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Yang / mutable / air  - Rules 3rd House, Ruler is Mercury

The world of appearances, shapes, and form simply is – it just exists.  A desk doesn’t call itself a desk.  "Desk" is a label, a symbol that we humans attach to the object so we can classify, identify, and categorize it, and distinguish it from all other objects, names, and forms.  The function of Gemini/Mercury is to give names and classifications to that which is, to create an intellectual system of organization that allows us to logically order things.
Gemini relates to our need to know the physical laws of our world so we can understand how it works.  This is tied to our need for security.  Naming and classifying things helps us to explain the nature of Creation.  Out of this logical organization we are then able to communicate to what we have found to ourselves, through our inner thinking process, and to others.

Gemini being a male sign, the energy flows out from the center with no inherent limits.  The inherent desire is to know as much as possible, intellectually, to understand the nature of life through the brain.  This can be pictured as series of progressively expanding concentric circles.   Gemini/Mercury represent the left brain functions.

The natural polarity to the 3rd  house (Gemini/Mercury) is the 9th  house (Sagittarius/Jupiter), representing the right brain.  Sag represents Truth and Natural Law;  Gemini represents our opinions about those truths.  Gemini is subjective, personal.  We take in our overall view about what is true in life for each of us through Jupiter/Sag, and create names, classifications, and opinions about those truths through Gemini/Mercury.

The sign on the 3rd house, the location of the planetary ruler of that sign and the aspects that it makes to other planets, the house and sign that Mercury is in and the aspects it makes to other planets correlate to the nature of your thoughts within yourself and how you communicate your thoughts.  Gemini allows us to communicate the values and meanings we have developed from our 2nd house experiences.  They also correlate to the type of mental structure the Soul intends for this life.

Pluto in the 3rd house

People with Pluto in the 3rd  house have had a past life emphasis on developing mind and intellect.  They have been busy collecting information, facts, and data.  They have defined themselves through attempting to understand their relationship within the scheme of things.

These people have desired to experience many circumstances and situations.  Their intellectual curiosity has allowed them to build on who they thought they were and who they think they are now.  There is a desire to accumulate endless facts and information about the world in an attempt to rationally explain their relationship to the environment.  The past desire has not been to understand the deeper meaning of the collected facts but upon facts that are verifiable through the senses.

The emotional security of 3rd  house Pluto people is tied to their ability to logically order their environment and their relationship to their environment.  They know themselves through their environment.  There is a built in paradox in this approach.  On one hand, there is a ceaseless desire to collect more information.  On the other, there is a desire for emotional security based on having an intellectual construct of the ordering of reality.  The problem is that the new information being taken in inevitably leads to an undermining of the intellectual constructs that the security has been based on. They learn that the intellectual reality that they have constructed their emotional reality upon is limited.  New facts have appeared that point out the shortcomings in the constructs.  They must be reformulated.   This causes an emotional crisis over loss of security.  However, Gemini is a mutable sign, which meansthat change is relatively easy.

The extent of the crisis depends on the extent to which the person has identified with the constructs that are now being shown as limited and needing revision.  These crises occur when no more evolutionary growth is possible within the confines of the currently accepted intellectual constructs.

These people have a deep restlessness due to their need to continually take in new information.  They need relationships with others to process themselves, to release the buildup of mental energy.  They also take in new information from their interactions with others.  Through these interactions they have a constant need to adjust their ideas, which requires more and more facts to explain everything in ever-greater detail.  They feel they will never know enough facts.  Too many facts that logically collect in too many inter-related ways means there is no holistic way to tie everything together.  They can feel there is no center through which they can create a composite picture.  Everything will be seen as beingrelative. The center is always moving. They seek to find one fact that they can call their own.

Yet all of this is necessary.   The center IS the movement itself.   The movement is needed to eliminate the intellectual limits that appear as they attempt to hold onto a perspective in an attempt to feel secure.   The cycles of intellectual expansion and then the meltdowns as the sense of security dissolves when new facts undermine the constructs are required to lead the Soul to the realization that there is only so much that the Mind can ever know.

Polarity point in 9th house, Sagittarius

The intent is to develop the right brain and intuitive nature.  The left brain intellectual nature is already highly developed, from past life activities.  They need to learn the deeper meaning of the facts that they have been collecting. – the universal laws that lie behind and beneath outer reality. The 9th  house relates to the natural laws through which Creation has been created, the underlying truths. It is only through this understanding, and intuitive thinking, that they will come to the composite and holistic view that they have been seeking through the endless fact collecting. In order to learn how to do that, they need to learn how to quiet their minds.   The best way for most to do that is to align with one philosophical or metaphysical system that they connect with on a gut level.

There is an issue here in remembering the relativity of all things; that one’s preferred philosophical system is not inherently THE way, THE answer, for all, but merely for that one person, that all truths are relative, and relevant and necessary for those who believethem.  Until that point, these people can be argumentative, attempting to convince.  Or, not truly listening to another, waiting merely for a moment in the conversation where they can again make their own points.
They need to learn to determine the truths in life that are relevant to THEM, and then to discriminate when taking in information, taking in only that which is relevant to what they are intuitively drawn to.

When they learn the 9th house lessons, they will have natural communicative gifts that can affect and transform other people’s intellectual constructs through their interactions with those people.  They will have mastered the ideas of what is true and what is opinion.  They will be able to relate random facts to the central common principle between them.  They can penetrate to the bottom essence of any issue that is raised.

Common characteristics: deep, penetrating mind, intelligent, curious with a need to control the direction of the curiosity, recognize the weak link in arguments, can uncover facts, logical yet defensive when other’s ideas threaten their own intellectual order.

[Gemini notes taken from Jeffrey Wolf Green's Pluto Vol 1 and the EA school course]
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Gemini  -  3rd House  -  Mercury

Thinking / Left Brain                    
Liar / Lies
Short-term memory
Fluctuating viewpoint
Siblings / Twins
Intellectual doubt
Ever changing
Short journeys
Trader / Merchant

[P. Walsh, EA Archetypes]
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Hello everyone,

Further to the foundational EA information presented in this thread, I'm adding a link to Gonzalo's Mercury thread here in which he will be delving very deeply into any given Soul's Mercury function.  This link will serve as a connection to this Gemini thread.,478.msg7855.html#msg7855
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Hi Linda,

I think the intended Mercury thread would deal with the application of the Mercury archetype in the horoscope, and hence, with Gemini and Virgo. Thus, the current Gemini thread would still seem necessary for an in depth understanding of the specific Gemini archetype. Thus, my feeling is that there is no need to supersede this thread by the other one. On the other hand, it could also be possible to delay the beginning of the other thread until the Gemini archetype itself has been dealt here, depending on what you and others who plan to participate in this thread and/or the other one may prefer ...

God Bless,

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Hi Gonzalo,

The main core EA information for Gemini has been presented above, and the upcoming Cancer and Leo archetype threads will be presented similarly, that is, with an introduction extracted from JWG's Pluto I and the EA School Course.  

Please DO continue with your intentions regarding your Mercury thread which I look forward to reading very much.  I added the link only because these threads can work together in parallel, where your thread can be accessed for more specific in-depth examples of the Mercury function in a chart.

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