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Jun 18, 2018, 02:09 AM
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Author Topic: 2012 - The Galactic Center and the Return of the Great Mother/Dr. Christine Page  (Read 1662 times)
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Hello all,
  I'm forwarding this article by Dr. Page in light of the major changes happening on the planet. I realize this forum is for EA learning, I feel her work correlates with EA and the inner soul work, and the message is important at this time. I've been having lots of intense dreams about this time period, and her work truly resonates with me. It's not always an easy time, as the planet and each of us individually is going through a cleanse. It's just a cycle of nature as we transition through rebirth, literally, as we align with the feminine "black rift" in the galaxy, moving towards the Center. The shift is not so much external as it is internal, shifting from the head to the heart (the way of nature). The main lesson is to listen to the heart, do only that which brings one joy, and let go of that which doesn't, to ease the transition. EA helps greatly in understanding and integrating one's past patterns over many lives, with compassion. Essentially, thousands of years of karma are now being released and swept clean, now the choice is ours. This is truly an amazing and exciting time on the planet!! I am very grateful for the EA learning I've had to more fully understand my soul with compassion.
Dr. Page is a "metaphysical physician", astrologer, and medical intuitive. For more info:www.christinepage.com

cheers and blessings

                       2012: An Overview                                                   article by Dr. Christine Page

Congratulations, you’ve won a ticket for the greatest show on Earth and you have front row seats! Welcome to the Great Shift, an extraordinary time in the history of humanity, offering us the opportunity to remember our eternal origins and birth a whole new world. At present, the sun, and by inference, the Earth is more closely aligned to the Galactic Centre than it has been for the last 26,000 years. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for over thousands of lifetimes; a chance to grow spiritually beyond the anything you can imagine. So don’t fall asleep!
According to the Maya, this unique astronomical event links us directly to the heart of the Great Mother, the term used by ancient people for the Galactic Center. Intuitively, we are being guided to move our awareness from our heads to our hearts, so that through resonance with the Galactic Center, we can experience the unlimited abundance which waits beyond; the Source of all creation. To aid us on our journey, our ancestors left behind signposts in the form of mythology, traditional stories and mystical processes, such as astrology and alchemy. All contain archetypal symbols which stimulate the deep, inherent wisdom of the left brain, awakening us to a truth which extends far beyond our five senses.
Many indigenous traditions recognize 21st December 2012 as the switch over period between one world and the next. However, we don’t have to wait until this specific date to make changes, for the pains of labor are already being experienced globally, accompanied by both anxiety and excitement. And who better to be the midwife of these changes, but the Great Mother who is inherently familiar with cycles of life encompassing death and birth.
It is the in-dwelling feminine within all of us which is calling us to love ourselves at the deepest level without shame or fear, awakening to the truth of our existence as a powerful, much loved, immortal being. Through her three faces, Virgin (Creator), Mother (Nurturer) and Crone (Destroyer), she is urging us to make life simple, listen to our intuition, value the abundance that already exists and release those things which no longer nurture the soul so that seeds can be planted for new, spiritual growth.
So are your ready to enter the great candy store in the sky and accept the great mother’s unlimited array of goodies? Are your ready to release old paradigms of belief concerning yourself and the world and take a risk on an opportunity which will not occur for another 26,000 years?
Timely Tips
•   When we’re presented with the unknown, causing us to feel disorientated and out of our depth, rather than to tread water, it’s often more tempting to ‘fall asleep consciously’ or get lost in our work/ internet/ worry. My advice; don’t fall asleep you’ll miss the opportunity of a lifetime!
•   Listen to and follow through on the still small voice of the heart, the intuition. It doesn’t shout, use bargaining tactics or threaten but it is persistent, linked to the pulse of your soul. Listen, trust and ACT!
•   Recognize that the old is dying to make way for the new seed awaiting the light of day. Our wisdom from the past is the compost for the future, once we have removed and burnt the weeds which can never promote spiritual growth.
•   Make life simple; anything held onto through fear or shame must be met, accepted and integrated before change can occur. Be honest and loving to yourself.

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