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Jun 21, 2018, 11:28 PM
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Author Topic: Idea for a Mercury thread  (Read 22049 times)
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« Reply #45 on: Sep 12, 2011, 11:21 PM »

Hi Rad,

Some further thoughts on the example 2, ie. the polarity point of Mercury in the 8th House, Pisces, relative to the 1st stage spiritual.

My understanding is that one thing that DOES NOT correlate with this polarity point is faith, except for a linear understanding of faith, and of the dynamics and desires (8th House) involving and creating illusions, delusions ... faith, believing, trusting .... are not Mercury correlations, and on the contrary, its natural function is to create linear a-b-c orders and understandings, and to analyze, ie. create parts  in order to separate which is which ... this is inherent to the Mercury archetype, but at same time we have natal Mercury is in Virgo, and the polarity point is Pisces …. Faith, or the need to have faith, can be reflected in different symbols in the birthchart … but even in such case one role of the Mercury polarity point in the 8th House Pisces is not to jump steps in the analysis of the existing overall reality (8th House), by means of illusions … this polarity point demands the individual intellectually project itself to understand larger frames of reference which go beyond the own point of view … thus projecting the thought function in order to linearly understand that which is beyond the existing parameters, ie., the unknown (this would also manifest at the level of perception) …

With Mercury in Virgo and the Mercury polarity point in Pisces, the individual is dealing with the nature of illusion versus reality, and has created the need to become analytical about the nature of its own illusions, delusions, dreams, etc. Being in Houses 2nd and 8th, the individual needs to intellectually penetrate its core dynamics which are the reasons for the illusions, delusions, or dreams …. the desire to trust, or to have faith,  leading to a desire to avoid or deny (Pisces) the necessary confrontations of the illusions with overall reality, can originate in a failure of the individual to stabilize the thoughts process, leading to a gravitation to the thoughts of others, ie. needing to depend on other pre-existing symbolic thoughts, or thoughts that have a relative power, and which conceal (8th House) the nature of that what needs to be confronted, ie. real, or fantasy … thoughts which create other linear arrangements in which the own point of view is given up, or manipulated in some way as to create an avoidance of some aspect of reality … thus, creating illusions, which will lead to experiences of disillusionment, thus enforcing the need to become analytical … in some cases, this will occur as a manifestation of the individual’s desires to intellectually manipulate, conceal, or deny some aspect of the personal or overall reality …

With Mercury being conjunct its own North Node in the 2nd House Virgo, there is an opposition between Mercury’s north node and Mercury polarity point … the existing need to discriminate in self, and to discriminate within the nature of the own motivations and desires- which dictate the analysis, discrimination and selection patterns in first place- will tend to create circumstances and relationships or communication forms socializing the intention, in which the individual will experience an apparent (Mercury, Pisces) conflict between thought and trust, or faith, where the intellectual resolution would be to linearly understand the possibility to have faith, and within having faith, to allow the natural analyses to occur … at same time, these symbols reflect the need to linearly understand that individual cannot know all (8th House Pisces, Mercury Virgo 2nd House), and the desire to communicate and align with larger forces of Ultimate nature allowing to 'know' ...

... same time reflects the metamorphoses of pre-existing intellectual patterns, which are defined by thoughts of inadequacy, unpreparedness, lack of value or worth, etc. … which in turn are one of the reasons for the desire to think ‘otherwise’, and not to reassume the ongoing necessary analyses …

... potentially, experiences of disillusionment have been created, can be created, and in some cases, will be created, based on the delay (2nd House Virgo) in the metamorphosis of these critical thought patterns, relative to the nature of the experiences dictating the need of analysis, this being another source of pre-existing guilt, ie. disillusionment about self … where these symbols reflect the need to understand the limits of the personal power, including the limit of intellectual power, the limitations of the own nature, and the limitations of the thought function within consciousness …. Also points the way to the need to align with higher intentions, will, or power sources … which will in turn re-create the conflict between the existing linear understanding and that which is beyond, ie. between what is real, and what is illusion … in which the requirement will be, again discriminating between real and ilusion, instead of embracing a desire  'not to think', because of the existing limitations of the own thought function ...  

In turn, the same polarity point of Mercury in the 8th House Pisces does correlate in the 1st stage spiritual with the ongoing deepening of the focus of consciousness, that will, progressively, lead to states where thought is stabilized, and progressively, breath (Mercury) is suspended ... in which consciousness will have the direct experience and knowledge of that which the individual wanted to linearly understand … at same time, from the beginning of this process, ie. before reaching that suspension, the ongoing deepening of the thought focus will allow to develop clearer perceptions, formulations, and insights, allowing for a progressive accuracy in the necessary linear analysis of inner and outer reality.  

God Bless,

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« Reply #46 on: Sep 14, 2011, 06:38 AM »

Hi Gonzalo,

Yes, proof instead of 'belief' ...................

God Bless, Rad
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