources on a daily basis will have unimaginable consequences...the video is only about 7 minutes please listen it WELL WORTH it! (the current subtitles are Hungarian but you can change it to different languages I believe)

All this is far more than just US related but the same people the same multinational companies doing it as always.....their goal is simply and clearly to enslave the people of this world for ever....the means in the past was the invention of the social classes, the casts etc. in the present and the future they turn to even more effective means such as this...

In Euorpe we are desperately trying to protest against this but time is limited.....after april 2011 if they will be successful anybody who grows let say peppermint or any other herb in their garden and heaven forbid sells it in the village market will BREAK the law anywhere in the European Union!

Please read this:

There is a petition site if anyone care to help: 

Thanks for reading,
Blessings to all,

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« Reply #1 on: Feb 09, 2011, 06:44 PM »

Hi Lia,

Can we sign the petition even if we live in the US?
ari moshe
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« Reply #2 on: Feb 10, 2011, 01:47 AM »

Wendy, it worked for me- so yes as far as I know.
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« Reply #3 on: Feb 14, 2011, 06:36 AM »

Hi Wendy, Ari and All,

sorry for the delay: yes of course anyone can sign it!

Many thanks for your help!

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« Reply #4 on: Feb 14, 2011, 10:50 AM »

Pluto in Capricorn... and the establishment is doing everything in their power to stay in power. These regulations become enforced within the EU as Neptune enters Pisces. An attempt to dissolve our immune systems, to separate us even more from the truth, from nature? With Neptune in Pisces we should dissolve barriers and not create even more separation between one another or between mankind and nature. I truly believe the people in power use Astrology to time and manipulate events to serve their agenda.

If the people alive today don´t do something to put back the power in the hands of the people, there might not be a chance for the generations to come. With Pluto in Cap we would need to go back in order to proceed evolutionarily so, the more they oppress the people, the more of us might wake up and see the insanity. If enough people feel oppressed they might take action and we are seeing people popping up all over the place saying the same thing.

The establishment probably knows that many people are waking up, that people just want to live in a way that makes sense and is healthy. The power hungry are doing everything they can to stay in control before their game is widely exposed, so things will probably get worse as they resist and hold on to their agenda  (Pluto in Cap).

Maybe there is a way to use the system to the peoples advantage. Lately I have been looking into law and how the law is structured and it appears that we are being tricked into believing that we are bound by certain regulations and statutes which are not the same as laws. Apparently in America, Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. a statute is a a norm with the force of a law but only by CONSENT of the people and, the authorities, police, judges, banks etc force you into consenting without you ever knowing. This is some new information I have been looking into and I hope I´m relaying it correctly. I also hope it´s true and applicable all over the world as if it is true then it means we can use the system as it should be: to benefit the people!

Here are some things for anyone who would like to research this for themselves.

Or google Mary croft or Freeman on the land.

Look into the difference between Common law and UCC law and their jurisdictions.

Jordan Maxwell and others have videos on youtube explaining how it´s put together.

Also, take all info with a grain of salt and verify it!
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Hi Skywalker,

Thanks for your thoughts. Very important points you brought up indeed!
(I tried the link but it appears to be ‘temporarily’ down...)

These regulations become enforced within the EU as Neptune enters Pisces. An attempt to dissolve our immune systems, to separate us even more from the truth, from nature? With Neptune in
Pisces we should dissolve barriers and not create even more separation between one another or between mankind and nature.

Very addition to this lets remember that neptune as well as pisces correlates to illusions, delusions and confusions as well.....and in the grandest possible way, in regards to what we consider to be 'ultimate truths' including ‘spiritual truths‘. In other words our fundamental beliefs regarding the mystery of life, the universe, the Source and creation and our own place within it.. ......

As neptune returns to pisces it symbolises a collective CULMINATION of humanity's fundamental beliefs...the totality of our beliefs including spiritual/philosophical/cosmological etc. beliefs but not only that.  It can go either way;  be able to dissolve all what have been a result of thousands years of illusions (including deceptions) so that we’ll be able to see more of the truths.
OR it can go the other way and even more illusions can be taken in as 'ultimate truths' for the next round. The remedy is using the polarity virgo, reality check, analysing the facts before we accept anything to be ‘fundamentally true’. Just as you said: <<take all info with a grain of salt and verify it!>> That’s a good remedy indeed.

Interesting that this transit will be parallel to pluto's passage through capr. ......perhaps questioning our overall perception of 'reality'  and maybe these transits signify a chance to realise that it has -for long- been based on and influenced by a large degree of illusions and deceptions....

Our perception of reality (including our history as a species) may go through fundamental plutonian changes at this time.....and perhaps neptune returning to pisces is no coincident but reveals the ‘invisible’ correlation how our fundamental beliefs are shaping our perception of ’reality’ individually and collectively. The human being has incredible abilities that are based on the 'power of belief' - when we change our beliefs we change our reality......when reality fundamentally changes around us our beliefs will have no choice but to change......
So there is an interaction between pisces and capricorn via the natural sextile, and the 'bridge' between them is aquarius: applying objectivity may have to do a bit more with arriving to the final truths than we may have been taught...

<<With Pluto in Cap we would need to go back in order to proceed evolutionarily>> 
I can not agree more! And it is during the time when neptune is in aq. and enters into pisces so all of our collectively held beliefs may culminate ....if it does it can hold the promise of a new cycle later on in aries, without carrying the old illusions....

The issue between these two archetypes (pisces and capr.) may be more relevant than we thought: if we look at the last few thousands years of history it speaks for more horror ever been done on this planet on a COLLECTIVE basis than under the piscean illusions: IN THE NAME OF GOD.

Very few people seem to realise this...even the most sincere and most honest intention can be tricked by false beliefs...i.e. if a person really and truly believes that this or that IS God's will and if it has the inclination to do God's will what if that  'god' may demand to kill the person’s own new born baby? Well, if the BELIEF is strong enough it will
be willing to do even that, will it not? (See the Bible) Or will go into violent wars even against its own family members and so on....all it takes is a strong enough BELIEF that this or that is ‘right’ because it is ‘god’s will’. (See the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, the Torah etc. etc. the list is endless)  Beliefs can TOTALLY and fundamentally change our perception of can trick us to go against our most basic natural sense of JUDGMENT as what we feel ‘right or wrong‘...

And isn’t this what actually happened on planet earth? If we follow the polarity (virgo)  and examine the actual reality what these kind of spiritual beliefs (pisces) created what do we see?  Is it not violence, abuse, subjugation and oppression of women, children and the majority of ordinary people, organised warfare as a way of life ....And all this ‘in the name of doing god’s will’ - so people got confused and thought “ It must be right even if we don’t understand it if it is god‘s will let‘s surrender.....“
And those who rebelled or resisted have been mostly judged announcing them to be 'evil' and all the even today most of us even unconsciously most afraid of being judged to be 'evil'. Going 'against the divine'. The most powerful weapon EVER.....Worth to think about it....

You are also right that it has always been via ‘tricking people into consent‘  in one way or via not knowing about how they 'get' our consent, yesterday via burning us to the stake so the others will not dare to say anything for they can be judged as 'evil' too and so on.....

I personally think that the human beings natural inclination to search for and understand the ‘divine’ and to act  ‘according to the divine will’ is the underlying force which have been most deceived, abused and distorted to eventually turn it upside down. Leading us to agree and do even the most horrifying things against one another most of these under the ‘belief‘ that it is ‘right’ and ‘just’ under some ‘higher’ or ‘divine’ order....

All this piscean confusion and chaos start out from the purest spiritual inclination of the human being which if applied with a certain amount of  ‘gullibility’ all it takes is a strong enough goal oriented deception (by forces we may not understood THEN but maybe able to comprehend this time round).
 If we look at history this way it may make more sense ....again looking at from the polarity , virgo what actual reality has been created...

How it is that the teachings/ preachings of love and spiritual upliftment (all patriarchal religions teach that) result in establishing the most abusive and inhumane social systems all over the world.  Which never had been the case before. So if it was capr. it must have been always the case but it’s very clear it wasn’t. 

So yes, I totally agree that we have to go back (actually far back in time) to understand and even rewrite re-structure our history in order to go ‘forward’ and build a different ‘reality‘ - based on entirely different beliefs individually and collectively....
But my feeling is that to get there will involve many collective shock and struggle to unravel the objective reality behind the ‘scenes’ which may not be without traumas....

This generation’s s.node of the neptune is in aq. so there are issues regarding our overall collectively held beliefs that came by trauma and shocks - and we may have to  re-enact the essence of it in order to ever heal it....At least those are my thoughts...

Thans for the links on 'laws'!

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« Reply #6 on: Feb 28, 2011, 05:12 AM »

Hi Lia and all,

The link is working again if u´r interested.

I pretty much agree with everything you posted.

In relation to Pluto in Cap and going back in order to progress, I interpret this as a need to review and adjust our society and its laws and regulations. With Capricorn we have the tendency to crystalize and become obsolete, now many laws don´t serve humanity or even our planet´s best interest. Seems like a natural evolution would be to review the system and make the necessary adjustments so that the system may serve us and the planet.

With the N.node of Neptune in Leo it seems like we would need to take back command of our spirituality and express it as individuals. To take our spiritual progress into our own hands instead of running around fighting wars out of spiritual delusions based on what "others" have passed on to us, as truth and reality.

So in essence yes, to dissolve these false beliefs that separate us from each-other, from nature, from God/Goddess or the Source.

It´s probable that evolution will only occur thru collective shock or discomfort as you say. What I see is that the more resistance there is to the necessary adjustments (the more the corrupt cling to their power and abuse humanity) the easier it is for people to wake up. It all becomes quite obvious when a little bit of Virgo´s discrimination is used in combination with common sense. People are starting to get sick of being lied to and oppressed, our nature is to be FREE! Collectively we all know this deep in our hearts and, hopefully soon enough more and more people will desire to be free from this artificial reality we live in. If enough people desire the same thing, that is already a step in the right direction and we can possibly change in time to prevent excessive collective shock/trauma.

Pluto in Cap and we have alot of people probing the system, looking for answers, exposing the corruption and so on. This is slow, but knowledge is being gained and there is EFFORT and DESIRE expressed by the people and, those efforts will lead to change, even if it´s slow.

We live in interesting times regarding the evolution of consciousness, thats for sure.

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